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-soul reaper-
T/N: There might be a game reference here, but I'm sure which game đŸ€”
-younger brother-
less powerful
0.3 meter
~ 1 ft
0.45 meters
~1.4 ft
0.5 meter
~ 1.6 ft
0.7 meter
~ 2.3 ft
1 meter
~ 3.2 ft
1 million yuan
~ $ 141,266 USD
1 to 6 centimeters
0.39 to 2.36 inches
1-2 meters
~ 3.3 to 6.6 ft
1,000 yuan
~ $ 142 USD
1.5 meters
~ 4.9 ft
1.78 meters
~ 5.8 ft
1.85 meters
~ 6.1 ft
1.86 m
~ 6.1 ft
1.92 meters
~ 6.3 ft
10 centimeters
~ 3.9 in
10 Jin
~ 5 kg or 11 lb
10 meters
~ 32.8 ft
10-14 meters
~ 32.8 to 45.9 ft
10,000 meters
~ 6.21 miles
10,000 pounds
~ $ 13,957
10,000 yuan
~ $ 1,412 USD
100 Jin
~ 50 kg or 110 lb
100 kiliograms
~ 220 lb
100 meters
~ 328 ft
1000 Jin
~ 500 kg or 1102 lb
1000 meters
~ 3280.8 ft
11-15 meters
~ 36 to 49.2 ft
113 meters
~ 371 ft
12 meters
~ 39.3 ft
120 kilometers
~ 75 miles
120-150 Jin
~ 60 to 75 kg or ~ 132 to 165 lb
14 meters
~ 46 ft
140 Jin
~ 70 kg or 154 lb
15 cm
~ 6 inch
15 kilograms
~ 33 lb
15 meters
~ 49.2 ft
170 cm
~ 5.6 ft
175 cm
~ 5.6 ft
176 cm
~ 5.8 ft
18 centimeters
~ 7 inch
18 kilometers
~ 11.1 miles
18 meters
~ 59 ft
180 cm
~ 5.9 ft
18000 kilometers
~ 11,184.7 miles
1860 Munich
Another Famous German Soccer Club Rival of the Bayern Munich
190 cm
~ 6.2 ft
2 kilometers
~ 1.2 miles
2 meters
~ 6.6 ft
2 to 3 centimeters
~ 0.78 to 1.2 inch
2-3 meters
~ 7 to 10 ft
2,000 yuan
~ $ 283 USD
2,000-3,000 Jin
normally ~ 1 to 1.5 metric tons But in BAD, author says 1 ton = 10,000 Jin = 5,000 kg So, it's ~ 0.2 to 0.3 ton
2.3 meters
~ 7.5 ft
2.8 meters
~ 9.1 ft
20 cm
~ 8 inches
20 meters
~ 65.6 ft
20-30 meters
~ 65.6 to 98.4 ft
200 Jin
~ 100 kg or 220 lb
200 kilograms
~ 440 lb
200 kilometers
~ 124 miles
200 or 300 yuan
~ $ 28 to 42 USD
200-300 Jin
~ 100-150 kg or 220-330 lb
200-300 meters
~ 656 to 984 ft
200,000 yuan
~ $ 28,232 USD
21 meters
~ 68.9 ft
22 meters
~ 72 ft
25 meters
~ 82 ft
28-30 meters
~ 92 to 98 ft
3 meters
~ 9.8 ft
3-4 meters
~ 9.8 to 13.1 ft
3-D surround sounds
It's placing stereo speakers all over the room with you being in the center
3,000 yuan
~ $ 424 USD
30 centimeters
~ 11.8 in or ~1 ft
30 cm
~ 1 ft
30 Jin
~ 15 kg or 33 lb
30 meters
~ 98.4 ft
30 to 50 centimeters
~ 0.9 to 1.6 ft
30,000 yuan
~ $ 4,245 USD
300 Jin
~ 150 kg or 331 lb
300-400 Jin
~ 150 to 200 kg or 331 to 441 lbs
300,000 yuan
~ $ 42,348 USD
3000 Jin
normally ~ 1500 kg or 3307 lb or 1.5 metric tons But in BAD, author says 1 ton = 10,000 Jin = 5,000 kg So, it's actually ~ 0.3 ton
32 millimeters
~ 1.3 inch
4 Jin
~ 2 kg or 4.4 lb
4 meters
~ 13.1 ft
4-5 meters
~ 13.1 to 16.4 ft
40 meters
~ 131.1 ft
40,000 yuan
~ $ 6,181.33 USD
42 meters
~ 137.9 ft
5 kilograms
~ 11 lb
5 kilometers
~ 3 miles
5 meters
~ 16.4 ft
5-6 meters
~ 16.4 to 19.7 ft
5-7 meters
~ 16.4 to 23 ft
5,000 Jin
normally ~ 2.5 metric ton But in BAD, author says 1 ton = 10,000 Jin = 5,000 kg So, it's actually ~ 0.5 ton
5,000 to 6,000 yuan
~ $ 706 to 848 USD
5,000 yuan
~ $ 708 USD
50 centimeters
~ 19.6 in or 1.6 ft
50 centimeters
~ 1.6 ft
50 meters
~ 164 ft
50-100 milimeters
~ 2 to 4 inches
50,000 pounds
~ $69,789 USD
500 Jin
~ 250 kg or 551 lb
500 yuan
~ $ 71 USD
500-600 Jin
~ 250 to 300 kg or 551 to 661 lb
500-800 Jin
~ 250 to 400 kg or 551 to 881 lb
500,000 yuan
~ $ 70,703 USD
6 kilograms
~ 13 lb
6 meters
~ 20 ft
6-7 meters
~ 20 to 30 ft
60-80 Jin
~ 30 to 40 kg or 66 to 88 lb
60-80 kilometers
~ 37 to 58 miles
60-80 meters
~ 196.9 to 262.5 ft
600-800 Jin
~ 300 to 400 kg or 661 to 881 lb
600,000 to 700,000 yuan
~ $ 84,724 to $ 98,844 USD
A game term. It's used when a player's technique is shockingly powerful or terrible like a devil.
