Li Chao said he'd handled the matter. Father Li didn't object, and Tang family elders didn't say anything. One was his mother and the other was his lover. Li Chao had the most right to take part in this matter.

Because of this, everyone had no appetite, but Li Chao didn't rush to deal with his mother's affairs. Instead, he let the butler Uncle Wei add a pair of bowl and chopsticks then sat down beside Liu An and began to eat.

The rest of the people looked at Li Chao like a monster. They didn't know what was going on in his heart, but fortunately, after such a thing happened, apart from kicking a bonsai, Li Chao didn't have a big fire.

In the dining room, except for Juan Juan's childish voice acting like a baby lying in Su Fu's arms and little uncle Tang's non-stop murmurs as he hugged father Li's arm, only the sound of Li Chao and Liu An eating was left.

Seeing them eating so deliciously, the rest of the people looked at each other and also picked up the chopsticks to continue to eating. No one mentioned Mrs. Li's matter again.  

After dinner, Li Chao led Liu An away without saying anything. Su Fu saw that the elders were doing their own thing and seemed to have forgotten about this matter.

Little uncle Tang was frightened today. Father Li stayed with him and looked like nothing happened, as if his wife being taken away by police had nothing to do with him

After coaxing the children to sleep, Su Fu and Tang Sibo took a bath and lay down on the bed.

This was a very incredible day for Su Fu. He didn't understand what kind of deep hatred would cause a lady to order someone killed with a bomb. He also didn't understand why such a thing happened. And apart from being angry, the Tang family acted as if nothing had happened.

Tang Sibo said very little that night, until he got into bed and hugged Su Fu into his arms, then kissed his forehead and asked, "Were you scared?"

Su Fu recovered from his thinking and looked at him, puzzled: "When did Mrs. Li do it? The car went out of Tang mansion. The person she used couldn't have gotten in."

"It should have been when you parked your car in the parking lot," Tang Sibo spoke in a soft and gentle voice, rubbing Su Fu's hand with one hand. He thought for a while then continued, "She used our car just as a cover-up. She knew Liu An was going out with you today, so she sent someone to follow you and put the bomb in your car. She had no enmity with you, so she had no motive to kill you."

Su Fu froze, "Little uncle and I were just incidental? The person she wanted to kill was Liu An? Just because she opposes Li Chao and Liu An, she wanted to kill someone?"

"Details will be sent tomorrow. She has been complaining for so many years and has gone crazy. Liu An was her main target. She hated little uncle too. Your sexuality also causes her disgust, so it was killing three birds with one stone for her."

After listening to Tang Sibo's explanation, Su Fu was horrified. He always thought that such appalling killings and inexplicable motives for killing would only appear on TV drama and news. It was so far away from him. He didn't expect one day to personally experience it.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu's frightened appearance. His eyebrows slightly wrinkled and his heart felt a little unbearable. He let go of his hand and gently caressed his cheek.

"There're a lot of crazy people in the upper-class society. If you follow me, you may encounter worse dangers someday." His voice was very light and low, repressing his emotions. It may be a kind of uneasiness. He's afraid that Su Fu would be afraid and couldn't accept such a life.

Su Fu recognized the meaning of Tang Sibo's words. Although he didn't say it clearly, he's actually asking him to make a choice. He gave him the choice to return to ordinary life.

However, Su Fu didn't retreat. He felt that no matter what circle, danger was everywhere. People could choke to death drinking cold water. How could one unilaterally say which circle was better than the other, and what kind of life was safer? Besides, it was already his greatest luck to meet Mr. Tang. Why should he give up such a good Mr. Tang for the unknown danger?

Tang Sibo was still gently caressing Su Fu's cheek, but this usually slow and affectionate movement appeared slightly impatient today. The frequency wasn't the same as before.

Su Fu reached out and took his hand. He leaned over and put his chin on Tang Sibo's shoulder. He smiled slightly. "I'm not afraid. I just want to live with you. The days may be plain or full of up and down. I accept them all."  

Tang Sibo looked at the tender feelings in Su Fu's eyes and listened to his sweet words. At that time, he didn't know what to say. He just looked at him. The tenderness of his eyes couldn't help overflowing.

"No one can hurt you."

Tang Sibo finally only said such a word, then kissed Su Fu's lips, taking advantage of the dim moonlight, lingering deeply.

The next day, the Tang family people sent to assist the police in the investigation gave a detailed report, which was exactly what Tang Sibo guessed.

Mrs. Li spent a lot of money to find someone outside. She had been monitoring Liu An for several days. Knowing that Su Fu would pick up Liu An and go to the exhibition together, she put the bomb target on Su Fu's car. Su Fu, little uncle Tang and bodyguards had just entered the box when those at the back installed a time bomb under the car.

Only those people didn't expect that they would come out so late, and didn't expect that little uncle Tang, the unstable factor, to save Liu An and Su Fu by intuition alone.

The criminals were arrested by the police when they fled to the airport. What was waiting for them was very serious legal sanction. With the intervention of the Tang and Li families, they wouldn't get any benefits.

Mrs. Li was picked up by Li Chao this morning.

It was said that Li Chao produced a certificate from a mental hospital, proving that Mrs. Li had serious mental illness. Now Mrs. Li had been sent to the Tang family sanatorium and would spend the rest of her life there.

