The two little guys slept all the way back to the Tang residence. After returning to the Tang residence, Su Fu wanted to hold them to bed, but instead they woke up and refused to sleep.

At this time, it was only one o'clock in the afternoon. There was nothing to do. Su Fu and Tang Sibo discussed it. It was better to go back to City A to visit Su Fu's parents.

So, the two packed some clothes, went to buy some gifts, told big brother Tang, and took the two little guys back to City A together.

When they reached City A, it was just in time for dinner. Father Su and mother Su thought that their son wouldn't come back this week. They were extremely happy after receiving their son's call. They quickly closed the small restaurant and went home to make a table of good foods to entertain Tang Sibo.

Tang Sibo also knew how to be a person. Every time, he managed to coax father Su and mother Su into being very happy. This time he came with a lot of gifts. Father Su and mother Su said he was being too polite, but they felt very happy in their heart. They thought that Tang Sibo really had heart.

The family had dinner happily, talking and laughing. They officially recognized Tang Sibo as their son-in-law.

After dinner, the family sat in the living room watching TV while chatting. Tang Sibo mentioned he wanted to invite both parents to meet together. Father Su was very satisfied when he heard this. It could be seen that Tang family treated his son sincerely. He asked Tang Sibo to arrange the meeting. They were free at any time.

Later, father Su and Tang Sibo began to chat with each other very congenially. Mother Su held her two grandchildren in her arms. Her eyes were full of love. Su Fu felt very soft in his heart. This was the warm family he wanted.

Seeing that they were all chatting happily, Su Fu went to the room to tidy up. He took out all the clothes that they needed to change into, and neatly sorted and folded them. Looking at the 1.5-meter bed in his room, he felt helpless. How could four people fit?

There were three rooms altogether in the apartment. One for his parents, one for him and one for Su Jing. There's no spare room for others to sleep. Su Fu thought about it. Should he talk to Tang Sibo about going out to sleep in a hotel together tonight?  

When Su Fu brought this up, father Su was having a good talk with Tang Sibo.

Hearing this, Tang Sibo had no objection, but father Su's expression turned ugly.

"Why can't you stay? Su Jing's room has been rearranged and the bed sheet and quilt have been changed. Let Juan Juan and Xiao Ke sleep there."

Su Fu was surprised and wondered why they rearranged Su Jing's room. When turning to look at his mother, he saw that her smiling expression had changed to look somewhat sad and angry.

"I'll turn on the heater for the children." Mother Su said and went to turn on the heater in Su Jing's room.

Su Fu frowned slightly and asked his father, "Dad, what happened?"

Su Fu put on a straight face and snorted coldly: "She came back the day before yesterday and said the He family took her to have an exam. She's pregnant with a boy. She hopes that we can forgive her for the sake of our grandson. Humph, unrepentant thing, holding a child as a shield. I said a few words, but she didn't listen. She talked about how much the He family values her now. If we don't forgive her now, then we won't have a grandchild in the future!"

Su Fu frowned. Unexpectedly, Su Jing already got what she wanted, but she still didn't repent and threatened their parents. Their parents were never people who favored boys over girls. Could father not be angry about this?

Tang Sibo just sat with a slight frown. Although father Fu and mother Su admitted him, this matter was ultimately a private matter for the Su family. It wasn't a good time for him to express his opinions.

"People only know how to repent when they're in pain. She's happy now. How can she repent? You just have to live your own life. Don't worry about it." Su Fu sighed and told his parents not to be unhappy about Su Jing again.

Father Su snorted coldly again, "Who cares? If she doesn't want to repent, I won't forgive her. Since I don't forgive her, she came to remove all her things in the house and said that she'll never come back! Let her live a good life in the He family. I'd like to see how that kind of family can give her a good life."

With heavy cold snorts, father Su scared Juan Juan who had just taken off his shoes and climbed onto the sofa to play. He sat down, blinked and climbed onto father Su's leg and said, "Grandpa, don't be angry. Juan Juan is lovely!"

The child's voice instantly dissolved the heavy atmosphere. Father Su looked at the radish head on his legs, and his straight face softened. He hugged Juan Juan, "Let's go! It just happens to free up the room for my two grandchildren! Yesterday, I only made a slight readjustment and bought a new bed. In a few days I'll find someone to make all the changes. When you come back later, there'll be a real rom for Juan Juan and Xiao Ke!"

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Father Su vented his anger and rubbed Juan Juan in his arms.

Su Fu and Tang Sibo looked at each other, feeling a little helpless. But they were also glad that father Su could get over it and not remain unhappy because of Su Jing.

Mother Su was much more softhearted than father Su. Su Fu knew this very well and went to the new room to find how his mother felt. The son was caring. Mother Su and her son had a heart-to- heart talk for a while. She felt much better. She made the bed for her two grandchildren and prepared some midnight snacks to prevent the children from getting hungry later.

The elderly usually went to bed early. Father Su and mother Su didn't talk too long before washing up and going to bed.  

Su Fu and Tang Sibo also helped the two little guys take a bath, put on their pajamas, carried them to the new room, tucked them into bed, then had a little talk with them before going to sleep.

The two little guys were running around all day today. They were also tired. Before long, they fell asleep one by one. Hugging the quilt, they slept with small blushes on their cheeks.

Su Fu pulled down the quilt for them, tucked it in, then went back to his room with Tang Sibo.

After taking a bath and lying on the bed, Su Fu breathed out a long sigh of relief and said, "It's all over at last. We will live a good life in the future."

Tang Sibo knew that he's talking about seeing his parents and receiving their consent. He smiled, went to bed and hugged him in his arms while laughing, "It's not over yet. Our love is long lasting."

Hearing this, Su Fu's heart felt sour and sweet.

"Who did you learn these words from?" Su Fu looked up. He rested his chin on Tang Sibo's shoulder and asked him with a smile.

Tang Sibo raised his brows and replied, "I have great talent."

He smiled and leaned forward to kiss Su Fu's lips. Su Fu smiled while catering to the depth.

At this time, it was very late at night and it was cold. But the room was warm and heater made people feel a little hot. The increasingly lingering deep kisses made people feel even hotter.  

The two people kissed and intertwined. Tang Sibo leaned on Su Fu's body holding him with one hand and gently stroking his hair like a treating a precious treasure.

It wasn't until the two of them got hotter and hotter due to the heater and lust and had difficulty breathing from the kiss that they reluctantly let go of each other's lips.

Tang Sibo gasped. His eyes were filled with his desire. He looked at the man beneath him gasping, and his hand touching his hair trembled slightly. He couldn't resist. He caressed his face, then kissed down the side of his neck.

Su Fu shivered slightly and grabbed Tang Sibo's arm with one hand, but didn't stop the other hand, which was moving all over his body.

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