Gulu said all these things and gave Pachi a "survival guide" to the new group. He should talk more with old Triceratopses because old Triceratopses liked the younger ones best and it's the fastest way to integrate into the group. The younger Triceratopses were more troublesome because they were very exclusive. Gulu only wanted his younger brother not to be bullied.

Pachi listened carefully and kept nodding. Finally, he looked up at Gulu and said: "Brother, don't worry. I'm popular. No matter where I go, there will be many Triceratopses who like me. Brother, don't worry about me…"

Gulu rubbed Pachi's neck. The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs also rubbed Pachi's body, unwilling to part.

In order to protect Pachi more quickly, Gulu immediately sent Pachi to the outside of Oro's group. The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs waited for Gulu in the fern bushes not far from Oro's group.

Gulu found the strongest Triceratops on the edge of the group and said: "Uncle, I'm Gulu. I'm looking for your leader. Please help me to convey it."

Gulu was very polite to all Triceratopses of Oro's group, but not too sweet. He hoped that this would make them treat Pachi better.

Oro came to them very soon. Gulu pushed Pachi to Oro's front and said, "Oro, this is my brother. His name is Pachi. Thank you for accepting Pachi. I will never forget your kindness."

Gulu didn't specifically mention Pado and didn't say "Pado and I will never forget you kindness".

For other Triceratopses who admired Pado, bringing up Pado was definitely good, but with Gulu's understanding of Oro, Oro may not like to hear Pado's name at this time.

Then Gulu said to Pachi, "Pachi, this is your brother Oro. Please call him brother Oro. Brother Oro has become a leader since he's an adolescent. It's amazing!"

Pachi called out sweetly at once: "Brother Oro, my name is Pachi. Brother Oro, you're so good looking."

These words were taught to Pachi by Gulu, because Gulu knew that Oro was proud and didn't like to hear other dinosaurs saying that he's powerful. His prowess didn't require other dinosaurs to praise him. When Pachi said Oro was good-looking, Oro would only think that Pachi was simple and lovely and may have a little preference for him.

Gulu, of course, played the role of flatterer, being smooth and sophisticated, to set off Pachi's innocence.

Oro: "Don't call me brother. I'm not your brother."

Gulu knew Oro would say this, but he still saw little appreciation for Pachi from Oro's eyes.

Although Gulu didn't know whether it's useful to use his "cunning" and "trickery" as a human being to curry favor with this Triceratops leader, he was willing to try as long as there was a slight possibility to make Oro be better to Pachi.

Oro: "Have you decided not to come to my group? After today, even if you want to come, I won't allow it."

Gulu looked up at Oro and replied, "I've decided. I'm very happy that you can accept Pachi. Thank you, Oro."

Oro said nothing and took Pachi into the group. Pachi looked back at Gulu step by step and murmured: "Brother, brother…"

Gulu hardened his heart and ran away without looking back at Pachi.

In fact, Gulu just ran into the fern bushes not far from Oro's group and hid with his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers to watch Oro's group.

Gulu saw Oro take Pachi around the group, that was to say, to let all Triceratopses in the group know that this was a new member of the group. Since he agreed, they must also accept him.

This was also a ceremony for newly joining Triceratops. When Gulu joined Pado's group, Pado also took him around the group, but Gulu was sitting majestically on Pado's back with Babana beside him. He knew his parents and siblings all very well. There was no discomfort.

Oro took Pachi around and walked away. He didn't take any special care of Pachi. He just looked down and said something to Pachi.

In the group, Pachi looked at Oro, who was walking far away. Oro said to him just now: "Young one, your brother loves you very much. You have to be smart."

Pachi heavily nodded. He knew that his brother wouldn't rest assured. He would hide outside the group to look at him. He could no longer worry his brother.

Looking at the strange group, without a single dinosaur that he knew, he wasn't scared because he knew that his brother was watching over him outside the group, just like when they were together.

Soon, the Triceratopses in the group began to push Pachi to the edge of the group. Some adult Triceratopses ate fern plants and said to Pachi by their feet, "Get out of here and go to the place where you should be at, new cub. Don't block me from eating fern plants."

Pachi replied cheerfully, "Oh, I'm sorry, uncle, I'll leave right away."

Of course, there're also many other adult Triceratopses or Triceratops cubs pushing Pachi to the edge of the group. Pachi wasn't angry at all. He kept calling them uncle, brother and sister. His mouth was very sweet.

Pachi was raised by Pado and Babana from an early age. Pado was the most powerful Triceratops leader on Yukan mainland. He lived in the most powerful Triceratops group on Yukan mainland. Babana also took care of them. They were born too well, just like those "imperial princes and princesses". They were brought up in the best environment since birth and never felt inferior. They all had awe-inspiring pride engraved in their bones.

