In the past few days, Babana had said many times to let Mungo eat her. But Mungo was still unwilling. Babana became anxious.

Mungo didn't want Babana to be so anxious: "Babana, even if I eat you, I'll last three to five days at most. I'll still starve to death. There're no herbivorous dinosaurs here. These ferns are enough for you to eat. You can definitely go out if you live well."

Mungo had protected Babana so well along the way. Babana had enough ferns to eat and didn't have to worry about being hunted by carnivorous dinosaurs. She was stronger and more beautiful than before.

Babana: "Just save a little. I have a lot of meat. You could last for at least 10 days, even 20 days. You can definitely go out in 20 days, Mungo."

The current Babana looked stronger. She used to weigh only 10 tons, but now she weighed at least 12 tons. Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo needed about 500 kg of meat to fill its stomach. Without counting the bones, Babana's weight was would at least let Mungo eat for 10 days. If he saved some food, eating for 20 days wouldn't be a problem.

Mungo: "Babana, no matter what you say, I won't eat you. Even if I eat you, I may not be able to go out. There're enough ferns here for you to eat. You can definitely go out. One of us needs to survive. If both of us are dead, Gulu will be very sad."

Babana's tears unconsciously came out. She couldn't imagine how sad Gulu would be if she and Mungo were both dead.

In fact, Babana also understood that Mungo was telling the truth. Mungo may not go out even after eating her, and may still starve to death. In contrast, the ferns here were enough for her to eat. As long as there was a way, she could certainly go out alive.

But Babana loved Mungo dearly. Mungo was still an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo had never looked for a female Tyrannosaurus rex and had never been matched. He's too young to die.

Babana could let Mungo eat her so decisively. First of all, because Mungo was too kind to Gulu. Mungo would rather starve to death then eat Gulu in that big pit. Gulu used to be in Mungo's group and rely on Mungo and Gaya for protection. Without Mungo, one wouldn't know how many times Gulu might have died.

Secondly, Mungo was too kind to her during this period of time. Without Mungo, she wouldn't had known how many times she would have died.

In the end, Babana felt that her dinosaur life was complete enough. She only had one male Triceratops, Pado, the strongest male Triceratops in the entire continent of Yukan, who only had her as his sole female Triceratops. She had four lovely and brave cubs. She had experienced all beauty of dinosaur life and could die without regret.

But Mungo had not yet experienced these beauties. She was reluctant to let Mungo die.

In truth, she had already regarded Mungo as her own cub, just like Gulu. Could she watch Gulu die helplessly? She couldn't. She wouldn't hesitate to give her life for Gulu and she could also give her life for Mungo without hesitation.

And if Mungo wanted to eat her at this time, she had no resistance at all. No matter how hungry or tired Mungo was, he was the strongest Tyrannosaurus rex. It's easy to kill her.

Babana knew that Mungo wouldn't listen to whatever she said now. She wanted to wait and say it again at night when they rested. She had to think about what to say.

Gulu was very worried. He saw Mungo eating a Nanotyrannus two days ago. How could he survive when the last prey was gone?

Mungo looked so weak. He must not have eaten for at least two days.

Babana and Mungo also saw Gulu. Gulu was with Blunt's and Tudor's groups and the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were also in the groups!

This was simply incredible.

Mungo and Babana were both very happy and relieved. It's too dangerous for young cubs not to be protected by a group. Now it's much better since they had groups to rely on.

Mungo's and Pado's groups also saw the situation of Mungo and Babana. They were worried yet had no choice but to run forward desperately. They ran forward desperately to see if there was any way to cross.

Pado saw Gulu in Blunt's and Tudor's group. He always knew that Blunt was the most loyal. He really didn't know how to thank Blunt, but he knew Blunt never needed his thanks. It's enough for him to go to longshen with such a brother.

Mungo and Babana kept walking. They walked very fast. They all wanted to get to the front. They never gave up hope.

Gulu and the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were very anxious. They also walked very fast, closely following the pace of Mungo and Babana. Blunt's and Tudor's group also walked very fast, closely following Gulu's pace.

It's late at night. Mungo couldn't walk anymore. Babana was also tired and they all laid down to rest.

Babana tried to persuade Mungo again: "Mungo, you haven't looked for a female Tyrannosaurus rex, have you?"

Mungo shook his head.

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Babana: "Mungo, you're still too young. You don't know that male and female dinosaurs are very happy together. If you survive, you can be with a female Tyrannosaurus rex and have many, many young Tyrannosaurus rex. That's really good…"

Mungo: "I don't like female Tyrannosaurus rex."

Babana: "Silly, you have never been with a female Tyrannosaurus rex. As long as you're with a female Tyrannosaurus rex, you'll know how happy you can be. I won't lie to you."

Mungo: "I'm happy only when I'm with Gulu."