7 meters
~ 22.9 ft
7-8 meters
~ 23 to 39.5 ft
7-9 meters
~ 23 to 30 ft
7,000 to 8,000 Jin
normally ~ 3.5 to 4 metric ton But in BAD, author says 1 ton = 10,000 Jin = 5,000 kg So, it's ~ 0.7 to 0.8 ton    
7,000 to 8,000 yuan
~ $ 988 to 1130 USD
8 centimeters
~ 3.1 inch
8 meters
~ 26 ft
8-10 meters
~ 26.2 to 32.8 ft
8-9 meters
~ 26.2 to 30 ft
80 centimeters
~ 2.6 ft
80 Jin
~ 40 kg or 88 lb
80 meters
~ 262.5 ft
800 kilometers
~ 497 miles
800-900 °C
~ 1,472 to 1,652 °F
9 meters
~ 29.5 ft
9-10 meters
~ 29.5 to 32.8 ft
9-12 meters
~ 30 to 40 ft
90 meters
~ 295 ft
a dream of spring
a sexual dream
a fly in the ointment
unnecessary / unwanted
a hard backstage
strong backer
a thin dead camel was still bigger than a horse
Literal meaning: A camel, even if it's starving, is still larger than a horse. Here, it's referring to the fact that even a starving herbivorous dinosaur still has a lot of meat. In other context, the phrase can also be used to mean: People with special expertise, even if they're at their lowest point, is still stronger than a newcomer in the same field.
about giving or receiving privately
Another translation is 'incompatibility between men and women'.  In ancient times, men and women cannot directly contact, talk, give or receive objects from one another. This was done to restrict the communication between men and women (especially for those who's not married). All in order to maintain the so called female chastity.  ~ from Baidu T/N: It's a sh*tty period when women have to literally kill themselves if a strange guy accidentally touches their hand and refuse to marry them
Anime, Comic, Game
After having been outlawed for a hundred year`
This part refers to the fallen Imperial China where men could legally have one wife and countless concubines. These concubines are considered part of the family and not mistresses.
afternoon tea`
English Afternoon Tea isn't just drinking tea. It's a meal composed of sandwiches (usually cut delicately into 'fingers'), scones with clotted cream and jam, sweet pastries and cakes.
exclamation of surprise (In certain context, it's the sound at the beginning or end of a name or at the end of a sentence)
just a sound that Chinese speaker makes It can be used to express greeting, surprise, or exasperation.  
expression of anxiety or frustration
King (T/N: Ajing here either refers to a character's name or the meaning King (Jing))
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
all ducks in the mouth flew away
failing at the final step
French for "Go ahead" aka "start"
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
plants with flower and seeds
a plant that has flowers and produces seeds enclosed within a carpel. The angiosperms are a large group and include herbaceous plants, shrubs, grasses, and most trees.
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Anurognathus is the creature on the left. The butterfly thing on the right is a lacewing. Just substitute the lacewing for a Meganeura and you get the image.
a genus of bird-like dinosaurs that is transitional between non-avian feathered dinosaurs and modern birds
God of War in Greek Mythology The Roman name for Ares is Mars
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Aries boy
T/N: I think Aries refers to Wang Zining's constellation sign. Can also be translated as Warrior/Fighter boy. 
avalanche from good old Disney Mulan. So much better the piece of crap 2020 live action.
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
sound of evil laughter
Bai Yi Piao Piao
White Fluttering Cloth The female ghost player name in PPSD
White Tiger
Bald Head is one of the leading characters in the Chinese cartoon "Bear Infested". He's a lumberjack known for his frequent logging activity. He's the bald guy in the middle of the two bears.
study companion
Literal Translation of the Chinese Name: Dinosaur King Whale All media credits go to their original creator(s)
aka Bayern Munich aka FC Bayern MĂŒnchen It's a German professional sports club based in Munich, Bavaria, best known for its professional soccer team, which plays in the Bundesliga, the top tier of the German soccer league system. Bayern is the most successful club in German soccer history, having won a record 31 national titles, including nine consecutively since 2013, and 20 national cups, along with numerous European honors.
bear sons
Difficult sons Think of super rebellious teenagers lol 
beating mandarin ducks
breaking apart lovers
became sour`
the burning sensation in the nose before someone starts crying
Because this is a couple bed
literal translation is double bed, but it can also mean couple bed in this context
before hitting the road
before dying
being fond of flowers
liking a lot of girls / having a lot of girls around
the Northern Mountain
Beluga whale
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a super expensive British car brand that costs anywhere between hundreds of thousands to a couple million dollars
Background Music
Big A
aka A University
big brother`
big fire`
big anger
big pig-hoofed
slang term used by females to diss males who easily change their mind about relationship (aka love rat or scumbag)
big stomach king
someone who eats a lot
big uncle
address for the oldest brother of one's parent aka the oldest uncle in the family (who can be blood-related or not blood-related)
Big V
aka V University
Big V`
Weibo users with a lot of fans (aka popular internet celebrity)
birds of a feather flock together
people who are similar to each other or share similar interests tend to spend time with each other
Boy Love - a genre featuring two male lovers
black arrows
Hovering black arrows < > are circled in red  
black powder
borrow flower to offer Buddha
borrow other people's thing to entertain guest or give away to someone
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Breadtop is originally written in English by the author. The closest brand I found that has the name is a super popular Asian franchise bakery in Australia. There's no Breadtop in the US.
bubble meat
excess fats
bumper car
buying soy sauce
playing as unimportant passerby
call him Dad and Su Fu little Dad
calling them like this make it seems like Tang Sihuan and Su Fu are a couple lol
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
car crash`
euphemism for bedroom (sexual) activity
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Literal translation of the Chinese name: Beef eating dinosaur
century-old family
a family that can stay in political, military or economic power for more than a century (3 generations) aka old money
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Chen Lin Ji
Chen and Lin Sign It's the name of their Chinese restaurant.
