Wang Yuan transmigrated to a parallel space and became another her, a middle-aged popular Movie Empress with two divorces and two handsome bear sons.

New mother Wang Yuan: "My sons, let me tell you a story about a little prince."

The 14-year-old son: "Humph, only kids listen to fairy tales… But if you want to tell it, I can barely listen."

"Idiot!" The 7-year-old son with an indifferent face mocked.

"Little dwarf, don't think I dare not beat you." The impulsive Aries boy jumped up.

"Every harm you cause to me now will be recorded. According to the 'Child Protection Law', you have to bear the subsequent charges…" The little son picked up the phone camera and lightly spoke.

"Ah!!!…Why can't you grow up quickly! So, we can fight!" The big son shouted with frustration.

"Once I grow up, you're already old. Are you sure you can beat me?"

"I'll kill you now!…"

As she pulled the big son's cloth to tear him away, Wang Yuan was exhausted. What's more terrifying than having a bear son was that she had two!~

Translator Note:

This is one of the most hilarious novels I read. Wang Zining and Qi Haoran (the two bear sons) make my day.

It's a unique novel that shows the life a divorced woman who's happy being single and raising her sons. That's right, there's no romance in this novel. But it's one of the most entertaining books I've read in a while.

Plus it touches on professional soccer. (Well, soccer for us Americans. The rest of the world calls it football lol)

Check it out 🙂

Tag: No CP, Divorce, Entertainment Industry, Soccer, Bear Kids, Hilarious, Unique Plot

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