Gulu hugged Nassau's neck tightly. The gust of wind was too violent. The kind that could send a person spinning in the air and even uproot slightly smaller trees.

It was extremely difficult for Nassau to fly against the wind. Fortunately, Nassau was the most powerful Quetzalcoatlus leader in the entire continent of Yukan. In his search for Gulu around the world, Nassau had encountered numerous hurricanes and was experienced. He knew how to survive under such circumstances.

Gulu saw that the originally sunny sky suddenly became dark. Dark and thick cumulonimbus clouds hung overhead. The strong wind disturbed the clouds like the special effects of a doomsday blockbuster.

Quetzalcoatluses were best at using air flow to fly. All pterosaurs use air flow for long-term uninterrupted flight across the sea. They let the strong air flow from the sea surface passed under their large wingspans. The air flow lifted up their huge bodies, which hardly consumed any of their strength.

Nassau knew how to protect his wingspans from being broken by the strong wind when flying against the wind. He could always let the strongest airflow pass under his wingspans and escaped from the storm area as quickly as possible with the help of the strong airflow. It's possible to survive.

This storm was especially severe. Fortunately, Gulu was leaning on Nassau's back to increase weight. Otherwise, Nassau would probably not have enough weight to resist such a strong hurricane. If he slightly lost his ability to control his body and direction during the hurricane, he would surely die.

Gulu saw the originally calm sea become rough and the sea water turned from blue to dark. The dark sea raised huge waves. The loud rumbling noise was the roar of the sea, which sounded especially terrifying.

Gulu had never been afraid of water before, nor did he have "deep sea phobia". But now he looked at the dark and rough sea below while listening to the huge sound of the surging waves and felt deep fear. The power of nature was really daunting.

The wind seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. Gulu could feel Nassau was a little overwhelmed.

Quetzalcoatlus generally only weighed about 500 Jin. Nassau had a very large wingspan and weighed at most 700 Jin. Gulu's human body weighed just over 800 Jin. This weight was easily blown around in such a strong wind. Nassau's rich flying experience saved them temporarily, but it'd too dangerous if the wind increased.

(T/N: 800 Jin is like 400 kg. Author's typo? đŸ€š)

In such a hurricane, Gulu felt very difficult to breathe. He had to breathe in and out with his mouth open. His face was distorted and his body was hurt by the strong wind. He saw that his arms holding Nassau had veins protruding due to too much force.

Gulu have studied Sanda, winter swimming and unarmed deep diving since he was a child. He had a lot of exercise. Therefore, although his body looked relatively thin, he was actually very strong, with muscle all over his body. His arm muscle was also very strong. There was no "bubble meat", but such strong arm muscles were still under pressure by the strong wind.

Although Gulu couldn't see the rest of his body, he could feel his entire body being pressed.

Nassau slowly descended. They were getting closer and closer to the sea. From time to time, seawater splashed on them. Gulu's face was wet with seawater, because Gulu's mouth was wide open due the strong wind, seawater even splashed directly into his mouth. It tasted salty and bitter.

At this moment Gulu saw the sea area below them. There was a huge whirlpool on the sea, as if the sea had opened its large mouth to devour them. The dark black water made the huge sea whirlpool looked like a bottomless black hole, a black hole that could devour all things. The visual shock was too strong, if a person's psychological quality was slightly worse, it could directly frighten one into fainting.

Fortunately, Gulu had always been courageous. He often went to the sea to play. He's not really scared, but he just didn't know whether the wind was too cold or something. His body was shaking uncontrollably.

Nassau had been flying lower and lower, almost to the point of touching the whirlpool. Gulu could even clearly see the small fish swarming back and forth in the whirlpool while being shaken violently in the huge waves.

Gulu didn't know why Nassau flew so low. The wind speed on the sea surface was also very strong and there's the danger of a sea dinosaur coming out of the water to hunt. Sea dinosaurs liked to bite pterosaurs that passed over the sea surface.

At present, hurricanes like this were not enough to cause tsunamis. The sea dinosaur wouldn't specifically avoid this area. The whirlpool on the sea surface had little effect on the sea dinosaur and the big fish. They may still come out of the water at any time to eat Nassau and Gulu.

What's more, the sea water in hurricane weather was black and visibility was extremely low, unlike when the weather was clear, the sea water was blue and visibility was very high, so that huge carnivorous dinosaurs under the sea surface could be seen from faraway.

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Now there was dark sea water everywhere and the sea dinosaur's skin color was generally darker. This was a good time for them to hide under the sea surface to launch deadly attacks when their target was unprepared.

With these thoughts in mind, Gulu carefully looked to see there're any dangerous big fish and sea dinosaurs hidden under the dark and rough sea. He couldn't be negligent, or they might instantly be killed.

However, human eyes were not as good as dinosaurs'. Gulu saw nothing but dark and churning sea water.

Gulu didn't notice that a Liopleurodon was swimming towards them at full speed under the dark sea. The Liopleurodon was one of the three overlords of the sea, while the other two overlords were Pliosaurus funkei and Mosasaurus.

This Liopleurodon was originally very bored. Seeing a pterosaur flying right above the sea surface naturally attracted it.

The daily life of the three ocean overlords was very lonely and boring, because it's very difficult for them to find the same kind in their own sea areas. Of course, if there're too many overlord sea dinosaurs and other strong marine organisms in the same sea area, they would have eaten and destroyed each other long ago. This was also the natural way to balance the ecological environment.