Chen Xiaobaozi
little steam stuffed bun Chen an endearing way of calling Chen Nian
Japanese slang for "small" or "short." It's usually applied to objects, animals, or people (ie. a short person or a small child). When chibi is used in manga and anime, it tends to have a positive, kawaii (super cute) connotation. ~ from tofugu
chicken flying and dog jumping
a way way too exciting life
Chinese opera
Image result for chinese opera
Aka Citigroup It's an American multinational investment bank and financial services corporation headquartered in New York City.
clay Buddha statue crossing the river that couldn't help himself
One couldn't even protect oneself. How can there be extra capacity to save others?
cod sandwhich
Crispy Cod Sandwich Recipe | EatingWell
handsome guy or beautiful girl can also means romance
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
coniferous forest
Basically a manual laborer who does hard work for extremely low wages Aka an unskilled native laborer in India, China, and some other Asian countries ~ from Oxford dictionary
In this context, it means acting cute to gain favor (Ex: kids acting cute to get out of trouble with parents or to get something from their parents)
corn soup
Healthy Summer Corn Chowder Recipe | Dairy Free, GF
Could there really be goblins outside sucking his essence
Does Shi Chen really have someone else outside to have s*x with
couple pairing
Other Names: Golden Chef Shark / Ginsu shark / Large Mackerel Shark All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Literal Meaning of the Name: Ice Ridge Dinosaur
curved up his lip
raising the corners of his mouth into a smile
cute steamed buns
cute children cute white steam bun food squishy kawaii | Squishies kawaii ...
sound of walking/running feet
Leading female role in Beijing Opera It can be acted by both male or female Traditionally, all female roles were acted by males
A term of address for a man of high status (like the head of a household)
De fei
Imperial Concubine De
clean the wounds
Decline to List
roughly means: no critics allowed to enter
Literal Meaning of the name: Terrible Claws
determined to eat their weight
made up their mind to never give up
Devil Frog
Pretend it's black lol Other Names: Devil Toad / Frog From Hell
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differential melting of ice
aka differential ablation
  1. it's the combined processes (such as sublimation, fusion or melting, evaporation) which remove snow or ice from the surface of a glacier or from a snow-field; also used to express the quantity lost by these processes
  2. it's also the reduction of the water equivalent of a snow cover by melting, evaporation, wind and avalanches
~ from the National Snow & Ice Data Center
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
dog food
show of love or show of affections
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
A child form of a spiritual plant (ex: Lingzhi) that has transformed into human 
domineering president's novels
Example: "You grinding goblin! Are you playing with fire? Don't come to challenge my proud self-control!" A dim light flashed in the president's eyes! "It's funny. It's the first time I've seen a woman who dares to resist me, the president! You have successfully attracted me! I want to take you! And play you like a rag doll!" T/N: So cringy
Don't be like the old good
don't be unreasonable like mother He "old good" refers to mother He. She's being looked down on as old and useless.
Literal Translation of the Chinese Name: Northeast Dinosaur All media credits go to their original creator(s)
drink and smoke`
T/N: it's sort of true. Smoking age in the U.S. was 18 until 2020 law changed it to 21
Chinese Dumplings (Jiaozi)
digital video camera
infection of the intestines resulting in severe diarrhea with the presence of blood and mucus in feces
earthquake light
An earthquake light is a luminous aerial phenomenon that reportedly appears in the sky at or near areas of tectonic stress, seismic activity, or volcanic eruptions. Skeptics point out that the phenomenon is poorly understood and many of the reported sightings can be accounted for by mundane explanations. ~from wiki
eat Teacher Su's tofu
take advantage of him
It belongs to the hadrosaurid family or the Duck-Billed Dinosaur family (Ex: Hadrosaurus)
educational institution
Educational institutions are private cram schools where students go to take additional classes after school or during holidays since Asian parents don't believe in letting their kids rest at home, you know
eight directions come to worship
when a country is powerful, foreign countries from all directions will come to worship as vessels
eight oceans
There are only 5 oceans:
  • Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean
The 8 oceans is a convention that refers to specific geographical region of 4 of these 5 oceans:
  • West Pacific Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, North Indian Ocean, South Indian Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean
En garde! PrĂȘts? Allez
On your guard! Ready? Go!
Literal translation: hard spike fish All media credits go to their original creator(s)
endless to act polite
In Chinese culture, it's courtesy to refuse a gift for a couple of times before finally accepting it. Otherwise, it might be considered impolite.
3d fencing practice epee weapon sword model Attack Target Area for each sword type in Red What people need to know – Fencing – James Bonney
Chinese Name: Yao Long, which translates to Dazzling Dinosaur All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Er Chanzi
Two shovels (Another nickname for a child)
Er Gouzi
two dog eggs (aka dog testicles) It's a super vulgar nickname that some villagers give to their child, in the superstitious belief that giving their child a vulgar cheap name would ensure that the child can grow up healthy and safe.
Erlian refers to the Erlian Basin in Northeastern China where the dinosaur was discovered
even during the 5th gear
Ideally when braking you want to shift to lower gear (1st or 2nd gear). Higher gear is generally used when cars are trying to go fast (5th gear). In this case, it just means that Giganotosaurus can accelerate fast and stop fast.
face of black lines
facial paralysis
referring to someone who doesn't usually have any expression on their face
mistaken believes
falling water cup
It's an Android game. There are strange things that block your path. You have to jump over them. But you have to make sure that the water in your cup doesn't spill while doing so.  Link to game. Here I think the author is trying to say that killing and fighting makes Mungo 'spill out the water' faster or vent faster.
