Just some random stuffs you should know about me and my translations •ᴗ•

Original Post 6/22/20

~ I actually started translating because I want to learn how to host and build my own website (。・ω・。)ノ♡

~ I'm actually not an idle turtle anymore (I'm a busy turtle now). So, my release will be slow but they will have quality. My goal is to not drop any novel that I started (keeping my fingers crossed).

~ That's why I choose to translate BL novels even though they're not popular with everyone. Aside from the the fact that I like them, these novels tend to be shorter compared to the other novels that have like 1000 chapters +. I don't want to spend the next ten years of my life translating just one novel >.<

~ BTW, I don't really know Chinese. All of my translations are done with the help of MTL, Baidu and personal editing.

~ I prioritize readability above all. In terms of accuracy, it's probably only 95-99%, since I don't know Chinese.

~ I use tooltips to define terms, show pictures and write additional notes. Any terms with dotted line underneath can be clicked on. Unfortunately, these notes show up on all posts that has matching terms. I try not to make them confusing. But if something doesn't make sense, just ignore it ʅ(́ ◡◝ )ʃ

~ Except for BAD, I'm too lazy to manually link chapters for each novel, so I use a navigation plugin. You can use the hovering black arrows < > on the sides of the page to navigate to previous or next chapter of the same novel.

~ Since I can get really annoyed with formatting issues when reading translations on other websites, I put a lot of efforts into making sure my website font, font size, color, etc are readable and not annoying. You won't find fancy fonts that distract from reading experience here.

~ I'm really appreciative of all the readers who read my translations on my website. Please don't support theft and read on those aggregator sites, especially when there's a free translation on the translator's website.

~ I have a fragile heart. Every time I see a negative review on NU about my novels, I get depressed and thought of quitting for 5 seconds. Then I shrug it off. After all, everyone has different taste.

~ Hosting a website cost money. Please disable your adblock or whitelist my site if you can. I make sure not to show any intrusive ads like pop-ups or R-rated ads on my website. (Of course, donations are always welcome)

~ Oh, and I do split my chapters. Any chapter with > 3,000 words will get split into two parts, and any chapter with > 5,000 words will get split into three parts, etc.

~ Finally, I'm always open to feedback. Please feel free to fill out the contact form and reach out to me if you see any issues.

Update 10/26/20

That's all I want to say for now. I might add other ramblings later if I feel like it lol ヘ(* 。* ヘ)

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