Gulu waved his hands at Nassau, who slowly landed on Dark's back and in front of Gulu.

Before the migration, Gulu often went to the sea to look for Dark and Cang and play with Shenshen. Nassau or Cassie would carry him to the sea every time. Nassau often stopped on Dark's back. He's not afraid of the sea dinosaur, which was supposed to be their natural enemy.

Pliosaurs and Mosasaurus often suddenly appeared on the sea surface, opening their big mouths and biting the long necks of the Quetzalcoatluses that pass over the sea to hunt, dragging them into the sea and tearing them to pieces. Most of the time, not for eating, but for fun.

Therefore, Quetzalcoatluses were actually very afraid of these big dinosaurs in the sea. Nassau was different, of course. He had never been afraid, but he would guard against these big dinosaurs, but never against Dark and Cang, because they were Gulu's friends.

Nassau was so excited that he didn't know what to say for a while and just looked down at Gulu.

Gulu hugged Nassau's neck and kept touching Nassau's long beak with his hand, "Nassau, I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you so much. Have you missed me?…"

Nassau didn't speak for a long time, but his body was shaking slightly. Gulu knew that Nassau was too excited to see him. Nassau was never good at expressing his emotions.

After Nassau calmed down his emotions, he said, "I have been looking for you for a long time."

Gulu: "I know, Nassau. I know you must be looking for me. Nassau, how's your group now? Where are they?"

Nassau became a little angry at once: "That's our group."

Gulu didn't want Nassau to be unhappy as soon as they met. He hurriedly agreed, "Yes, it's our group. How's our group now? Where are they?"

Nassau didn't want Gulu to worry and said, "Our group's current habitat is a little far from here. When Pado's territory is fixed, I'll take my group to the seaside or cliff near his territory."

Gulu: "Yes, yes, but Nassau, our territory may not be fixed in the short period of time."

Nassau: "No hurry, our current habitat is also very good."

Gulu: "Nassau, many, many things had happened to us during this period…"

Gulu simply talked to Nassau about all recent events.

Nassau listened very carefully. He felt very distressed about Gulu and even complained why he didn't find Gulu earlier.

Then Gulu also asked Nassau about the current situation on Yukan continent, whether Yukan continent had split into several major plates, etc.

Because Gulu knew that Nassau flew over so many places to look for him, Nassau must be most familiar with the situation of the entire continent of Yukan. Of all dinosaurs, only Quetzalcoatluses could see the situation of the entire continent.

Gulu wanted to know the current situation of Yukan to predict whether their continental plate would split and when it's most likely to split.

Of course, Nassau's answer was certainly unprofessional. He could only briefly describe what he saw, but it was enough. With these "global news", Gulu could make more accurate predictions.

Although Gulu speculated that the Yukan mainland had split, he was still shocked when he heard Nassau say that it had split into three large continents. This was too fast. Was Yukan mainland a "hothead"?

The division of the mainland during the corresponding period on earth was definitely not this fast. Yukan was just impatient. Fortunately, they shouldn't be on the division fault. One didn't know how many dinosaurs there would die.

Only Quetzalcoatluses could fly all over the world. Other pterosaurs didn't have the ability to fly for such a long time. It's impossible for them to fly across the ocean.

Those dinosaurs who were on the division fault and witnessed the division of the mainland had all died.

Therefore, almost all dinosaurs on the three large continents that had already split up didn't know that they had been split up. They still called their own continent Yukan Continent. They still thought that there was only one continent in the world, which was Yukan Continent.

If there was an opportunity in the future, Gulu would let Nassau take him far away to see the division of the mainland, which must be very spectacular.

The countless earthquakes that Gulu and the others had experienced were actually just radiating seismic waves of the continent's splitting process of other regions. They were not on a real fault zone.  

However, the violent temper of Yukan Continent was also beneficial. After the rapid division was completed. The continents would be stable and would surely ushered in the peak period of the dinosaur era, and this peak period would last for tens of millions of years. How prosperous would the dinosaur age be?

The thought of these excited Gulu.

At last Gulu said, "Nassau, can you take me to Mungo and Pado? I miss them so much and want to talk to them."

Nassau: "Yes."

Afterward, Gulu said goodbye to Dark and Cang and flew across the beach on Nassau.

Dark, Cang and Shenshen looked at Gulu's leaving back. They were very happy when they thought that they might be able to see Gulu every day in the future and Gulu would often come to visit them.

Gulu let Nassau stopped beside his Tyrannosaurus rex's younger brothers. He still had to change back to Triceratops body to safely send the younger brothers back to the group.

His Tyrannosaurus rex's younger brothers enjoyed playing on the beach and ate the Ophthalmosaurus while playing. However, they couldn't take away what they didn't eat, because the rest of the carcass was still too heavy. The young ones couldn't drag it at all and had to abandon their prey reluctantly. Fortunately, they had already eaten very full.

Of course, the Tyrannosaurus rex brothers had long seen Nassau. They also saw their big brother speaking to Nassau on Dark's back for a long time. They were affected by Mungo and didn't like Quetzalcoatlus, so they didn't speak to Nassau.

