Tang Sibo returned to City B with the one big or two small ones of his family. Instead of returning to Shenyuan apartment, he went straight back to Tang mansion. Father Su and mother Su didn't have any precious gifts, but they were allowed to bring two jars of homemade sauced meat and pickles for their in-laws to taste.

They set off at three o'clock, and arrived at Tang mansion when it was past five.  

At this time, Tang mansion hadn't had dinner yet, but the living room was quite lively, because there're two more people than usual.

One was little uncle Tang, and the other was Li Shixian, Li Chao's father.

Originally, considering little uncle Tang's illness, he was placed in Tang's sanatorium by his oldest brother Tang Youxue. The sanatorium was built on the mountain, with a quiet environment and guarded by experts, which was conducive to maintaining the stable mood of little uncle Tang.

But this time because father Li missed the weekly appointment, little uncle Tang was frightened and frantically escaped security to secretly search for him. Fortunately, he often played in the Li mansion since he was a child being attached to big master Li at that time, so that he didn't get lost.  

It's just that after coming out this time and seeing Mrs. Li again, little uncle Tang's mood became unstable again. He refused to go back to the sanitarium, saying that he's afraid big brother Li wouldn't want him again. After making a lot of noise, father Tang who loved his youngest brother dearly, couldn't force him. However, afraid that Mrs. Li would harm him if he lived in the Li mansion, father Tang took him back to Tang mansion and let him live here for a period of time.

As for father Li, he's here because of little uncle Tang's tears and snots.

Father Li was also questioned and quarreled by Mrs. Li when he stayed in Li mansion. Even though so many years have passed, time couldn't erase Mrs. Li's sins back then. Everyone knew it well. Father Li doesn't even bother to argue with her and often went to visit Tang Youyuan.

The reason why father Li always let Mrs. Li get her way was because of her dead family and his father's deathbed's entrustment or to be more appropriate, order, as well as for the sake of their two children. The two had respect each other as guests for so many years. In truth, there's no relationship between husband and wife.

Since Tang Youyuan mistook him as his big brother, father Li now wanted to play the role of his big brother and let Xiao Yuan live happily in his dream. This was the only thing he could do to slightly remedy the tragedy 25 years ago. He thought it would be painful for his big brother's spirit in heaven to see Xiao Yuan go crazy. Making Xiao Yuan happy was the biggest wish of big brother. Now he could only do his best.

When Tang Sibo came in with his family's two children, he saw little uncle Tang sitting on the carpet of the living room, playing with a large jigsaw puzzle, asking father Li from time to time if he had spelled it right.

He smiled with curved eyebrows and eyes. His joy, like a child, were all expressed on his face. Probably because he was in a vegetable state for many years during this period, God cared for him and gave him some favors. Time did not leave too many marks on his face.

Su Fu remembered that according to Tang Sibo, little uncle Tang should be in his early forties this year, but he looked like he's in his 30s. In addition, he looked very young, clean and beautiful. His past brilliance could be glimpsed when he was regarded as the pride of the Tang family.

Tang family received a call from Tang Sibo about his return trip early in the morning. Everyone was waiting for them to have dinner at this time. When the people chatting saw them coming back, they turned their heads to look at them.

Su Fu led Tang Luoke in one hand and Juan Juan in the other. The first thing he did when he came in was to call someone politely. Mother Tang laughed and said that Su Fu was still nervous. It was too polite and alienated.

Just as he was talking and laughing, Juan Juan suddenly let go of Su Fu's arm and da da da ran to little uncle Tang. He pointed to the large jigsaw puzzle on the ground and said, "This is Juan Juan's jigsaw puzzle."

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Hearing this, little uncle Tang looked aggrieved. He turned to look at father Li who was sitting besides him.

"Big brother Li, I can't play anymore?"

Father Li never showed a straight face at little uncle Tang. He patted his head and was about to say something when Juan Juan sat down beside little uncle Tang. "I can play with you. Can I play with you?"

Little uncle Tang's eyes brightened instantly. He felt that he had found a playmate. So, a small one and a large one who was in his forties, sat on the ground in harmony to play with the puzzle.

The rest were surprised but didn't disturb them.

At this time, chubby aunt made the last dish and served it on the table. The period of waiting was just right for the small one and big one to play and exchange feelings. With little uncle Tang's current state, he really needed a little playmate.  

After a while, it was time to eat, and the two reluctantly put down the puzzle and were taken to eat.

Father Su and mother Su kindly sent sauced meat and pickles. Naturally, the Tang family wouldn't despise them. They set out some directly to the table. Father Tang took a bite and said it tasted delicious, and paired well with the meal, which increased his appetite. Other people also thought that the moderate salty taste was more delicious than those sold in grocery store. They praised mother Su for her good craftsmanship.

Su Fu said polite words, but his heart was full of joy. He felt that he was getting closer to this family.

In the evening, Su Fu naturally didn't return to Shenyuan apartment. Tang mansion was already half his home. He could stay at any time.

Father Li didn't want to go back to argue with Mrs. Li, so he also stayed.

After dinner, little uncle Tang played jigsaw puzzle with the two children for a while before being coaxed by father Li to wash up.

Although little uncle Tang was crazy, he still had some ability to take care of himself. After taking a bath, he's very happy to see his big brother Li waiting for him in the room. He led his big brother Li to find his little friend, wanting to play a while longer.

Juan Juan and Tang Luoke had just washed up and put on their pajamas. They sat on the carpet of the room to play with Hei Hei Hei. After two days, Hei Hei Hei had become familiar with this environment. The little fellow was very friendly and full of curiosity about everything. He bounced around Juan Juan and Tang Luoke.

When little uncle Tang found them, he saw Hei Hei Hei. His eyes shone with light, and he carefully asked his big brother Li if he could play with the puppy. Hearing that he's allowed, he happily rushed over and lay on the ground to tease the puppy with Juan Juan and Tang Luoke.

Su Fu looked at this scene with mixed emotions in his heart. Little uncle Tang looked happy now but he still remembered his lover in the past. If they could wait, and no harm happened in the past, he may be able to live a happy life with his big brother Li in present society, raising a puppy together and occasionally teasing their nephews and other children.  

Father Li stood at the door, looking at little uncle Tang happy appearance, and smiled slightly. He didn't think as much about Su Fu. As long as Xiao Yuan was happy at this moment, he would maintain Xiao Yuan's happiness for his big brother no matter what the next moment was. Their Li family owed him this.

Tang Sibo saw Su Fu looking emotional and father Li standing at the door with some restraint. He took Su Fu's hand and walked over together. "Uncle Li, please help take care of the children for a while. We'll go wash up."

Father Li readily nodded and motioned with his hand, "Go ahead, I'll take care of them here. It's all right."

Tang Sibo agreed with a smile and took Su Fu away.

Walking through the corridor decorated by the sea of books, Su Fu asked softly, "Can't the madness of little uncle be cured?"

Tang Sibo gently rubbed his hand and smiled faintly, "Just let it go. He won't be as happy as he is now. Being mad is a relief to him."

Su Fu lowered his eyes slightly. For little uncle Tang, it was indeed much happier to be mad than to be awake. Only madness could lead to his relief. For this relief, one didn't know whether it was really happiness or misfortune.  

After entering the bedroom of the suite, Su Fu still didn't speak. Tang Sibo let go of his hand, hugged him, sighed then laughed: "Don't think too much. It's someone else's life. At least for now, little uncle is very happy, isn't he?"

Su Fu looked at him, nodded and smiled slightly.

Tragedy had already happened. They could only make him live as happy as possible.

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