Gulu had been confined to the side of the injured giant pterosaur and couldn't move around at all. To escape, he must first leave the sight of this pterosaur.

Gulu considered this pterosaur to be really shameless: Clearly, the injury to your wing bones is slowly improving these days. I save your life, but you still want to eat me. What a spicy chicken dinosaur! (T/N: spicy chicken = rubbish/garbage)

This day started the same way as usual. Other pterosaurs sent food to this shameless pterosaur.

A pterosaur placed a large marine fish in front of it and reported, "Nada, Nassau is coming back soon."

Gulu found out at this time that this super shameless pterosaur was Nada! !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

After so many days, he finally heard the pterosaur's name for the first time, but this made him even more desperate to escape.

Gulu had heard of Nassau and Nada.

Nassau was the most legendary leader of Quetzalcoatluses. It's rumored that Nassau's wingspan alone measured longer than the sum of three or four pterosaurs together, exceeding 40 meters in length. Nassau's ethnic group was also the strongest among all Quetzalcoatluses.

Nada was Nassau's younger brother. Although his wingspan didn't extend as long as Nassau, Nada was also an especially strong Quetzalcoatlus.

The gossips outside also said that these two brothers, Nassau and Nada, were extremely cruel and bloodthirsty …

The pterosaur sent the big fish and flew away, then other pterosaurs came in with a newly dead Gorgosaurus, a small horned dinosaur and so on … Soon, Nada's front was filled with all kinds of prey.

Nada only ate a few mouthfuls of meat on each prey and enjoyed extreme luxury.

Gulu had long been numb to this scene, but every time he saw it, he still silently complained in his heart: how many dinosaurs starve to death because they can't find food? How precious is a single prey to them. Yet, this super shameless pterosaur can be so extravagant! It's really too unfair!

Looking at Nada eating meat, Gulu thought of Mungo, Gaya, Guji and Gudong.

Gulu could imagine that Mungo and Gaya must be anxiously looking for him. After not finding him for several days, they may think that he was dead and felt very sad. Guji and Gudong might even cry every day. As long as he recalled this, Gulu became very depressed.

No, he must find a way to escape! No matter what, he couldn't wait here to die!

After making up his mind, Gulu said to Nada, "I know a fern plant. If you chew and apply it to the wound, the injury will heal faster …"

Of course, the fracture couldn't be treated with any fern plant. He just wanted to get out of Nada's sight.

Nada: "A chewed fern is so disgusting. If you put such a revolting thing on me, and I still can't get better, I will definitely eat you alive!"

Gulu nodded desperately and replied: "It will work, really. I'll find the plant. You don't have to worry about me running away. I don't have wings. I can't fly …"

But no matter what Gulu said, Nada didn't allow him to go out alone to find a fern plant and sent a pterosaur to follow him.

Gulu had no choice but to accept the arrangement.

After returning to the first cave, Gulu changed back to the human body. After all, it's more likely that his human form could escape from this terrible place.

The pterosaur, who was responsible for watching Gulu, was very curious about this human form and kept staring at Gulu.

Gulu didn't care about this pterosaur either. He just made a random turn in the cave. Several moves later, he discovered that there was no other exit. So, he came back to the protruding rock at the cliff side again. (T/N: where he first landed on after being pushed)

He kneeled on the protruding platform and looked down at the sea. The distance was too far. Although human beings could climb rock, even professional climbers couldn't scale down such a steep slope (T/N: without equipment), much less him who had no training before.

Then Gulu laid on his back and looked up at the cliffside. Although it's also very steep, it wasn't as high and had ferns to grab on to. There was still a little chance of surviving the climb.

In fact, Gulu wanted to let a Quetzalcoatlus carry him down, but needless to say, the pterosaur definitely wouldn't agree. Even if it did, it couldn't take off with him on board.

His human body stood 1.92 meters tall and weighed 140 Jin. The total weigh of the largest pterosaur was no more than 500 Jin. It couldn't lift up one third of its own weight unless the pterosaur used its beak instead of its back.

Pterosaurs could pick up prey with the same weight as their bodies with their mouth because the weight was in the front. Any weight on the back would destroy the perfect aerodynamic that allowed it to withstand resistance and fly.

Quetzalcoatlus was the most domineering and powerful steed compared to the rest of the dinosaurs in science fiction movies, but scientifically speaking, they couldn't actually serve as a flying mount.