The favorite recreational activity of this Liopleurodon was to swallow pterosaur flying or hunting on the sea or pull it into the sea. Once he saw a pterosaur, he couldn't control himself at all.

Gulu suddenly felt a chill surging in his heart. At the same time, he saw something very big approaching them very fast from under the sea surface close to them. He immediately shouted, "Nassau, fly up, there's a big dinosaur coming to eat us!"

Nassau didn't see any big dinosaur. He focused all his attention on flying in order to maintain his balance in such a strong wind. And the dark sea made him unable to find danger in time. He had a hard time resisting such a strong wind, but he still listened to Gulu and quickly flew up.

At the moment Nassau flew up away from the sea surface, a giant Liopleurodon opened its big mouth with fangs like mutated alien monsters in science fiction movies.

How big was the mouth of a Liopleurodon? If a human stood in the mouth of a Liopleurodon, it would take thousands of people to fill its mouth and this mouth was full of dense giant fangs nearly one meter long.

This Liopleurodon jumped directly out of the sea to bite them. Half of Nassau's body was all within reach of the Liopleurodon's huge open mouth except his wingspan.

Gulu could feel the huge breath coming out of the Liopleurodon's mouth. It seemed that they were unlikely to escape from this giant mouth. Gulu was so scared that he could hardly hold on to Nassau. Of course, he still held on tightly and refused to let go.

At the same time, there was a loud thunder in the sky. Thunder and lightning intersected in the sky and torrential rain poured down.

In an instant, Nassau and Gulu's bodies were completely wet with rain. The rain mixed with cold sweat and sea water made Gulu's hands very slippery and also made Nassau's body very slippery. This made it difficult to hold Nassau tightly and his legs couldn't clamp on to his back at all.

Nassau shouted, "Gulu! Hold on tight!"

Gulu couldn't hold him any tighter. He had already used all his strength to hold Nassau tightly, but Nassau's back was too slippery and his body was also very slippery.

He saw the Liopleurodon biting down. Those countless one meter long huge fangs would instantly bite them to pieces.

Nassau loudly groaned and used all his strength to fly up with the help of wind current.

In order to make better use of the huge air flow, Nassau's entire body was turned upside down. Nassau's back was too slippery and Gulu couldn't hold it tightly. In an instant, his entire body slipped down, only his hands were still tightly holding onto Nassau's neck.

Gulu was hanging midair from Nassau and his feet were still within reach of the Liopleurodon's mouth. Gulu felt that even if they escaped, his feet would be bitten off by the Liopleurodon and became disabled… No, to be honest, under such a bad environment, there was basically no possibility of survival after getting his feet bitten off.

Nassau also noticed that Gulu was likely to be bitten. He accelerated sharply.

Gulu simply didn't dare to look, but he still watched on helplessly. He saw the giant mouth of the Liopleurodon biting down, making a loud noise just a hair distance away from biting off his feet. His toes even touched the slippery skin of Liopleurodon's mouth, shocking his entire body.

The Liopleurodon's mouth had a strong fishy smell of sea and blood. The moment he bit down with his mouth at full force, he exhaled out a strong breath like a gust of wind. Gulu's entire body was swinging wildly in the rainstorm. The indescribable smell made Gulu dizzy for a while.

After escaping from the giant mouth of the Liopleurodon, They were temporarily safe. Nassau knew that Gulu couldn't hold out for long. He immediately straightened his body and caught Gulu with his back. Gulu gripped Nassau's back tightly again.

It took Gulu a while to recover. Just now, to be honest, if Nassau caught him with his back a little later, he probably couldn't hold on and would fall.

The Liopleurodon fell back into the sea, splashing tens of meters high waves.

After its failure, the Liopleurodon hid under the sea and was ready to launch a second attack when Nassau came down again.

Nassau didn't dare to go down again in a short period of time because the Liopleurodon wouldn't leave so soon. He could only hover in the sky.

One didn't know how long it took, maybe just a short time, but it felt especially long for Gulu and Nassau.

Nassau shouted: "Gulu, we must fly out as soon as possible, but the wind is too strong. It's too difficult for me to fly out against the wind. We're not heavy enough. I have to hunt a big fish to fly out."

Gulu finally knew why Nassau wanted to fly so close to the sea when it's obviously dangerous. It turned out that he wanted to hunt big fish to increase his weight. He really needed more weight to fly against the wind.

Nassau went on to say: "Gulu, help me watch that big dinosaur. We must go down to hunt big fish. Hold on tight!"

Gulu shouted, "Nassau, go ahead. I'll watch the Liopleurodon!"

Nassau rapidly descended. Heavy rain and strong wind had become more and more severe. After his body adapted to this high satiny state, Gulu was able to tightly hold Nassau's neck and his legs could tightly grip Nassau's back. People always burst into endless potential under desperate circumstances.

Gulu looked unblinkingly under the sea surface in order to warn Nassau as soon as he saw the extremely large shadow.

Nassau was also concentrating on finding a big fish. The big fish couldn't be too heavy or it would affect his flight. Of course, it couldn't be too small otherwise it wouldn't add any weight. He needed to hunt a big fish weighing about 1,000 Jin. With Gulu's human body weight, it's just the limit of Nassau's flight load.

Fortunately, intense sea breeze and huge waves would lead to oxygen scarcity in shallow sea areas. Many big fish would come to the surface to breathe in air. Nassau took a fancy to a group of Ophthalmosaurus cubs, whose weight was just right and there was no danger of hunting.

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