Gulu alone fought with more than 20 Triceratops cubs at the same time, but he still had the upper hand.

The number of these cubs was large, but the age gap among them was also relatively huge, which led to the large weight gap between them. Most weighted less than one ton and the largest cub was only about 4 tons, less than Gulu's.

What's more, these young cubs had been living in the group. Their fighting experience came from fighting with other Triceratops cubs. Gulu fought with carnivorous dinosaurs with "real guns and bullets". Each fight was a "battle of life and death" that would kill him if he didn't pay attention. Their overall fighting capacity was less than one ten-thousandth of Gulu's.

Because Triceratopses were very fierce when fighting, their bodies would change color. Gulu became a Triceratops with extremely bright colors.

The cubs were shocked to see a Triceratops cub like Gulu change color, but they soon calmed down and fought with all their might.

Of course, because the number of enemies was too large, Gulu couldn't avoid being hit, but Gulu would hit back even harder and there would be horn scratches on these Triceratopses. Gradually, many deep shallow blood wounds emerged on them.

The Triceratops cubs who attacked Wei also rushed to support the other side. The 20 Triceratops cubs who attacked Gulu instantly turned into more than 30, but Gulu was still able to cope.

Pachi froze for a moment then immediately joined the battle.

He smashed all cubs that crashed into his brother and learned from his brother how to use his horns to draw blood grooves on these Triceratops cubs. In fact, Pachi also wanted to resist like this before. However, he wasn't as big as his brother or as strong. He didn't have the agility of his brother, so he was suppressed and couldn't turn over.

Gulu said as he hit, "Pachi, don't be scared! They dare to bully you, just follow big brother and hit them. Hit them hard with your horn

Pachi hit these Triceratops cubs hard. He felt that his brother at this moment seemed to be shining with golden light all over his body, the light of the sun when Triceratops God appeared, just like the golden light when his Dad hunted those carnivorous dinosaurs to protect the group.

Pachi originally thought that his brother wouldn't rush to help him even if he saw this. His brother would be very distressed, but he wouldn't rush to help him. His brother would certainly be afraid that rushing to help him would led to him being expelled from the group. Plus, his brother didn't belong to this group. Such behavior was very dangerous.

However, he didn't expect that his brother lost his mind for him. He rushed up to help him regardless and was reluctant to let him suffer even a little injustice.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs hid in a lush fern bushes not far from Oro's group. They saw Pachi being bullied and Pachi and big brother fighting so many Triceratopses. They also wanted to rush to help, but big brother ordered them not to move.

The Tyrannosaurus rex cubs also knew that it's not helpful for them to rush over. They were carnivorous dinosaurs. Plus, Triceratopses hated Tyrannosaurus rex. If they rushed to help, the entire Triceratops group would trample them. Even if big brother wanted to protect them all, he couldn't. Big brother would be very sad. They were sensible and didn't want big brother to worry about them.

Soon Gulu and Pachi hit the cubs till they're all bloodies, looking very miserable. The cubs were suffering from severe pain and fear. They leaned against each other shivering and were completely afraid to see Gulu and Pachi.

Gulu fiercely said: "If you dare to bully him again, I'll kill you!"

As he spoke, blood trickled down from Gulu's horn and the body that had gradually recovered its original color now faintly showed bright colors. These colors showed along the body wrapped in blood, looking very powerful.

This group of young cubs trembled uncontrollably, and didn't dare to look up at Gulu.

Of course, Gulu and Pachi also had a lot of blood on them, but most of the blood was from these Triceratops cubs. They also had injuries but they were minor injuries, except that Pachi was surrounded before and his injuries were heavier than Gulu.

Oro's attention was immediately drawn to the riots on the edge of the group. After finding out the situation, he didn't immediately run to stop them. Instead, he watched from the distance. After this group of young cubs finished fighting, he ran in with many very strong male Triceratopses.

Oro with a group of strong male Triceratopses surrounded the cubs.

Gulu was covered in blood. Blood from his horn flowed downward in a line. The blood from the forehead flowed passed his eyelids and through the golden vertical pupil, turning his eyes blood red.

Pachi was a little at a loss. He knew that Oro would be very angry when his brother did this. It's a challenge to Oro's dignity as the leader of the group.

These young cubs were part of Oro's group. Oro was their leader and would protect them. Meanwhile, big brother isn't a Triceratops in his group. His members were beaten by an outside Triceratops so badly, as the leader, he had the responsibility to avenge these Triceratops cubs.

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Pachi said at once: "Oro, it's all my fault. It's all my fault. They beat me first. My brother just wanted to help me. Please punish me. Don't blame my brother."

Oro looked at Gulu.

Gulu looked up at Oro without being humble and said fiercely, "I beat these Triceratops cubs. They deserve it. If they dare to bully my brother again, I'll kill them!"

