When Gulu woke up the next day, Mungo and Gaya were standing nearby. Guji and Gudong were still asleep. He thought that this morning was really beautiful.

Mungo went out to eat leaves with Gulu, while Gaya continued to keep watch on Guji and Gudong.

In the process of eating leaves, Gulu heard some dinosaurs talked about him leading Nassau's group to win the "century war" against Ned's group.

Many dinosaurs said that he was very good, but some dinosaurs criticized that he shouldn't command the pterosaurs of Nassau's ethnic group to attack the wing membranes of Ned's pterosaurs, which damaged the rules of pterosaur fights…

Gulu didn't know that there're so many rules for pterosaur fights! It's even more impossible for him to know the part on not attacking the wing membrane.

Gulu realized that now, but he didn't regret doing it. They were going to be killed. Why bother dealing with so many "rules"?

Only those who had really experienced the war understood how terrible death was. Gulu had regarded them as his own brothers, brothers who lived and died together. Every time one more of Nassau's pterosaur died, Gulu's heart bled.

If there was a way to reduce the death of a few pterosaurs in Nassau's ethnic group, Gulu would use it.

Even if all dinosaurs in the whole continent of Yukan look down on such practices, Gulu didn't care.

Now Gulu already thought it over. He would tell Nassau that he was no longer the leader of his ethnic group. The dinosaurs could scold him if they wanted to. It's he who was "shameless", not Nassau's ethnic group who didn't obey the rules.

Gulu ate and saw a huge pterosaur flying towards him. Although he couldn't see clearly from a long distance, he was very sure that it's Nassau. There was no other large pterosaur of this size in the whole continent of Yukan except Nassau.

Gulu was thinking of looking for Nassau when he was full. Nassau's wing bones had healed so quickly. It must be dislocation, not fracture.

Soon Nassau landed in front of Mungo and Gulu.

Gulu was standing on Mungo's head, which was just high enough to talk to Nassau, otherwise his neck would be very painful.

Nassau: "Gulu, I heard Cassie say that it was extremely dangerous. You shouldn't have gone. I didn't really want you to help me protect the ethnic group by making you the leader…"

Before Nassau could finish, Gulu interrupted, "Nassau, I'm sorry. I broke the rules of pterosaurs when I was in command. I'm no longer the leader of your ethnic group. Those pterosaurs could scold me if they want. It has nothing to do with you and your ethnic group."

Nassau: "It's not your fault. You don't know the rules of pterosaurs and I never obey them anyway."

Gulu: "Nassau, you should pay attention in the future. You can't let your group's pterosaurs destroy each other's wing membranes when fighting inside. Otherwise, I would be the one hurting the group."

Nassau looked at Gulu. When he made Gulu the leader before, he really didn't think of what Gulu could bring to his ethnic group. But now, Gulu had saved his ethnic group and thought so much about their future. He suddenly felt that Gulu wasn't just a small cub at all.

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Gulu: "Nassau, I can't really be a leader. I'm too young to be suitable."

Nassau: "Whether you like it or not, my ethnic group has recognized you as its leader. And now, your prestige in the ethnic group is greater than mine. What can I do?"

Gulu: "I don't care. I'm wrong anyway."

Nassau wouldn't say thank you to Gulu, because he and his ethnic group had already firmly believed Gulu to be their leader, the leader who was on an equal footing with him.

Mungo: "When Gulu says it's unsuitable, it's unsuitable."

If it wasn't for Gulu being here, Mungo was really tempted to bite Nassau. He didn't know why, but he hated Nassau and these fish-eating waste dinosaurs!

Nassau: "Mungo, thank you."

Mungo's face was bewildered. Why did you thank me, you fish-eating dinosaur?!

Nassau: "Thank you for raising Gulu."

Mungo's face was cold, but his heart was thinking: Humph, no matter how nice you talk, you're still a trash dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus rex won't become friend with a trash dinosaur.

Gulu was glad that Nassau and Mungo were beginning to "bury the hatchet". Of course, Nassau took the main credit.

Nassau: "Mungo, you are much better than me."

Of course, someone as conceited as Nassau wouldn't think that Mungo was better than him. He just admired Mungo for raising Gulu and made Gulu like him so much. Mungo was very good at this.

Gulu really wanted to say to Nassau: You should continue, say more!

However, Nassau turned and flew away under Mungo's threatening eyes. Nassau didn't want to fight with Mungo. Gulu would be sad.

Gulu continued to eat his leaves. He needed to eat enough to go back to be beaten. He believed that Mungo and Pado would beat him.

However, he also hoped that Mungo and Pado would give him a good beating. After all, he made them so worried.

Once Gulu was full, Mungo said, "I'll take you back to the Triceratops. After so many days, you should go back."

Gulu: "Don't you want to beat me? I made you so worried."

Mungo wanted to hit Gulu before and made up his mind to give him a good beating, but when the time came to do it, he couldn't, especially when he recalled that Pado would definitely hit Gulu. Gulu would be hurt worse if he was beaten twice in one day.

Gulu: "Mungo, you hit me. I will definitely not shout pain, really. I won't play coquetry and cry. I don't need you to coax me. I won't mess with you."

