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Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers stood up and wanted to run, but they were surrounded by Allosaurus and couldn't run out. The Allosaurus showed sharp fangs. Their huge mouths opened and saliva flowed to the ground.

Gulu now weighed 5 tons and each of the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers weighed 3 tons. Together, they already weighed more than 10 tons, which was equivalent to the weight of an adult Triceratops. In other words, if all of them were killed, they would be enough to feed all of these Allosaurus.

They were very delicious and good hunting targets for all carnivorous dinosaurs. They had no protection from groups or adult dinosaurs. Their weight was heavy enough. There would be no shortage of food after they were killed.

These Allosaurus not only wanted revenge, but also wanted to fill their stomachs. They were too hungry.

Allosaurus wasn't as smart as Camptosaurus. The smarter the dinosaur, the more likely it was to have complex and long-lasting emotions such as "revenge". Most dinosaurs didn't specifically retaliate against another dinosaur because most dinosaurs were not that smart.

For example, Allosaurus weren't smart. Their hunting behavior was definitely to fill their stomachs. Revenge just happened along the way. What's more, hunting four young ones who were alone were much better than hunting herbivorous dinosaurs in a group.

However, Gulu felt that the last escaped Allosaurus might actually be smart. After all, there're also mutated species and the escaped Allosaurus had a very good relationship with the Allosaurus that they ate. Therefore, the escaped Allosaurus had been thinking about finding them and eating them, which led to today's scene.

Otherwise, with fifteen Allosaurus, it wouldn't be too difficult to hunt an herbivorous dinosaur in a group. They were found despite being so well hidden. The escaped Allosaurus must have sought them out.

That Allosaurus was terrifying. Gulu wanted to kill him. If he didn't kill him, they would all have to live in fear of being attacked and killed by many Allosaurus every day.

However, even if Gulu wanted to kill this Allosaurus, he must escape with his life first. So many Allosaurus could tear them apart in an instant.

Gulu was rapidly looking for a possible exit.

Fifteen Allosaurus pounced on them at the same time. Although the young cubs knew that they may be killed soon, they had no fear in their eyes.

Because Mungo always told them that no matter how dangerous it was, you couldn't show fear. Once you had fear in your heart, you're not far from death. Even when you were really going to die, you must face death bravely. Never be afraid and never give up hope of living. Even if it's slim, there's always hope.

Mungo's words kept ringing in the ears of the young ones: Never fear! Always have hope!

Mungo told them many, many stories about his cubhood before.

Mungo and Gaya were very different in age. Gaya was almost 5 years old and about to leave the nest when Mungo and his brother Munroe had just broken their shells.

The three siblings only had a mother and no father. Their mother fed them alone. Gaya was the only survivor in their mother's first litter. The second litter of cubs only had Mungo and Munroe who made it through the shell.

The 5-year-old Gaya was already very strong and had assumed the responsibility of taking care of her younger brothers when their mother went hunting. It's precisely because Gaya could take care of her younger brothers and sometimes even help their mother hunt that she had not been driven away.

It's really difficult for a female Tyrannosaurus rex to raise cubs by herself. The adolescent Gaya became half mother to Mungo and Munroe. She nearly died many times to save her two younger brothers and was seriously injured many times to hunt for them.

Therefore, Mungo and Munroe had very deep feelings for Gaya.

Gaya stayed to help their mother take care of her younger brothers, helping her hunt and raise them until she was 8 years old. An 8-year-old female Tyrannosaurus rex had to enter courtship stage immediately. She couldn't drag on any longer. Their mother became cruel and drove away Gaya.

After three years of getting along with each other, the three siblings had a very good relationship. Gaya was very reluctant to give up her two younger brothers, but she couldn't help it. She had to go out and find her match.

About half a year after Gaya left, when Mungo and Munroe were just over three years old, there came a big dry season with a serious shortage of food. They were targeted by several male Tyrannosaurus rex as food. Their mother was killed and eaten by those males to protect them.

Mungo and Munroe hid in a faraway place and watched helplessly as their mother was eaten. Mungo felt as uncomfortable as being burned by fire. He deeply remembered the appearance and smell of those powerful males.

Mungo and Munroe had lived a wandering life ahead of schedule since then. Under normal circumstances, Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't be driven away by their mother until they were five years old. A five-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex could defeat all carnivorous dinosaurs except adult Tyrannosaurus rex.

Mungo and Munroe, who were only three and a half years old, were sent wandering a year and a half ahead of schedule, which was very dangerous. A five-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex could form alliance with others. But being only three-and-a-half-year-old, no Tyrannosaurus rex wanted to ally with them or were willing to "help the poor" raise their cubs. Even an adolescent Tyrannosaurs rex had a hard time supporting itself. Of course, allying with others was the right path.

Therefore, more than a year later, the two brothers depended on each other for life. Of course, they encountered many, many deadly dangers. It's a common occurrence that their lives were always on the line.

Mungo wasn't born to dominate the entire continent of Yukan. Mungo only gained invincible strength after going through countless close encounters.

In fact, the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were about the same age as Mungo and Munroe when they came out to roam. They still had big brother to help them hunt. They were already very lucky.

Gulu remembered that Mungo had told him before that he and Munroe were surrounded by a group of Allosaurus when they were young. How Mungo escaped with his younger brother was really shocking, dangerous, and exciting.

Mungo said that the hunting habit of Allosaurus was to insert a slightly weaker Allosaurus next to a strong Allosaurus to ensure that there was no weak gap in every containment link. This was carnivorous dinosaur's hunting talent.

