Gulu felt really desperate now. He couldn't even think of how to survive and leave here, much less figuring out which ethnic group that little Triceratops came from who had enough enmity with him to want his life.

Suddenly, Gulu sensed something very big slowly approaching him from behind.

He looked back and fell to the ground in shock: Oh my god! What, what a large Quetzalcoatlus ah!

According to Gulu's visual observation, the wingspan of this Quetzalcoatlus was at least 20 meters long, which was much larger than that of the general Quetzalcoatlus. The wingspan of a general Quetzalcoatlus was 11-15 meters.

In other words, this Quetzalcoatlus was probably the leader of an ethnic group!

However, the wingspan of this Quetzalcoatlus seemed to be broken, showing a very serious injury.

The pterosaur descended on Gulu. Gulu wanted to evade but it's too late. He was pinned to the ground by the pterosaur's giant claws. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gulu's trembling voice immediately shouted, "Don't eat me. Don't eat me. I can cure your wings!"

In fact, Gulu knew that he couldn't cure this pterosaur. He just wanted to treat the dead horse as a living horse doctor and drag on for a while.

The pterosaur, which had already opened its large mouth to eat, paused and asked, "Really?"

Gulu crazily nodded.

The pterosaur: "Follow me."

Gulu was very scared as he walked after the pterosaur. Then he discovered that there was actually a big cave behind the cliff wall completely covered by ferns.

The pterosaur led him into the cave.

Gulu looked around. This was a very large and deep cave. Because the entrance was covered by dense fern plants, the inside appeared very dark.

The pterosaur didn't show the slightest protection against such a small Triceratops as Gulu. It just laid on the ground and threatened, "If you can't cure me, just wait to be eaten alive by me!"

Gulu could only answered with trepidation: "I, I have to become a human to set your bones. Don't eat me."

The pterosaur: "You can change to whatever. I'll eat you if you can't treat me!"

Gulu's consciousness returned to the human body. Although he wasn't wearing clothes, dinosaurs had never seen human beings and didn't know what kind of creatures they were, so he felt no embarrassment.

After becoming a human, Gulu quickly searched for something that could hold the fixed pterosaur's bones.

Finally, he found an Alsophila tree. The stem of this tree was very hard with leaves that were light, thin and tough. It's the best to use.

He tore the leaves of the Alsophila into strips, leaving only the middle stem, which could serve as a fixing plate. The stripped-off leaves were then woven into "ropes".

When everything was ready, Gulu spoke and gesticulated. Of course, the pterosaur couldn't understand Gulu's words in human form and had to guess. It took a long while for the pterosaur to realize his meaning and opened its wings.

The pterosaur was too large. Gulu was kept busy for most of the day. Only until nightfall did he finish fixing the broken wing bones on this big guy.

Gulu got so tired that he collapsed to the ground.

The pterosaur looked at the human Gulu and asked, "What is a human being? It looks strange and weak."

Gulu: I can't refute …

After working for so long, Gulu became very hungry. Fortunately, there're some ferns and small trees in the cave. They were Triceratops' favorite food.

He ignored the pterosaur nearby and turned back to a Triceratops.

Gulu found that his human body and Triceratops body's functions should be interlinked. When he fell down, he hurt his back and hind legs as Triceratops. These large bruises and corresponding injuries on his back and legs also appeared on the human body.

In other words, regardless of whether it's his human body or the dinosaur body, if one died, the other wouldn't be able to survive.

Gulu felt very dejected and couldn't help crying as he ate. He didn't know how anxious Mungo, Gaya, Guji and Gudong were now. If he died, they would be very sad.

After Gulu ate his fill, the pterosaur ordered, "Come with me."

Gulu was still afraid and had to follow again.

They continued heading into the cave.

This cave appeared very large and immeasurable. Gulu followed the pterosaur for a long time as the inside grew increasingly darker.

Even at night, the faint skylight outside couldn't illuminate here at all. Fortunately, Triceratopses had good night vision. Gulu was barely able to make out the ground.

At the end, he saw a wide passage leading to another big cave.

After arriving at the cavern on the other side, Gulu was shocked by everything in sight.

This was a much larger cave than the one before and full of dark masses made up of countless pterosaurs!

Right now, Gulu stood on a very high platform. This platform was a huge stone overlooking numerous pterosaurs below.

The pterosaur who brought Gulu let out a scream. All of the pterosaurs below immediately screeched back at the same time in response to it.

Gulu had never seen so many Quetzalcoatluses. Moreover, all of these Quetzalcoatluses were very large. There're no adolescent pterosaurs among them. This was probably the base of a pterosaur "army". Their smaller ones lived elsewhere.

The screams of countless pterosaurs reverberated in the dark cave. This scene made Gulu feel extremely stunned and scared.

The injured pterosaur: "If my wing bones are not better, I will let these pterosaurs eat you alive, meat by meat!"