Every time Mungo beat Gulu, Gulu held a grudge in various ways. It took a long time for Mungo to coax him. Gulu was beaten, but Mungo was even more tired.

Mungo: "I won't beat you this time. Pado will beat you. Next time you dare to do this again, I will beat you severely!"

Gulu kept rubbing on Mungo's head and praised, "Mungo, you're so kind!"

Soon, Mungo sent Gulu to the outside of Pado's ethnic group. This time Babana came out to pick up Gulu.

Gulu loathed to give up Mungo and kept rubbing on Mungo's stout hind legs while saying: "Mungo, you must come to pick me up early to go back and play. It's agreed that you will pick me up every five days. You can't make promises that don't count!"

Mungo: "Good, I will come."

Babana: "Mungo, thank you. Gulu always gives you a lot of trouble."

Mungo also didn't know why, whether facing Pado or Babana, he was very nervous. He hurriedly answered, "No trouble, no trouble."

Tyrannosaurus rex as fierce as Mungo had absolutely no reason to be scared of a female Triceratops like Babana. But he was still afraid, afraid of him saying a wrong word and made Babana dislike him, afraid of Babana being scared of him, afraid of…

Mungo would deliberately lower his head in front of Babana to make himself look less terrible.

Babana inexplicably felt that such a Mungo was a little cute. She had never thought that such a big Tyrannosaurus Rex could have lovely quirks, just like Pachi and Dudu.

On second thought, although Mungo was already the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex leader, he wasn't yet an adult. Being in between an adult and a small cub, of course, he was sometimes a little innocent.

However, Babana liked Mungo who was a little innocent and a little cute. She believed that this Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't eat Gulu even when food was severely scarce in the dry season.

In fact, Mungo wasn't cute at any time except in front of Babana. Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo couldn't be equated to the word cute.

Babana sat Gulu on her back and carried him back.

Gulu kept looking back at Mungo. Mungo stood in the lush fern bushes and silently stared at Gulu.

Babana: "Gulu, Mungo is very good. I like him very much."

Gulu: "Hmmm, Mom also thinks Mungo is very good! Mungo is really great!…"

When it came to Mungo's goodness, Gulu never stopped talking.

Gulu didn't know why Babana suddenly talked about Mungo's good behavior, but he was glad that Babana liked Mungo so much.

What surprised Gulu most was why Pado didn't pick him up today. He usually did. Pado wouldn't let Babana out of the ethnic group. He thought it's dangerous for Babana to go outside alone.

And today's ethnic group was also a bit strange. As to what was strange, Gulu couldn't say it.

Babana brought Gulu to the center of the ethnic group. Pado stood in the middle, next to Pado was a small male Triceratops.

Gulu felt that this male Triceratops was a little familiar and thought for a long time before he remembered it. Isn't this the little Triceratops he met when he ran to the flower valley with Guji and Gudong a long time ago? He seemed to be called Myer.

Gulu: It's you! With so many Triceratopses, you almost killed me, Guji and Gudong! I won't forgive you!

Pado let Gulu stand beside him.

Gulu looked up at Pado and spoke, "Dad, I know this little Triceratops. He almost killed me, Guji and Gudong. You can't let him stay."

Pado: "Gulu, Dad knows."

At this time, a very strong adult male Triceratops raged: "Pado, it's because of Gulu that our group was attacked by Tyrannosaurus Rex. He attracted Tyrannosaurus Rex!"

Pado shouted angrily at the male Triceratops: "I'll find out! I believe it's not Gulu!"

A Triceratops that attracted Tyrannosaurus Rex in the group was bound to be killed. Even the leader's son was no exception.

Gulu finally knew what was wrong with the group. These Triceratopses looked at him with eager eyes to kill or to drive him out.

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At this moment, the little Triceratops cub Myer suddenly stood up and refuted, "I can prove that it wasn't Gulu. I forbid you to say that about him."

Gulu: You Triceratops cub can really act well. You're so shrewd and clever that you're not like a dinosaur! Is it time to please me now? I'm telling you, it's too late. No matter how you busy yourself, I won't let Pado accept you into the group!

Gulu and Mungo spent an afternoon at the seaside yesterday. Neither of them knew that Pado's group was attacked by more than 10 Tyrannosaurus rex yesterday afternoon, causing heavy losses. Nine very strong adult male Triceratopses were killed, and more than 10 cubs were trampled to death.

Now the ethnic group was very angry and Pado was also very angry.

But even if all dinosaurs said Gulu attracted Tyrannosaurus rex, Pado wouldn't believe it!

Only now the Triceratopses in the ethnic group could no longer restrain themselves when they saw Gulu, especially many very strong male Triceratopses. Their brothers were dead. Their brothers who lived and died together (T/N: brothers who got each other's back) were dead because of this Gulu!

They stared angrily at Gulu and pointed their horns at him. If Pado hadn't been in charge, Gulu would have been killed by now.

Gulu was a little scared. He kept hiding behind Pado's stout forelimbs.

Babana stood beside Pado and roared, "Don't you dare hurt my cub!"

Now Babana had thought it over. Even if the whole group rebelled against Pado, she wouldn't let any Triceratops hurt Gulu. She would send Gulu to Mungo and never take Gulu back.

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