Image result for fencing cartoon
five continents*
Africa, Eurasia, Americas, Oceania (or Australia), and Antarctica
five-combat scum
The full saying is 'scum with only five combat powers'. It comes from 'Dragon Ball', meaning to point out that the opponent is too inadequate.
flying chicken and jumping dog
An idiom used to describe a panic that results in a mess
Generally:  foil = a person or thing that contrasts with and so emphasizes and enhances the qualities of another ONLY for RSE: It refers to this sword for fencing fencing foil 3d model Attack Target Area for each sword type in Red What people need to know – Fencing – James Bonney
food box`
forcefully buy and sell
harming other people to benefit themselves
a colorless solution of formaldehyde in water, used chiefly as a preservative for biological specimens
four backs and eight forks
derogatory term that means facing upwards with arms and legs apart
siblings killing each other
Friendship between gentlemen was as light as water
Poetic idiom. It means that the friendship between gentlemen with high morality is elegant and pure, and it is as light as water. Basically saying, they're friends because they're both good people or have similar interests or goals
fuel-efficient lamps
easy opponent
Rotten girl. A Japanese term for female fans of manga, anime and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.
full of warm and thinking
only when one eats their full will there be thoughts of other (sexual) desires basically, you can't think of anything else when you're hungry
Madame (female head of the household)
gay porn literal translation = calcium tablets đŸ€Ł How did people even come up with this lingo?!
Other Name(s): Chicken Dinosaur
To kill much weaker players in an online video game in such a way that they cannot defend themselves. Common methods include attacking in much greater numbers or taking a well-equipped high-level character to assault players in a starting area
refers to the first born son who's also the legitimate heir of a prestigious family
George Washington University
A university named after George Washington, one of the founding fathers and first president of the United States. George Washington statue at George Washington University in DC
Get out`
T/N: Lol, why are s*x scenes always written so "violently"
get their shoes wet
get destroyed
çŸ€ć±…éŸ™ (Chapter 80 part 2) - I can't find the exact translation, but I think it's Giganotosaurus? 捗æ–čć·šć…œéŸ™ (Chapter 87 part 3) - this is for sure a Giganotosaurus
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
give up friendship for color
an idiom that means: abandoning friends for a beauty color = beauty in this sense
glacial horns
aka pyramidal peak
glacier arc
ć†°ćŒ§æ‹± Literal translation is glacier arc or ice arc I can't find the English equivalent term on Baidu, so no image 🙁 Just use your best imagination 🙂
sound of swallowing saliva, typically when being nervous
seductress or fairy, known for seducing men
attractive female, beauty
gold medal assistant
exceptionally talented assistant
seme or top
Also translated to Childe It's an address given to people of scholarly background or someone who comes from a powerful family
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Got shot while lying down
get criticized for something they didn't do or couldn't be helped with
Great Depression
A really large economic recession that took place in the 1930s in the U.S. and around the world. It's caused by the stock market crash. Unemployment rate went as high as ~27%. By contrast, the 2008 Financial Crisis only had an unemployment rate of ~7.2%, but it's the biggest U.S. recession since the Great Depression, until COVID-19 happened. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment rate in the U.S. went as high was ~14.8%. ~from Wiki  
Great Rift Valley
The Great Rift Valley is a series of contiguous geographic trenches, ~7,000 km (4,300 mi) in total length, that runs from the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon which is in Asia to Mozambique in Southeast Africa. ~from Wiki (For reference: The distance between the US east and west coast is only ~2092 mi at the shortest point) The Great Rift Valley is a collection of rifts. The one in the picture is from Ethiopia.
Green Dad
ć–œćœ“çˆč - Xǐ dāng diē The term is mainly used to ridicule men who chase after beauty, only to catch up and find that their beauty is pregnant with other men's child. In desperation, they have to raise the child as their own. In simple term, raising someone else's kid who's not biologically your own.  ~ from Baidu
green tea b*tch
green tea b*tch: refers to women who has pure refined appearance with long hair fluttering. They always wears makeup in public, and pretend to be pitiful, harmless and nice to humans and animals. But their real personality is one that's good at designing against people and playing with emotions. In short: fake elegant woman
don't think I mention this But many big companies in Asia tend to be family owned. So I decide to follow MTL and use Group to describe them instead of Corporation.
Gu Lu
Name of Gulu when he was a human, different Chinese characters than 'Gulu'
Guanyin soil
White Clay similar to Kaolin (used to make pottery) It's what Chinese people forced themselves to eat during famine, when the alternative was starvation. They also ate leaves, weeds, tree barks, etc. Avalokitesvara
Duke Mansion
a plant that has seeds unprotected by an ovary or fruit. Gymnosperms include the conifers, cycads, and ginkgo
Literal Meaning of the Name: Bulky or Large Lizard. Literal Translation of the Chinese Name: Duck-Billed Dinosaur All media credits go to their original creator(s)
sound of laughter
Has the essence been absorbed by goblins
Has he have too much s*x
Hated iron for not becoming steel
hate someone who fails to meet expectation
He Sujuan
Juan means curly or round. Juan Juan is an endearing way of calling his name (like a nickname)
he wanted to fly to the sky
he's so happy that he wants to fly to the sky
head meatball
Image result for lion head meatballs and tofu
sound of mocking laughter
Black Tiger
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Hetian jade safety button
Golden Era
hitting the Million dollars
taking a risky chance to hit the jackpot and winning the biggest prize
Holy mother
A derogatory internet slang term about people who have no principled bottom line. They easily tolerate and forgive others for any wrongdoing. They believe that all rules and actions should center around 'love' and 'goodness'. They're basically way too generous of a person.
hot pot
220V Electric Multi Cooker 2 Flavors Hot Pot Household Non stick ...
Hit point or health point It's the health bar of your game character. Zero HP means your game character is dead.
sound of surprise (can also be a sound of skepticism based on context)
used to express slightly scornful doubt or dissatisfaction
an excess of blood in the vessels supplying an organ or other part of the body
Literal meaning of the name: high-crested tooth dinosaur Literal translation of the Chinese name: winged tooth dinosaur
I believe in your ghost!
I don't believe you!
