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*NEW* [Future] Back to the Peak (BTP)

T/N: There are so many good novels out there that I want to translate, but I already have my hands full with Back to the Age of Dinosaurs (BAD) and [Rebirth] Sword Edge (RSE) (plus Break Up, Next (BUN)). Obviously, I won’t be able to pick up new projects any time soon.

Instead of letting these novels remain unknown, I’m going to post them on my site under MTL Projects. These projects will have very little editing, so there will be grammatical mistakes but their readability should still be high, at least 7-9/10.

I definitely recommend checking them out if you’re okay with them not being perfect translations. These are novels that you might never to get to read unless you know Chinese since no one has picked them up for their projects.

Since they’re basically MTL, I won’t be able to post them on Novel Updates (NU) according to their policy.

If you enjoy these novels, feel free to let other readers know.

P.S. You can periodically check back on this post or the MTL projects menu for new novel listing.

These are the current MTL projects:

(They are in order of posting, Newest one will be at the bottom)

1. Crossing to Live in the Wilderness Plains (CLWP) – completed

Tags: BL, Action, Adventure, Tribe/Home Building, Farming, Mpreg!

2. Two or Three Events in the Last Days (TELD) – completed

Tag: BL, Apocalypse Alternative, Action, Modern Cultivation, Farming, Village Life, Cool Pets!

3. [Future] Back to the Peak (BTP) – completed

Tags: BL, Sci Fi setting, Alien, Rebirth, Revenge, Growing Stronger, Mobile homes/fortresses!