Therefore, in order to escape from the blockade of Allosaurus, one had to rush hard and force their way out. If they were lucky, they could run out and if they were unlucky, they would be eaten.

Of course, running out didn't mean they could survive. With so many Allosaurus, they could chase after and catch up. It depended on whether there was a good terrain, preferably a slope, to slide down. If they were unlucky, they may fall to death. Allosaurus wouldn't chase after them if they didn't want to fall to death.

This was how Mungo and Munroe escaped.

Gulu was very familiar with the terrain around here. There're no slopes here.

But in any case, let's run out first. Gulu yelled loudly: "Run! Run with me!"

The four cubs ran away desperately, regardless of whether they would be bitten.

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All this happened in an instant. Gulu managed to think all this much just as the Allosaurus swooped in. At the same, the cubs desperately ran out.

Fortunately, the cubs were lucky. Although they were scratched on their backs by Allosaurus's hind legs in the process of running out of the encirclement, at least they were not killed with one bite.

After running out of the encirclement, Gulu and his brothers desperately ran to places where there're more herbivorous dinosaur groups. They tried to hide in the Argentinosaurus group as they did last time.

However, Allosaurus wasn't like Mapusaurus. Allosaurus ran much faster than Mapusaurus.

The cubs were quickly intercepted and had to run in the opposite direction, but there're not many herbivorous dinosaur groups in the opposite direction, they were dead.

In fact, these Allosaurus were also quite puzzled. These young cubs were hunted by so many huge carnivorous dinosaurs and didn't show any fear. Fifteen Allosaurus were enough to make any herbivorous dinosaur group with hundreds to thousands of dinosaurs panic!

This was a fact, even if Pado's group encountered the hunting of fifteen Allosaurus, it would be at least be chaotic at first.

The cubs ran desperately, but Allosaurus ran too fast.

They would soon be caught up, but there's no slope or other favorable terrain to save them!

Gulu let his younger brothers run in front, but it didn't make much difference. They would all be killed.

The footsteps of Allosaurus were approaching fast. Gulu felt the saliva of Allosaurus dripping on his back. He knew he was going to die soon.

All of a sudden, a thunderous noise came closer and closer to them. It's the footsteps of many, many herbivorous dinosaurs running in groups.

Then came the smog that blotted out the sun. It's the dust stirred up by too many herbivorous dinosaurs.

Just like when a small earthquake occurred, Gulu could obviously feel the ground shaking violently. Herbivorous dinosaurs were generally heavy in tonnage, not to mention so many herbivorous dinosaurs came running at the same time.

The cubs didn't know what happened and why so many herbivorous dinosaurs had to run this way together, looking so frightened.

Of course, the cubs didn't have time to find out. Their lives were all on the line. The Allosaurus behind them were running too fast.

One didn't know how long they ran. Gulu could felt less Allosaurus chasing them.

The cubs gradually slowed down and looked back. There was another Allosaurus behind them. Not far behind them was a large army of numerous herbivorous dinosaurs, running desperately to avoid something.

Gulu saw the Allosaurus chasing them were right in the middle of the stampede of herbivorous dinosaurs. In an instant, they were knocked down to the ground, trampled by countless feet of various large herbivorous dinosaurs and spattered with blood. In an instant, they were trampled into meat mud.

There're several Allosaurus left trying to escape from this army of herbivorous dinosaurs, but it's obviously an unlikely odd.

So many herbivorous dinosaur groups ran past, raising the dust all over the sky, choking the little cubs till they couldn't open their eyes.

After a long time, the herbivorous dinosaur group finally ran past and the dust that covered the sky gradually fell to the ground, leaving a clear sky.

Today's weather was very good, the sun was shining. The breeze was slow and the sky was exceptionally blue and cloudless.

The surviving cubs could hardly believe that they were saved by these herbivorous dinosaurs.

If these herbivorous dinosaurs had not suddenly come running, they would have become large meat cans for Allosaurus to fill their stomachs.

Of course, Gulu knew that these herbivorous dinosaur groups must not have run this way together to save them. They must have encountered something particularly terrible, which drove them to run this way. Perhaps it's dozens of Tyrannosaurus rex, or perhaps the forest had collapsed.

Gulu looked at the direction in which these herbivorous dinosaurs came running from afar and was very puzzled. There're no carnivorous dinosaurs nor did the forest collapse. There was nothing particularly horrible. Everything seemed normal. Why did so many groups come running together?!

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers kept asking Gulu: "Brother, why are they running? What are they afraid of? There's nothing at all."

Gulu: "I don't know."

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers: "Fortunately, they were there, otherwise we would have been eaten by the Allosaurus."

Gulu: "Well, yes."

Then Gulu saw that Oro's group at the back of these herbivorous dinosaurs!

At the same time, these herbivorous dinosaurs gradually dispersed after they stopped running. All herbivorous dinosaurs were discussing why everyone ran just now.

Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers hid in a deep fern bush to eavesdrop.

Stegosaurus 1: "Why did we run just now?"

Stegosaurus 2: "I just saw everyone running, so I ran."

Stegosaurus 3: "It seemed that a Triceratops group said that the forest was collapsing and everyone ran away."

Diplodocus 1: "I heard Oro's group shouting that the forest was going to collapse before I ran."

Diplodocus 2: "I heard it too!"

Diplodocus 3: "Me too, me too!"

Ankylosaurus 1: "The forest didn't collapse at all. Why did Oro's group cheat us?"

Ankylosaurus 2: "Maybe the previous earth movement scared these Triceratopses. I heard that Oro's group almost fell into the Rift Valley."

Ankylosaurus 3: "No wonder, they must be too afraid of the earth moving. If it just moved a little, they would be scared."

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