Lin Lin really disliked the remarks made by Teacher Cheng, especially given the fact that there's still a Teacher Su who was in a steady relationship. Lin Lin turned to look at Teacher Su. She didn't pay attention before. Only now did she see the diamond ring on Su Fu's hand. She exploded immediately.

"Ah! Teacher Su! What a unique diamond ring you have! It looks simple but full of small diamonds, which is very suitable for you!" Lin Lin took Su Fu's hand and raised it to her eyes to see, showing envy.  

"Thank you." Su Fu also looked at the ring. The corners of his mouth naturally curved up.

Lin Lin glanced at Teacher Cheng and smiled at Su Fu. "Teacher Su, is this your boyfriend's proposal ring? I think that the gentleman in your family has elegant taste and won't give the ring casually, will he?"

Because Tang Sibo came to deliver lunch every noon then ate with Su Fu, all of the teachers in the office knew him. After all, there're always times when they met. At first, when they knew that Tang Sibo was Su Fu's boyfriend, several female teachers were surprised, especially Teacher Huang. In the beginning, she wanted to seduce Tang Sibo. In the following days, she complained to Su Fu that she lost all face.

However, fortunately, there's a precedent of Teacher Cheng, and those female teachers didn't mind. And the CP between a gentle wealthy gong and an ordinary teacher shou met the taste of the few fujoshi female teachers. They started to pay attention to Su Fu and called him Su xiaoshou all day long, which made Su Fu feel very helpless.

Lin Lin howled so loudly that several other female teachers, who hadn't noticed them, gathered around and kept saying how lucky Su Fu was. Teacher Cheng who had been left behind was very unhappy.

Before Su Fu could respond, Teacher Cheng said, "Rich kids don't lack money. What are you making such a fuss about? Wedding ring is impossible. That kind of people's family want to save face. If they were known to have a homosexual relationship, they will be lucky if their legs weren't broken."

The chirping female teachers quieted down. They felt embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

Lin Lin wanted to refute very much: Do you think everyone treats love as physical need like you! This is someone else's wedding ring. What's wrong? Can you speak more sourly?

But Lin Lin was indeed not clear about Su Fu and Tang Sibo. She feared that if she said something wrong, it'd be even more humiliating for Su Fu.

The atmosphere was so eerily silent. Su Fu touched the ring on his hand, feeling very uncomfortable. It's not because Teacher Cheng didn't value his relationship with Tang Sibo, but because he said that "they will be lucky if their legs weren't broken."

He spoke as if Tang Sibo being gay was a humiliation to Tang family, which made him very unhappy.

As a result, Su Fu originally wanted to keep a low profile and pass off vaguely, but he didn't want to hide anything now.

"It's a proposal ring. Our parents have already agreed."

As soon as the words fell, several female teachers stared wide-eyed in surprise. Teacher Cheng, with an ugly expression, snorted softly to express his disbelief, but said nothing more.

"Look! I said that Teacher Su's gentleman didn't look like a rich loafer. At first glance, he's gentle and devoted. Why couldn't homosexuals be blessed? People should not be so self-depreciating. Look at how well Teacher Su is doing."

Lin Lin smiled and seemed to be talking to Su Fu and the others. But everyone who listened knew that she was mocking Teacher Cheng.

Teacher Cheng was isolated and helpless and could only hold his breath. His heart was filled dark thoughts: What are you proud of? Is it really easy to get ahead in a rich and powerful family? Hard days are waiting for you!

However, no one over there cared what Teacher Cheng was thinking. The group of female teachers admired Su Fu and were very interested in his relationship with Tang Sibo.

"Su xiaoshou, how did you do it? I want to marry a rich and powerful family so badly but I can't get in!" Teacher Huang excitedly asked Su Fu.

"His family is very reasonable and kind to me. I actually didn't do anything." Su Fu was embarrassed. Because of speaking out in a heated moment, he caused more trouble for himself and received endless questions.  

"Such a good family?! Su xiaoshou, please help me. Are there any rich and powerful families around Mr. Tang? Can you introduce me?"

"Su xiaoshou is blessed!"

"Teacher Su, you have to invite us to drink wedding wine when you get married! We also want to attend the wedding of a wealthy family!"

"Yes, yes, yes! Invite us to drink the wedding wine! There must be plenty of rich young men at the wedding. I'll have plenty of opportunities!"

So, Su Fu was so besieged by a group of women to the point of embarrassment. He just told Tang Sibo last night that they didn't need to invite his colleagues.

Teacher Cheng enjoyed the life of being molested and loved by the fujoshi women and liked to find a sense of presence in their circle. But now, he was ignored. His heart felt extremely unbalanced. Why could Su Fu be so lucky to find a rich and powerful man to love him while he himself could only have S*x with different men?

