Tang Sibo peeled off a lobster, frowned, but didn't tell her. He simply said, "It's all right. It's just that the birthday banquet ended too quickly. Mom hasn't had time to show you the young masters."

Hearing this, Tang Sining's heart thumped and she shut up and stopped talking. She's ready to find a chance to slip away alone.

"She's still so young, is aunt going to give her a blind date?" Su Fu forked a piece of fish without bones and fed it to Tang Sibo's mouth.

Tang Sining quickly swallowed a piece of meat in her mouth and said excitedly, "Yes, yes, yes! Second sister-in-law is really a wise man! I'm still so young! What's the rush?"

With a sneer, Tang Sibo glanced at his younger sister and said to Su Fu, "Just look at her. If Mom doesn't pay attention, how can she get married?"

Su Fu got goose bumps when Tang Sining called him "second sister-in-law". Seeing Tang Sining's face full of dissatisfaction, he smiled, "Carefree girls is very popular nowadays. They're straightforward and unpretentious, which is good."  

"That's right, second sister-in-law. You understand so well. You should talk to my mother who always wants me to act like a lady all day long. Isn't it just sitting around and behaving well? What can it accomplish? A woman needs to be bold to conquer the world!"

Su Fu laughed at what she said. Tang Sibo thought that his sister was a disgrace. He glanced at her and ignored her.

After filling their stomachs, several people went to the main living room to see when the elders were going to leave.

At this time, the elders in the living room were gone. Only Li Chao was hugging Liu An on the sofa to rest. Big brother Tang got up and was preparing to go.

"Our parents and aunt are staying here tonight. Let's go back first." Big brother Tang said, then went out.

Tang Sibo glanced at Li Chao. Li Chao waved his hand. Tang Sibo nodded and took Su Fu and the others home.

Tang Sining got into big brother Tang's car. Tang Sibo drove behind big brother Tang's car with his family.

Seeing that the two children in the back seat fell asleep, Su Fu asked Tang Sibo to stop the car. He took the blanket in the trunk, covered the two children, then continued driving.

"Li Chao is in a very bad mood today. Will he be all right?" Su Fu asked in a low voice.

Tang Sibo shook his head, "It's okay. Liu An and Li Dai are both here. Any one of them can suppress his anger."

Su Fu thought about it, and asked, "Li Chao and Mrs. Li don't seem to have very good feelings? Is it because of Liu An?"

"There's a certain relation, but there're also other reasons." Tang Sibo looked at Su Fu and said slowly, "He knew what happened 25 years ago, about my little uncle and uncle Li. Their tragedy was actually caused by aunt Li. In addition, aunt Li didn't learn her lessons and obstructed him and Liu An. Therefore, the relationship between mother and son has plummeted in recent years."

Su Fu was somewhat surprised, but he also felt that it was reasonable. When little uncle Tang saw Mrs. Li, he emotionally broke down. It was obvious that there's something hidden in it.

"The death of Li Chao's uncle was related to Mrs. Li?"

Tang Sibo thought for a moment and frowned. "I don't know whether it's considered direct or indirect. I told you before that aunt Li is the daughter of old master Li's old friend. She's brought up by the Li family since she's 15 years old. Old master Li always wanted her to marry his son."

Su Fu nodded. Tang Sibo told him about it this morning.

"Aunt Li grew up with the two Li brothers since the age of 15, which can be called childhood sweethearts. However, aunt Li wanted to marry big uncle Li, not uncle Li. She liked big uncle Li very early. At the age of 20, she told old master Li that she wanted to marry big uncle Li, and old master Li also agreed with her, but big uncle Li firmly opposed it."

Su Fu asked, "Was it because of little uncle Tang?"

Tang Sibo nodded and continued, "My little uncle is an old son. At that time, he's only 14 years old, ten years younger than big uncle Li. He's a very intelligent person and was already very famous in the upper class at an early age. At that time, he's the little pride of the Tang family. All of the elders in the Tang family doted on him. However, at that time, he and big uncle Li already liked each other, so to speak, they already made a lifelong commitment."

"Wasn't homosexuality more difficult in those days than it is now?" Su Fu frowned slightly. Once the Tang family's pride, but now he had become like this, how sad.

"Yes, so they didn't tell anyone but secretly got together." Tang Sibo sighed and added: "They probably want to ask their parents' permission when little uncle is a little older. Unexpectedly, changes came so quickly. Aunt Li wanted to marry big uncle Li, which they didn't expect. Big uncle Li had always regarded her as his sister. Big uncle Li was firmly opposed to marrying aunt Li. Aunt Li had some extreme inferiority complex and strong self-esteem because of family changes. She feels hurt and after a period of stalemate, she said she would marry uncle Li instead."

Su Fu was surprised and asked: "Is there really no affection between uncle Li and aunt Li?"