Babana: "You can only be with Gulu if you survive, right?"

Mungo nodded and said, "We will all survive."


In this way, the two dinosaurs unconsciously fell asleep.

The next day, when the sun was very high, Mungo and Babana were on their way, walking non-stop.

Babana took good care of herself. She ate when hungry and ate when she's full, because she knew if she gained more meat and Mungo ate her, he could last a few more days. She wanted to keep herself stronger and fatter.

One didn't know how long they walked when night unknowingly fell.

While walking, there was a loud bang. Mungo fell to the ground.

Babana circled around Mungo at a loss. She walked to the front of Mungo, put her neck on Mungo's mouth and cried, "Mungo, please don't die, please, don't die. I have taken you as my cub. You're like Gulu. I can't let you die. Eat me, bite my neck, hurry up!"

Mungo closed his eyes and said weakly, "Babana, I can't walk or bite you."

Babana knew that even if a Tyrannosaurus rex was tired and hungry, it could bite an herbivorous dinosaur as long as it's still alive. How could he not be able to bite?  Babana suddenly sobbed: "Mungo, don't die. If you're dead, how can I explain to Gulu that you're dead. Gulu will be sad to death. Mungo, eat me quickly! My meat is delicious! Mungo…"

Mungo: "Babana, go to the front and see if there's a way out. Can you bring back the meat to save me?"

Babana: "Didn't lie to me, Mungo. How can I find a way out so quickly! By the time I come to save you, you'll be dead!"

Mungo: "I'm not lying to you. There must be a way ahead. There must be a way out soon. You must find a way and come back to save me, okay?"

Babana knew that Mungo wouldn't eat her no matter what. The only hope now was that there was a way out ahead. She nodded heavily and said, "Mungo, you must wait for me to come back and save you!"

Mungo replied softly, "I'll wait for you to come back and save me, Babana."

Babana had already stood up and ran forward frantically. Tears already blurred her sight.

Mungo looked at Gulu on the other side and he whispered: "Gulu, don't be sad, Babana will find a way out. I won't die. Don't be sad. Even if I die, don't be sad…"

Gulu collapsed when he saw Mungo fell to the ground. His tears flowed down uncontrollably. He roared and rushed toward the Rift Valley. If Blunt and Tudor hadn't stopped him in time, he would have rushed down. He's completely out of his mind.

Blunt and Tudor stopped Gulu together. Gulu cried and shouted, "I'm going to find Mungo. Don't stop me! I'm going to find Mungo! Mungo, don't leave me! Mungo, you said you'd stay with me forever! Mungo!…"

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs kept crying and howling. They were also very sad.

Gulu didn't know how long he cried. He saw Babana running forward and already ran out of sight. He suddenly thought that there might be a way ahead. He would run to the front and save Mungo!

Thinking like this, Gulu galloped forward. The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs also followed Gulu to fun followed by Blunt, Tudor and their groups.  

On the other side, Mungo's group was also running forward. Each Tyrannosaurus rex was running fast. They must find a way to Mungo's side. They must save Mungo!

Pado was also running forward. He's going to save Mungo. Pado knew why Mungo didn't eat Babana. Because Babana was Gulu's mom. Mungo didn't want Gulu to feel sad, so he wouldn't eat Babana even if he starved to death.

The dinosaurs on both side of the forests were running fast. Babana was also running hard. They dared not slow down a little for fear that Mungo would soon die.

One didn't know how long they ran. They completely forgot about exhaustion. Their minds only had one idea, Mungo can't die.

Gulu knew that if they couldn't find a way before dawn, Mungo would die. Tyrannosaurus rex would starve to death if they didn't eat for three days. Today was the third day. Even if they found their way before dawn, it would take half a day to bring meat to Mungo's front. At that time, Mungo might be dead.

When dawn came, Gulu never knew that he hated the sun so much. Why did the sun come out so soon? If the sun didn't come out, time wouldn't pass and Mungo wouldn't die if time didn't pass.

All of a sudden, at this moment, Gulu saw a road, a fern field in the middle of the Rift Valley that led to the opposite forest.

Never for a moment did Gulu think the sun was so bright and lovely. Everything was full of hope and vitality.

Gulu silently looked forward to it in his heart. Mungo, hold on, hold on, hold on!

Of course, Babana also found this road. She cried out, "Save Mungo, Pado, hurry, save Mungo!"

By this time, Pado had killed a Camptosaurus, grabbed it and ran towards Babana.

At the same time, Mungo's group also killed an adolescent Triceratops, mainly because an adult Triceratops were too heavy for them to move and Mungo couldn't eat it all at once. Now, the most important thing was to run to Mungo's side. They needed to pick a lighter prey to run faster.

Mungo's group bit this adolescent Triceratops into large pieces. Each Tyrannosaurus rex held a part of it in order to speed up.

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