Su Fu recognized Li Dai's voice, but he didn't see Li Chao.

Mrs. Li stood behind the curtain on the stage feeling very happy at this moment. So many people were celebrating her birthday. She held her hands together and brewed tears. She wanted to wait for her son to sing happy birthday song. After the curtains were opened, she would sincerely thank everyone and wished in front of everyone that her oldest son could find a woman to marry soon.

She wanted to publicly opposed her son's association with a man in front of all respectable people in City B! At his mother's birthday party, if Li Chao refused or lost his temper with her and damaged her birthday, then he's unfilial!

Mrs. Li calculated everything in her heart, however, when Li Dai finished singing, an accident happened.

Just when the banquet hall was completely quiet, suddenly a man's scream rang.

"Ah! Bad woman! She's a bad woman! The car hit me! Ah! I'll kill you!"

All of the guests were frightened by the shrill screams. Before the curtains were opened, the banquet hall remained dark. They heard a loud banging noise from the platform, accompanied by Mrs. Li's horrified screams. Then they could faintly see the cake cart on the stage getting overturned, with two figures intertwining that turned into three then four…It was a mess.

Su Fu got a fright and grasped Tang Sibo's hand tightly.

Tang Sibo held him in his arms, "Oh no, it's my little uncle."

The stage was a mess. The audience was also flustered. Someone shouted to pull the curtain open. But when the curtain was opened, all they saw was a messy stage with cake all over the floor, but there's no one on the stage.

At this moment, Li Chao came up with a calm face. He picked up the microphone that fell to the ground and said, "It's our guards who made a mistake and let someone broke in. I'm sorry to frighten you. My mother is a little scared and has been sent back to her room to rest. We have received everyone's blessing. In order to ensure your safety, please follow the butler and the guards to leave one by one."

Li Chao spoke so seriously. Many people thought that something big happened to the Li family. After all, Li family held important positions in the army. Some people even thought that it was an assassination. They all felt it was really unsafe to stay here. So, they left one by one under the escort of the butlers and guards.

Su Fu also thought it was something big. He hurriedly looked for Juan Juan. He saw that Juan Juan was nestled in big brother Tang's arms and protected by big brother Tang. Tang Luoke, standing beside Tang Sining, looked at Tang Simeng, the old son` who was crying in his mother's arm, with a face of disgust.  

Father Tang said something to his two younger brothers then let them go back with their family. He hurried to the Li family's main residence followed by mother Tang and aunt Tang.

Su Fu didn't quite understand. He looked at Tang Sibo. Tang Sibo frowned and asked Tang Sining to take his two children to eat something. Then he led Su Fu to chase after big brother Tang who was also going.

"Isn't it dangerous for the children to stay there?" Su Fu asked.

"It's okay. The Li family is safe. That was my little uncle. His story is a long one. I'll tell you later."

Su Fu saw that Tang Sibo was serious and guessed that it must be a big story. When he was introduced to the Tang family just now, he didn't hear anyone mention this little uncle. He stopped asking and followed Tang Sibo to the main residence.

The main residence was the residence of Li family, located not far from the banquet hall.

After entering the living room of the main residence, they saw Mrs. Li sitting on the sofa panting. Her face was covered with scratches, and her dress looked dirty and torn. She was really flustered. The Li family doctor was treating her wounds.

Li Dai sat beside his mother to appease her. Li Chao held Liu An and stood frowning.

In the corner of the living room, a man crouched, trembling and facing the wall while muttering in his mouth: "The bad woman is coming…Car is coming…Big brother Li…Where's my big brother Li?…"

Master Li stood looking with a sad face and didn't dare to touch him.

Father Tang and the others rushed to the man as soon as they entered.

Father Tang took a few breaths and softened his voice. "Yuan Yuan, get up. Big brother has come to see you."

Aunt Tang also said, "Yuan Yuan, sister is here. Why are you hiding there?"

Hearing this, the man stopped whispering and slowly turned his head to look at them. Then his eyes lit up and he rushed at father Tang.

"Big brother! Big brother! I saw the bad woman! She wanted to hurt me!"

Su Fu saw his face and gasped. It was the man he met in the bathroom. It turned out that he wasn't a member of the Li family, but the Tang family's little uncle!

