Su Fu drove the car and took little uncle Tang to the Beijing Opera Theater.

Along the way, little uncle Tang was also obedient and quiet. He just leaned on the car window and looked out, staring at the fleeting scenery with wide eyes. After the tragedy twenty-five years ago, he had been in Tang sanatorium and had never taken a step to see the outside world.

Twenty-five years was enough to cause earth-shaking changes in a city, not to mention a fast-growing big city like City B.

It's cold. The car had heater on, so the windows would get steamed up. Little uncle Tang was good at wiping. After wiping, he continued to watch. After watching for a while, the window became blurry. He continued to wipe and enjoyed it.

Su Fu was afraid that his hands would be cold if he kept wiping the steam, so he gave a paper towel to him. Little uncle Tang obediently wiped it with a paper towel and gave Su Fu a friendly and lovely smile.

Su Fu smiled and watched him continue to lie on the car window. There's an illusion that his family had a third child to take care of.

When arriving at the large parking square in front of the Beijing Opera Theater, Su Fu parked his car in an empty pavilion. The bodyguards at the back parked their car in a different pavilion in order to stay hidden.

After getting out of the car, Su Fu went around to the co-pilot side to open the door for his little uncle. Little uncle Tang smiled again. He looked out with his eyes then slowly walked out. He glanced around while carefully grasping the corner of Su Fu's coat.

Su Fu saw his restraint and fear. He stretched out his hand to take his hand, just like holding Juan Juan, showing care and tolerance.

Little uncle Tang let Su Fu lead him silently. He followed him and looked around uneasily, feeling that everything was very strange.

The two bodyguards weren't far behind them, not too obvious, but not outside of their scope of protection.

Li Chao wasn't here today. He had gone out on a mission. It was inevitable that Liu An accompanied him all day yesterday. Naturally, he let Li Chao tossed him. Even if he didn't have an appointment with Su Fu to see the art exhibition today, Liu An didn't have the energy to go on stage and sing opera.

Su Fu led little uncle Tang around the Beijing Opera Theater to the small building at the back.

Liu An was sitting in his room on the second floor with the window open to bask in the sun. He happened to see Su Fu coming and leaned against the window to wave at Su Fu.

Little uncle Tang felt amused and waved to Liu An on the second floor, shouting and jumping excitedly.

Su Fu didn't know whether to laugh or cry and led him upstairs.

Arriving at Liu An's room, Liu An had already prepared three cups of hot matcha milk tea. There're also several dishes of dessert on the low table by the window.

"Come and sit here. The sun is really nice today. It's so comfortable." Liu An smilingly arranged the chairs for them to ensure sufficient sunlight.

The time was still early. They didn't need to rush to see the exhibition. Basking in the sun was really a kind of enjoyment, especially in the cold weather. Besides, Su Fu had something to ask Liu An. He thought this opportunity was just right. If he asked at the exhibition, it felt a bit desecrating to those paintings.

So Su Fu nodded and thanked him with a smile and took little uncle Tang to sit there.

Liu An heard little uncle Tang's situation from Li Chao. Seeing him, he felt a bit uncomfortable and a little distressed. So, he brought him a plate of buttermilk cake with a smile.

Little uncle Tang sat down on the chair at the edge. He looked cautiously at Liu An, shook his head slightly then pointed to another plate of matcha cake on the low table and looked at him expectantly.

"Does little uncle Tang want to eat matcha flavor? I also like this taste very much." Liu An said, changing the plate and serving it for him.

Little uncle Tang quietly said thank you. He held the cake and turned to the window to eat while watching the scenery outside, looking into the distance. One didn't know what he's looking at.

He looked very innocent and seemed to know nothing, but Su Fu and Liu An both saw his loneliness and sadness. Maybe he didn't know it himself, but this loneliness and sadness seemed to have been imprinted on him, which was impossible to ignore.

Little uncle Tang was quiet. Su Fu and Liu An also sat down.

