Su Fu was extremely nervous. His nervousness came from the fact that this was his first time with Tang Sibo, and also from the unknown and perhaps not so beautiful process. He grasped Tang Sibo's arm, somewhat distracted and accepted Tang Sibo's kiss, but forgot to respond.

Tang Sibo also endured great pain. He smiled, leaned over and kissed his mouth softly: "Don't be nervous. I won't go in. Let's settle the front first."

Su Fu was stunned. He thought that Tang Sibo wanted it but didn't expect to just solve the front. However, after thinking about it, he also felt that it was better to behave at home and no longer thought much about it.

What he didn't know was that Tang Sibo also wanted to wait.

The more you cherish a person, the more reluctant to touch him, just like the more you like a dessert, the more you wanted to save it for later.

It wasn't until they both came that they finally relaxed and gasped against each other to calm down.

Tang Sibo slowly calmed down his excited mood. He lowered his head to kiss the corner of Su Fu's mouth. Su Fu narrowed his eyes and raised his head to enjoy this slow tenderness.  

After kissing for a while, Tang Sibo stopped and gently stroked Su Fu's back, as if to help him calm down.

Su Fu leaned against his arms, thought for a moment, felt a little concerned, and asked, "What did you learn from watching those films and taking so many notes?"

Tang Sibo's hand stopped. He raised his brows and laughed. "I've learned everything I need to learn. Teacher Su is so impatient?"

Su Fu didn't answered but asked again: "Do you know why the bottom one looks so comfortable?"

"Because of sensitive friction." Tang Sibo seriously replied.

Su Fu frowned. He also knew about rubbing against sensitive point but didn't he never feel it?

After repeated thinking, Su Fu was still puzzled and blushed helplessly. He brazenly asked, "Do you know where the sensitive point is?"

Tang Sibo didn't know Su Fu's troubles. He just felt his ass with a smile thinking that he's testing him. He whispered, "Doesn't this vary from person to person? I have to explore deeply before I know. Teacher Su, is this the right thing to do?"

Su Fu's face was flushed red. His speculative words were dismissed and he was teased.

However, explore? Why did this word sound so familiar?

In the evening, they took another bath and fell asleep in each other's arms. The next day, probably because they released a lot last night, the two were refreshed and took the children to a small restaurant to help father Su and mother Su.

The two little guys were sitting at the cashier's desk the same as last time. Juan Juan was in charge of repeating the name of the dish ordered by guests in a childlike voice while Tang Luoke was in charge of the cash register, collecting money and giving changes. The cooperation was very tacit. The guests were all covered with excitement and praised father Su's two intelligent grandsons. Father Su sat aside fiddling with his beloved tea. His eyes narrowed with pride.

While Tang Sibo and Su Fu, wearing aprons, helped Mother Su to carry food and deliver them in a hurry.

Mother Su knew that Tang family was a wealthy family. Tang Sibo, a wealthy young master, was willing to stoop down and help be a "xiao er" here. It must be because he loved her son. Mother Su was very satisfied and felt that her son had found a good home. The way she cooked was full of joy and ease.

The average guest didn't know Tang Sibo. They just wanted to know why this restaurant was so good and found a waiter who looked so handsome! And with such temperament!

While sitting in the old position to help his little boyfriend review his lessons, young master Duan almost thought he's mistaken when he saw second Tang, a well-known figure in City B, coming and going to serve food in an apron.

How exciting? But he hasn't hard that Tang family was down and out?

Duan Qixuan rubbed his little boyfriend's head and smiled slightly, thinking about telling this to his brother. Thinking so, Duan Qixuan suddenly remembered that his brother seemed to like a facial paralysis and chased him to City B.

Looking at what's going. The world was getting more and more exciting. Young master Duan smiled and shook his head with a sigh, then look at the little boyfriend sitting beside him. His heart thought: no one could escape the word love!

No matter what others thought, Mr. Tang was extremely busy. He may not like the waiter job of delivering food, but this was his family's restaurant. He's helping his family. Looking at Su Fu going back and forth was well as the two hardworking little guys at the counter, his heart felt very soft and joyful. This was the feeling of the small family that he wanted.

After noon, the small restaurant gradually quieted down, only a few diners remained.

In the kitchen, mother Su finally got some free time. She wiped her hands and took off her apron to tease her two grandchildren at the counter. Father Su was still fiddling with his tea leaves. Juan Juan sat in his arms. He took a leave from the jar and licked it with his small tongue, making father Su laugh.  

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Su Fu sat on an empty seat, smiling at the interaction between his parents and children at the counter. Seeing his parents so happy, his heart softened. Because of him, his parents had endured so much. He hoped that their parents would be this happy forever.

"Tired?" Tang Sibo came up and handed him a bottle of coke.

Su Fu took a look and laughed. He shook his head and took a few sips before saying, "Are you sure I like this?"

"Don't you? I remember that your little refrigerator was full of carbonated drinks." Tang Sibo jokingly sat down opposite from Su Fu.

The two men laughed at each other when they remembered the meeting at that time. In the beginning, they were just a teacher and a student's parent. None of them had ever thought of one day they would be together.

However, fate was sometimes so wonderful. A small meeting foreshadowed the arrival of fate.

"I don't own that little refrigerator." Su Fu had no choice but to make excuses.

Tang Sibo raised his brows, didn't refute, and reached for his coke.

Su Fu was stunned and passed it to him. He saw Tang Sibo unscrewing the cap to drink. He's a little surprised. Tang Sibo seemed like someone who cared about cleanliness. He didn't expect the other to drink the coke that he had just drunk.

In fact, Tang Sibo did have cleanliness in this area. He couldn't stand sharing things with others no matter how good the relationship was including his son Tang Luoke. Tang Luoke was the same as him in this regard. The two rarely ate what others had eaten.

But, for Su Fu, Tang Sibo felt that they already French kiss. What was he afraid of?

Su Fu didn't say anything after all. It's embarrassing to say such words. It's good that Tang Sibo doesn't despise him. There's no need to say more.

The two were being affectionate again, sitting and resting while talking about love.

Duan Qixuan, who saw the whole process over there. He blinked his eyes, turned his head and glanced at the ice cream that his little boyfriend had just licked, then leaned over to lick it too.

The little boyfriend was surprised. Tang Sibo only had some cleanliness habit. Duan Qixuan had cleanliness in all aspects. The little boyfriend didn't expect him to lick the ice cream. Since when did Duan Qixuan dare to eat this?

Duan Qixuan licked it and felt that it tasted good. Seeing his little boyfriend looking at him in surprise, he rubbed his head and said, "There're already too many French kisses, so I really don't dislike it."

The little boyfriend blushed and silently lower his head and continued licking ice cream.

Tang Sibo and Su Fu helped father Su and mother Su until three o'clock in the afternoon before saying goodbye to them. They went back together to pack up their things then set off back to City B.

Wasn't it a kind of love and fun to come back every week to accompany the elders?

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