Su Fu's years of affections were gradually consumed by daily livings and the disgust of He Shaoqi's parents. Father He's indifference, Mother He's unkindness and He Shaoqi's infidelity finally made Su Fu feel unbearable and choose to break up.

Next: the next love, the next lover, the next family, the next – is Tang Sibo, is happiness.

Su Fu: I can't even live well in an ordinary family. I can't afford to live a life in such a prestigious family as yours.

Tang Sibo: It doesn't matter what kind of family mine is. The two of us will live our own lives. No matter how prestigious my family is, I will protect you.

Su Fu felt that the most correct choice he made and the greatest happiness he had in his life was to live a life with the surname Tang and a life worthy of himself.

Those who enter the pits need to know:

There are cute steamed buns, but no Mpreg, no Mpreg!

The shou wifey is gentle, but not a virgin, not a virgin!

Translator Note: This was supposed to go into my MTL projects list, but I ended up editing it so much that it turns into another real project 😓.

This is a novel with mature adults and family drama (plus small buns!). If you have read [Rebirth] Sword Edge (RSE), Su Fu is the complete opposite of Lin Yifei, like the contrast of the moon to the sun. But he definitely has his own charms. Being gentle and forbearing doesn't mean having to be a doormat. That's what I love about Su Fu.

Plus the ML here isn't the typical rich, cold but possessive CEO. He's one of the highest IQ and EQ ML I've ever seen. I can really see why Su Fu eventually falls for him.

Another unique thing about this novel is that it shows the process of a family's outrage to eventual acceptance of their son's homosexuality. This part normally get skipped in most BL novels or completely show the family as the bad guys.

Tag: BL, modern life, children, family, drama, rational adults, slow burn

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