Gulu had to lament that science fiction movies were just fiction after all. It's bullshit to think of riding a flying dinosaur. He had done experiments with many scholars before. Quetzalcoatlus could never carry people.

Gulu finally forced himself to settle on the escape route, but the pterosaur still followed him everywhere. So, he had no chance to run away.

Until early morning of the next day, the pterosaur in charge of him relaxed and fell asleep, giving him an excellent opportunity.

At this time, eight days had passed since he first fell off the cliff. Gulu couldn't imagine how Gaya, Mungo, Guji and Gudong handled these passing days. They must be even sadder now!

With this motivation in mind, Gulu began to climb the cliff without hesitation.

In fact, Gulu felt very scared. The cliffside was too high. He didn't dare to look down. He climbed up step by step. His feet treaded on the rock wall while his hands clutched the ferns for support.

The sky slightly brightened. The strong sea breeze tossed around the ferns and also blew Gulu's hair into a flying mess.

Beneath him, the billowing waves continually beat against the cliffside and rocks, creating terrible noises.

Gulu tightly concentrated. His muscles were tense. Even though the sea breeze was strong, he still sweated a lot, which caused his palms and soles to become more slippery.

One didn't know how long he climbed when the first ray of sunshine broke through the clouds as the flaming sun surfaced up little by little out of the eastern coastline.

Gulu looked at the huge sunrise on the horizon, then at the much closer cliff top as if the hope of life was just around the corner.

He climbed harder, thinking of Gaya, Mungo, Guji and Gudong, Even if he felt tired, he still insisted on pulling himself up!

All of a sudden, Gulu's foot slipped and his whole body fell backward.

He cried out and stretched out his hand desperately but couldn't catch anything. Soon he fell past the protruding platform with the cave. He wanted to grab the edge but failed.

He could hear the wind whistling past, his shouts of panic and the sound of the waves surging closer to him.

Gulu already found out that his human body and dinosaur body were connected. Neither could live if the other one died.

He could imagine himself breaking into pieces after hitting the rocks below, leaving no remains behind after a big wave washed over him.

Somehow, he suddenly didn't feel afraid.

He wanted to say to Gaya: Mom, don't grieve for too long. You don't know it, but I'm actually a Triceratops. I'm not your cub, so don't feel too sad. Just mourn me for a few days …

He wished to tell Mungo: In fact, I really want to grow up and look at your future female Tyrannosaurus rex. Your female must be better than Ulam to deserve you …

He wanted to declare to Guji and Gudong: You two will definitely become the best Tyrannosaurus rex in the future! The kinds who are much stronger than me!


Gulu pictured that when he fell on the reef, his head would shatter, and his body torn apart. The only benefit being that he would most likely die instantly and shouldn't suffer too much.

Even if he instead dropped into the sea, a fall from such a high elevation was equivalent to slamming onto the hardest concrete floor. The pressure became too high for the body to bear. The whole body would instantly fracture with bursting internal organs, dying just as miserably as falling on the rocks.

He was falling on his back, so he couldn't see how much distance was left, but he could hear the sound of waves fiercely slapping against rocks. The sound had been getting louder. Now, it's deafening.

Therefore, Gulu knew that he's going to die soon.

In fact, he now felt very afraid. His cold hands and feet shook uncontrollably. He tightly closed his eyes while waiting for the bullet. He just didn't know how painful it would be when he hit.

All of a sudden, Gulu felt a strong wind gushing behind him. He thought it's the sea breeze blowing close to the water. He hands tightly fisted in preparation for the severe pain.

Following the sound of the wind, he suddenly landed on something large. His landing pad was a flying creature. Its body felt so warm while its wings appeared massive!

Gulu laid flat on the creature's back for quite a while without reacting. He couldn't believe it!

Although the big creature was able to carry 140 Jin of weigh on its back, it obviously had some difficulty and had to fly low against the sea. Wild waves splashed onto its back and Gulu's body from time to time.

Gulu finally calmed down and slowly turned over his body, which was laying flat on his back above the creature.

Only then could Gulu fully see the big creature that saved him. It was a pterosaur with a wingspan of about 18 meters. This size showed that it wasn't a very huge pterosaur, but still larger than the general one.

This pterosaur seemed to be looking for a chance to take advantage of the wind.

