Tang Sibo smiled and kissed Su Fu's mouth. He softly asked, "Wash together?"

Since the two met each other frankly last night, the intimacy between them had been more relaxed. Su Fu's face reddened uncontrollably, but he still agreed with a smile.

The two men kissed all the way to the bathroom. They kissed while taking off their clothes and washing.

With last night's experience, regular cleaning was definitely impossible. They still couldn't help holding each other and releasing one another, but they still didn't make it to the end.

Tang Sibo wasn't a conservative person, but he still wanted to keep the most cherished and beautiful first time for their wedding night. Su Fu, while feeling relieved at the same time, also secretly thought, he must take some action to think about the way to let himself enjoy the process. He didn't want to give any unpleasant feedback during the process of making love with Tang Sibo.

Little uncle Tang stayed at Tang mansion. Master Li would often come to see him. Su Fu also mainly lived at Tang mansion and rarely went back to Shenyuan apartment. However, two people in love occasionally needed a world of two. Although Shenyuan apartment wasn't very popular, it had also become their "cheating" nest.

Since both parents nodded in agreement to their relationship, their days were getting better and better. Happy days tended to pass quickly. It was December in an instant, and the weather was getting colder.

Last weekend, Tang Sibo and Su Fu brought father Su and mother Su to Tang mansion. Both parents met, had a meal together and talked about their two children. Both sides were reasonable people. Tang family's parents were also easy-going. They didn't put on air. The two sides were very satisfied when talking about their children. The meeting finally completed successfully.

Now Su Fu was Tang family's prospective daughter-in-law. He wasn't as restrained as he used to be when going in and out of Tang mansion.

It was another Saturday. Earlier, Su Fu agreed with his parents that they wouldn't go back this weekend. His parents also expressed their understanding. Now the weather was getting colder. They didn't want their son to rush back and forth every week.

So, this morning, Su Fu had a rare sleep in.

When he woke up, he saw Tang Sibo beside him already awake and was leaning against the bed head to read while he himself was in his arms.

Su Fu blinked, not bothering him, but thinking to himself, it's getting colder, should he take the children out to buy some warmer clothes tomorrow?

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Tang Sibo put down the book. He looked at Su Fu and saw him awake. He smiled slightly, lowered his head to kiss his mouth.  

"Good morning."

Su Fu liked the warm feeling of saying good night before going to sleep and waking up together to say good morning. He couldn't help laughing and leaned over to kiss Tang Sibo's lips.

"Good morning."

It was already nine o'clock at this time. Tang Sibo didn't want to disturb Su Fu's rare lazy sleep. He didn't get up until he heard a knock at the door. He wanted to stop it, but Su Fu was already awake.

"Come in." Tang Sibo didn't move and continued to pick up the book.

Su Fu saw that in the small living room on the outside, Uncle Wei came in with several Tang mansion servants carrying many exquisite big boxes.

After putting things on the low table in the living room, Uncle Wei waved back the servants and didn't come in. He stood by the decorative partition between the living room and the bedroom and said, "Second young master, the second batch of winter clothes have arrived this year."

"Leave them. I'll clean up later."

"Yes, Second young master." Uncle Wei respectfully replied. He turned back and closed the door.

Su Fu was a little curious when he heard this. He leaned on Tang Sibo's shoulder and asked, "Winter clothes? Don't your family buy them on their own?"

Tang Sibo touched Su Fu's hair with one hand and replied with a smile: "It's all custom-made. We will send the design draft according to the style we want before the season changes. They will send us the clothes after the season changes. We don't need to go out to buy them."

Su Fu was surprised and regretful, "I was going to take the children out to buy clothes tomorrow. Looks like Xiao Ke doesn't have to go."

Tang Sibo smiled and put the book back on the bedside table. He looked at Su Fu and said, "You and Juan Juan don't need to go either. They should all been sent. Go and take a look."

While Su Fu was surprised, Tang Sibo turned over and got out of bed. Su Fu also followed.

The room was heated all the time and it wasn't cold to get out of bed wearing just nightgown, but Tang Sibo took a coat of his own and put it on Su Fu.

The two of them went to the small living room outside together. Four large boxes were neatly placed on the short table. The boxes had exquisite labels, which carefully recorded the names of people and the details of clothes.