In truth, Gulu heard these Triceratops cubs scolding Pachi when he rushed over.

Gulu knew that Pachi was bullied by them because they were jealous of Pachi.

It seemed that both humans and dinosaurs had natural malice. Sometimes it wasn't because of what you did wrong, but because you were too good and everyone liked you, so the better you lived, the more you would become a thorn to others. It's a sin to be too good or living too well.

Oro saw only Tyrannosaurus rex's bloodthirsty cruelty from Gulu's eyes. Gulu's eyes even looked crueler than many Tyrannosaurus rex's. Just like Mungo, the strongest dinosaur in the continent of Yukan, who "killed without blinking an eye". He thought to himself, it's indeed a small cub raised by Tyrannosaurus rex and it's indeed a small cub who called Mungo "Dad"!

Pachi stood in front of Gulu and said, "Oro, please, don't blame my brother."

Gulu rubbed Pachi's neck lightly and said: "It doesn't matter. Big brother is strong. Pachi didn't need to be scared when you shouldn't. Didn't Dad often tell us that no dinosaur could defeat us as long as we're fearless. If these little cubs beat you, you can beat them back harder. If you can't beat them, brother will help you."

Pachi nodded vigorously and murmured in a low voice: "Brother, brother…"

Oro looked at the group of trembling cubs hugging tightly together and asked, "Do you have anything else to say?"

All of the cubs were scared. They secretly looked at Gulu and Gulu glared at them. They cried and said, "Don't hit me! Don't hit me! I dare not bully Pachi anymore! Don't hit me!…"

The leading cub had the greatest courage, but he still dared not look at Gulu now. He closed his eyes to embolden himself and said intermittently: "Oro, Gulu isn't the Triceratops of our group. He can't hit us. You said before that as long as the Triceratops of other groups dare to hit our group member, you'll kill him and trample him to death! Gulu deserves to die!"

After this cub finished speaking, he was instantly scared and hid behind other cubs, for fear that Gulu would rush over to hit him again.

Oro looked at this group of frightened little ones and shook his head.

He felt very angry and ashamed for the cowardice of his group's cubs, but on second thought, probably no Triceratops cubs on Yukan could compare to Pado's cubs. They were completely different from birth. He couldn't expect too much from these cubs.

Not to mention Gulu, Oro thought that Pachi also couldn't compare to Gulu. Gulu wasn't only a small cub of Pado, but also a cub raised by the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex father. He's very interesting. Oro just wanted to see where Gulu's limit was.

Thinking like this, Oro immediately let more than 30 very strong adult male Triceratopses surrounded Gulu. Gulu didn't show any fear. He came ready to fight. He angled his head down so that long horn was pointing to the front. He's ready to go to war.  

Pachi anxiously squeezed in from among these extremely strong male Triceratopses. He stood in front of Gulu and said, "I forbid you to hurt my brother. I don't want to stay in your group. I'll fight with you!"

Oro looked at Pachi and Gulu. He knew that the two brothers had a good relationship and were willing to give their lives for each other.

At the same time, the old Triceratops Wei also rushed in. He stood in front of Gulu and Pachi and said: "It's those bad cubs who bullied Pachi first. They were jealous that all adult Triceratopses in the group liked Pachi. They said that they wanted to kill Pachi. They beat Pachi bloody. Gulu just came to help. Oro, don't hurt these two cubs. They're very good…"

Pachi looked at Wei gratefully. Gulu also looked at the old Triceratops gratefully. Gulu knew that Pachi's warmth in this group was probably given by this old Triceratops.

The Tyrannosaurus rex cubs hiding in the fern bush not far away from Oro group wanted to rush to fight with their big brother, but big brother ordered them not to move no matter what happened. However, they had already thought it over. If so many adult Triceratopses beat up their big brother and Pachi, they must rush there. they couldn't accept any accident happening to big brother or Pachi. If they died, they'd all die together. Without their big brother, they wouldn't survive anyway.

Oro: "Pachi, I won't hurt your brother. Don't say that you don't want to stay in my group, or I'll beat you."

Pachi looked at Oro in surprise and nodded without ceasing. At the same time, he replied, "Thank you, Oro."

Oro went on to say: "Gulu, I must punish you for hurting so many Triceratops cubs in my group. Well, you and I will fight. Of course, I won't bully a cub. All you need to do is just not to get knocked down by me. If you lose, it's considered your punishment. But if you win, of another Triceratops bully Pachi, you can come to help him. As long as you don't kill anyone, I won't care."

Gulu, of course, agreed without thinking. This was a one-way ticket.

Pachi still loathe to let his brother being hit by Oro. It would definitely hurt. He wanted to say that he can fight Oro instead, but his brother's stern eyes stopped him. He also knew that this was Oro's greatest tolerance for them.

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