"If you stop like this, the security guard will come out and scold you." Su Fu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He hurriedly took Tang Sibo's hand and ran to get in the car to drive away.

The car was heated and warm. The two little guys blushed and chattered happily when Su Fu came in. Su Fu folded the big cape and put it on his leg. As usual, he asked the children about the kindergarten. The children told him everything one by one during the drive. Tang Sibo enjoyed the warmth of their family of four.

Tang Sibo took his family to a French restaurant.

This French restaurant was very famous in City B. All the staff were French. Naturally, the chefs were also French chefs. All kinds of dishes produced were very authentic and were deeply loved by many people in City B.

The restaurant was very tastefully decorated. One could see many beautiful men and women here as soon as you enter. However, most customers only knew that the restaurant was on the first floor and the second floor, and the upper floors were high-class hotels. However, they didn't know that the topmost floor was also the restaurant's, and that was the most distinctive feature of the restaurant.

After Tang Sibo led people in, a handsome French waiter came over. He talked to Tang Sibo for a few words then led them into the elevator that went straight to the top floor.

Su Fu didn't know why it felt so mysterious just having a meal. He held Tang Luoke's hand and was slightly curious in his heart. Juan Juan was now in Tang Sibo's arms.

At the top floor of the restaurant, Su Fu's eyes lit up. The decoration was luxurious, as if he had stepped into a palace. It was hard to imagine that a restaurant would spend such a high price to create such a place that almost no one knew about.

It was wrong to say that no one knew about it. This place could only be booked by one customer every day, so it looked very quiet, as if no one came here at all. In fact, the reservation for this place had already been scheduled till next year.

Su Fu didn't ask because of surprise, nor did Tang Sibo explain. He only took them to the huge floor to ceiling glass window and sat down.

It got dark early in winter, and it was already dark outside at this time. Although this wasn't the highest place in City B, one could still see the night light from afar slowly waking up. The feeling was more shocking than seeing the entire night light.

Su Fu was fascinated by the scenery outside. When he turned around, he found that candles were lit on the table. Was this a candlelight dinner?

When Tang Sibo saw Su Fu looking at him, he smiled mysteriously and said, "Men also occasionally need romance."

Su Fu chuckled and didn't deny it. Of course, men could also have romantic feelings. He could understand and accept it with pleasure.

Tang Sibo asked Su Fu to sit down first. He led the two children to the side seats. Their table seemed to have been added temporarily. It was just opposite to theirs, separated by an area that wasn't very wide.

After seating the children, Tang Sibo said, "Xiao Ke, you have to take care of your brother for dinner tonight, okay?"

Tang Luoke nodded.

The waiter started serving the food. The children didn't get any drink and went straight to the food.

Juan Juan was curious and delighted. Looking at the delicious food on the plate in front of him, the saliva in his mouth began to overflow. He looked around and knew that little Dad wouldn't take care of him for dinner tonight. He didn't say anything. He just looked at the candles on their table thoughtfully.  

"Uncle Tang, why don't we have candles?"

Hearing this, Tang Sibo laughed without explaining and asked the waiter to add candles to their table.

Only then was Juan Juan satisfied. Now their table looked the same as little dad's side. He began to eat delicious food under Tang Luoke's care.

Tang Sibo saw that they were alright here and returned to his table. He took his seat and poured some aperitif for Su Fu and him. They silently clinked their glasses in the sparkling candlelight.

Su Fu was a little hungry. He ate the appetizer and occasionally looked up at Tang Sibo. He felt that his eyes looked very gentle tonight. He didn't know if it was the influence of the candlelight. It felt different from usual.

"Is this a candlelight dinner?" Su Fu smiled and asked.

Tang Sibo raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you like it? It seems that we never have such a formal date."

"Date?" Su Fu laughed and pointed to the two children who were eating hard across the way. "We are dating. What are they?"

Do couples take their children on a date? With the children also having a candlelight dinner? Su Fu was amused and his eyes curved with laughter.

"They? They're exchanging feelings between brothers." Tang Sibo also smiled.

The two little guys over there also looked up, blinked, saw the adults didn't want to talk to them, and returned to continue to eat.  

The appetizer was very small, and soon the main course was served. The children had two steaks there. Considering the small size of the child, they had already been cut before serving.

Tang Luoke took wet wipes and wiped Juan Juan's hands before giving him the fork and starting to eat steak with him.

Su Fu looked over there and felt greedy.

At this time, the delivery cart finally came again.

Tang Sibo smiled and said to Su Fu, "The main course is here. I hope you like it."

Su Fu was a little curious, was it steak or lamb chops? He wasn't picky about food and would like anything.

The waiter pushed the cart to their table, but he didn't serve and just walked away. Tang Sibo stood up, walked to the side of the cart, then stretched out his hand and pressed the plate cover while looking at Su Fu with a smile.

"I remember that Teacher Su isn't picky about food and has always taught the children not to be picky eaters."

Su Fu nodded. His curiosity was aroused more and more by Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo nodded with satisfaction. He tapped on the lid with his finger and said, "Then Teacher Su can't refuse this main course."

Tang Sibo slowly opened the lid of the dinner plate. Su Fu's eyes were fixed on what kind of delicious food it was that caused Tang Sibo to stir up his curiosity again and again.

However, when the lid was lifted, the dish inside wasn't steak or lamb chops, nor did it give off any fragrance.

On the bright and clean dish, squatting quietly, was a dark blue velvet box, and beside it lay a delicate red rose.

