Oro also cheered with the Triceratopses. Although he lost, he was convinced. He looked at Gulu while roaring. He's more interested in the little cub.

Gulu was still in a reeling state. His brain was pounding. The world before him was spinning and jumping wildly. All Triceratopses looked deformed. The sky and fern fields also looked deformed. He himself also felt deformed.

One didn't know how long. All Triceratops stopped yelling and dispersed one after another. Gulu leaned on Pachi and gradually recovered.

Oro: "My words count. In the future, if any Triceratops bullies Pachi, you can rush into my group to help Pachi at any time, but you can't kill any Triceratops in my group. Besides that, you can do anything."

Gulu stood and looked at Oro, "I know, thank you."

At this time, Gulu's colorful body had already vanished entirely, leaving only mature and stable rock ash. The blood on his head also solidified. He no longer looked like a murderous Triceratops but returned back to the noble Triceratops. 

Pachi kept rubbing Gulu, "Brother, are you better? Is your head very painful? Are you still dizzy now? Brother, I'm sorry. It's all my fault…"

Gulu rubbed Pachi very gently and said: "Brother's head doesn't hurt at all. Didn't our head also bleed when Dad taught us to hit the tree? Didn't it not hurt? Brother isn't dizzy. Pachi has done very well. After this, if those Triceratops cubs hit you again, hit them back with your horns and they would never bully you again. If you can't win, brother will help you."

Pachi vigorously nodded.

Gulu: "Brother is leaving. Don't cry any more. Brother will feel distressed. Brother wants to see Pachi happy every day."

Pachi nodded more forcefully and forced his tears back. He didn't want his brother to worry about him anymore.

Gulu passed the old Triceratops named Wei as he walked out of the group. He rubbed against Wei and said very solemnly, "Thank you, Grandpa, for being so kind to Pachi."

Wei also rubbed against Gulu: "Pachi is very good. I like him. Gulu, you're really strong."

Gulu rubbed against Wei again then ran straight out of Oro's group.

Wei walked over to Pachi to comfort him. Pachi had adjusted his mood. He wanted to eat more. He wanted to practice hitting trees harder. He wanted to grow up faster. Only when he became strong would he not always worry his brother.

Oro looked at the back of Gulu's departure and the direction of Gulu's departure. He looked at it for a long time. However, Gulu had already disappeared.

Until the sunset, an adolescent male Triceratops by Oro's side finally couldn't stand it anymore. This Triceratops named Oto was Oro's only younger brother and the only who dared to tell the truth. He whispered: "Brother, Gulu has been gone for a long time."

Oro annoyingly replied, "Who said I was staring at him? From today onward, you'll keep watch for me every night!"

Night watch was very dangerous and hard work. Oto wasn't happy in an instant. He muttered in a low voice: "It's true! But still won't let me speak."

Oro gave his brother a hard stare, so Oto could only shut up.

In fact, Gulu was very happy in his heart. As long as Oro allowed him to enter the group and beat those Triceratopses who bullied Pachi casually, he could beat them till they see Longshan. They would avoid Pachi and no long dared to say any bad words about Pachi. When Pachi was mentioned, they would shiver. A few Triceratops cubs were just enough. It was easy to stop them.

Gulu knew that after this time, no Triceratopses would dare to bully Pachi for at least ten days to half a month.

As Gulu speculated, Pachi lived a carefree life after that. Not only did the Triceratops cubs dare not bully him anymore, but the adult Triceratopses also treated him better. He also made a friend of the same age, Xiao Yong.

Xiao Yong was often bullied by other Triceratops cubs. Pachi and Xiao Yong naturally got together and became inseparable friends. Pachi finally found a playmate.

In this way, Pachi's life in Oro's group became very happy, with a grandfather who loved him dearly, and a little friend who to player together. There were also countless other Triceratopses who treated him well.

Gulu's fame in this war could be said to be all encompassing and far reaching.

The days of the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and Gulu were still the same as before, but fortunately they could still survive.

On this day, the four cubs followed Mungo and Babana at the edge of the forest after they were full.

Gulu found that there're basically only carnivorous dinosaurs left on the narrow fern field. The herbivorous dinosaurs either starved to death and were eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs or hunted and eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs.

Mungo was trying to balance the number of herbivorous dinosaurs and carnivorous dinosaurs, just because he was afraid that too many carnivorous dinosaurs would be dangerous to Babana.

Mungo did his best. But because there're too few ferns in the narrow fern field, herbivorous dinosaurs didn't have enough to eat. He had to drive some herbivorous dinosaurs away so that Babana could eat. However, once the herbivorous dinosaurs starved to death, they were eaten by the carnivorous dinosaurs, which gradually lead to all herbivorous dinosaurs being eaten up.

This was beyond Mungo's control.

While walking, Gulu's pupils suddenly dilated, because more than 20 large and small carnivorous dinosaurs had surrounded Mungo and Babana.

These carnivorous dinosaurs were crazy with hunger. Under the difficult choice of starvation or being killed by Mungo, they still chose to fight. If they could kill Babana, they could have a full meal. After such a long time, all carnivorous dinosaurs were all skin and bones, only Babana wasn't thin at all. She looked strong and fat and must be especially delicious. Their saliva had flowed to the ground.

