The four cubs reached the edge of the forest. They hid in the lush fern bushes and wandered around looking for a lone herbivorous dinosaur.

Today was very lucky, they found a Diplodocus cub. This Diplodocus cub was enough to satisfy the appetite of the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs.

Diplodocus cubs were not as superb as adult Diplodocus in terms of "tail whip magic". They were very good hunting objects because they're not too dangerous.

Unlike many other herbivorous dinosaurs, Diplodocus cubs were raised completely free-range. They didn't live with their parents in the Diplodocus group. After breaking their shells, they fed themselves in the forest. Only when they were almost adolescents could they find a Diplodocus group to join.

This Diplodocus cub was nearly one ton in weight and could join an adult Diplodocus group in another year at most. Unfortunately, it could only become food for the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs now.

Diplodocus cubs like this were not often encountered. Because Diplodocus cubs had been living in the forest since cubhood, they were very good at hiding themselves in the forest.

The four cubs were overjoyed. They soon succeeded in hunting. The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs ate as fast as they could. They were afraid that another carnivorous dinosaur would come to rob food later.

Gulu began rubbing his body on the soil to hide the scent of blood.

However, today was really lucky. The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs ate that Diplodocus cub till it had no residue left because there're no other carnivorous dinosaurs to rob them of food. Their stomachs were very full.

After eating, the Tyrannosaurus rex cubs also rubbed their bodies on the soil to wipe off the scent.

Then the four cubs hid themselves in the fern bushes on the edge of the forest and walked forward. They wanted to see Mungo and Babana ahead of them.

In fact, all groups in the forest were moving forward, including Oro's group. The area here had been devastated by the earthquakes. Dinosaurs would keep moving forward, hoping to find the next ideal habitat ahead.

But Oro's group walked slower, at least slower than Mungo and Babana. So, the cubs had to run a certain distance before seeing them. 

Soon they caught up with Mungo and Babana.

Of course, Mungo and Babana also noticed the cubs. Although they could be seen almost every day, they were still very excited to see them every time. They were glad to see that the cubs were still living well, at least they were not starving.

Pado's and Mungo's groups were also moving fast because they want to stay close to Babana and Mungo.

Therefore, catching up with Babana and Mungo was equivalent to catching up with Pado's and Mungo's groups.

Gulu told Babana and Pado in body language that Pachi was sent to live in a Triceratops group two days ago. Pachi was now protected by Triceratops group and was living well so that they didn't have to worry.

Pado and Babana looked at Gulu. Their little Gulu was so powerful that he could always think of ways to protect himself and his younger brothers. They felt extremely gratified and distressed at the same time. Their Gulu was still a little cub. He should have been protected and doted on by them in every possible way. Originally, he should have been carefree, but now he had to work hard to survive.

Mungo's heart now only had one idea. He wanted to find the way to the cubs as soon as possible. He felt too distressed for Gulu and the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs, especially Gulu, who was clearly an herbivorous dinosaur but now had to hunt for carnivorous dinosaur cubs.

Gulu saw that there're still some carnivorous dinosaurs and herbivorous dinosaurs in the narrow fern field where Mungo and Babana were located. Mungo would drive away those carnivorous dinosaurs for Babana and would also protect Babana from them.

Through these few days of observation, Gulu found that if Mungo hunted an herbivorous dinosaur today, he would hunt a carnivorous dinosaur tomorrow. If he found that there had been too many herbivorous dinosaurs that were eaten, he would continue to hunt carnivorous dinosaurs.  

Mungo was consciously controlling the balance between the number of carnivorous dinosaurs and herbivorous dinosaurs on the narrow fern field where they were located.

Gulu knew that Mungo did this to protect Babana. Without Babana, Mungo would have no need to maintain any balance, because Mungo, as the strongest carnivorous dinosaur, could eat either carnivorous dinosaur or herbivorous dinosaur.

But to protect Babana's absolute safety, Mungo must plan ahead.

Gulu thought that Mungo was really too smart. The narrow fern in the middle of the Rift Valley had too few walking meats on the ground. If all of the herbivorous dinosaurs were eaten up, and only carnivorous dinosaurs were left, the carnivorous dinosaurs that were hungry would definitely consider eating Babana. There would be too many carnivorous dinosaurs desperate for Babana. Although Mungo could beat dozens of carnivorous dinosaurs, Babana would still be in danger.

However, if Mungo balanced the number of carnivorous dinosaurs to herbivorous dinosaurs in advance, as long as other herbivorous dinosaurs were not completely eaten, the rest of the carnivorous dinosaurs wouldn't risk being attacked by Mungo to hunt Babana.

In fact, Mungo wasn't being smart. He didn't think he's smart at all. All he knew was that Babana was Gulu's mother. If Babana died, Gulu would be very sad. He shouldn't let Gulu feel sad.

Mungo relied on his instinct to protect Babana to the greatest extent.

Gulu looked at Mungo like this and he felt that he must had saved the universe in his last life. Only in this life could he meet such a good Tyrannosaurus rex as Mungo!

After ten days like this, Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers sometimes had good luck and could easily hunt successfully. Of course, they also had bad luck and it took a lot of effort to hunt successfully. After hunting successfully, they were robbed of their prey by other carnivorous dinosaurs. They were often chased by carnivorous dinosaurs and often fought with them. This was a common occurrence.