Su Fu stared blankly at the velvet box. He could already guess what was in it. His heart was filled with excitement, fear and shock. He quietly took a deep breath and stood up slowly while looking at Tang Sibo with uncertainty.

Tang Sibo still smiled gently. He picked up the velvet box, pushed the cart to the side. Under the surprised eyes of Su Fu, he knelt down on one knee and opened the velvet box in his hand.

"Teacher Su, do you want this main course?"

Su Fu took a deep breath and looked at the ring in front of him. His fingers trembled.

"What do you…mean?"

Tang Sibo smiled softly. He found that Teacher Su was very interesting. Sometimes he knew clearly, but he still had to ask.

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"Marry me, and we will love each other all our lives. No matter how plain or full of up and down our life will be, we will always be together."

Su Fu was still standing there. He didn't dare to imagine what Tang Sibo meant by the word "marry." He thought it was just a ring to witness their feelings. He thought he would just be accepted by the Tang family and lived like this, but Tang Sibo obviously had other meanings.

The two men remained motionless with one kneeling while looking affectionately at the other. No one spoke.

After a long time, Tang Luoke, who was eating over there, couldn't stand it anymore. He wiped his hands, jumped out of his chair anxiously and rushed to hold Su Fu's hand.

"Teacher Su, promise quickly. Marry your father, and I will have a mother. Teacher Su, be my mother!"

Juan Juan was clueless. He saw his brother running over. He also jumped off the chair and ran over, looked around, but didn't understand what was going on. He blinked his big eyes, and didn't speak.

When the children came, Su Fu came back to his sense and looked at the ring in Tang Sibo's hand. His eyes were moist.

"Teacher Su, you said you aren't picky about food. You don't want to eat this main course?" Tang Sibo actually knew in his heart that Su Fu wouldn't refuse and wanted him to relax a little.

Hearing this, Su Fu laughed and handed over his hand.

Tang Sibo smiled stronger. He gently held his hand and slowly put the ring on him.

Su Fu looked at the ring on his finger, which was carefully inlaid with small diamonds, and felt his fingertip burning. He suddenly remembered that He Shaoqi also gave him a ring when he's in college. He bought it with his living expenses. It wasn't expensive. It was just an ordinary silver ring.

At that time, he cherished it very much, thinking that the ring was equivalent to a promise of love, and he always carried it after graduation. He Shaoqi also wore it in the beginning, but later, after going to Duan group, he stopped wearing it, even at home. Su Fu said nothing, but gradually, he also put away the ring he had worn for many years. He Shaoqi didn't know whether he had noticed it or not and never asked.

Now, the ring was still in his locker, but it had lost its original meaning.

And the ring in his hand now, he would no longer take it as a promise of love, not because he didn't believe it anymore, but because he believed even more that the relationship between him and Mr. Tang didn't require any promises. This ring was just an embellishment of their affection, and it would witness them go farther in life.

Thinking of this, the moisture in Su Fu's eyes became very strong, and he couldn't control it.

Tang Sibo opened another plate cover, took out his ring and handed it to Su Fu.

"Put it on me before you cry, okay?"

Su Fu was just feeling moved, when he heard this suddenly. He chuckled and opened the velvet box to put the ring on him. The two ring-wearing hands intertwined and held each other. Su Fu felt so satisfied that he wanted to cry when he saw this.

With a smile, Tang Sibo took Su Fu into his arms and said softly, "If you accept my wedding ring, you will marry me."

Su Fu was taken aback again, and withdrew from his embrace, asking, "Marry?"

"Yeah, how can you call it marrying me if we don't get married?"

Su Fu held his ring hand and asked helplessly, "Have you planned everything?"

Tang Sibo took his hand and brought it to his lips with a gentle kiss. "Yes, the wedding is almost ready. Just waiting for you to nod."

Su Fu looked up at him with a gentle face and whispered: "Actually, I don't need it. Your family is famous in City B. It's not good to hold such a wedding. Having a ring is enough."

Tang Sibo lightly smiled, "What's wrong? You're the wife of my Tang family. What's there to be shameful about? I just want everyone to know that our Tang family accepts you instead of gossiping with their big mouths. Gender has never been a problem. I will give you what you deserve."

Su Fu had no objection. If the Tang family supported it, he wouldn't oppose it. He knew that this was a token of Tang Sibo's affection for him.

"Thank you, I never thought about it."

I never thought that I would meet such a nice person, that I would get the approval of both parents, that I would get a wedding despite my sexuality, and that I would be so happy after going through those things.

"I'll think of everything you can't think of." Tang Sibo said softly. He kissed Su Fu on the cheek and asked softly, "Do you want to attend our wedding?"

Su Fu chuckled, nodded and said, "I am willing to marry Mr. Tang."

Tang Sibo looked relieved. He laughed, hugged Su Fu and kissed him.

Tang Luoke listened for half a day and finally heard a key word. He didn't care what the adults were doing. He grabbed Su Fu and hugged him happily. "Teacher Su is finally going to be my mother!"

Juan Juan didn't understand a single sentence, but he knew that since his little Dad was big brother Tang's mother, then uncle Tang would be his father. So, he threw himself happily on Tang Sibo, hugged his leg and said joyfully, "Uncle Tang is finally Juan Juan's Dad!"

Therefore, on such a warm and romantic night, on the top floor of a high-class French restaurant, two adults kissed passionately, each with a little guy hugging their leg. The picture was warm and funny.

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