Since Su Fu agreed to Tang Sibo's proposal that day, Tang Luoke had changed his name to "little Dad." Every time when he's in Tang mansion, Tang Luoke would call him little Dad. Su Fu was very embarrassed and would subconsciously look at father Tang's and mother Tang's face. But the elders had no opinion, so he also slowly put down the heart, and accepted this address.

Tang Sibo had proposed marriage. It could be seen from the same ring worn on both hands. The Tang family all expressed their blessing to this. Only big brother Tang seemed to think more about this matter.

That night, after nine o'clock, the Tang family all went back to their room to wash and sleep. Tang Sibo and Su Fu also coaxed the children to sleep then took a bath together.

After taking a bath, Tang Sibo went downstairs to the kitchen to get two cups of warm milk. He saw the light in the living room still on and the sound of the TV quietly playing.

Tang Sibo bypassed the kitchen and went to the living room. He saw big brother Tang sitting on the sofa without watching TV and looking down at something in his hand.

After quietly walking to the back of the sofa, Tang Sibo poked his head and saw that big brother Tang was actually holding a rough woven grass ring in his hand, looking in trance.

Yo ho, you still played this kind of romance? Tang Sibo looked amused and patted big brother Tang on the shoulder. He walked around the sofa and sat beside him.

Big brother Tang subconsciously clench his fist, hiding the grass ring in his hand, and looked up at the TV as if nothing happened.

"Big brother, what's the situation with President Duan?" Tang Sibo asked with a smile.

Big brother Tang didn't even look at him. He stared straight at the TV and said, "The cooperation was successful and the project is in progress."

"Cooperative production of grass ring?"

Big brother Tang's serious face cracked a little. He straightened up and continued watching TV.

Tang Sibo chuckled and added: "President Duan has good skill. He even knows how to use a small flower as diamond."

Big brother Tang's cracked serious face became more unstable. He opened his palm, looked at the grass ring and frowned.

"This was a failure."

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows and showed him the ring on his hand. "If it's too ugly, change it to the real one."

Big brother Tang's face became serious again. He put away the grass ring in his hand, then stood up and adjusted his clothes.

"Work hard and don't think about love all day long. Recently, second uncle's family has become restless."

Big brother Tang said. Holding his head high, he went upstairs to his room.

Tang Sibo sat on the sofa and looked at his big brother's serious back. He smiled faintly, not like they had a chance.

As for Duan Qiqian's pursuit of his big brother, Tang Sibo always kept a wait-and-see attitude and let nature take its course. If big brother liked it, he would bless their union. If big brother didn't like it, he could only observe a moment of silence for Duan Qiqian. However, from the perspective of interests, Tang Sibo actually thought that the combination of big brother and Duan Qiqian was a good thing.

Although their family didn't attach importance to their partner's identity and background, it was definitely beneficial to marry someone with strength and background, especially at this juncture.

Tang Sibo never wanted to compete for the Tang family head position with his big brother, not only because of brotherly affection, but also because he felt that his big brother was more suitable for the position than he was. Since long ago, he decided to try his best to help his big brother secure this position.

Big brother Tang's infertility also doomed him not to marry a woman. Tang family wasn't so narrow minded. They wouldn't harm a girl's life in order to get help. They had no right to deprive a girl of being a mother. Therefore, for big brother Tang, if he wanted to secure the position of Tang patriarch, he would have one less help from the in-law side.

However, if he's with Duan Qiqian, it would be more advantageous than any other wealthy family in City B. First of all, Duan family was the leader of City A, and his status as the head naturally went without saying. Secondly, to marry a wealthy in-law and get their help was only indirect, while Duan Qiqian was the head of the Duan family. Getting his help was more direct and powerful.

However, the final decision rested with big brother.

Tang Sibo didn't think more. He turned off the TV then went to the kitchen to get warm milk and went back to his room.

Su Fu was leaning on the bedside table to read an original English book. When he saw Tang Sibo coming, he put the book back on the bedside table and took the milk cup.

Tang Sibo sat down beside him, touched his cup and asked, "Are you happy working at Teng Yuan?"

Su Fu took a sip of milk and was surprised to hear him ask this, "It's fine. What's the matter?"

Tang Sibo shook his head. "I just think the quality of teachers there is uneven. I'm afraid you would be bullied."