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"Which flavor do you want? I'll prepare one." Liu An held up a cup of matcha milk tea and asked.

Su Fu looked at all kinds of dessert cakes on the low table and felt dizzy. He wasn't a person who liked desserts very much. Occasionally, he had cravings but he didn't like them, especially when he just ate lunch. When he saw so many desserts, he felt dizzy just from smelling them.

"No, I ate a little too much at noon." Su Fu smiled apologetically and took the cup of matcha milk tea. Smelling it made him feel even dizzier.

A sweet and greasy feeling rushed straight at the tip of his nose. Su Fu, who tasted of matcha milk tea, didn't like it much. He always felt that it tasted too sweet.

Seeing Liu An eating dessert for a while and drinking matcha milk tea for a while, Su Fu, with a shallow smile on his mouth, thought he's a little cute. He didn't expect Liu An to like sweet food so much, but it could also be seen that Liu An was a relatively friendly and cheerful person. Mrs. Li did so much to him, but he still maintained his happy mood, which was a good thing.

Su Fu was holding a milk tea cup while watching Liu An ate, thinking about his own problem. Liu An ate a cake and glanced at Su Fu, "When shall we go?"

Su Fu looked at the time and said, "It takes only ten minutes to arrive. Let's take a short rest. We'll leave at 1:30."

Liu An had no objection. He nodded and continued to eat dessert.

Su Fu had a ghost in his heart and felt embarrassed. Holding a milk tea cup, he also took a sip to conceal it.

"Did you accompany Li Chao for another day yesterday? Is it convenient to go out to see the exhibition?" Su Fu found this breakthrough point and began to lead the conversation to his own problem step by step.

Liu An paused while eating the cake. He licked it, swallowed it, coughed, then said, "It's all right now. It doesn't matter to watch an exhibition."

Su Fu nodded. He took another sip of milk tea and asked, "You…cough…are you really comfortable?"

Liu An was drinking his beloved matcha milk tea. When he heard this, he became shocked and choked. He quickly put down his cup, pulled several sheets of paper towel to cover his mouth and started coughing hard.

Su Fu was also surprised. He felt that he's really guilty. He put down his cup and clapped Liu An on the back. However, he felt embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

Little uncle Tang saw that they were making so much noise here and turned to look curiously.

Su Fu was even more embarrassed and couldn't wait to find a burrow to drill into! Why did he ask such a private question?!

At the thought of this, Su Fu calmed down again. Just ask, don't be afraid, just bite the bullet!

Liu An managed to slow down. He wiped her tears, looked at the Su Fu, and said in his heart, they are indeed a couple. The questions they asked are so consistent…

Seeing little uncle Tang looked at them curiously, it's not good to discuss this kind of topic. Liu An brought him another cup of matcha milk tea and gave him a straw to plug in.

"Little uncle Tang, drink something warm."

Little uncle Tang ate the last mouthful of cake. He took the milk tea cup with a smile, held it in his hand and turned to look out of the window.

Su Fu and Liu An both breathed a sigh of relief and dragged their chairs closer to each other.

"You and second brother Tang haven't…?" Liu An glanced at little uncle Tang. Seeing that he didn't look over, he asked Su Fu in a low voice.

Su Fu was embarrassed but still nodded. So far, he and Tang Sibo had stopped at the step of releasing each other. They had never crossed this line. Sometimes, he didn't understand why Tang Sibo had to endure when he couldn't bear it.

Liu An felt a bit unbelievable. They had been together for some time, and still so pure? And it's obvious that Brother Tang asked him about that a long time ago, but he hadn't acted for so long? Liu An recalled that he and Li Chao seemed to have slept together after two weeks, but it was also Li Chao who worked too hard…

After all, it was his private matter. Liu An didn't want to ask too much. He cleared his throat and said, "This…it's comfortable…Didn't you have a boyfriend before? You never did it?"

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