At noon Tang Sibo came to deliver the meal again. Su Fu told him about it. After the meal, Tang Sibo was surrounded by several female teachers who had come back early from lunch. First, they congratulated him and then said they wanted to drink their wedding wine.

Tang Sibo accepted their well wishes with great pleasure and said generously that he would send them invitations and asked them for their dress sizes.

The female teachers all said they didn't understand why they had to report their dress sizes for a wedding banquet.

Tang Sibo said that the Tang family will arrange their wedding dresses, so the female teachers immediately wrote down their sizes with as much details as they could! Attending a wedding banquet and getting a luxurious dress for free! Only fools don't go!

Out of courtesy, Tang Sibo also asked Teacher Cheng, who looked like a pork liver, but because he didn't want to be different, he also said he would attend the wedding.

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After work in the evening, Su Fu was the first to pack up and leave the office, because Tang Sibo and the children were already waiting for him in the car.

Just as he walked downstairs and was about to leave the building, a man suddenly blocked his path, "Xiao Fu? Why are you here? Do you work here now?"

The person was He Shaoqi who he hadn't seen for a long time. Su Fu was also surprised to see him, but he's just surprise. He didn't have the interest to reminisce about their past.

Su Fu wanted to pull away from He Shaoqi's hand that's holding his arm, only to find that He Shaoqi was wearing a ring on his hand. The ring wasn't his wedding ring with Su Jing, but the ring they wore in college many years ago.

Su Fu always thought He Shaoqi had lost the ring, but now it had appeared in his hand.

He Shaoqi also noticed that Su Fu's eyes rested on the ring. He became excited and let go of Su Fu's arm to raise his hand to show him.

"Xiao Fu, do you still remember this? This was when we were studying in S University. I spent a month's living expenses to buy it. Later, I was so poor that I couldn't afford to eat. You took me to dinner every day and blamed me for spending money indiscriminately. But you're really happy at that time and hadn't taken it off since I put it on for you."

Su Fu looked at He Shaoqi's excited appearance, and felt ironic. He's a married man, with a wife and unborn child, but still wearing a ring from a previous relationship. Was this considered affectionate? No, this's ironic and ridiculous.

"I no longer wear it, because you stop wearing it first." Su Fu said lightly, without any emotional fluctuations.

"That's because I don't want to look so ostentatious in the company. I can't act as freely at work as I did in the university. I don't want my colleagues and superiors to know my sexuality. Aren't you the same?"

He Shaoqi frowned slightly, then took Su Fu's arm and said: "Xiao Fu, I have been thinking about you all this time. I only love you. I know what I did before was a terrible thing, but I can change. Can you give me another chance?"

Su Fu sneered, shook off his hand and spoke, "He Shaoqi, you're a married man now. What qualifications do you have for me to give you a chance?"

He Shaoqi shook his head and replied excitedly, "It doesn't matter, Xiao Fu. As long as you give me a chance, I'll divorce that crazy woman immediately!"

Su Fu looked at He Shaoqi and only found it funny. He still hadn't changed. He's still the one who said he loved him but still treated his feelings like a game.

"Opportunity belongs to those who deserve it. You don't deserve it." Su Fu smiled faintly then raised his hand and showed him the ring. Then he sneered and left.

He Shaoqi looked at the diamond ring that flashed in front of him. His eyes widened in surprise. How was that possible? A diamond ring from Tang Sibo? He Shaoqi didn't believe it. He hurriedly ran up again, took Su Fu's hand and wouldn't let him go.

"Xiao Fu! Wake up! How can a century-old family like Tang family accept a male daughter-in-law? Don't be stubborn!"

"I'm sorry, our family likes Xiao Fu very much. I don't need you to bother."

At the gate, Tang Sibo, who hadn't been able to wait for Su Fu, came again holding a big cloak, with a gentle and elegant smile. He walked over to put the cape on Su Fu.

Su Fu's heart felt sweet and helpless. The cloakwas really too big!

"You…" He Shaoqi looked at the two embracing each other. He opened his mouth but couldn't speak. If the Tang family accepted Su Fu, what chance did he have of winning back his heart?

Su Fu and Tang Sibo ignored him and headed outside.

"It's only a few steps away. Don't bring this anymore. It's so big!" Su Fu complained with a laugh.

Tang Sibo smiled softly: "It can cover you. It's cold outside. Don't freeze."

He Shaoqi stood there blankly, looking at Tang Sibo hugging Su Fu and wrapping the cloak around him. He clenched his fist and looked at the old ring on his finger. His eyes were sad, regretful and helpless.

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