I thought my brother only has a fish pond but I didn't know that brother is the king of the sea in charge of the seven oceans
A Chinese internet buzzword. It means that I thought I found a heart-warming brother, but I didn't expect this brother to be a scumbag.
ice avalanche
ç‰č性憰掩 Literal translation - great ice collapse An ice avalanche occurs when a large piece of ice, such as from a serac or calving glacier, falls onto ice (such as the Khumbu Icefall), triggering a movement of broken ice chunks. The resulting movement is more analogous to a rockfall or a landslide than a snow avalanche.
ice bridges
ice buds
ć†°èŠœ I think the author means ice needles based on the description? (the picture below is ice needles pushing up the soils)
ice calving
aka glacier calving breaking of ice chunks from the edge of a glacier
ice crystals
ice mushrooms
ice tongues
An ice tongue is a long and narrow sheet of ice projecting out from the coastline. It forms when a valley glacier moves very rapidly (relative to surrounding ice) out into the ocean or a lake. ~from Wiki
ice towers
ice waterfall
marine reptile fish
If you become a licking dog, you
Roughly means: If you only knows how to be a lackey and don't cherish yourself, you'll end up with nothing. This phrase is used to satire the second male lead in drama who gives up his life and soul for the female lead, but is still destine to lose the female lead to the male lead, and end up with nothing to show for all his efforts in the end.
if you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight
If one wants the title then one must bear the responsibilities that came with it In this case, as 'the most powerful' land dinosaur, T. rex should be braced for all kind of comparisons with other dinosaurs
Jack Sue
aka Gary Stu, the male version of Mary Sue
Jade Pool
Yaoshi = a Chinese mythical pool in the heavenly Kunlun Mountains
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Jeux d'enfants
Other Titles: Children's Game, or Love Me If You Dare Summary:  It's a 2003 French romantic comedy-drama film directed by Yann Samuell. The film begins where a little girl, Sophie, is being bullied by other children. Only a bus driver and a boy, Julien, help her collect her books that the others have thrown into a puddle...More at Wiki
martial arts world filled with danger
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
A Chinese internet slang for ambiguous/amorous feelings It can also refers to male-male CP (couple pairing) ~ from Baidu
just like the old god who was drinking soup on the ground
reference to the book <He came from the Mountain> The old god of Luoyang was sitting on the ground when Li Chang'an passed by. The guy might be asking him something, but he doesn't talk because he's drinking soup? It just means that the person is keeping silent.
A kang is a type of bed that one can add firewood or coals underneath to keep warm when sleeping during winter. It's usually fairly large and can be shared by the entire family.
super cute
king of national subjugation
aka a king who got overthrown
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
krypton player
aka pay-to-win player: refers to players who spent a ton of real money inside the games to become powerful instead of doing the traditional time-consuming grind
kung pao chicken
a brand of lube
La Masia
La Masia de Can Planes, usually shortened to La Masia (English: "The Farmhouse"), is a term used for FC Barcelona's youth (soccer) academy. The academy includes more than 300 young players. It has been an instrumental factor in Barcelona's European success, and produced some world class players in the early 2000s. ~from wiki
Lamb chop
Image result for lamb chop presentation
Lao Zi
Lao Zi = I, your father or I, your master It's an arrogant way of referring to yourself
old man / his father
Literal Translation of the Chinese Name: Reilinosaurus
legally drink`
T/N: Lol, legal drinking age in the U.S. has always been 21 since 1984. Let's just pretend it's 18 here
Lehman Brothers
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was a global financial services firm founded in 1847. Before filing for bankruptcy in 2008, Lehman was the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States, with about 25,000 employees worldwide.
Lei Yu
Let him know why the flowers are so red
Let him know what it means to bleed
Let The Right One In
  1. Let the Right One In (Swedish: LÄt den rÀtte komma in) is a 2008 Swedish romantic horror film directed by Tomas Alfredson, based on the 2004 novel of the same title by John Ajvide Lindqvist, who also wrote the screenplay. The film tells the story of a bullied 12-year-old boy who develops a friendship with a vampire child in Blackeberg, a suburb of Stockholm, in the early 1980s. ~ from wiki
Let the Right One In (Swedish).jpg  
Licking dog
Lackey, flatterer
light pillars
Spiritual space spring
aka Ganoderma lucidum, an oriental fungus In Chinese, lingzhi represents a combination of spiritual potency and essence of immortality, and is regarded as the "herb of spiritual potency," symbolizing success, well-being, divine power, and longevity. 
lion dance
Lion dance and firecrackers are used to celebrate the opening of a new business. Related image
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little brother`
slang for penis
little steamed bun`
cute little kid cute white steam bun food squishy kawaii | Squishies kawaii ...  
little uncle
address for the youngest brother of one's parent aka the youngest uncle in the family (who can be blood-related or not blood-related)
Long Aotian
refers to those overpowered main characters in Xianxia/Wuxia novels with unbelievable luck/plot armor. Many of their traits/tropes include any or all of the followings:
  • tragic pasts,
  • behave unreasonably,
  • fight/kill pretty much any person they don't like on sight,
  • has a lot of followers (aka brothers in arms),
  • Most importantly harem! All females want to be with them!
dinosaur mountain or dinosaur heaven in this context
love me, love my dog
If you like a person, you have to like what that person likes
Love rat
lue lue lue
sound of sticking out tongue
For BAD, it refers to abundant growth of vegetations
lying down to win
doing nothing but still winning
lying in wait
refers to the act of hiding and waiting for an individual with the intent to kill or inflict serious bodily harm to that person
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Man-Han feast
aka Palace Feast from the Qing Dynasty
mandarin duck pot
A hot pot with two compartments, one with spicy soup and one with non-spicy soup. 220V Electric Multi Cooker 2 Flavors Hot Pot Household Non stick ...
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meaning behind Yeats' poem
This poem is considered to be an expression of Yeats's unrequited love for his muse Maud Gonne. The speaker of the poem talks directly to his former lover. He asks her to cast her mind to a time when she is old. At that time, she will remember her past beauty and the many men who admired it. But unlike others he "loved the pilgrim soul" in her. Then she will murmur sadly "how Love fled" and regret that she didn't value his love then.  When You Are Old is written from the perspective of a young person imaging the one who rejected his love, when she is old. A novel expression of unrequited love, it remains one of the most popular love poems by W B Yeats. ~ from
meet gods and kill gods, meet demons and slaughter demons
slaughter everything in his path
Megalodon Shark
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aka: Giant Winged Dragonfly Picture Below Meganeura
Mengniu Future Star
Mengniu Mengniu Future Star Child Growth Formula 400g / g 3-15 ...
