Oro ordered the strong male Triceratopses to bring Pachi and Wei out of the large circle surrounded by countless male Triceratopses.

Then the male Triceratopses spread out automatically, enlarging the circle a lot. Triceratops needed a lot of space to fight.

After the circle was enlarged, there was a big gap in between. Pachi could clearly see the situation inside from outside.

There were more and more Triceratopses from Oro's group surrounding them.

Gulu and Oro were standing in the middle of the circle. They all pointed their long sharp horns at each other with their heads slightly lowered. Oro was about to become an adult. He had grown to more than ten tons, but Gulu had just entered adolescent and was still a cub even in terms of age. Gulu was only five tons, less than half of Oro's weight and far less than half of Oro's size.

Of course, all Triceratopses of the group were attracted to watch such a big match.

Gulu saw Oro's horn shield turn dark blue and he thought to himself, indeed as expected, powerful Triceratopses' horn shields were dark blue. Pado and Paton were and he himself had a dark blue horn shield.

Oro's entire body appeared a high-grade black rock color. Only from the neck to the back were there three long red water ripple lines. At the same time, Oro's forehead vaguely had a red flame on his scale after the color change. Gulu had to say that Oro was indeed a beautiful male Triceratops and could be regarded as the top "handsome man" among male Triceratopses on the entire Yukan continent.

Triceratops's body shape and strength were intuitive and the bigger the body size, the more strength it had, and the more popular it was. However, whether a Triceratops was beautiful or handsome depended on the color and pattern of its body after color change. (T/N: getting a bit fantasy like

At present, the aesthetic standard of Triceratops in Yukan mainland was that the main color of female Triceratops was light and warm. Like Babana, the main colors of Babana and Dudu were light pink, which was considered to be the color possessed by Triceratops goddess. At the same time, the color and pattern of female Triceratops also became more beautiful when filled with blood. For example, Babana's pattern appeared as a few dark blue clouds on her back, which looked very beautiful. Meanwhile, Dudu was too small to change color.

Male Triceratopses looked handsome and strong because of their dark and heavy body color. For example, Pado appeared domineering, hale and handsome because he was black. Gulu's body color was still rock gray, which was less domineering than black, but it's still a pretty color. Especially in adolescent Triceratops, it already hinted at future beauty. The more complicated the pattern and the fiercer it looked, the more beautiful and attractive the male was to the female. However, the color after color change couldn't be too much. It should look plain and hardy, otherwise, it'd look gaudy.

For example, the main color of Pado's shield after changing color was dark blue and the complicated and mysterious totem composed of red lines could be seen vaguely in the dark blue. Pado also had a red flame-like pattern from his neck to his back, which made him very handsome and domineering.

At present, according to the Triceratops aesthetics on Yukan mainland, Pado was a super handsome male and Babana looked like a goddess. The combination of the two was simply a "golden couple" or "a pair made in heaven", definitely a fairy couple.

Oro's horn shield was very similar to Pado's after it changed color. It's also dark blue as the main color, but Oro's complicated and mysterious totem was formed by faint purple lines, while Pado's complicated and mysterious totem was formed by red lines. This was the only difference, but both looked very strong. Both of them had horn shields that only handsome male Triceratops should have.

Gulu saw Oro's color change for the first time. There was no denying the fact that he was a little surprised. Oro was indeed a super "big beautiful dinosaur". (T/N: *cough*, so much nonsense. Get to the fight.)

Although Gulu was still a cub at present, his body could already change color. Changing color was a sign of becoming an adolescent. It could only be said that Gulu grew faster than all Triceratops cubs on Yukan mainland.

However, Gulu was still in the "awkward period" now. After his body changed color, it became very colorful and bright, just like a huge "flower butterfly". In terms of Triceratops, it looked neither beautiful nor handsome, just killing the aesthetic.

However, it's normal that every Triceratops would go through such an "awkward stage" at the beginning of its color change and became of killer of Triceratops aesthetic.

Nevertheless, almost all female Triceratopses that saw Gulu change color would be moved, because they had not seen a male Triceratops that could change color at such a young age. Such a male Triceratops would definitely become the strongest and most handsome male Triceratops in the future.

Oro looked at Gulu. He had seen Gulu change color, because when Triceratops fought, the body would change color with empowerment. Oro had seen Gulu fight with carnivorous dinosaurs and just now he saw Gulu fight with those Triceratops cubs. When fighting, Gulu would become an empowered and colorful "Triceratops".

Oro was very surprised when he saw Gulu change color for the first time. Gulu and his younger brothers were fighting with several Nanotyrannus and finally two Nanotyrannus were killed by Gulu's horn, which was very powerful and domineering.

Oro was shocked at that time, because he had never seen Triceratops cub's body change color. Gulu's body could change color even earlier than him and as a cub, Gulu could easily kill two Nanotyrannus.