Su Fu smiled and replied, "I'm this old. Can I still be afraid of being bullied?"

Tang Sibo smiled and said nothing. When he finished drinking the milk, Su Fu also finished his. He put the cups in the small living room outside their bedroom so that the servant could take them away when cleaning up tomorrow.

After returning to the bedroom, he saw Su Fu picking up the book again. He smiled, got into bed and hugged the man into his arms and covered the page with his hand to prevent him from reading.

"I came early at noon today. You hadn't finished class at that time. Guess what happened?"

Hearing this, Su Fu let go of the book in his hand. He turned around and rest his chin on his shoulder and asked, "What?"

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"Teacher Cheng in your office," Tang Sibo said, then raised his eyebrows and continued with some disdain, "seduce me."

Su Fu thought it was something interesting. He listened eagerly but after hearing this, his smile faded.  

He remembered that on the day when Tang Sibo proposed marriage, Teacher Cheng was still "kindly" advising him that rich young men just liked to play around. They would get married and have children in the future. The next day, when he went to work, he's wearing a diamond ring that Tang Sibo gave him. Teacher Cheng was taken aback. However, he only said sourly, "Rich man is so generous when he makes a move", with a pity on his face, as if Su Fu had been fooled by the rich man again.

Unexpectedly, Teacher Cheng turned around to seduce Tang Sibo despite voicing such disdain from his mouth?

Seeing Su Fu's silence, Tang Sibo thought he's angry. He touched his cheek with a smile and said, "I didn't pay attention to him. You can't condemn me."

Su Fu was a little angry at first, but he laughed when he heard his words. He also touched Tang Sibo's face. Of course, he believed in Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang had been single for so many years, how many people had tried to pounce on him? Could he be so easily seduced?

"He always thought you're just playing with me. Seeing that you're handsome and rich, he probably wanted to do this long ago."

Tang Sibo held Su Fu's hand, which just happened to be the one with the ring. He raised it to his mouth and kissed his finger with the ring.

"I'm already a married man. He liked married man so much?"

Su Fu also recalled that Teacher Cheng took it for granted about having a relationship with a married man. He only found it hard to understand and smiled: "Who cares? The three views are different and don't agree."

Tang Sibo nodded and smiled: "He's so skeptical. When we get married, you can invite your office colleagues to the banquet and let him take a look."

Su Fu sniggered, "No, you don't have to. The people your family invite are all high-society people. They will be uncomfortable."

Tang Sibo had no objection. He hugged Su Fu, put his book beside the pillow, kissed him, and said, "OK, then give some wedding candies to your colleagues."

Su Fu squinted his eyes and smiled, then leaned against him to close his eyes and fell asleep.

The next day, Su Fu went to Teng Yuan's office as usual. When he first entered the office, he heard the lively noise from inside.

Lin Lin was wearing a red coat today, with a bright smile on her face. Seeing Su Fu come in, she hurriedly walked over and took out a beautifully made invitation card.

"Teacher Su, come and have wedding wine!"

Seeing that several other teachers were holding the same invitation, Su Fu assumed that Lin Lin was going to marry her fiancé. He walked to his office cubicle and opened the invitation to see. It was indeed true, and the date was on New Year's Day.

Su Fu smiled. He nodded and said, "Congratulations to Teacher Lin on entering the palace of marriage."

Several other female teachers, both married and unmarried, all smiled and congratulated Lin Lin, who was very happy.

At this moment, Teacher Cheng, who was sitting in the office cubicle, looked at the invitation and sighed with emotion, saying, "It's better to be a heterosexual who can still get married with so many blessings. People like us can only live in ambiguity for life."

Teacher Huang patted the partition of his cubicle and comforted him: "Don't be so pessimistic, wandering xiaoshu. Didn't you get another white-collar boyfriend? We also wish you all the best. Look, you're also happy these days!"

"Yes, wandering xiaoshou, you're so handsome. It's hard to find a xiaoshou like you. Those gong will bow down to your suit pants. Don't worry!  Work hard then go abroad to get married. We'll all join in!"

Upon hearing this, Teacher Cheng laughed and said, "You're right. My current boyfriend is really attractive. But I don't want to get married given my sexuality. For use, sexual enjoyment is real but any love is just daydreaming."

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