Mengpo soup
Supposedly, dead people usually drink this soup to erase their past memory, before going to their next reincarnation.
Merrill Lynch
Now rebrand as Merrill. It's the American investment management and wealth management division of Bank of America.
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Mindless blowing
mindless flattery
In this context, it means "female head of a household". The counterpart of a master.  Unfortunately nowadays, it's used more to represent a female lover outside.
Multi-Level Marketing aka Pyramid Scam
generally, a noncommittal sound (can also be a sound of agreement based on context)
Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game It's an online role-playing game in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously
moon cake
Moon cake Mooncake table setting - Round shaped Chinese traditional pastry  with tea cups on wooden background, Mid-Autumn Festival concept, close up  Stock Photo - Alamy
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mother of the white lotus
internet ridicule of people who are very tender, kind, and fragile. They always burst into tears at the slightest setback or perceived injustice.
a genre featuring male pregnancy
underwater photo of sea mullet | Fish list, Mullet fish ...
mushroom cloud
mushroom soup
Best Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe - How to Make Cream of Mushroom ...
sometimes also used to refer to domestic helper
the Southern Mountain
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internet user(s)
Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers
the ignorant youngsters are fearless (cause they're clueless of dangers)
Address for a concubine in the palace
no silver in this place with 300 taels
It's equivalent to burying a gold and posting a sign saying that there's no gold here. In this context, it refers to Su Fu's action of hiding the medical exam report
nose wasn't his nose and his eyes weren't his eyes
disliking him or finding fault with him
not my pot
not my fault
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All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Non-Player Character
Not Safe For Work There'll be R-rated content
New York University 
Old driver
experienced individual who knows a lot, especially about XXX
old son`
refers to a son that one's parents give birth to when they're at an elderly age (typically when they're older than 40 years old) An old son` is considered to be a blessing from heaven (because it's hard to get pregnant at an older age). Since an old son` is also the youngest in the family, he's usually spoiled and loved by everyone in the family. 
Literal Translation of the Chinese Name: Big-Eyed Ichthyosaur
origami roses
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overlapping sound = inner monologue
ostrich way
This scientific name comes from Arabic and means "courage". The Chinese term is "dauntless dinosaur".
outcome depends entirely on the roar
refers to game or anime when the protagonist shouts/roars as he charges at the enemy (and usually wins the battle) The louder you roar, the more likely you'll win
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All media credits go to their original creator(s)
painting style`
appearance or behavior
Pan's true flower
Scientific Name: Euanthus panii
paper couldn't contain fire
ignoring or hiding the problem doesn't make it go away
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All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus is a busy square in the heart of London. It is famous for the fountain that was installed here at the end of the nineteenth century and for the neon advertising that turned the square into a miniature version of Times Square. Fletcher Priest wins approval for Piccadilly Circus development
Pinru`s clothes
Short answer: Someone else's sexy clothes? Long answer: check out this post on Zhihu.
pins and needles
tingling sensation
placed his hand over his mouth and pondered
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a group of large carnivorous marine reptiles characterized by massive crocodile heads, short necks, four paddle limbs and streamlined tear-drop bodies
Pliosaurus funkei
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pluck hairs from the tiger
mess with someone stronger
polar night
The polar night occurs in the northernmost and southernmost regions of the Earth when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles. ~ from Wikipedia
having developed certain abilities or proclivities at an earlier age than usual
Prehistoric giant squid
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prestigious family
Literal Translation: Giant In this context, it refers to a family who has both wealth and influence either in the army, government or business world. They're typically old-money, with accumulated wealth and influence of at least 100 years (3 generations), and are more respected in society than the newly rich or nouveau riche.
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hissing sound, usually from pain
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Flying dinosaur(s)
T/N: I think this place is more like a bar ('pub' makes me think of Irish pub), but the author wrote PUB in English, so I'll just use pub
purple potato oatmeal porridge
Pyramid scheme
pitch a sale scam
pyroclastic flow
T/N: Pyroclastic flow looks like gray cloud billowing down the mountainside. It's different from lava, but deadlier since it moves so much faster. Lava only moves around 60 miles per hour or 97 kilometers per hour. đŸ˜±
Describe a skin that is smooth and elastic
Qi Dalang
Qi Dalang = Qi is the surname, Dalang means big child (refers to the oldest son in the family)
Qi Erlang
Qi Erlang = Qi is the surname, Erlang means second child (rank second in order of birth)
Qi Liulang
Qi Liulang = Qi is the surname, Liulang means sixth child (rank sixth in order of birth)
Qi Sanlang
Qi Sanlang = Qi is the surname, Sanlang means third child (rank third in order of birth)
Qi Silang
Qi Silang = Qi is the surname, Silang means fourth child (rank fourth in order of birth)
Qi is the woman's maiden surname Shi denotes that this is a married woman. Sometimes MTL translate it to "family" or "clan" or just omit it entirely. If you see "family" or "clan" after a woman surname that's out of context or just a surname by itself, it probably refers to this character "Shi".
Qiong Yao's play
Qiong Yao's play refers to a TV series adapted from a series of book works created by contemporary Taiwanese female writer Qiong Yao, most of which are romantic dramas, gentle in style, and timeless. For example, the TV series "Deep in the Garden ", "Green Grass by the River ", "Plum Blossom ", "A Curtain of Dreams ", "Return of the Princess ", "Deep Rain and Meng " and so on. ~ from Baidu
Qiu Baobao
Baby Qiu
Qixi Festival
Chinese Valentine's Day
QQ candy
QQ candy is a kind of translucent, elastic and chewy gelatin sugar cubes made with gelatin as the basic raw material. It's like a gummy bear.
