Gulu looked at the Quetzalcoatlus flying over from a distance. He was very excited, jumping around excitedly. He could finally fly over to see Mungo, Pado, Gaya, Babana…

Especially Mungo. This period of time hadn't been easy on him. Without Mungo, Babana would have been killed by the carnivorous dinosaurs. Mungo would rather starve to death than bite Babana…

Mungo was too great! There's no word to describe how great he was.

Gulu knew that Mungo wouldn't hurt him under normal circumstances, but Tyrannosaurus rex was cruel and bloodthirsty by nature. Under extreme circumstances, Gulu wasn't sure whether Mungo would hurt Pado and Babana.

When a Tyrannosaurus rex was extremely hungry, in order to survive, it's very normal to eat its own cubs and even its mate.

Tyrannosaurus rex didn't have such a strong concept of "mother-cub relationship", because young Tyrannosaurus rex would be driven away by their mother at the age of 5 and thereafter would basically never saw their mother again. They didn't have the mentality to take care of and protect their mother.

What's more, Babana was his mother, not Mungo's mother. Mungo would still protect Babana in this way and wouldn't eat Babana even when he was dying. This really shocked Gulu because it was far beyond the emotional ability of an ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex.

Although Gulu had been reborn as a Triceratops for so many years and although he thought that he was now a complete beast, he still couldn't accept the idea of eating one's own cubs or mate.

If Mungo really ate Babana, Gulu didn't know what he should do. Even if Babana volunteered to be eaten by Mungo, it would be hard for him to get over this hurdle because he still had human thinking and three views.

Fortunately, Mungo would consider his feelings regardless of what he did. Mungo's aim in doing things would consider whether Gulu would be happy, Gulu would be sad or Gulu would like it. Whatever he did, he would put Gulu first.

Gulu knew that Mungo could overcome Tyrannosaurus rex's most primitive cruelty and bloodlust for his sake and that everything was only for his survival.

Compared with everything Mungo had done for him, Gulu felt as if he had never done anything for Mungo, although he knew that Mungo didn't need him to do anything for him.

As long as he thought of these, Gulu wanted to fly over immediately and jump up to give Mungo a big kiss and give Mungo countless big hugs.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were already very full after eating only half of the Ophthalmosaurus. Their stomachs were bulging. They were really too full.

The cubs went to Gulu's front and rubbed his neck and said, "Wow, brother, it's really delicious. It's delicious. I've never eaten such a delicious dinosaur before. The sea dinosaur tastes delicious…"

Gulu also rubbed his younger brothers and said: "Brother still needs to go to the sea to talk to the dinosaurs hunting for you. You can play on the shore until I come back."

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs nodded and said: "Brother, we'll be waiting for you. Brother, don't worry. We like to play by the sea. The sand feels so comfortable."

Gulu: "Don't run too far to play. I want to see you at all time."

The Tyrannosaurus rex cubs nodded and said: "Brother, we'll listen. Brother don't have to worry about us."

The beach was really fun. The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs chased each other on the beach and had a good time. After playing, they ate the remaining carcass of sea dinosaur. Today was a really good day.

Only then did Gulu felt relieved and swam to Dark, Cang and Shenshen's side. It would take a while for the Quetzalcoatlus who flew from the distance to get here, leaving just enough time for them to catch up.  

This time Gulu directly turned into a human and climbed on Dark's back. Shenshen had grown to 20 to 30 tons and could no longer lie on Dark and Cang. He's swimming in the middle of Dark and Cang. He put his big head on Dark's back, so that it would be more convenient for him to talk to Gulu. Shenshen liked looking at Gulu. He thought that Gulu was good looking.

Dark: "Gulu, have you separated from Mungo?"

Gulu: "Temporarily separated. It's all the fault of the earth's movement that separated our fern filed in the middle…"

Cang: "What do you do then?"

Gulu: "Keep walking straight ahead. There must be some place that hasn't separated yet. Then we can meet."

Dark: "Is this place near the sea? If it's near, we can take you there."

How could Gulu have not thought about this problem, but the fern field they were in bordered the sea while the fern field where Mungo and Pado were located in was inland and not near the sea at all.

That was to say, if the rift valley didn't separate the fern field, then the place they're in was by the sea and going inland would reach Pado's and Mungo's groups.

Gulu: "No, we're by seaside but they're inland. Look at the mainland. They're very far inside. They're separated from us by a wide rift valley."

Shenshen: "Brother, how strong. You can still feed yourself and three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers without your parents. You're too strong. Worthy of being our sea god…"

In the past, Gulu used to play with Shenshen and often talked to about what happened to him in Pado's and Mungo's groups. Therefore, they were all very familiar with Gulu's family members. Shenshen could tell through Gulu's simple description that Gulu was now living alone with his younger brothers.