When little uncle Tang finished attacking father Tang, he went to pull mother Tang and aunt Tang and asked with trembling voice, "Sister-in-law, sister, where is my big brother Li? Why can't I remember? Did he meet the bad woman?! Ah! I saw the bad woman! I saw her just now!"

Little uncle Tang's spirit seemed to be more and more unstable, looking extremely crazy. The elders of the Tang family took turn coaxing him to no avail. He kept looking for his big brother Li.

At this moment, Master Li finally walked over and said softly: "Xiao Yuan, big brother Li is here. Why do you ignore big brother Li?"

Little uncle Tang was taken aback. He turned to look at Master Li. His eyes lit up again in an instant. After driving away his older brothers and sisters, he walked over to Master Li, looking a little shy and a little nervous.

He looked up at Master Li and opened his mouth as if to say something when suddenly tears started to accumulate in his eyes. "Big brother Li, you said you'll come to see me every week. Why didn't you come this week? I count my fingers every day. Today is the eighth day! Don't you want me? I came out to find you myself. Look, I still remember the way to your home!"

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Master Li's eyes were full of distress. He carefully hugged little uncle Tang in his arms and touched his head: "Big brother Li is bad. Big brother has been busy recently. He plans to visit you tonight. He wants to take you out for a few days. But Yuan Yuan ran out on his own. This isn't good at all."

Little uncle Tang immediately became happy, but before he could say anything, Mrs. Li, who had just been treated, couldn't hear any more. She snapped, "Sir! What nonsense are you talking about? Big brother is dead! Why do you still go out every week to see him?! You're crazy!"

As soon as Mrs. Li's words came out, little uncle Tang looked at her then cried out like crazy.

"Not dead! Big brother Li isn't dead! You bad woman won't succeed!"

Seeing that little uncle Tang's emotions were about to collapse again, Master Li's face suddenly sank and he said angrily, "Send madam back to the room!"

The guards on both side immediately drove Mrs. Li upstairs.

Mrs. Li was still shouting, "Homosexuality won't die a natural death! That's retribution! I'm not wrong! That's retribution!"

After scolding a few words, a guard covered Mrs. Li's mouth and forcefully took her away.

Little uncle Tang quietly stayed in Master Li's arms at the moment, acting dazed and not making any noise.

Father Tang was enraged by Mrs. Li's attitude. However, he had to lower his anger and went over to touch his brother's head. He said softly, "Don't be scared, Yuan Yuan. Nothing happened."

Little uncle Tang raised his head. His eyes were full of tears. He couldn't help but smiled and asked: "Big brother, big brother Li isn't dead, is he? Look, isn't this big brother Li? The bad woman was lying to me, right?"

When Father Tang didn't answer, Master Li put his arms around Little uncle Tang and patted him on the back with a smile. "Big brother Li is standing here well. Why is Yuan Yuan imagining things?"

"Yes, big brother Li isn't dead. Big brother Li is by my side, isn't he?" Little uncle Tang wiped his tears and looked up at Master Li.

Master Li smiled and nodded: "How did Yuan Yuan come here alone? You'll catch a cold if you wear so little. Can big brother Li take you to take a bath and sleep?"

The Li family's butler hurriedly brought a blanket. Master Li opened it and wrapped it around little uncle Tang.

"Big brother Li will accompany me? I've been waiting for big brother Li to come see me. I haven't slept well."

"Of course, big brother Li will accompany Yuan Yuan and watch him fall asleep and wait for Yuan Yuan to wake up." Master Li glanced at father Tang. He nodded at him then hugged little uncle Tang upstairs.

Su Fu saw that father Tang's eyes were filled with heartache. Mother Tang and aunt Tang wept against each other.

Although he knew nothing, his heart was filled with sadness.

He turned his head and looked at Tang Sibo. Tang Sibo hugged him and whispered to him, "Big uncle Li has been dead for many years. Uncle Li is his twin brother."

Su Fu understood in an instant. He suddenly remembered that Tang Sibo once said that his parents' generation had encountered homosexuality. Due to the elders' strong rejection, the outcome was a loss on both sides. Now that he thought about it, was that little uncle Tang?

He didn't know what kind of inside story turned little uncle Tang into this kind of appearance. Just thinking about it, Su Fu felt very uncomfortable.

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