Mungo was protecting Babana and roaring at this group of carnivorous dinosaurs. Mungo warned them that if they dared to attack Babana, he would kill them all!

These carnivorous dinosaurs also knew that they were not necessarily Mungo's opponents even when together. What's more, every carnivorous dinosaur here wasn't of the same race. They all had their own selfishness. No matter who went in and got killed by Mungo first, the rest would have food.

In order to improve their survival rate, some carnivorous dinosaurs began to persuade Mungo.

An Allosaurus said, "Mungo, why are you protecting a Triceratops? Aren't Triceratops your favorite food? How long had you not eaten a Triceratops? Don't you really want to eat one? Just bite her. She must be especially delicious."

Mungo roared, "You'd better not come. I haven't had a good fight for a long time and feel uncomfortable."

Mapusaurus: "Mungo, you're no better than us. You can't beat so many carnivorous dinosaurs together. There's no need to kill yourself for a Triceratops."

Mungo: "You all come together. I still feel boring if you don't come together. It won't be enough of a fight."

Nanotyrannus: "Mungo, although she's Gulu's mother. Gulu can understand. How can carnivorous dinosaurs not eat herbivorous dinosaurs? When there's really no food in the end, you'll still eat her. It's just a matter of eating early or eating late…"

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This Nanotyrannus really got to the point. Now there're not many canned meats on this narrow fern field. It may not be able to support them walking out of here. Mungo would probably starve to death.

Velociraptor: "Yes, Mungo, short term pain is better than long tern pain. It's better to eat now."


These carnivorous dinosaurs were all just mouth cannons. No one dared to bite Mungo. Mungo protected Babana. Of course, no dinosaur dared to bite Babana.

Gulu's heart constricted. He's afraid that Mungo would get hurt. He's also scared that Babana would get hurt.

At this time, Pado, of course, also looked at this scene. He wanted to fly to that fern field and kill all carnivorous dinosaurs except Mungo. He wanted to protect Babana.

Of course, Pado had always been very grateful to Mungo. He knew that Babana would have died long ago and would never have lived until now without Mungo.

Babana didn't want to influence Mungo. Through this period of time, she already liked Mungo very much. Although Mungo never talked to her on his own initiative, and even if he did, it's all about Gulu, he still liked to listen to what she said about Gulu in the group. Even if it's just a very boring little thing, Mungo could listen with relish.

Although Mungo was a Tyrannosaurus rex, Babana had long regarded Mungo as her own cub and a son like Gulu. She wouldn't allow these carnivorous dinosaurs to harm Mungo. She was always ready for a big war.

The carnivorous dinosaurs that surrounded them were so hungry that it made them crazy.

A Nanotyrannus rushed at Babana and tried to bite Babana's tail, even if it's just a bit of meat. Meat was meat.

Mungo responded quickly. He quickly ran behind Babana and bit Nanotyrannus into two pieces.

An Allosaurus rushed at Mungo. He wanted to hurt Mungo first, because Mungo protected Babana so well that they could only eat Babana's meat if Mungo was hurt first.

Completely disregarding her own safety, Babana fiercely rushed at the Allosaurus and severely hit it. The Allosaurus just wanted to attack Mungo, but got Babana's long horn instead into its back. It was trembling with pain and constantly roared.

Mungo turned his head and snapped the Allosaurus's neck.

After two carnivorous dinosaurs were killed, the rest of the carnivorous dinosaurs immediately dared not come forward.

Mungo rushed at them, killing a Mapusaurus and three Nanotyrannus in an instant. The rest of the carnivorous dinosaurs scattered.

Babana and Mungo didn't suffer any injuries. These carnivorous dinosaurs were not Mungo's rivals at all.

Mungo ate a Mapusaurus dinosaur by himself and was already very satisfied.

Babana and Mungo moved on. After Mungo left, the carnivorous dinosaurs killed by Mungo were, of course, soon eaten by the carnivorous dinosaurs that had not died just now.

Gulu watched Mungo and Babana closely every day for the next few days, fearing they were in danger.

However, facts proved that the remaining carnivorous dinosaurs were not Mungo's rivals at all. Even if they join hands, they couldn't beat Mungo. They gave up the idea of eating Babana and began to go after each other.

Gulu didn't come to the edge of the forest frequently after confirming that Mungo and Babana were not in danger for the time being.

On this day, Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were lying in a luxuriant fern bush to rest when suddenly they were surrounded by a group of Allosaurus.

There're 15 Allosaurus in all! There's absolutely no chance that they would survive!

Gulu recognized that one of the Allosaurus was the one who had fought and escaped from them that day.

That day they killed the heavier of the two Allosaurus, but it was later eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex. The escaped Allosaurus saw his brother killed and became very maniac and bit Pachi's horn shield deeply, causing Pachi to get a fever.

He didn't expect this Allosaurus to bear so much grudge. And came back with more than a dozen helpers!

The saying was really true: sooner or later, you have to pay for what you did!

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