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IdleTurtle Translations is a website dedicated to translating Asian Novels. The main Project is Back to the Age of Dinosaurs or BAD, an action and adventure BL story featuring a Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex couple as well as their loving families. The era is set in Cretaceous period when continental changes were taking place. There will be large natural disasters like flood, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc…

Current Back to the Age of Dinosaur (BAD) schedule is 1 release every MWF at 5 am Pacific Time. Click here for your first chapter!

There are also two additional side projects. Crossing to Live in the Wilderness Plains or CLWP is a minimally edited BL farming and tribe building novel set in primitive world. [Rebirth] Sword Edge or RSE is a modern BL novel set in the U.S. about fencing and childhood friendship.

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Main Project

Back to the Age of Dinosaurs (BAD)

Side Projects

Crossing to Live in the Wilderness Plains (CLWP)

[Rebirth] Sword Edge (RSE)

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Extra Notes:

I found out that free wordpress has too much limitations. So, I decided to host my own site.

I hope you will continue to enjoy the translations posted here!

Disclaimer: I do not know Chinese. All of my translations are done with the help of MTL and personal editing. Guarantee to be way better than google translate!

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