Su Fu was quite shocked when he heard the result, but on second thought, it was probably the best way Li Chao could think of. As a son, he performed filial piety and saved his mother's life and as a lover, he got justice for Liu An. He really did his best.

Father Li was relieved by this result, so he let it go. And the Tang family was also relieved of their anger. Sometimes, death was too easy. Little uncle Tang had been crazy for many years. It was time to let Mrs. Li experience little uncle Tang's daily life. There would be all kinds of crazy people to accompany her. Let her experience it slowly.

It was said that when Mrs. Li was sent to the sanatorium, she shouted regardless of her image and refused to accept the result. She scolded father Li as heartless and scolded Li Chao for being unfilial. She even brought out old master Li's deathbed orders to try to save herself, but everyone in the Li family ignored her.

Originally, Li Dai was still very dissatisfied with his brother's treatment of their mother, but after listening to the incident 25 years ago, he also compromised. People couldn't harm others, otherwise retribution would come to you one day. God wouldn't care what kind of background you had.

The explosion, which caused a sensation in the entire City B, was soon suppressed and claimed as revenge. Naturally, it didn't air the Li family's dirty linen.

After the thrilling events passed, Li Chao took a long vacation and stayed with Liu An all day long, fearing that there would be shadow in his heart. Tang Sibo, too, recently became clingier to Su Fu.

Today, Su Fu went to work in Teng Yuan as usual. He had one less class in the afternoon than usual, but instead of going back to the Tang mansion, he sat in the office and sorted out the lesson plans to be used tomorrow. Then he took out his mobile phone and started to play Juan Juan's candy game.

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Teacher Su was waiting for his own Mr. Tang to pick him up. Tang Sibo said they would go out for dinner tonight.

Just after collecting the blue fudge and orange doughnuts, Teacher Cheng who was sitting in the row opposite from him came up, leaning his arms on the partition board, looking wild and unrestrained.

Su Fu clicked on the next level, and the game interface came out, but he didn't play, and turned to look at Teacher Cheng.

"Teacher Cheng, what's the matter?"

"Teacher Su still has a childlike innocence, playing this little puzzle game."

Su Fu smiled, thinking of how Juan Juan and Tang Luoke like to nest on the sofa to play this game together. His heart was soft and warm.

"Yes, the children in the family like it. Just to pass time."

"Oh ~" Teacher Cheng nodded with a smile. Suddenly, he laid on Su Fu's desk and asked mysteriously, "Did your boyfriend come to deliver the meal again at noon today? You have been working here for more than two months now, and your relationship is quite stable. Does he like your childlike innocence?"

Su Fu didn't know what Teacher Cheng meant, but his questions and tone made him feel a little uncomfortable. He didn't want to deal with him, so he smiled lightly: "Probably."

Teacher Cheng laughed and whispered: "One person's curiosity about another person can only last for three months. Mr. Su should hold on tight. This kind of rich man only play around. Eventually, they have to get married and have children."

Su Fu recognized the disdain in his tone and understood that Teacher Cheng still didn't believe that he and Tang Sibo were really together. He thought he had hit some big fortune and attracted a rich young man for a few days.

People always like to try to figure out others with their own mentality. Su Fu was regarded as such by Teacher Cheng. He wasn't angered, but felt a little pity for him. He probably thought that all love between the same S*x was just for fun, right? He experienced too much himself, so he thought or hoped that others would be in the same situation.

"Thank you, Teacher Cheng, for your advice. I'll remember it." Su Fu smiled and didn't prepare to refute him. Their views weren't on the same level. There's no need to argue.

Teacher Cheng wasn't angry at seeing Su Fu like this. He chuckled and stretched his waist, "If there're any rich and powerful young man in the future, please introduce me. I caught a little white-collar worker yesterday, which wasn't comparable to that of Teacher Su."

At this point, Teacher Cheng returned to his seat with a smile.

Su Fu only felt that he smelled a sour taste. He smiled slightly, lowered his head and continued to play the game. He had just consumed a few chocolates when a phone call came in. It was Tang Sibo.

The corners of his mouth curled up naturally as he answered the phone.

"Yes, I have no class. Have you arrived? It's cold outside, don't let the children out of the car. I'll be right out." Su Fu said as he packed his things and walked out of the office.

Teacher Cheng listened, sneered and said in his heart, "Poor thing, have you moved your true feelings? Bitter days are waiting for you!"

Su Fu doesn't know what other people thought. He's happy anyway.

As soon as he went downstairs to the entrance of the building, Tang Sibo had already walked over, holding a large cape in his hand. If it wasn't for the beautiful and fashionable style, he would have thought it was a quilt from a distance.

"Why are you here?" Su Fu looked behind him but didn't see the children.

Tang Sibo smiled softly and stepped forward to wrap the cloak around him. "Didn't you say it was cold outside? I came to pick you up."

Su Fu was wrapped tightly by him. He could only reveal the upper half of his face. He felt somewhat helpless, but his heart was warm.

"Where are the children? Did you leave them in the car?" Su Fu was a little worried. The two children were left in the car without anyone watching, how dangerous it was! What if there were bad guys?

Knowing his worries, Tang Sibo hugged him and walked out while laughing: "The car is at the door. It's always in sight. It's okay."

Su Fu looked, and sure enough, the car that used to stop at the roadside suddenly stopped at the door of the building.

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