Chinese Name: Aeolus pterosaur All media credits go to their original creator(s)
representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class
radish head
cute small child(ren)
Rainbow farts
Empty/mindless flattery
reap what you sow
deal with the consequences of your own actions
a type of energy that can be used to make talismans, improve cultivation, etc.
renting a place with the goal of selling or buying it
reproductive isolation
The mechanisms of reproductive isolation are a collection of evolutionary mechanisms, behaviors and physiological processes critical for speciation. They prevent members of different species from producing offspring, or ensure that any offspring are sterile. These barriers maintain the integrity of a species by reducing gene flow between related species. ~ from wiki
residences and pavilions
ancient restaurants and shops were called residences or pavilions because they sound more elegant. For example, a restaurant during imperial dynasty would be called Heavenly Cloud Pavilion and such, instead of Heavenly Cloud Restaurant.
rich or expensive
has a lot of money or come from a powerful background
a super expensive British car brand that cost millions of dollars
Literal Translation of the Chinese Name: Wrinkle Face Dinosaur All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Image result for sabre fencing Attack Target Area for each sword type in Red What people need to know – Fencing – James Bonney
sabre-holding salute
Image result for fencing salute
Set sail on a voyage to make money It's the player's name for Ye Jian, Ye Zhou's cousin in PPSD
salted fish
refer to someone who looks tired and sluggish, without ambition or motivation
ONLY applicable to RSE Image result for fence comic Did you know there's a BL comic about fencing?
sand sculpture
Chinese slang for meme, funny behaviors or lame jokes
Chinese kickboxing
sanhua cat
Literal Translation: Tricolor cat, which is a Calico cat Tricolor Cat Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock
Literal Meaning of the Name: Imperial Crocodile or Flesh Crocodile All media credits go to their original creator(s)
refers to the classification of hip structure in dinosaurs. Ex: T. rex. Triceratops belongs to the other category of hip structure called Ornithischia.
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saving mother or wife
The question goes something like this: If both your mother and your wife drown at the same time, but you can only save one, who will you save?
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pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune
Scolopendra heros - BugGuide.Net
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seven continents
The seven continents are: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica
Murderous Aura
sheep into the tiger
offering themselves as sacrifices
Shenbi Xiaoma
Magic Pen Pony Player's name in PPSD
be quiet
Shifeng Longjing
Lion Peak Dragon Well
Shizi Ye
The heir of a noble family who will inherit the noble title in the future
uke or bottom
Shu fei
Imperial Concubine Shu
A male who can get pregnant and gives birth. Also translates to buddy or brother or twin.
Sichuan cuisine
A style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan Province. It has bold flavors, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavor of Sichuan pepper.
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All media credits go to their original creator(s)
comedy stressing farce and horseplay aka 'messing around'
sleep mask
small three`
aka mistress, the third person who broke into a two couple relationship
smash the jar
stop all pretenses
smiling tiger
an outwardly kind but inwardly dangerous/ruthless person
snoring bubbles
Anime Snore GIF - Anime Snore Sleeping - Discover & Share GIFs
Sociality is the degree to which individuals in an animal population tend to associate in social groups and form cooperative societies. Sociality is a survival response to evolutionary pressures. For example, when a mother wasp stays near her larvae in the nest, parasites are less likely to eat the larvae. ~ from Wikipedia
soft rib
weak spot / weakness
sold their signboards
selling their brand name or how expensive their dishes are
Spaghetti With Lamb Meatballs In Tomato Sauce Recipe - NDTV Food
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start a fire`
start a fight due to anger
steamed bun
steamed scallops with garlic
Steamed Scallops with Vermicelli | Recipe | Vermicelli recipes ...
cute child cute white steam bun food squishy kawaii | Squishies kawaii ...
Steel straight man
Someone with a very straight forward temperament who's bad at adapting emotionally
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stinky tofu
Image result for stinky tofu
straight male cancer
straight male cancer (or straight dinosaur cancer): comes from internet scorn or ridicule of males with toxic masculinity view. These males are extremely self-righteous and disregard women's values. But they only like women and are heterosexual (or straight). Aka males who don't understand amorous feelings
stratum corneum
the outermost dead layer of the skin
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Striking the iron while it
taking advantage of a favorable situation 
subprime lending
lending money to people without checking their income or credit score, which runs the risk of these people not being able to pay back the money
such a willful Mr. Tang
Turning on the air-conditioner costs money. In China, most people will try to save electricity. So, they only eat hot pot when the weather is cold.
Sudden Death Playoff
If neither fencer has reached five or 15 points within the time limit, the leading fencer is deemed the winner. However, if the fencers are tied after the allotted time, one minute of extra time is added. In the normal course of a match, there is a de facto sudden death situation if both fencers are tied at four (or 14) touches each. The final hit is called "la belle". The fencers may salute each other before playing for the final point. ~from Wiki
sun pillar
aka solar pillar It's basically light pillars caused by the sun More info on Wiki.
Translator's Note
Tang Sujuan
Break down of Juan Juan's full name: Tang - from Tang Sibo's surname Su - from Su Fu's surname Juan - Juan Juan's name Juan Juan's original name was He Sujuan - after He Shaoqi
Tanye Temple
Altar Temple
Tao Pan
Traditional Chinese Medicine
tea egg
Image result for tea eggs
teach you how to be a dinosaur
teach you a lesson
Teddy dog
15 Teddy Bear Dog Breeds: Morki, Schnoodle, and More
thanked them for their kindness
Literal translation: The grace of dripping water should be repaid back in the spring Basically means 'favor or kindness during time of difficulty should be repaid back at least twofold when one has the ability to repay back'.
the eagle catches the chickens
General Rules:
  • There is only one eagle running to catch the chicks, if the Hen touches him he must go back to where he started.
  • There are two Hens who must try to keep the eagle away from their chicks.
  • All of the chicks much hide in a line behind the hens.
  • The eagle has five minutes to tag all of the chicks, or he loses.
  • The final chick becomes the new eagle at the start of the next round.
