The Alphorn sounded melodious and deep. It's reputed as "the son of mountains", "the spirit of nature" and "the soul of Switzerland". Only such a magnificent musical instrument could be worthy of the majestic Alps!

Parasaurolophus's crest could produce a noise very similar to the Alphorn.

With more Parasaurolophuses coming from all directions, this "music festival" was growing larger and louder.

Parasaurolophuses' performance was very hierarchical. The dinosaurs on the periphery played high-frequency but low-intensity weak music similar to the murmur of a brook, while the dinosaurs on the inner layer emitted strong sounds like the extremely shocking reverberation of storms, landslides and tsunamis.

Gulu believed that if a piece of glass was placed here, no matter how good the quality, it would shatter within seconds.

He even suspected that if these dinosaurs wanted to, they could make the shattered glass pattern showed the shape they wanted. Parasaurolophus could control the direction and intensity of sound waves perfectly. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Now Gulu could feel that the vibration frequency of the surrounding air was getting higher. Each sound wave hit him in a very crisp and tingling way. Although these waves were enjoyable, they're barely within his tolerable range.

At the same time, Mungo's breathing became more rapid, turning deeper and hoarser. His body temperature also started to greatly elevate.

However, Gulu didn't have time to deal with Mungo's problems. He intently watched these Parasaurolophuses.

A Parasaurolophus was generally about 10 meters long, with a ridge cap of about 2 meters in length and a weigh of 3-4 tons.

Gulu found that stronger Parasaurolophuses tended to be in the inner layer rather than the outer ring.

When no more dinosaurs joined, Gulu saw a gigantic male Parasaurolophus in the middle being pushed to the highlands by the group. The male Parasaurolophus was at least 15 meters, with a crest of 4 meters and a weight of 7 tons or more!

Gulu was shocked. How could there be such a big Parasaurolophus? Oh my God! This was simply the "Dinosaur King" of Kings!

Then the Parasaurolophus group's performance reached its peak under the leadership of the "Dinosaur King".

Gulu felt the frequency of the sonic vibrations getting faster and stronger. He saw the flesh on his paws beating wildly. Of course, he could also feel the blood in his entire body pulsing intensely. Some of his parts seemed to be in high frequency collisions with one other!

When the vibration frequency reached its peak, the Parasaurolophus King emitted a super-strong sound wave. The sound wave hit so quickly that Gulu only felt it just brushing over him. Yet, it's so electrifying, to the extreme of causing dizziness and turning his mind blank!

What's more, it did not end with just one wave, but was a continual emission, with no gaps in between each wave while the intensity and frequency became higher and faster!

Gulu: This is killing me! It's too much! Who can bear it?

Mungo roared, then turned and ran away.

Gulu was startled by the roar. Looking back, he saw Mungo quickly jumped into the lush berry bush.

At the place where Mungo was lying down, there was a deep and extremely long ravine on the ground. How did this come about? It's obviously from Mungo.

(T/N: Mungo clawed out the ground because he was getting too aroused by the sounds haha)

Gulu was dumbfounded. He suddenly felt very sorry for Mungo and very guilty.

Of course Gulu didn't chase after Mungo to see how he was doing, instead he waited in place obediently.

Then he saw the most unforgettable scene in this life. It was too spectacular! (T/N: the scene of these dinosaurs XXX)


The performance lasted all night and Mungo never left the berry bush.

When the first ray of sunlight penetrated the clouds and shone on the earth, Parasaurolophuses slowly dispersed amidst the morning light.

Gulu also didn't know if it's his own illusion. The Parasaurolophus King seemed to squint at him when he left.

Mungo walked out from behind Gulu and rubbed his big head against Gulu's small body. He said, "We should go back too."

Gulu was so excited that he didn't sleep all night. He's already tired now, so he climbed on Mungo's head and leaned back to rest. Gulu soon fell asleep and snored.

Back at the nest, Gulu was picked up by Gaya who laid him under Mungo to sleep.

The two slept all day to make up for staying up all night.

After that, Mungo watched the cubs very closely for many days. At least Gulu felt much tighter surveillance than before. Mungo wouldn't even let Gaya go hunting. Instead, he made her stay with them every day.

Gulu had no idea why. Even if Mungo killed Titan, the Triceratopses of Titan's group wouldn't be able to stare at them every day to seek revenge, which was too time-consuming and dangerous.

Dinosaurs, unlike human beings, wouldn't dedicate their time to seeking revenge against other dinosaurs.

Gulu didn't know that Mungo restricted them from going out because he's afraid that Pado would rob Gulu when the cubs went out to play. If Gulu was taken into Pado's ethnic group, it would be impossible to retrieve him back.

In this way, after more than half a month, Mungo found that Pado didn't plan to rob Gulu anymore, as if he had changed his mind and thought of Gulu as not his own cub.

Only then did Mungo slightly relax his vigilance and release Gaya from standing by.

On this day, Gaya went out hunting. Guji and Gudong ate snacks, which were half of a Velociraptor's leg meat, under the Alsophila tree while Gulu chewed various ferns near the nest.

Gulu was eating vigorously when he saw a small Triceratops standing in the lush fern bushes nearby. He didn't know which Triceratops's group this cub came from that it dared to run to the nest of Tyrannosaurus rex to play.

Gulu was also a Triceratops after all. Driven by empathy, he called out: "Young cub, run away. This is the nest of Tyrannosaurus rex. You will be eaten! Run …"

Little Triceratops was indifferent and replied, "Do you want to know who your Triceratops's parents are? Come with me if you want to know!"

Then the little Triceratops turned and rushed off.

Gulu froze. He didn't know whether to follow.

When he was a human, Gulu was an orphan. He had no parents. After becoming a Triceratops, he had Gaya and Mungo who loved him very much. He considered them as his parents.