Therefore, even if Pachi was now in such a miserable situation, he wouldn't bow down, nor would he feel inferior and sad because of the expected exclusion.

Gulu was born in the Tyrannosaurus rex group, although he was soon taken back to Pado and Babana, Gulu was still stained with Tyrannosaurus rex's bloodlust and cruelty. He's kind and lovely, but also extremely cruel and indifferent. This was totally different from Pachi, who was always relatively warm and gentle.

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Pachi integrated into the group as his brother taught him. He ate at the edge of the group and often talked to older Triceratopses that looked kinder. He also tried to make friends with other Triceratops cubs, but none of them liked to talk to him very much, so he didn't insist.

In just a day or two, at least the older Triceratopses on the edge of the group no longer rejected him and often spoke to him voluntarily. Although the young Triceratopses in the group still hid from him, at least they didn't bully him.

Pachi thought his brother was really powerful. He knew everything. It was right to do what he said.

Gulu, apart from hunting for the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers, basically hid in the lush fern bushes not far from Oro's group, to quietly watch Pachi's life and check if the group had Triceratopses bullying Pachi. This was what he was most worried about at present. He loathed to let his brother suffer even a little injustice.

Fortunately, Gulu saw that his younger brother lived in Oro's group quite well. Although there're no Triceratops cubs to be friends with him for the time being, some old Triceratopses would take the initiative to talk to Pachi and there's no Triceratopses bullying Pachi.

Gulu knew that Triceratops cubs in the group were relatively exclusive, because the competition for survival of Triceratops cubs without parents was too fierce. They couldn't eat fertile ferns and there was no big dinosaur to protect them. If they ran a little slower, they might be eaten when carnivorous dinosaurs attacked the group. If there were weaker cubs, the first ones to be eaten should be them.

Therefore, Gulu didn't expect Pachi to become friends with the Triceratops cubs of Oro's group in a short time. He only needed to see Pachi not bullied.

Because of living in Oro's group these days, although Pachi couldn't eat the most fertile ferns, at least he didn't have to about being hunted by carnivorous dinosaurs. He didn't need to run wildly when seeing them or fight with them. Pachi's horn shield no longer bled and gradually had signs of healing. His body no longer looked weak and became powerful.

Pachi looked at the fern field outside the group. He's looking for his brother. He knew that his brother must be hiding in the fern bushes near the group to see him.

Gulu certainly knew that his younger brother was looking for him. In order to make Pachi understand that he would never leave Pachi and wouldn't stop caring about him just because he found a Triceratops group, Gulu would always let Pachi see him from time to time.

This time, too, he came out of the fern bushes and looked like he was just taking idle steps after eating.

Pachi's eyes brightened instantly when he saw his brother. He nodded to his brother and shook his body to show him, "Brother, I'm doing well in the group. You don't have to worry about me."

Gulu also nodded to Pachi, indicating that he was relieved.

After that, Gulu and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers went to the edge of the forest to see if they could find a lone herbivorous dinosaur. The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers had not eaten for a day. Gulu couldn't bear to starve them.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers felt very guilty. Without them, big brother could go live in a Triceratops group with Pachi. With the protection of the group, he would be much safer. There would be no need to worry all the time about hunting for them or being chased by various carnivorous dinosaurs or fighting with carnivorous dinosaurs.

In fact, these days, the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers had been urging Gulu to join Pachi in the Triceratops group. Gulu was really tired of listening and ordered them not to mention this anymore. The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were all afraid of Gulu and didn't dare to say anymore.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers all knew that without big brother, they wouldn't be able to hunt successfully many times. Without big brother, they would have a very difficult time winning against most carnivorous dinosaurs. Big brother was the main force when hunting or fighting carnivorous dinosaurs. They played the auxiliary roles. Without big brother, they couldn't survive at all. They really loved big brother a lot.

Now the four cubs were going to the edge of the forest together. Of course, they still try their best to hide in the luxuriant fern bushes so that no carnivorous dinosaur could find them.

Gulu looked at the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers as he walked. He also knew that whether he was hunting or fighting with carnivorous dinosaurs, he was equivalent to "the strongest reaper" or "the MVP of the match" taking the head, while his younger brothers were "the strongest assistant" and "damage per second (DPS)". Without him, his younger brothers wouldn't be able to hunt successfully and win against those carnivorous dinosaurs most of the time.

Normally, Tyrannosaurus rex cubs didn't leave their mothers until around the age of 5 because they didn't have a certain ability to survive independently until they were 5 years old. Moreover, even a 5-year-old adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex had to ally with other adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex to survive better. His younger brothers were just over 3 years old and were too young to survive independently.

If Gulu and Pachi both went to a Triceratops group, it would result in indirectly killing his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. He couldn't do it.

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