Gaya: "Gulu, Mom's little Gulu, you had suffered too much during this period of time. Mom feels distressed. Without you, your Tyrannosaurus rex brothers would have starved to death and been eaten…"

Gulu thought that Gaya's and Pado's opening remarks were very similar. It seemed that dinosaurs liked to express their love in the same way.

He kept rubbing on Gaya's neck and said: "The Tyrannosaurus rex brothers are also very good. I wouldn't have survived without them. I'm easily hunted by carnivorous dinosaurs and I can't beat so many carnivorous dinosaurs as a lone Triceratops…"

Gulu was telling the truth. Although it appeared that Gulu was taking care of and protecting his younger brothers, if there're no younger brothers, Gulu would definitely not survive as a Triceratops cub. They were brothers who lived and died together and were influenced by each other.

Mungo didn't speak all this time. He just looked at Gulu as if he couldn't see enough.

Gulu, of course, also repeated their current situation over there. They were indeed safe now, protected by Blunt's and Tudor's groups and had help hunting from Dark and Cang. For the younger brothers, they could be said to have a carefree life.

Mungo and Gaya were also slightly relieved after hearing this.

At last Gulu said, "Mungo, I want to talk to you alone. Would you like to go to the fern bush over there?"

Mungo nodded repeatedly and led Gulu to the luxuriant fern bushes.

After walking to the lush fern bushes, Gulu and Mungo could no longer see any other dinosaur in the group. Tyrannosaurus rex in the group also couldn't see them, of course. It's a completely private and secret space.

The two dinosaurs looked at each other.

Gulu found Mungo crying. He had never seen Mungo cry before. Mungo's cry was just silent tears. The domineering golden yellow vertical pupil was constantly shedding tears. In fact, Gulu saw many shining stars in Mungo's eyes, which was the reflection of tears under the sunlight.

Actually, Gulu also cried himself, but he didn't realize it.

Gulu: "Mungo, can you get down? I will become a human being and give you a big hug and a big kiss."

Mungo immediately laid down. Of course, Gulu's entire human body was not as big as Mungo's head. He looked very small standing in front of Mungo.

Gulu climbed onto Mungo's head and pasted his entire body tightly on Mungo's big head, thus embracing Mungo.

Mungo gently rubbed Gulu with his head. Gulu laid on Mungo's head for a long time and kissed Mungo's big head. Mungo's big head was very rough and the scales were very hard. Gulu liked it very much.

After an unknown amount of time, Gulu slipped off Mungo's head, and he found that Mungo was still silently shedding tears.

Gulu felt painful and stood on tiptoe just enough to reach Mungo's eyes. Mungo's eyes were so big, as big as grapefruit. He's too small to wipe tears for Tyrannosaurus rex with human hands, but Gulu still stood on tiptoe and wiped them very carefully.

Gradually Mungo didn't shed tears anymore and Gulu said, "Mungo, close your eyes."

Mungo naturally closed his eyes.

Gulu stood on tiptoe and kissed Mungo's as big as grapefruit's eyelid, then said: "Mungo, don't be sad, ok? I gave you a big kiss and hug."

Mungo: "Gulu, it's all my fault. I didn't protect you."

Gulu: "No, Mungo is already very, very good."

Then Gulu changed into the form of Triceratops. The two dinosaurs laid together in the lush fern fields and said many words. It wasn't until the evening that Gulu suddenly remembered that he should go back to the opposite side.

Nassau have been waiting for Gulu outside of Mungo's group. Mungo sent Gulu to Nassau's side and Gulu became a human being riding Nassau's back.

Mungo used to dislike Nassau and pterosaurs very much, but now he thought Nassau was very good and was very grateful to him.

Mungo said very sincerely: "Nassau, thank you, please take care of Gulu for me this time."

Nassau still disliked Mungo very much. He said, "Don't thank me. I'm not helping you take care of Gulu. Gulu is my group's leader. It's my duty to protect him."

Mungo was made speechless by Nassau, but in order for Nassau to take more care of Gulu, he added: "Nassau, it was my fault before."

Nassau: "When did the most notorious dinosaur in Yukan become so good natre? Didn't you say that you'll never be friends with us fish-eating waste dinosaurs?"

Mungo lowered his head and said, "Nassau, I… I'm sorry."

Gulu had never seen Mungo speak so politely or even humbly to any dinosaur. Mungo wouldn't apologize to any dinosaur.

Gulu couldn't bear to see Mungo suffer a little injustice. He patted Nassau on the neck and said, "Nassau, didn't talk to Mungo like this! Or I'll be angry!"

Nassau felt wronged, but he didn't want to make Gulu angry, so he said, "Mungo, okay, we're even. Today is my fault."

Mungo raised his head and said, "Help me protect Gulu."

Nassau: "Protecting Gulu is what I should do."

With this, Nassau turned and flew away. Gulu shouted at Mungo, "Mungo, I'll come back to see you often in the future!"