After Su Fu looked at it, he found that they really had his share and Juan Juan's.

"When did this happen? The last time you measured me, didn't you say it's to make clothes for New Year?"

Su Fu asked as he opened the box. There're several sets of clothes neatly stacked inside, including fashionable overcoats and warm down jackets. The styles were all very nice, and didn't look exaggerated at all. Su Fu felt that it was very in line with his usual dressing style and wouldn't make him feel unsuitable to wear outside.

"New Year's clothes are also being made. This was delivered first. The style I chose isn't bad, is it?"

Tang Sibo picked out a coat. He took off his own coat from Su Fu and put it on the sofa, then put on the new coat for him. He still didn't tell Su Fu that the measurement was to make their wedding clothes.

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"It's pretty good. Isn't it expensive to customize?" Su Fu looked at his strange dressing with a coat over his nightgown and smiled helplessly.

"You and Juan Juan are all part of our Tang family. Naturally, the Tang family is responsible for your food, clothing, housing and transportation. As long as you like it, nothing else is a problem."

Tang Sibo said this while looking at the effect of Su Fu's new clothes and nodded.

Su Fu didn't know how he saw beauty from the matching of nightgown and coat. He only smiled helplessly but didn't refute his words. Although there's no form of engagement, since both parents had met, Su Fu also regarded himself as a member of the Tang family. He needed to adapt to the lifestyle of the Tang family. Similarly, Mr. Tang was also a member of their Su family.

The two packed their clothes, put them in the closet, then washed together before sending Juan Juan's and Tang Luoke's clothes to their small room.

Father Tang proposed to prepare a small room for Juan Juan, but the two children were still young and relatively attached to each other. In the end, they didn't implement the plan and let Juan Juan live in Tang Luoke's room.

The children had been up for quite a long time. At this time, they were playing with Hei Hei Hei on the carpet of the room. Naturally, there's also the shadow of Uncle Tang beside them.

Su Fu sorted out the children's clothes and hung them in the closet. Tang Sibo squatted beside little uncle Tang and asked him if he had slept well last night.

Tang Luoke saw that Juan Juan were playing with Hei Hei Hei, so he got up and went to the closet to see Su Fu.

"Teacher Su, you and dad haven't eaten yet? The kitchen has reserved breakfast for you." Tang Luoke said while watching Su Fu.

Su Fu hung up his clothes and turned to see the little fellow smiling at him. He picked him up with a smile and walked out of the closet together.

"Ok, thank you Xiao Ke for reminding me."

Tang Luoke happily hugged Su Fu's neck and was extremely satisfied with his current life, thinking that Teacher Su should be his mother now? He just didn't know when he could properly call him little Dad.

At noon, after the large family finished eating, Su Fu planned to go out.

He and Liu An had an appointment to go to an art exhibition today. Of course, this was only on the surface. In fact, he had something to ask Liu An privately.

It's not convenient to take the children so they just stay at Tang mansion with their grandparents. Tang Sibo also had a meeting in the afternoon and didn't follow.

Su Fu was also preparing to go alone, but little uncle Tang had to follow. After so many years in the sanatorium, little uncle Tang now yearned for the outside world.  

Little uncle Tang was mad. It's useless to persuade and coax him. So Su Fu had to take him with him. He's just going to watch an exhibition of paintings. Nothing would happen.

Tang Sibo went to the garage to help Su Fu pick out a car and said to him when he went out: "Mrs. Li has been making trouble for Liu An for some time. I'll send two bodyguards to take care of you."

Su Fu also knew about Mrs. Li's finding fault. It was said that when Liu An took the stage, guests often scolded him for his bad singing and so on, all of which were instigated by Mrs. Li. Although they were all small fights, Li Chao also got angry a few times. Mrs. Li became relatively calm these days.

Considering the unstable factor of little uncle Tang, Su Fu was also afraid that something might happen and he couldn't control him. It was safer to bring some bodyguards, so he agreed.

Therefore, Su Fu only wanted to ask Liu An some questions, but ended bringing little uncle Tang, followed by two bodyguards. He felt that this was too conspicuous, but still reluctantly drove to the Beijing Theater.

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