Chen Qi's life was ordinary just like his name. He didn't expect that one day he would suddenly encounter such a thing and crossed into the dangerous Beastmen world. He couldn't hunt and couldn't become a beast. Even his physical strength was scum. How would he survive in this dangerous Beastmen world?

Was it too dangerous outside? No matter, then just build a house, find food, create a comfortable home and stay in the Beastmen tribe.

No tribe? It doesn't matter. We'll build one ourselves.

This is the story of an ordinary person who strives to live every day and to make his life better.


1. This article is slow-burn, partial farming, and relatively slow-paced. It will probably be a long article.

2. Gong MC, 1V1, warm and non-abusive farming, HE, [gentle and loyal dog Beastman shou X crossing ordinary otaku gong]

3. The main character is an ordinary person with no golden fingers. He is favored to be the gong, of course he will attack.

4. Most of the settings in here are bullsh*t. There are inconsistencies, please don't look at it too scientifically.

Translator Note: This is an extremely fast edited work! My main project is still BAD. It won't be as flawless as BAD. If you can get past that, it's an enjoyable novel to pass time with.

Tags: BL, Action, Adventure, Tribe/Home Building, Farming, Mpreg!

Release Schedule: All chapters have been posted. I'll go back and fully edit them later. Please check the website for the most up to date chapter.

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