Gulu trembled with fear and could only nod desperately while promising: "It will be better, it will be …"

The pterosaur no longer said anything else. It laid on the ground to rest while not allowing Gulu to move out of its sight.

Gulu was confined next to the injured giant pterosaur for the next few days.

Every day, the rest of the pterosaurs would catch all kinds of marine fishes, dinosaurs and other prey for the large pterosaur to eat. Gulu chewed on fern plants in the cave by himself.

Gulu discovered that he may not live even if such primitive methods could treat this pterosaur.

He overheard the conversation between this super-large pterosaur and another pterosaur, saying: whether this Triceratops can cure my wing bones or not, I will eat him. If he cure them, I will let him die happily. If not, then I will eat him alive. Either way, this Triceratops will be eaten …

Gulu cursed the pterosaur in his heart all the time: I * * * * *

Gulu only thought of two escape plans in recent days. The first one, he changed into a human and climbed the ferns on the vertical cliff with a mortality rate of 99.9%.

The second was to jump into the sea. But the protruding rock was too high from the sea and there're many reefs below. Even if he didn't fall on the reefs, he may still die after falling into the sea with a death rate of 100%.

If he stayed here, he will be eaten sooner or later.

In this way, how to die was his current biggest problem.

On the other side, Mungo and his brothers searched for Gulu day after day. The whole continent of Yukan echoed with Mungo's constant roars.

Gaya took care of Gudong and Guji. Gudong and Guji liked eating meat and sleeping most, but they haven't eaten or slept much these days. Gaya also cried all day long.

In fact, they all knew that if a dinosaur cub was lost for more than one day, it couldn't be alive. It must have been eaten with no residue left.

Gaya became abnormal from the third day on. Her situation grew increasingly worse.

On this morning, Guji and Gudong stood on the high ground near the nest to see if they could find their brother. In case their brother came back, the higher they stood, the faster they could see him.

Gaya hurried up and called out: "Guji, Gudong, Gulu came back. Hurry and return with me …"

Both Guji and Gudong didn't believe it, because their Mom had been like this more than once, always treating a piece of wood, a piece of soil, a stone … as their brother.

But they still felt very excited and ran back with Gaya, in case their brother really came back!

At the nest, they didn't smell the familiar scent of their brother. They knew that Mom was mistaken again.

Gaya rubbed her head gently against a stone and said: "Gulu, where have you been? Do you know how anxious and worried we are … Gulu, you must be hungry, Mom will find food for you …"

No one knew how to comfort Gaya.

Mungo's brothers laid prone near the nest. They followed Mungo for so many days but couldn't find any trace of Gulu.

Today Mungo asked them to rest. In fact, they didn't want to stay here. They still wanted to go on looking, although they knew that they most likely wouldn't find him.

At first, Mungo's brothers didn't like Gulu, even hated him and couldn't wait to eat him.

However, they already accepted Gulu now. They felt that Gulu's soft foot pads were really comfortable when treading on them and it's also relaxing to be rubbed on the body by Gulu …

It wasn't until this moment that they realized how much they liked Gulu.

Unfortunately, Gulu would never return.

Mungo went to Pado's territory alone. In fact, he saw that Pado was also looking for Gulu these days, but he still thought that Pado might be hiding Gulu. Otherwise, why couldn't he find Gulu?

Pado knew that Mungo would come to him sooner or later. He walked to Mungo's side and said, "Gulu is not with me."

Mungo: "As long as you let me have a look at Gulu, even from a distance, I promise you, neither I nor my group will eat your Triceratops's group again."

Although Pado was a little shocked by the offer, he still refuted, "Gulu is really not here."

Because Gulu was not found for a long time, Mungo's mood became uncontrollable: "I don't believe it! Let me go to your ethnic group!"

Pado saw that Mungo would not give up until he searched himself, but allowing such a powerful Tyrannosaurus rex to enter his group would cause panic!

If the ethnic group rioted, even Mungo couldn't resist the attack of thousands of Triceratopses.

But Mungo firmly stood his ground.

Pado had to bring Mungo into his ethnic group, which caused great agitation. Many strong Triceratopses tried to attack Mungo many times, but Pado stopped them.

Mungo completely forgot his danger. He looked around very carefully. His eyes swept over every cub about the size of Gulu. He wished to see Gulu. If the next one was Gulu, how wonderful would that be!

Many Triceratopses of Pado's ethnic group hated Mungo very much. Mungo ate their parents, brothers and sisters. Even if Pado was holding them down, some Triceratopses with special strength and courage would still attack Mungo.

If Pado was not the most powerful Triceratops leader, Mungo would definitely not survive today. However, even the most powerful leader couldn't prevent every member of the group from attacking a Tyrannosaurus rex that had eaten many Triceratopses.

These Triceratopses used their horns to strike at Mungo's head, stomach, back and strong hind legs 
 Soon Mungo was covered in blood.

But Mungo didn't feel the pain or moved to counterattack. He didn't have time. He needed to find Gulu.

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