Only now did Gulu manage to react. He was shocked. Before, he firmly believed that no matter how big the pterosaur was, it would be impossible to fly a person.

Gulu, as a human being, did have a special topic discussion with some researchers in aerodynamics and biostructures to explore whether pterosaurs could carry humans.

They also did simulation experiments on computers and studies had proven that even the largest pterosaur couldn't carry out a manned flight.

Now it seemed that this research result was really absurd!

Gulu recognized that it's normal for human science and technology to come up with incorrect answers. There're always research mistakes or research results that were quite different from reality.

He could only blame himself for believing too much in human research and technology before. He never thought that a Quetzalcoatlus could fly a human.

Because this pterosaur was flying just above the sea, and with the water quality being so clear, Gulu could see many strange creatures beneath the surface.

For example, Ammonites, which resembled blowers but were also called "squids with shells", as well as big-eyed Arowanas, Nothosaurus, horned sharks, prehistoric giant squid, Plesiosaurs


All of a sudden, Gulu saw an enormous black shadow swam past deeper in the sea. It's too far away to see clearly. However, according to the huge size, it's probably a Pliosaur, the largest marine creature in the history of the earth!

Pliosaur (specifically a Kronosaurus)
(A Pliosaur is higher on the food chain than a Plesiosaur)

A strong sea breeze blew over and the Quetzalcoatlus climbed up with the wind.

Because the pterosaur suddenly flew up and tilted its body sharply, Gulu didn't response in time and was almost thrown into the sea. Survival instinct let him quickly clutch the pterosaur's neck to prevent himself from falling down.

Gulu didn't dare to be careless again. He held the neck tightly while his legs securely clamped its back, thus firmly fixing himself to the pterosaur.

Quetzalcoatluses were very good at flying. They could fly for a long time without interruption through the lifting force of hot air and wind flow, up to 18,000 kilometers at a time with no stop. Human planes couldn't stay airborne for this long without refueling.

If this Quetzalcoatlus had not been carrying an adult man weighing more than 140 Jin, it could instantly fly to a high altitude. Even when such a heavy person was added, it still reached the same elevation later with the help of the wind and air flow.

All of a sudden, the pterosaur titled sideways and Gulu's whole body was hung on his side. If he hadn't tightly hugged its neck and firmly clamped his legs on its back in advance, he would have definitely fallen.

Because of several breathtaking sideway and roundabout twists in the air, Gulu almost got thrown off many times despite fixing himself securely on its back. These near misses scared him to cold sweat again.

Soon, they flew to a very high altitude. It's so high that the cliff below became a tiny speck. At this height, Gulu saw many large and small islands far out in the sea.

He also had an aerial view of the continent of Yukan, which appeared very magnificent, with endless plains and forests. There were mountains that he had never seen before in the distance, some even with snows at their tops.

The rising sun lighted the world, adding a layer of golden gauze on land and a thick coating of golden oil on the ocean. The beauty was beyond words.

Of course, Gulu didn't have much time to appreciate such a beautiful scenery, because this pterosaur was still climbing up faster.

The wind speed at high elevation was very swift. Gulu's ear rang with its sound while his sweaty body was quickly blown dried.

Gradually, they flew above the thick clouds. Below them, the flaming clouds burned by the rising sun surged up like a sea of fire.

All of a sudden, the Quetzalcoatlus quickly swooped down. Gulu was scared into screaming while hugging its neck and clamping his legs tighter on its back, which barely prevented him from directly falling off.

In the process of rapidly descending, the pterosaur also made many sideway turns, gyrated and performed other various difficult maneuvers. Gulu's blown-dried body was soon wet with cold sweat again. His hair dripped with water just like being fished out of the sea.

The pterosaur continued to climb up vertically then dropped down sharply before flying sideways again … While circling high in the sky, it let out shrill screams that cut through the sky, which also caused Gulu to tremble with fear.

Only then did Gulu suddenly realize that this Quetzalcoatlus was deliberately frightening him, purposely flying so high up and using many difficult movements to make him fall.

At this time, he also found out that a Quetzalcoatlus couldn't just carry people, it could even fly very flashily in the air while doing so, especially when it wanted to scare a person to death!

The Quetzalcoatlus tossed him for a long time in the air before landing firmly at the entrance of the cave.

Gulu felt that if it wasn't for his tenacity and steady state of mind, he would have died either by falling off or from a heart attack!

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