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Nassau also didn't like Tyrannosaurus rex. He wouldn't talk to these three young Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gulu told his Tyrannosaurus rex's younger brothers that he would become a human so that Nassau could fly him to Mungo and Pado. The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were extremely envious. They also missed Mungo and Gaya very much as well as every Tyrannosaurus rex in the group.

Of course, Quetzalcoatlus couldn't carry the three-ton Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. Quetzalcoatlus load limit was twice its weight, up to one thousand Jin. Even this was a limit that only a big and powerful Quetzalcoatlus could do.

Nassau was flying with six pterosaurs not far above Gulu and the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. The cubs were running on the ground. They were running very fast.

When they left the beach and set foot on the fern field, all herbivorous dinosaur groups in the fern field were panicked, because Nassau was too large and as notorious as Mungo on Yukan mainland, which made all dinosaurs feared them.

As Gulu and his younger brothers ran nearby, all herbivorous dinosaur groups ran away from Nassau as far as possible, thus automatically giving up a good road for the young ones.

Blunt and Tudor both knew that Gulu was the leader of the most powerful Quetzalcoatlus group in Yukan. The most ferocious and bloodthirsty Quetzalcoatlus Nassau and Gulu led the group at the same time. Gulu was already powerful at an early age.

Therefore, when all herbivorous dinosaur groups were running away from Nassau, only Blunt's and Tudor's group were motionless. Nassau would never harm the group that nurtured and protected Gulu.

After safely returning his younger brothers to the group, Gulu became a human being and let Nassau fly him to the fern field opposite.

Mungo and Pado had already seen Nassau from a distance. Now they saw Nassau flying over with Gulu. They were very excited. They roar with excitement and ran around with joy.

Gulu was also very excited. Nassau flew smoothly. He could sit tight with his legs gently pressed against Nassau's back. He waved his hands and shouted to the bottom: "Mungo, Pado, Mom, everyone, I'm back…"

Gulu let Nassau descend outside of Pado's group first.

Pado, Babana, Mila and Dudu had long been waiting outside the group.

Gulu came down from Nassau's back and pounced on Pado fiercely, but his human body was too small. He could only hold part of Pado's thick front leg. The limbs of adult Triceratopses were too thick. Gulu couldn't be regarded as holding it, but more like sticking his body on it.

Pado didn't dare to move for fear of hurting Gulu.

Gulu was so excited that he forgot to change back to the Triceratops form first. He a lot of steps back to change to Triceratops form. Then he rushed over and rubbed Pado, Babana and his sisters' necks excitedly.

Pado said: "Gulu, Daddy's little Gulu, you have suffered too much during this period. Dad has seen it…"

In fact, thinking about the previous days now, Gulu felt that it was not bitter at all. After leaving the protection of Pado's and Mungo's groups, he grew up so fast that he himself was shocked.

Of course, not feeling bitter was also Gulu's comfort to himself. Otherwise, he would be so sad every day for not being with Pado, Mungo and the others.

Gulu: "Mom and Dad, wasn't I strong? I'm not tired. I've been good and I'm very happy…"

Of course, this kind of rhetoric was Gulu's consolation to Pado and Babana.

Babana had already sobbed and kept repeating, "Gulu, Mom's little Gulu…"

Gulu: "Mom, when you and Mungo couldn't escape, I was so scared every day. You must stop doing this and put your own safety first. We have grown up and we can take good care of ourselves…"

Babana: "Gulu, it's all Mom's fault. Mom will protect herself and won't worry you any more
 Gulu, you must treat Mungo well. Treat him like Mom and Dad. Mungo raised you. Everything Mungo does is for you. You must love Mungo as much as you love Mom and Dad…"

Gulu: "Mom, I know. I always love Mungo as much as I love you."

Dudu and Mila also cried very hard and said, "Brother, brother, we miss you so much, brother…"

Then Gulu told Pado and Babana in detail about their situation in the opposite fern field, just to reassure them that he and his brothers had a good life there.

After hearing what Gulu said, Pado and Babana were a little relieved.

Gulu didn't have much time. He had to go to Mungo's group then go back to the opposite fern field.

Of course, he could also stay here, but the other brothers would starve to death without him, especially the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. He must go back to take care of and protect the younger brothers.

Then Gulu ran to Mungo's group, which was very close to Pado's group. Every Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's group had long been waiting for Gulu to reach them.

Before Gulu could reach them, Mungo's group had already rushed to Gulu.

Gulu was surrounded by more than ten Tyrannosaurus rex in an instant. They rubbed Gulu's neck, back, tail and limbs, with some standing and some lying on the ground. They were all very excited.

Of course, Gulu was also excited and kept rubbing on every Tyrannosaurus rex.

After making up with each other for quite a while, the Tyrannosaurus rex just formed a circle to talk with Gulu. Mungo and Gaya stood on each side of Gulu, tightly touching Gulu, and rubbing Gulu from time to time.

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