While Mr. Duan was enjoying his sleep in the sun, Tang Sibo and others returned to the Tang mansion after cooperating with the police for questioning.

Tang mansion people also received the news early and were anxiously waiting. Although they knew that Su Fu and the others were not injured, the elders were always worried about the younger generation when encountering such a serious and life-threatening situation.  

Upon entering the living room of the Tang mansion, father Tang was the first to welcome them.

When little uncle Tang saw him, he opened his eyes and mouth wide. He ran over to hold his big brother's arm and said in horror, "Big brother! Murder! Bad woman wants to kill me! Where's my big brother Li? I can't find him!"

Father Tang knew at a glance that his younger brother was frightened and began to go mad again. He felt very distressed. He hugged him and coaxed, "Your big brother Li is fine. He's waiting in the living room."

Hearing this, little uncle Tang hurriedly bypassed his big brother and looked at the living room. He saw his big brother Li sitting on the sofa, smiling at him. Little uncle Tang's eyes immediately brightened and he rushed over.  

Father Li also stood up and took a few steps to meet him. He took little uncle Tang into his arms, caressed his back and comforted him: "Xiao Yuan, don't be scared. Big brother Li is fine. Nothing happened."

Little uncle Tang had a fog in his head, but now it's clear and bright again. After seeing his big brother Li, he longer muttered to himself and stayed quietly beside him.

Father Li led little uncle Tang back to the sofa and let him play with his sleeve in a daze.

Father Tang also welcomed the rest of the children in. Mother Tang held Su Fu's and Liu An's hands and asked if they were injured or frightened.

Su Fu smiled and shook his head, but Liu An was somewhat distracted.

"Is the child scared?" Mother Tang felt Liu An's forehead with some worry.

In truth, father Li liked Liu An a lot. First, he liked to listen to his operas, and also because his son liked him. It's a bit like "love me, love my dog".

Seeing that Liu An was frightened, he soothed: "Don't be scared. No matter who, we won't let it go."

Liu An listened. He nodded slightly, but his mind was still uneasy. If it's really Mrs. Li, what should he do?

The several elders knew that the two children had never experienced such things before. After patiently comforting them, they asked what happened.

Big brother Tang said it carefully: "The police are still investigating and our people are also involved. We should have the results tonight."

Father Tang frowned. Tang family hadn't seen such a thing for a long time. It had been too many years. Was it because some people think he's getting too old and start scampering?

This time, because the accident was caused by Su Fu's car driving out of Tang family, the Tang family and Li family were both thinking about whether it's Tang family's enemy or the internal struggle had started ahead of schedule.

Waiting wasn't a good option. Mother Tang asked Su Fu and the others to go back to the room to rest. She also arranged a guest room for Liu An. Little uncle Tang always stuck to father Li and refused to let go.

The two little guys in the family took a nap. Su Fu and Tang Sibo went upstairs and went to the children's room to have a look first. The two children were lying in bed together in harmony, sleeping soundly. Hei Hei Hei was also sleeping in the dog kennel beside the bed. He heard the door open and looked up with his little black head.

Su Fu smiled slightly and closed the door.

Tang Sibo took Su Fu by the hand and led him back to his room to accompany him to take a nap. Su Fu said that he's fine. There's no need to accompany him, but Tang Sibo pressed him firmly onto the bed.

Su Fu was helpless, thinking that this incident probably scared Mr. Tang, so he bowed to him and slept in his arms.

He's right. Tang Sibo was really scared. If little uncle Tang hadn't stopped him in time, he might have never seen Su Fu again. Every time he thought about this, Tang Sibo felt terrified in his heart.

Su Fu didn't see it. After he closed his eyes to sleep, Mr. Tang, whom he knew as always being gentle and elegant, looked horribly gloomy and his eyes flashed with murderous intent.

At dinner time, chubby aunt cooked a table of good dishes, which surprised Su Fu and them.

