After meeting He Shaoqi at work that day, Su Fu never saw him again. It was just a coincidence and he no longer mentioned it. He didn't want an irrelevant He Shaoqi to disturb his feelings with Tang Sibo.

In a few days, Christmas was coming. Although Tang family paid more attention to the traditional holidays, they didn't abandon the western holidays and made it just as lively.  

On Christmas Eve, a very beautiful Christmas tree was placed in the Tang family's living room. Many small ornaments were hung on the tree, and various gifts were prepared under the tree. Juan Juan and little uncle Tang were very excited, hugging Hei Hei Hei around the tree. Tang Luoke also followed along with them. The few people tossed about.

Big brother Tang went out to talk about work today and didn't have dinner with everyone.

After everyone finished their dinner and chatted while watching TV in the living room, he came back leisurely, holding a briefcase in one hand and a 14-inch computer-sized Christmas tree in the other. Many unique and bling ornaments hung on the tree, which glittered under the light.

"Big brother, what a beautiful Christmas tree! Did you buy it?" Tang Sining only felt her eyes light up. She hurriedly put down the pillow and ran around the sofa to see.

Big brother Tang glanced at her and subconsciously hid the Christmas tree in his arms. He went upstairs expressionless.

"Damn it!" Tang Sining didn't even touch a tree leave. She watched her big brother went upstairs looking as seriously as holding confidential documents. She glanced at the small ornaments hanging on the tree and couldn't help swearing.

"How can you swear as a girl?!" Mother Tang immediately became unhappy and looked at her daughter discontentedly.

Tang Sining looked curious. She ignored what her mother said about her and threw herself back on the sofa: "Didn't you see clearly? What was hanging on big brother's Christmas tree?! How can I not swear?"

Nothing should make a lady of a big family swear like this! Mother Tang wasn't interested and only frowned at her.

Tang Sibo saw a flickering ornament from a distance. He's curious and asked, "What did you see?"

"Diamond ring! Oh, damn it! A tree full of diamond rings! Did big brother go out to discuss work with a jeweler?!" Although Tang Sining wasn't short of money, she had never seen a tree full of diamond rings. She patted the back of the sofa excitedly.

She patted the back of the sofa behind father Tang. Father Tang who was quietly eating nuts was almost scared to death by his daughter. However, he loved her more than his sons. Besides, she's the only princess in the family, albeit a little tough.

Father Tang frowned slightly and turned to say, "Look at you. Why are you so excited about some diamond rings? Dad will buy you a car tomorrow. Sit down quickly. What does it look like?"

Tang Sining was speechless with a mouthful of old blood stuck in her throat. She quietly sat back on the sofa. Why couldn't they understand? This wasn't a question of how many diamond rings to buy! It's a romantic Christmas tree with diamond rings! And the object was her big brother! That facial paralysis was romantic! Didn't they find it scary?!

"Sihuan has been cooperating a lot with Duan Group in City A recently, hasn't he?" Father Tang took a nut and peeled it, speaking as if he's just asking at random.

Tang Sibo nodded and answered, "Mutual benefit is good for both families."

Father Tang didn't say anything. He put the peeled nut in his mouth and chewed it for a long time before saying, "It's fine."

Mother Tang listened quietly. She glanced at father Tang but didn't express her opinion and continue to watch TV.

Tang Sibo saw all of his parents' reactions in his eyes and smiled, knowing that his parents already knew something vaguely in their hearts, but they didn't mean to stop it.

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Father Tang and mother Tang would indeed not stop anything. Their oldest son was infertile. Of course, he could not marry a normal woman. They just wanted their son to not be alone. Gender didn't matter. Anyway, they also had one male daughter-in-law. Father Tang thought more deeply. With Duan family's help, his oldest son could secure his position as the head of the family.

Tang Sining didn't understand what riddles they were playing at. Seeing that her excitement wasn't understood, she went back to her room to take a bath then slept with dim mood.

Su Fu sat beside Tang Sibo. He also didn't know what they were talking about. There seemed to be some deep meaning. But at the same time, it sounded just like work talk.  

However, he's quite interested in the Christmas tree full of diamond rings. If it was just a working relationship, it was impossible to send diamond rings, right? After all, a ring had special meaning and couldn't be given randomly.

Seeing father Tang and mother Tang going back to eating nuts and watching TV again, Su Fu pinched Tang Sibo's hand and gave him a look.

Tang Sibo smiled and leaned close to him, saying, "Big brother's spring is coming. President Duan has more tricks than me, doesn't he?"

Su Fu knew President Duan, but he didn't expect that the man with such a serious face would pursue big brother with facial paralysis? This scene should look very funny.

He raised Tang Sibo's hand and looked at the ring on his hand. Su Fu smile softly: "Yours is unique."

Tang Sibo listened very sweetly. He put his arms around Su Fu and his forehead against his forehead, then secretly kissed his lips. He then hugged him in his arm and continued to whisper as couples.

"Ahem, it's late at night. Go back to your room and be in love." Father Tang couldn't stand it anymore. He peeled nuts and leisurely said.

Su Fu's face was red and embarrassed.

Tang Sibo chuckled. He hugged Su Fu and stood up. He said good night to his parents, and arrest the little guys and went upstairs.

On New Year's Day, Su Fu and Tang Sibo went to Lin Lin's wedding together. This wedding was the kind that's held in hotels. It's not luxurious but very warm. Su Fu and his colleagues from the work office sat at the same table. Looking at Lin Lin's happy appearance, their hearts felt different.

Tang Sibo saw Lin Lin dressed in a white wedding dress, looking gentle and beautiful, and the groom was dressed in a black suit, looking personable and handsome. He smiled and asked Su Fu, "Do you like this kind of wedding?"

Su Fu was listening to the MC poking fun at the newly-married couple. Tang Sibo's words sounded a bit strange. Thinking of the wedding that he's secretly preparing, Su Fu's face turned reddish.

"It's quite good. Isn't this the way weddings are nowadays?"

Tang Sibo smiled and leaned over to say, "Our wedding may be a little different. I hope you will like it."

Su Fu looked at him with a smile. He touched his face and said, "I'll like it no matter what it looks like, because it's our wedding and it's only once in a lifetime."

Tang Sibo joked, "If you like, we can have a wedding every year."

"Nonsense, how many times should we divorce and remarry?" Su Fu had no choice but to refute.

Tang Sibo was taken aback for a moment. It's a rare time that he felt he had made a slip of the tongue. He just wanted to tease Su Fu.

"You're right. It's just once in a lifetime. You're my only one."

While holding Su Fu's hand with the ring, the newly-married couple on the stage received a kiss under the auspices of the MC. The audience cheered. Tang Sibo also took advantage of this atmosphere to kiss Su Fu. They were affectionate and sweet.

Teacher Cheng, who was at the same table with them, looked with flared nostril and snorted coldly thinking in his heart: Why do you kiss when other people are the one getting married! As if afraid that no one knows you're gay! Shame on you!

Later, when Lin Lin threw the bouquet, she threw it directly to Su Fu, who accepted it with a red face under the heckling of a group of people. However, he's indeed the most qualified to receive the bouquet, because his wedding was approaching.

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