*New* I have Two Handsome Sons (ITHS)

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This MTL Projects section is where I post all the novels that I'd love to translate but don't have the time to.

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#NovelsMCCPGenres Tags
1Crossing to Live in the Wilderness Plains (CLWP)MaleBLPrimitive WorldGong, Adventure, Tribe Building, Food, Farming, Mpreg, Transmigration
2Two or Three Events in the Last Day (TELD)MaleBLApocolypseShou, Modern Cultivation, Farming, Village Life, Cool Pets
3Back to the Peak (BTP)MaleBLSci FiGong, Dystopia, Alien, Rebirth, Revenge, Growth, Mobile fortress
4I Heard that I will go down in History (IHIG)MaleBLImperial DynastyGong, Hidden Boss, OP Protagonist, Farming, Military, War, Unique Plot, Transmigration
5To Not Follow the Rules (TNFR)FemaleBGImperial DynastyPalace Harem, Age Difference, Rebirth, Warm Love
6Plain Porridge and Side Dishes (PPSD)MaleBLImperial DynastyShou, Farming, Hunting, Village Life, Lifetime Love
7I have Two Handsome Sons (ITHS)FemaleNo CPUrbanEntertainment Industry, Hilarious, Soccer, Marathon, Talented Children, Divorced Family

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