Oro had to admit that he accepted Pachi into his group not only because of Pado, but also because of Gulu. He thought that Gulu was really amazing. He wanted to know more about this Triceratops cub.

Gulu looked at Oro. He stood firm. He would defeat Oro no matter what. He couldn't allow any Triceratops bully his brother!

Oro and Gulu stood motionless, looking at each other like this, as if they were petrified.

The spectating Triceratopses didn't know when they would start fighting and even thought that they would just stare at each other forever. But the atmosphere was still tense because both Oro and Gulu had very strong aura. The two strong auras invaded them like extremely strong cold currents, overwhelming them, as if they were also frozen in ice, unable to move.

Pado looked at his brother from outside the big circle. He only hoped that his brother wouldn't be hurt too much. He didn't ask for anything else, just enough for his big brother to protect himself. He even complained in his heart why he couldn't be as strong as his brother.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs hiding outside the group also understood that this Triceratops leader was fighting with their brother. Pachi didn't stop it, which proved that there should be no danger. They didn't rush in at the moment, but they were ready to rush in at any time.

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One didn't know how long they looked at each other before Oro and Gulu backed very far at the same time, until their backs were on the opposite end of the circle then fiercely rushed toward each other.

There was a loud bang and Gulu felt as if his entire head was about to be knocked off. Ringing voices kept looping in his ear. It could no longer be described as seeing stars. It's stars after a complete blank space.

Oro was really too much bigger than Gulu. The weight of more than ten tons hit him at an extremely fast speed. Who could bear it? Only a tank-like body of Triceratops wouldn't be damaged by this crash.

Gulu was hit repeatedly back for a long distance before he stood firm and almost fell to the ground.

Oro was surprised. Many adult Triceratopses might not be able to withstand such an all-out collision from him and would be knocked to the ground. Gulu was only a small cub but could withstand his full force. It's really amazing. Sure enough, he's really Pado's cub.

Then Gulu and Oro retreated again to the opposite ends of the circle and rushed toward each other fiercely again.

Gulu knew that he wouldn't be hit so hard if he didn't rush so hard at Oro, but in this way, he would be easily knocked down. He needed to use the forward momentum to counteract the force of Oro hitting him. Only in this way could he be guaranteed not to be knocked down to the greatest extent.

There was another loud bang, like a muffled thunder in the clear sky.

Gulu only felt that the thunder was blown into his mind and reverberated through his soul. He's knocked back multiple times, but finally stabilized.

Oro thought, up to three times. If you can still take it, I count you as strong.

The two sides continued to return to their original positions then rush forward fiercely.

Gulu felt that his head was going to be cracked. He's very doubtful whether he would be hit into a concussion. Of course, he knew Triceratops's head would never be broken.

A wisp of moist, sticky, sweet and fishy liquid stayed behind. Gulu's head was bruised and bleeding, but this little injury was nothing to him.

However, Pachi had already cried. He didn't know how his brother persisted. He didn't know how painful it would be for his brother to be hit like this. He hated himself for being disappointing. He hated his inability to protect himself and always let his brother worry about him.

Oro was shocked to see Gulu still not knocked down by him. Up to now, he really admired this Triceratops cub.

They went back to the two ends of the circle again, then violently collided with each other. There was a loud bang.

One didn't know how many times he got hit. Gulu didn't count. The main reason was that there was only a loud bang in his head and a firm belief that he must not fall down. There was nothing else in his mind.

All Triceratops onlookers were shocked. They couldn't believe that there would be such a determined, brave and indomitable Triceratops cub.

All adult Triceratops present couldn't bear Oro's impact more than three times. Such a heavy impact, some adult Triceratops couldn't even bear once, but the little cub had been hit seven or eight times but still didn't fall down!

Of course, Gulu have been knocked upside down internally. His head was bruised and bloody, which left blood all over his head, but this skin injury was nothing.

Gulu was very grateful to Oro, because Oro had never scratched him with his horn. Gulu now had to raise three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers, to help them hunt and to avoid the carnivorous dinosaur. In order to fight against the carnivorous dinosaurs, he couldn't be too seriously injured.

Gulu almost fell to the ground after the 10th impact, but he still held on.

Oro wanted to see where Gulu's limit was, but he found that Gulu didn't seemed to have a limit. In fact, Gulu almost fell to the ground every time after the fifth impact, but he managed to stabilize his footing.

Gulu had no fear in his eyes. His will was as firm as steel.

Pado and Mungo had taught Gulu before. No matter how dangerous the situation was, don't be afraid of the opposite dinosaur. You should never be afraid or throw in the towel. As long as you were fearless and firmly believed that you would win, you would definitely win.

Gulu kept these words in mind and he firmly believed that he would win.

Oro said to the wobbly Gulu, "You won."

All watching Triceratopses roared excitedly. Even if it's Gulu who won and their leader who lost, they were happy for Gulu because it's really an impossible "battle", so they cheered for such a determined and brave Triceratops cub.

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