When asked about He Shaoqi, Su Fu's eyes darkened but soon recovered. He shook his head lightly and said, "No, I never enjoyed it, and I seldom did it later."

Liu An was surprised and asked in a low voice: "Was it because he only cares about him and didn't consider your feelings?"

It happened long ago. Su Fu wasn't clear either. He wouldn't deliberately remember bad memories. He didn't think about anything to do with He Shaoqi now.

"It was ok? At least it was good at the beginning, but I never…" Su Fu replied, feeling embarrassed. He looked at little uncle Tang, who was watching the scenery, then said nothing.

Liu An already understood at this moment. Su Fu came to ask him today about solving the problem of having no pleasure when doing that. But only he knew his own body. He really didn't know how to help Su Fu.

After hesitating for a moment, Liu An comforted, "In fact, everyone has different constitutions. Maybe your body and second brother Tang's fits better? If you and second brother Tang honestly meet each other and explore carefully, you may be able to solve this problem."

Su Fu blushed awkwardly at Liu An's straightforward suggestion. Liu An was right. Liu An couldn't know what his problem was. It was useless to ask. It's still necessary to practice to find out.

However, explore? He seemed to have heard this word a lot recently.

As a result, the topic started and ended in such an awkward way. Su Fu prepared an afternoon to get along with Liu An, just for this problem. Now, he had to give up helplessly.

The three men basked in the sun for a while and talked about other topics before finishing up and preparing to go to the art exhibition together.

Little uncle Tang was very quiet and well behaved throughout the process. He didn't cause any trouble at all. Su Fu was relieved and felt that there would be no problem taking him to the exhibition.

Su Fu still led little uncle Tang by hand while chatting and laughing with Liu An as they left the small building and went to the parking lot at the gate of the Beijing Opera Theater. The bodyguards who had been hiding appeared again, and there were two more guards arranged by Li Chao for Liu An. The guards of the Li family followed behind them not too far nor too close.

The two men were talking about Mrs. Li finding fault. Liu An said: "I know aunt doesn't like me. It's understandable. After all, I took her son away. As a younger generation, I can bear it. Anyway, I know that Li Chao and I will never give up on each other because of other people's objection."

When arriving at the parking pavilion, Liu An glanced at little uncle Tang, and whispered in Su Fu's ear, "I heard about the past, too. Little uncle Tang is so pitiful. Aunt Li can't be forgiven for this matter."

"She's too extreme. All the pain eventually fell on little uncle…"

The two men were whispering when little uncle Tang, who was holding Su Fu's hand, suddenly shouted. He pulled Su Fu and Liu An out of the parking pavilion.

"Ah! Murder! Murder!" Little uncle Tang shouted, trying to drag away Su Fu and Liu An.

Although little uncle Tang was crazy, his strength wasn't small. Su Fu and Liu An, who were caught off guard, were yanked back. It took a long time to steady their steps.

Not knowing what happened to Little uncle Tang, Su Fu grabbed him and asked, "Little uncle, what's the matter? Don't be scared. There's no murder. Nothing happened."

Thinking that little uncle Tang was sick and remembering the past, Su Fu softly comforted him, while wondering whether to call Tang Sibo. He's afraid that he couldn't appease little uncle when he's sick.

Little uncle Tang wasn't appeased by Su Fu, and became even more insane. He grabbed Su Fu and continued to drag him away from the parking pavilion.

"Murder! Murder! Run!"

The bodyguards of the Tang and Li family were afraid that little uncle Tang would go mad and hurt Su Fu and Liu An. They wanted to come forward and pull little uncle Tang away.

But Su Fu was afraid that little uncle Tang would hurt himself during his madness. He waved his bodyguards away and followed little uncle Tang's will.

Liu An also didn't know what to do. He also felt that following little uncle Tang's will was the easiest way to appease him. So, he and Su Fu were dragged by him and ran quickly followed by the four bodyguards who were chasing after them.

For a moment, both Su Fu and Liu An felt that they were crazy. It was embarrassing to run wild in public…

However, this idea didn't last long.

Just after they ran far with little uncle Tang, and just when Su Fu was about to call Tang Sibo, all the dialing keys were pressed, suddenly, like an earthquake, a sky-high noise suddenly exploded.

The bodyguards behind them immediately became alert and rushed forward to throw the three of them down.

The moment Su Fu fell down, he saw the car that had been parked well in the small pavilion suddenly exploded with soaring flame. The car parked beside it was seriously affected and caught on fire then exploded. The entire small pavilion was almost instantly engulfed by flame because it was made of wood. The two pavilions on the edge of the small pavilion were also burned to a certain extent, with woods showing signs of turning black.

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At this time, Su Fu was completely stunned. He had never encountered such a thing before and didn't understand why a good car suddenly exploded.

Soon, many people gathered around to take photos and videos, including opera fans from the theater, shopkeepers in the surrounding shops…Even tourists from other cities who came here to visit all gathered around.

The mobile phone that fell to the ground because of being tackled showed the status of connected call at the moment. Tang Sibo, who was in a company meeting, just answered Su Fu's phone and heard the explosion inside. He got so scared that he lost his soul. He no longer paid attention to the meeting. He didn't even take off his suit and rushed out of the meeting room immediately.

Su Fu didn't know what happened to Tang Sibo. They were all helped up by the bodyguards. Luckily, they weren't hurt except for some bruises from getting thrown down on the ground.

Liu An was still in a state of being overwhelmed. When little uncle Tang saw the explosion of the car, he suddenly went crazy.

"Murder! Bad woman kills people! Kill me! Kill me again! Where's my big brother Li? Why isn't my big brother Li here?! Where's my big brother Li?!"

Little uncle Tang tore his hair crazily and ran around looking for his big brother Li. Su Fu couldn't stop him. Finally, the bodyguards helped control little uncle Tang, but little uncle Tang was still in a very bad state and muttered strange words.

"Young master Su, there're more and more people. It's too crowded and unsafe here. Please wait in the master's box. We will contact the second master." The bodyguard picked up Su Fu's cell phone. The call had already ended and the interface was dark.

Su Fu took it and saw that the screen was broken, but at this time there wasn't much he could do. Little uncle Tang wasn't fit to stay here, so he nodded and, under their escort, went to the balcony box with Liu An and little uncle Tang.

As soon as they entered, they saw big brother Tang and Duan Qiqian coming out.

Big brother Tang thought something happened when he heard the explosion just now. He's just about to go out and take a look. When he saw Su Fu and the others coming in with dusty faces, his brows knit up. From this point of view, it seemed that the explosion had something to do with the Tang and Li family.

"Are you hurt?" Big brother Tang spoke concisely without asking what happened.

Su Fu was still in shock. He shook his head and said: "The car I drove out today suddenly exploded. Fortunately, little uncle dragged us away."

Big brother Tang squinted slightly. Why did the car suddenly explode? Someone must have done something! Little uncle Tang had experienced previous tragedies and had instinctive intuition about this danger, which was really fortunate for them.

"I know. I'll take care of it. You rest here."

After speaking, big brother Tang went out.

Duan Qiqian followed. Big brother Tang stopped, turned to look at him and said, "You stay here and take care of them."

These people were frightened. The bodyguards had no idea. They needed a backbone here.

Duan Qiqian didn't say anything. He nodded and went back to the box. He gladly accepted this kind of job taking care of his family for him.

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