But he often wondered: Who are my Triceratops's parents? Are they alive or dead? If they are alive, do they think of me occasionally?

Gulu couldn't resist the desire to see his biological parents.

This little Triceratops was only about his age. He shouldn't encounter any danger following the young cub.

Driven by strong curiosity, Gulu hastened after the little Triceratops.

He didn't how long he ran. This Triceratops moved too fast. He almost couldn't catch up. Gulu voiced out as he sprinted behind, "How far is it? If you run away again, I won't follow anymore …"

The Triceratops didn't answer any of his questions and just continued running hard. Gulu already followed this little guy for so far. There's no reason to give up halfway.

At last, the Triceratops stopped in front of a very lush fern bush.

Gulu thought to himself. There're no Triceratopses around here.

At the same time Gulu heard the sounds of waves. He knew that the sea closest to their nest was the Sada Sea. Had he arrived near the Sada Sea?

In the meantime, the Triceratops still refused talk.

Gulu walked past it and was about to ask again when the little Triceratops slammed into him, causing him to roll forward wildly.

After several rollercoaster turns, Gulu fell out of the fern bush and instantly lost ground feeling. He fell off the cliff screaming. Beneath him were only rocks and waves.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and Gulu fainted.

When he woke up again, he almost got scared to death.

Gulu found himself falling on a huge rock protruding from the middle of the cliff. Below him was the billowing sea. Above him was a vertical cliff covered with ferns.

There were many bones on this huge protruding rock. It should be the feeding place for some kind of large pterosaurs.

Gulu instantly broke out in cold sweat. His situation was still dangerous. Even if he didn't fall to death, he may be eaten alive by pterosaurs.

Then Gulu saw something that made him feel even more incredible. A void space slowly appeared in front of his eyes and in it laid his human body!

Gulu felt that he must be hallucinating. How was that possible?

Anyway, since it's an illusion, he got up the courage to wake up his human form. Suddenly, his consciousness returned to the human body. His human form sat up while his dinosaur body fell to the ground …

After numerous attempts, Gulu mastered the law: his human body and dinosaur body shared the same consciousness. Where his consciousness laid, that corresponding body would move while the other went into a deep sleep state. It's similar to how one had two accounts but could only log into one at a time.

However, he also possessed something similar to a personal space that could store his sleeping body inside.

Gulu finally realized that this was not an illusion!

However, this seemingly real and powerful portable space had no other function except to store his sleeping body. In short, it's useless!

To be honest, the human body was really too weak in the dinosaur world. Besides, Gulu had become accustomed to life as a Triceratops.

Therefore Gulu didn't find any joy in being able to switch into the human body. On the contrary, he felt very irritable.

This tricky space couldn't help him leave this terrible place at all. He couldn't use the human form to climb such a slippery and steep slope!

Moreover, his human body had no clothes while the protruding rock was full of unknown flying insects. He couldn't stand being bitten continually and ended up putting away the human body into his personal space after switching back to the dinosaur form.

Gulu didn't noticed that there was a large cave behind the rock. A huge pterosaur inside was staring at him.

The Quetzalcoatlus looked at Gulu who was first a Triceratops, then turned into something he had never seen before.

(T/N: Aeolus pterosaur has been changed to the more widely used scientific term Quetzalcoatlus. Pronunciation of Quetzalcoatlus : ket-suhl-kow-at-luhs)


Of course, the Quetzalcoatlus couldn't see Gulu's personal space. In his opinion, this Triceratops was a being that kept on changing forms. He really had never seen such thing before. It's too strange.

Quetzalcoatlus: Does this Triceratops have a disease?! It doesn't matter. Let's eat first!

Gulu desperately tried to figure out how to get out of here alive. He didn't realize that danger was approaching.

As a human being, Gulu and some scholars did an experiment: can the largest pterosaur carry a human?!

The result of the experiment showed that even the largest pterosaur couldn't carry people.

This blocked Gulu's only possible way to survive.

Of course it didn't matter if the largest pterosaur could carry people in flight. Even if that's possible, a pterosaur was a carnivorous dinosaur. It's already good not to eat him. How could it let him sit on it to fly?

Do these large pterosaurs look like they can carry a human?

The author has something to say:

Before, many little angels (T/N: author is referring to readers) asked whether the characters can become human beings. I have not answered directly. I am afraid that the little angels will misunderstand the type of story because of my answer.

I can now answer in a complete way: this is a piece of writing about the world of dinosaurs and all kinds of dinosaurs, without human beings.

Gulu can become a human because he passed through and brought his own human body. Therefore, only Gulu can become human in this story but no other dinosaurs can.

Moreover, the little angels can actually completely ignore the setting of Gulu changing into human form, because Gulu will be in the form of Triceratops most of the time. Human beings can't survive in the dinosaur world.

Why should I set Gulu to have a human body then? In fact, it's entirely out of my own selfishness, because I think Gulu can use this human body to conquer all dinosaurs. I really love dinosaurs and want to conquer all kinds of dinosaurs back at the Dinosaur Age.

Therefore, Gulu's personal space is really useless and the human body is also useless. You can ignore it. Just think of it as Gulu cannot change into a human being. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Only now do I find out that my poor protagonist Gulu really does not had a golden finger (T/N: golden finger = cheat) … Other people's protagonists' personal spaces are their powerful golden fingers while Gulu's is useless. He's really too miserable, too miserable.

Translator Notes: There you have it. For anyone who has questions about the setting of this novel, the author has answered them.

Wow, this chapter took me a long time to translate. I had so much trouble with the wordings. I had to find out the meaning of each individual Chinese character in almost every sentence then pieced them together to figure out what they actually refer to as a whole.

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