Little uncle Tang's mood wasn't very stable today. Something like this happened to Tang family again. Father Li stayed behind to take care of it, but he didn't eat much. He was not a peace. He always felt something was going to happen and was worried about whether something happened to his son. However, this mission was very simple, and he would be back tomorrow. It's unlikely that anything would happen.

During dinner, the Tang family two little children, who knew nothing, made everyone laugh with their childish words. Father Tang and father Li all had their own worries and had no appetite because of today's incident.

Just then, the Butler Uncle Wei came in looking a little worried, "Master Li, Mrs. Li has been arrested by the police."

Father Li was serving food to little uncle Tang. When he heard this, his brow wrinkled up.

Even the police wouldn't break into Li mansion without authorization. This time they not only directly went in but also arrested people. There must be a hard backstage. And in City B, the only one who was on par with the Li family was the Tang family. And Tang family people were just involved in today's bombing. After following this logic, father Li instantly understood.

Mrs. Li was responsible for the explosion!

Father Li could figure it out. The Tang family people also understood.

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The faces of the Tang family immediately darkened. This was not the first time Mrs. Li had done this!

Father Li felt like sitting on needles at this time. He never considered that the Tang car explosion would be related to his home!

Since Mrs. Li repeatedly found fault with Liu An, whatever remaining little power she had left in Li mansion was removed by Li Chao. She couldn't have ordered any of Li family's guards to do it, so she probably found someone outside.

Uncle Wei was still waiting for father Li's response, but father Li said nothing and didn't even make a move.

What happened twenty-five years ago was still vivid in his memory. The young master of the Li family who was full of spirit and the young master of the Tang family with amazing talent were all ruined because of Mrs. Li's own selfish desires. Back then, everyone let her go at the begging of old master Li. Unexpectedly, now she's repeating the same action and didn't repent at all!

Father Li was trembling with anger. He put down the chopsticks that served little uncle Tang and stood up.

Father Tang and mother Tang didn't speak. They knew that because of old master Li's dying instructions, father Li should save Mrs. Li's life, but he also loved Liu An and little uncle Tang and couldn't tolerate such a thing happening again. So, they were waiting for him to decide.

However, Tang Sibo couldn't allow the same decision to happen again and stood up.

"Uncle Li, forgive this nephew for his rudeness. A life for a life. Mrs. Li already lives for twenty-five more years. That's enough."

Tang Sibo's voice was especially low, which showed his implicit anger. Su Fu was sitting beside him. Hearing him say this sentence, he widened his eyes. This was a sign to father Li that Mrs. Li needs to die!

Tang family people didn't stop Tang Sibo.

Father Li looked at Tang Sibo and couldn't speak for a long time. He knew that what Tang Sibo said was reasonable.

Just when father Li didn't know how to face the Tang family or how to deal with Mrs. Li, Li Chao suddenly rushed in.

"I'll take care of it!" Li Chao's eyes were filled with anger. When he came in, he kicked over the bonsai pot at the door of the living room. The small tree fell to the ground accompanied by the sound of the pot breaking.

Even the elders who were used to seeing Li Chao angry were all taken aback by him. Juan Juan was ignorant and didn't know what everyone was talking about. But now he got frightened and burst into tears. Su Fu no longer cared how they dealt with Mrs. Li. He quickly hugged Juan Juan into his arms to comfort him.

When Juan Juan cried like this, little uncle Tang saw that his big brother Li suddenly ignored him, and suddenly burst into tears.

Father Li had a headache. He didn't want to take care of Mrs. Li's affairs anymore. Since his son said so, let him deal with it. He sat back down to comfort little uncle Tang.

Li Chao didn't say anything. He went straight to Liu An sitting in a chair and pulled him into his arms.

Ever since Liu An realized that he had guessed right, it was Mrs. Li who did it, he was in a state of panic and bewilderment, until he saw Li Chao coming in.

Everyone would be afraid because of Li Chao's anger, but he just felt at ease, being held in his arms. Even without a word of coaxing, his whole body could relax.

He knew that Li Chao should come back tomorrow. He came back early for his sake.

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