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"Just brother and sister, but at that time uncle Li don't want his sister to be hurt twice, so he agreed. The two people soon got married and had children. Both little uncle and big uncle Li thought that the matter had passed. Unexpectedly, aunt Li remained unwilling in her heart and had been monitoring big uncle Li. Once she found out about them, she told the elders of the Tang and Li family directly."

Su Fu remembered that Mrs. Li said several times today that homosexuality wouldn't die a natural death. The seeds of hatred had been planted so many years ago.

"Did the elders stop it?"

"Little uncle and big uncle Li were the pride of the two families. Although the elders were angry, they didn't punish them. They were only separated from each other and were forbidden to meet each other. This ban lasted four years, but my father and uncle Li gradually accepted the relationship between little uncle and big uncle Li, and secretly helped them meet. Their days weren't too difficult. Later, seeing that the two elders still didn't agree, they had the idea of elopement."

"Did the accident happen at that time?"

Tang Sibo nodded: "The elders didn't agree, but my father and uncle Li have been giving advice to little uncle because they love him and respect him. When little uncle was 18 years old, they finally arranged everything and let them elope and go abroad together, but this secret was discovered by aunt Li. In those years, aunt Li used her deceased father's favor to instill the idea that homosexuality wouldn't die a natural death to the elders. She's the core figure opposing little uncle and big uncle Li. Her heart had always been in love with big uncle Li and she paid close attention to everything about him. She also learned the news of the elopement."

Speaking of which, Tang Sibo shook his head, feeling pity and sad.

"She loves big uncle Li very much and won't really hurt him. She just made people do some tricks to the car, so that the two elders could send people to chase and intercept, but unexpectedly, because of those tricks, they met with a car accident that was too late to dodge, which caused a lifelong regret. At the time of the incident, big uncle Li only had time to protect little uncle, so he was killed on the spot. My little uncle also became a vegetable. He just woke up a few years ago, but he's been out of his mind since then."

Su Fu was surprised. Unexpectedly, Mrs. Li caused the tragedy of little uncle Tang. "When Mrs. Li did this and caused the two elders to lose their favorite children, didn't they hate her?"

"Naturally, our family hated her. For so many years, although we're still close friends with the Li family, we never associate with Mrs. Li. Old master Li already lost a son, he didn't want to lose his old friend's daughter too. At that time, Mrs. Li had given birth to two children for the Li family. Old master Li was reluctant to move her. He also begged our family to spare her life. Even at his death bed, he told uncle Li to treat aunt Li well and forbid anyone from hurting her. Therefore, aunt Li had been fine so far. She just wasn't liked."

Su Fu was deeply saddened. Old master Li was really confused. "Now little uncle Tang mistook master Li for big uncle Li, would aunt Li go mad?"

"Little uncle has been crazy after waking up until one time when uncle Li went to see him. He suddenly quieted down. He said uncle Li is his big brother Li. For the first time in such a long time, my little uncle calmed down. Uncle Li used to love him very much, and he's very sorry for his wife's harm to him. So, in order to make him happier, uncle Li has been playing the role of big uncle Li, visiting him every week and making him live happier in this dream."

Su Fu felt very uncomfortable when he heard this. He turned his head to look out of the window. Recalling how Mrs. Li smashed a vase at Liu An today, he somewhat felt worried for him.

"Because of her own fault, she killed the one she loves the most. Why didn't Mrs. Li reflect on herself and choose to make the same mistake again?"

Tang Sibo laughed scornfully and said: "She doesn't think she's wrong. She still thinks that my little uncle did all the harm and caused big uncle Li's death. My little uncle was the one who brought him on the homosexual road, so she had always hated my little uncle. Perhaps this hatred was also used to hide the guilt in her heart. She's obstinate and began to deal with Liu An again, so the relationship between Li Chao and her became more and more rigid."

Hearing this story, Su Fu was somewhat depressed. He felt distressed for little uncle Tang, and saddened by Mrs. Li's obstinacy. He didn't speak again and looked out of the window at the scenery that passed by quietly.

He thought, Mrs. Li caused big uncle Li to lose his life because of her own resentment. The relationship that everyone opposed ended forever. But what did everyone get in the end? And who could compensate little uncle Tang for the happiness that he should have had?

"Aunt Li was guilty. But in truth, the elders of the two families also indirectly contributed to the tragedy. They both knew it very well."

Su Fu thought about it. Yes, if it wasn't for the resolute opposition of the elders, they wouldn't have come to that step.

Thinking of this, Su Fu turned to look at Tang Sibo. He reached out to hold one of his hands that was that holding the steering wheel.

Tang Sibo took his hand and put it on his leg. He clasped their fingers and softly said, "It's all over. We'll be fine."

Su Fu also tightened his hand and smiled.

They would be fine, because time was different. Society was more tolerant, and the elders of Tang family were also different.

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