Gulu still watched Pachi outside of Oro's group every day to see if he was bullied.

In truth, Pachi had a good time during this period, having the protection of the group and need not be displaced. The old Triceratopses on the edge of the group all like him very much, especially an old Triceratops named "Wei" who was as kind to him as if he was his own grandfather. He would also coax him to sleep at night. Pachi could talk to Grandpa Wei about missing his parents and siblings and he would coax and comfort him.

Although most Triceratops cubs on the edge of the group were unwilling to play with him, he didn't care.

On the contrary, the adult Triceratopses in the group all liked him a lot, because he called them well. He's a sweet and likeable little dinosaur. Sometimes, they would even take him to eat the fattest ferns.

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These adult Triceratopses in the group like him probably because he had no competitive relationship with them, but he still posed a strong competitive relationship with the cubs on the edge of the group. As he became stronger, once carnivorous dinosaurs attack the group, he could run faster and the chances of other cubs on the edge of the group being eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs became greater.

On this day, Pachi ate fat ferns and slept on the ground with Grandpa when he was full.

A group of Triceratops cubs came to Pachi's side. The leading Triceratops cub said, "Pachi, do you want to play with us? We think you're strong enough to play with us."

Pachi, of course, also hoped to meet playmates of the same age in the group and immediately followed the cubs to play.

This group of cubs brought Pachi to the most remote corner of the group. Oro's group had more than 1,000 Triceratops. This was a very large group. Pachi had never been to this position of the group. He's not familiar with any Triceratops here at all.

At this time, Pachi felt something was wrong. He wanted to run back to the place he knew, but was surrounded by the little cubs.

The leading cub said viciously: "A Triceratops who helps Tyrannosaurus rex hunt, are you still Triceratops? How many Triceratops will those three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs eat once they grow up, don't you know? Our parents were all eaten by Tyrannosaurus rex and many, many Triceratopses in our group were all eaten by them!"

Pachi wasn't afraid of them. He replied sternly, "Those three Tyrannosaurus rex are my brother's younger brothers. I help my brother! Oro knows this. He's still willing to accept me! You must accept me too!"

"We won't accept a Triceratops who raises Tyrannosaurus rex cubs!" countered the first Triceratops cub resentfully.

Pachi also showed no weakness: "Oro is the leader! Do you dare to tell Oro what you said?"

Pachi's words undoubtedly angered this Triceratops cub completely. He roared, "Hit him! He dares to threaten me with Oro! Beat this Triceratops who raises Tyrannosaurus rex cubs! Kill him! Kill him!…"

After this, a group of Triceratops cubs swarmed toward Pachi. Pachi also vigorously hit them back. Although he couldn't beat so many Triceratopses, he was a Triceratops who had fought with carnivorous dinosaurs and didn't lose too badly. He's hurt all over, but he also injured many cubs.

The young cubs said as they bumped into Pachi:

"You only know how to please those adult Triceratopses so they take you to eat delicious ferns. If they're so good to you, why don't they come to help you now?…"

"How long does it take to get so many Triceratops to like you since you came? What's so good about you?…"

"The stinky Triceratops who raises Tyrannosaurus rex! Die! Die!…"

"Those Triceratopses are good only because you're Pado's son. If they're good to you, maybe Pado would let them join his group in the future. They think too much. Such a big rift valley…

"You go and tell Pado. Since your Dad is so powerful, let him take you away. You'll never see your powerful Dad again…"

"And your strong brother. Why don't you call him to save you? If he's so strong, why did he send you to our group? He just doesn't want you…"

Pachi wasn't enraged or saddened by the words from those Triceratops cubs. He just wanted to get as few injuries as possible. He just wanted his brother not to see him bullied so badly. His brother would feel very distressed.

There're too many Triceratops cubs surrounded Pachi. Pachi wanted to resist, but he couldn't resist and could only protect himself as much as possible.

At this time, he saw Grandpa Wei, who took the most care of him, running up. Grandpa was actually very old. He should be very tired by running so fast. Pachi felt very distressed.

Wei roared at the cubs, but the cubs were young and strong and their number was large. Wei was soon surrounded and beaten. The cubs were divided into two groups, one beating Pachi and the other beating Wei.

Pachi didn't cry just now, but now he was really worried and sad. He unconsciously roared and began to cry: "Don't hit my Grandpa! He's very old. How can you do this? I'll kill you!…"

Pachi felt extremely desperate. He hated that he wasn't strong enough. If he was strong enough, he could kill these Triceratops with one hit, just like his Dad!

At this moment, Pachi saw his brother galloped here roaring. He couldn't believe his eyes. Even if his brother saw him being bullied, he shouldn't have rushed to help him.

Big brother wasn't a Triceratops of Oro group. If he attacked these Triceratops cubs, he was likely to be attacked by the entire group. It's dangerous!

Pachi shouted, "Brother, don't come here! I can beat them!"

Gulu rushed in in an instant. He rampaged through the cubs. Just after a moment, almost all of them were bloodied with nonfatal but painful injuries.

Gulu planned to teach these young cubs a lesson once and for all. His younger brother was not a dinosaur they could bully!

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