When others transmigrated, they quickly had a fight with their entire family, then split up, build a house and live a booming life.

But Qi Shiqin looked at the big blue brick house of his third sister-in-law, and her obedient, dog-like tiger, and always felt that this operation seemed a bit wrong.

Help: How to reconcile with a younger brother-in-law who's a famous general in history? Our family broke apart long ago.

This has the setting of Shuang`er and a child-bearing plot (Mpreg).

Pseudo Sui and Tang Dynasties background.

PS: The MC is the gong.

Reading guide: Although the gong came from the end of the world (the Apocalypse) in his previous life, he has deep family attachment. He's also surrounded by a group of people, so he's not too ruthless, and is quite principled.

The setting is not in modern day. The male protagonist has time traveled to history. So we traveled back to the past.

Editor's Review from Author's Website:

When others transmigrated, they quickly counterattacked their entire family. But Qi Shiqin transmigrated as the youngest son of an old farm lady and her most favored child.

While between life and death, he awakened the memory of his previous life. He abandoned his literary pursuit, picked up military affairs and was rewarded by the emperor.

When the Zhou Dynasty was peaceful, he returned home to marry his beloved Shuang'er, and their relationship gradually improved. When the enemy country invades, he is obliged to guard his homeland and expand the territory.

Farming in the early stage and fighting on the battlefield in the last stage. It involves a little bit of court intrigue. This novel is warm and natural. Not all people who came from the end of the world ignore life.

The male protagonist is open-minded, attaches importance to family love, and has a sense of responsibility. He also adheres to principles. The protagonist's interactions inadvertently showed sweetness, relaxing and free. It's worth reading.

Translator's Note: This novel takes the stereotypes of most transmigration novel and turns it over. The MC is the favored child (not the one that the family works like a horse to make money for the favored child).

The shou is the fiancĂ©e who breaks up with the MC when he's down and out. In other novels, the shou would have probably ended up with a miserable end. But here they still end up together. The shou still acts like a young master (cause he is a young master from a wealthy family), but not in an unlikeable way. And their son…well, I won't spoil it. But he's one of the best part of this novel.

By the way, the first 7 chapters are just so so. Keep reading till chapter 8. That's when things start to get interesting.

Everything isn't as it seems. There's always another side to the story.

I also read on the author's website that there's supposed to be an extra set in modern time, but it's been years and author hasn't written it. 🙁

Tag: BL, Ancient China, OP protagonist, Farming, Military, War, Unique Plot

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