Gulu was used to Shenshen's flattery. He knew that Shenshen was probably too lonely. The big dinosaurs in the sea such as Pliosaurus funkei, Mosasaurus and Liopleurodon were supreme overlords. There were one to two at most in one sea area. They were all of different ages. There're no young ones of the same age to play with Shenshen. Every time he went to look for him, Shenshen would be extremely happy.

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In order to relieve Shenshen's loneliness, Gulu often told some fun games: "Shenshen is also very powerful. Shenshen, brother will teach you a fun game, do you want to learn?"

Shenshen kept nodding, his tail flapping excitedly on the sea, splashing huge water.

Gulu touched Shenshen's big head and said: "You can take the mountain in the sea as brother. Catch a big fish and use it as a ball. With your tail, fins and big head, you can shoot the big fish toward the mountain. The fish will bounce back. This is call tossing in the human world."

In truth, Gulu told Shenshen this little game in order to exercise his tail, fin and head, which were his three most important attacking organs. It could make these aggressive body structures stronger. Later, once Shenshen grew up, he could easily win against any male Pliosaurus funkei, Mosasaurus or Liopleurodon that he met to fight for mate.

Shenshen: "Uh-huh, brother, I know. This sounds fun. Brother is really nice, but Shenshen still wants to play with bother. Brother must often come to Shenshen. Shenshen doesn't have any small dinosaur to play with…"

Gulu: "Brother will often come to play with Shenshen in the future."

Dark: "Gulu, you can bring the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs to the seaside every day in the future. We will grab them a big fish, which is enough for them to eat. Hunting is very simple for us."

Gulu was very grateful to Dark and Cang. The fern field in this area was too large. They could only see the forest in the distance. That was to say, it would be difficult for them to hunt. It would be great if there's help from Dark and Cang.

Cang: "Yes, Gulu, hunting is very simple for us and Shenshen really wants to play with you."

Gulu: "Dark, Cang, thank you. It's too difficult for us to hunt these days."

"Brother, hunting these big fish is really super simple for my Dad and uncle Cang. Brother don't have to say thank you to us. As long as brother can come play with me, I'll be very happy, very happy…"

Gulu held his big head with open arms. Although he couldn't hold it completely, Shenshen still clapped his tail on the sea and splash high water happily.

By this time, the Quetzalcoatlus was very close to here. Gulu could see clearly that it's indeed Nassau. He's very excited and told Dark and Cang that he wanted Nassau to take him across the Rift Valley to find Mungo. He missed Mungo so much and couldn't wait for a moment. He couldn't play with Shenshen today.

"Brother, you have been separated from your Daddy Mungo for so long. If I have been separated from my Dad for this long, I'll miss him a lot too. Of course, brother should go see your Daddy Mungo first. We still have a lot of time to play together."

In Shenshen heart, since Mungo raised Gulu, he's Gulu's Dad. Shenshen knew that Gulu had two fathers, one named Mungo and the other named Pado.

Nassau looked for Gulu for a long time. He flew over many, many places, including polar circles, mountains, plains, the sea…He never found Gulu, but he never gave up.

Yukan continent was really too big and it's constantly dividing. Now it had split into three completely independent continents. It took a lot of time for Nassau to search each continent and it also took a lot of time to cross the ocean to another continent. To find a small Triceratops in three huge continents was undoubtedly equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack.

However, his hard work paid off. Today, he thought he saw Gulu from far away. Gulu was on the coastline. Because of the distance, he couldn't see clearly. He wasn't sure if it's really Gulu plus Gulu had grown up a lot.

Nassau wanted to fly to see Gulu as soon as possible, but he was afraid of flying too fast only to find out that it wasn't Gulu. Before he saw clearly, there's still hope. Nassau would be very sad if he flew there and it wasn't Gulu.

When Nassau saw the Triceratops that resembled Gulu swam into the sea to play with the big sea dinosaurs, he was very sure that it's Gulu. No other Triceratops knew big dinosaurs in the sea except Gulu. Only Gulu was so powerful.

After confirming that it's indeed Gulu, Nassau flew to Gulu as fast as he could.

Gulu stood on his Dark's back and saw Nassau getting closer and closer to him.

Nassau was followed by six Quetzalcoatluses, but there was no Cassie, whom Gulu was most familiar with. The wingspans of these pterosaurs following Nassau were very large. Each one had at least a wingspan of more than 20 meters. There're very strong and powerful Quetzalcoatluses who were often beside Nassau. Although having been separated for so long, Gulu still remembered these super-large Quetzalcoatluses beside Nassau.

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