The huge glacier clearly reflected the entire starry sky on its surface
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
A super old American Slasher movie that's banned in many countries because of its violence.  Quick Summary: A group of five hippies on a road trip through the backwaters of 1970's rural Texas fall prey to a murderous cannibalistic family making up of a leather-masked chainsaw-wielding maniac, his knife-wielding grave robber brother, and their cannibal chief father and decaying grandfather.
the woman below the mountain is a tiger
According to Baidu, the song is about a monk who met a female tiger living under the mountain and fell for her?
there will be Wang Shaoqi and Li Shaoqi
there will be someone else
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third Tang`
Third Tang refers to Tang Sining, because she's the third child of the Tang family. Just like Tang Sibo is second Tang, because he's the second child.
three views
1. World view, 2. Values, 3. View of life For a more comprehensive explanation, check out this post.
Basically, it means the correct way of living in the world.
three-inch tongue
someone who's very good with words, especially when it comes to persuasion or negotiation 
thunderous thunderstorms
Heavenly Master or Heavenly Teacher
tiger face
serious (possibly scary) face
to pluck hairs from the tiger's head
mess with a stronger person
today is also a day when lemon essence is sour
today is another day that I'm jealous of other people
eating tofu = taking (intimate) advantage of someone
Tower of London
A famous ancient fortress and prison in England Tower of London: Where History Lives On | WorldStrides
trampoline GIF
treat the dead horse as a living horse doctor
give it a try / make a last attempt
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Triops longicaudatus
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
  All media credits go to their original creator(s)
aka cultivation
a sound made by quickly releasing the tongue from the top of the mouth to express disapproval or criticism
too stupid to live
A Japanese term for a character development process that depicts a person who is initially cold (and sometimes even hostile) before gradually showing a warmer, friendlier side over time. They tend to also have super poisonous tongue but a fragile (warm) heart. In real world, these type of people are the ones who will die alone since they're so bad at communication (no one would want to have a romantic relationship with them). But they're super popular in manga, anime and novels. 
two centimeters
~ 0.8 in.
two fool`
refers to someone who's more foolish than a fool  It can also translates as two-fold fool or double fool or just extremely foolish But I have to keep the literal translation to make the next few sentences make sense (I hope)
tying a red thread
acting as a matchmaker
Tyrannosaurus rex
All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Tyrannosaurus rex is wronged.jpg
something like this, but imagine it being a dinosaur head 🙂
sound of agreement
moving up-and-down with smooth motion (think of waves)
Une minute de combat
French for "last minute" or "one minute left"
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usually used to praise women It's meant to praise someone who's very good at taking care of their family (i.e. cooking, sewing, looking after children and husband, managing the house well, etc.) But it can also be used to praise Emperor for being righteous and benevolent in governing the people. (in TNFR)
a type of animal that gives birth after fully developing their young ones inside the parent's body (ex: human, dogs, etc). It's the opposite of laying eggs.
was about to fry`
become angry
The author didn't specify, but based on context, it should be Washington D.C. (not Washington state)
watching dinosaurs prescribe drugs
good at picking battle
water corridor
Something like this
we can still sign a divorce agreement
One can freely change their partners, even if they believe in God. I think Jenny is hinting that Lin Yifei can always leave his crush now for her.
Should be larger than they look in this picture?
West Lake Dragon Well
Maybe something like this 2020 250g West Lake Dragon Well The Chinese Green Tea Xihu Long ...
Westminster Abbey
It is one of the United Kingdom's most notable religious buildings and the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English and, later, British monarchs. ~ From wiki A Brief History Of Westminster Abbey & Its Royal Connections ...
whack a mole
When it rained, it poured
misfortunes or difficult situations tend to follow each other in rapid succession or to arrive all at the same time
When you are old`
When you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire, take down this book, And slowly read, and dream of the soft look Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;   How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true, But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face;   And bending down beside the glowing bars, Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled And paced upon the mountains overhead And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.
white lotus
refers to people who look pure in appearance, but in fact their hearts are dark, and their thoughts are rotten The difference between white lotus and green tea b*tch is that white lotus tend to act more innocent and naive. Ex: it's the difference between a (fake) pure innocent girl vs. a (fake) elegant woman (I think)
white-eyed wolf
ungrateful person
with Morse code from the box
The Morse code is actually "kiss", not "I love you", to which the boy Oskar taps back "small kiss" This part might have gotten changed when the movie got subbed or dubbed into Chinese
Wu wu
crying sound
Wuqi Mohei
Jet Black Lacquer  It's the full player's name for Black Cat in PPSD
Martial Arts Genre
Xianglong is the flying lizard on the right All media credits go to their original creator(s)
An Eastern Fantasy Genre that features a world where people cultivate to become immortals  Xianxia is Wuxia (Martial Arts) + Spells
xiao er
Xiao Fei
Little Fei or Small fly An affectionate way of calling Lin Yifei
Xiao Fu
Xiao Fu is a familiar way of calling Su Fu
Xiao Ge
Xiao Ge = little Ge, another way of calling Qi Ge, the son of the MC in IHIG
Xiao Juan
Little Juan It's another way of calling Juan Juan
Xiao Ke
Little Ke An endearing way of calling Tang Luoke
Xiao Liu
Xiao Liu = little six, refers to the MC in IHIG cause he's the sixth child in the family
Xiao Tudou
Little Potato (I think it's a cute nickname ~)
little shou or little bottom
Xiong Haizi
Bear Child refers to naughty or bratty kid
the Western Mountain
a scholar title
swift / fast
50 cm = 1.6 ft All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Rocky Mountain
Ye Huo
Night Fire
Ye Yu
Night Rain
Ye City
Yimeng Xiaoyao
A Happy Dream Player's name in PPSD
Yingguo Gongfu
Yingguo Duke Mansion
Yiye Pianzhou
A floating boat Ye Zhou's player name in PPSD
Your ghost
Your trick, sinister plot
Moon City
cloud mountain
Literal Meaning of the Name: Feathered Tyrant All media credits go to their original creator(s)
Zheng Pangpang
Fatty Zheng
Zhu Shi
In CLWP: Red Fruits In TELD: It's a person's name  
Zong Zong
性 word
spread-eagle position