Mungo kept looking at Gulu until they had flown far beyond and landed in Blunt's and Tudor's groups.

Gulu also wanted Nassau to take him to look around, especially going further to the front to see where he could cross to the opposite fern field and where there was no rift valley. He wanted to take his brothers back as soon as possible.

So Gulu simply told Blunt, Tudor and his brothers about his plan and let Nassau take him away.

Nassau flew straight ahead under the guidance of Gulu. He flew straight ahead until midnight but couldn't find a connected area to cross. During the flight, Gulu also watched the surrounding terrain to see whether they might be on the fault zone to predict the possible risks in the future.

When the morning light dawned, Gulu finally saw the place where the rift valley ended. As long as he walked here, he could join Mungo and them!

However, it's too far away here. Quetzalcoatlus flew very fast. Nassau flew even faster. It took them an entire night to fly, so it would take them at least a few months to walk on the ground.

Although Gulu was tired by this time, he found that the sea was an inland sea. From here he could see from a distance that the opposite side of the sea was also a continent. The inland sea was half wrapped by a huge continent with curved edges.

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Under the sun, Gulu saw that a large earthquake was happening in the continent farthest away from them, so far that they could only see a little shadow with thick smoke billowing, but the earthquake there had no effect on this side.

Gulu always had a faint feeling that something was going to happen and his strong sense of uneasiness made him want Nassau to take him there to see.

They had been flying at a very fast speed all night. Gulu needed to eat and rest. Although this journey was nothing to Nassau, Nassau also needed to eat.

So Gulu asked Nassau to put him in the lush fern field. He ate the fern crazily. Nassau soon caught a big fish and ate it on the shore. He would watch Gulu all time. He's not at ease leaving him alone.

Nassau and Gulu slept together on the fern field after they were full. Although Nassau wasn't used to sleeping on the fern field, Gulu could sleep comfortably here and there was no big cliff cave he liked to sleep in. Of course, he had to sleep on the fern field with Gulu.

With such a huge pterosaur around, Gulu slept soundly.

Gulu didn't sleep very long either. He woke up before noon. He had to go back to the group before dark and take the Tyrannosaurus rex brothers to the seaside to eat, otherwise the Tyrannosaurus rex brothers would be hungry.

Nassau flew very fast. He could fly faster across the sea. Quetzalcoatluses could fly faster on the sea than on land, because there was strong opposing air flow above the sea and all pterosaurs rely on this strong air flow to fly long distances across the sea.

They didn't fly for a long time, at least Gulu felt that it wasn't a long flight before they gradually approached the distant and indistinct mainland.

By the time they arrived, the earthquake was over and the continent looked devastated from the distance. The thick smoke that covered the sky had not dissipated.

Gulu finally knew what he was afraid of. There're many active volcanoes in this continent, which was located on the fault zone. However, the fault zone here didn't extend to the place where they were now and had little influence.

However, one thing Gulu considered was that the coastal part of the continent on the fault zone was likely to sink to the bottom of the sea during the next major earthquake!

The sinking of the mainland into the sea would cause a big tsunami. At the same time, the mainland where they were now would also be affected, especially the fern field along the coast would probably be submerged for a period of time during the big tsunami. They must find a place to take refuge as soon as possible.

The fern field where Mungo and Pado were located was farther inland from the sea and there was basically no danger, but the fern field where he and the cubs were located was at risk of being flooded for a short time.

Gulu thought this trip was worth it. If he didn't come to have a look, they would probably die without knowing how.

After analyzing the situation clearly, Gulu immediately asked Nassau to fly back.

Nassau didn't fly long. Suddenly, a monstrous wind, possibly even a hurricane, suddenly wrapped Nassau and Gulu.

Gulu immediately hugged Nassau's neck and his legs tightly clamped Nassau's back.

Nassau shouted, "Gulu, hold me tight! It's very dangerous now!"

Gulu also shouted, "Nassau, I know!"

Nassau tried hard to keep his balance in the hurricane and Gulu felt the wind blowing on him as painful as a knife.

Even continental earthquakes wouldn't cause sea hurricanes, but there're hurricanes on the sea at any time and no reason was needed.

Gulu felt very sad. If he hadn't suddenly wanted to come here and had a look, they wouldn't have been hit by a hurricane. This trip would probably kill Nassau!

Gulu shouted, "Nassau, I'm sorry, it's all my fault."

Nassau: "Gulu, don't be afraid. It's normal to fly over the sea and encounter hurricanes. If I don't have the ability to survive this, I don't deserve to be a leader."

But Gulu knew Nassau was comforting him. The hurricane was too big.

Nassau was flying against the wind. Gulu had to hold Nassau tightly so that he wouldn't be blown down. Even if he hugged Nassau with all his strength, he felt that he would be blown away.

Gulu knew that when the wind speed was extremely high, Quetzalcoatlus could fly more smoothly against the wind and may "coast" with the wind.

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