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Doing MTL on a historical Chinese novel can be challenging because there’re many terms that aren’t translated. I made a list of them below (click on the red + sign). You can refer to the list as you read. If there’re more terms that you don’t understand, leave a comment below and I’ll add them to the list.

Baiwenhang = white eye wolf, ungrateful person

Brother = aka buddy/shuang’er, it refers to the male who can get pregnant in this novel setting. Our shou is a brother

Dingyuan Houfu = the Marquis of Dingyuan.

Gao Fushuai = a handsome and successful man

Houfu = Marquis’s title or Marquis’s residence

Houyou = Marquis


Lang = a young man

Liulang = sixth child (rank sixth in order of birth)

Old son*

Niang = Mother

Qifu = Qi Fu, or father Qi, refers to the father of the MC

Qi Dalang = Qi is the surname, Dalang means big child (refers to the oldest son in the family)

Qi Erlang = Qi is the surname, Erlang means second child (rank second in order of birth)

Qi Sanlang = Qi is the surname, Sanlang means third child (rank third in order of birth)

Qi Silang = Qi is the surname, Silang means fourth child (rank fourth in order of birth)

Xiao Ge = little Ge, another way of calling Qi Ge, the son of the MC

Xiao Liu = little six, refers to the MC cause he’s the sixth child in the family

Yecheng = Ye City

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