Gulu ran for his life. He didn't know how long he ran. He's really tired. After he stopped hearing the Triceratopses chasing him, he gradually slowed down.

However, because of running too fast and being tired all night, Gulu's feet softened and he fell to the ground. After rolling several times, he was dizzy, seeing stars, and his whole body seemed to be falling apart.

Gulu could still hear the Triceratops leader who was chasing him swearing, "Little brat! You ran fast!"

The main reason for being able to outrun these strong male Triceratopses was that Gulu's weight wasn't too heavy now, at least not as much as adult Triceratopses who weighed more than ten tons. An adult Triceratops couldn't run as fast as a Triceratops his age, but as long as he was hit by one, his life would be over.

Gulu stood up with a lot of ferns on his head and looked at the Triceratops leader in the distance roaring. Because he didn't dare to speak loudly, Gulu could only cursed in a low voice: If you don't want to, just forget it. But you still chase after and bully a cub. What kind of skill do you have? No wonder your group is so small. With a leader who only knows how bully cubs, it'd be strange for the group to grow bigger. Humph, you don't want to, I also don't want Pachi to join you!…"

Although Gulu was very desperate and sad at this time, he didn't want these negative emotions to affect him. He choked back tears even though a few leaked out unwillingly. Despite this, he still wanted to make himself happy as much as possible by talking back.

Gulu didn't know when the heavy rain stopped. Anyway, it already stopped at this time. He could feel the sun coming out.

The leader of the group in the distance still roared: "Pado used to occupy my territory and drive my group away. My group is getting smaller and smaller. His little cubs are miserable now. It serves him right! If you let me see you again, I'll bump you to death…"

After hearing the leader's roar, Gulu realized that this Triceratops leader had such a big feud with Pado. Fortunately, Pachi wasn't sent to the group. If Pachi went, wouldn't they kill him?

With this in mind, Gulu couldn't help shuddering. Fortunately, Triceratopses weren't as cunning as humans. If this Triceratops leader pretended to be willing to let Pachi go to his group, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Gulu decisively decided not to send Pachi to any Triceratops group for the time being. Pachi suddenly became hot last night, which made him too anxious. It's really his thoughtlessness.

Even if Pachi was to be sent a group in the future, the group must be inspected first. At least he needed to make sure that the Triceratops group had no problem with Pado. It must also be far away from Mungo's territory to ensure that the members hadn't been hunted by Mungo's group.

Just as Gulu was walking back, several strong male Triceratopses came running towards him and quickly reached his side. Since they didn't seem to be malicious, Gulu didn't escape.

One of them, a male Triceratops resembling a leader, said to Gulu, "Are you Gulu? Have you been looking for a Triceratops for your brother all night?"

Gulu didn't know these male Triceratopses. After so many experiences, he was very cautious.

However, the fact that he spent an entire night searching for a Triceratops group for his younger brother wasn't a secret. It's certain that all Triceratops groups knew this by now, including those he had never been to.

Gulu looked at this young Triceratops leader and replied, "Yes."

This Triceratops leader looked too young, Gulu wasn't sure whether he was an adult. Although he was very big, much bigger than many adult Triceratopses, his horns revealed his age.

The age of a Triceratops could be observed through its long horns. The older the Triceratops, the deeper and thicker the veins were there. There were less lines on Gulu's horn because he was still a young cub. This Triceratops leader also had few lines in his horns, which didn't look like an adult Triceratops.

The Triceratops leader went on: "My name is Oro. You should have heard of me."

Gulu certainly have heard of Oro, who was the only male Triceratops in the entire continent of Yukan who became a leader before reaching adulthood. He's also the youngest Triceratops leader.

Oro should be nearly 8 years old. Triceratops was considered adult at 8 years old, but Oro was already the leader of a group last year.

Gulu didn't know why Oro was looking for him. Both Pado and Mungo should have no contact with Oro and his group, because Oro's Triceratopses lived very far away from them. Gulu only heard of Oro's name. It's probably the earthquake that brought many far away groups together.

Gulu nodded and replied, "I heard of you. You're the youngest Triceratops leader!"

Oro: "I'm willing to accept your brother Pachi and let him come to my group. You can also come to my group, but your three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers can't."

Gulu couldn't believe his ears. He asked so many Triceratopses all night long but none of them wanted to take them in. Yet, Oro took initiative to find them. It's incredible.

Even though all Triceratopses on Yukan admired Pado, it's just limited to admiration. It's very difficult for them to accept Triceratopses who would help Tyrannosaurus rex cubs hunt. When he first came back to Pado's group, many members couldn't accept him who was raised by Tyrannosaurus rex, not to mention other Triceratops groups.

What's more, Pado had been a leader for so many years. In order for his own group to live better, he must had driven away many Triceratops groups and forged many enmities.

Not to mention the Mungo and his group who had hunted many, many Triceratopses.

Therefore, Gulu could understand why Triceratops groups were not willing to accept them. Seeing this Oro being so active, Gulu naturally became suspicious.

Gulu thought, this Oro shouldn't have any conspiracy? He shouldn't have any grudge against Pado and Mungo? However, he couldn't be sure that this wasn't a premeditation to cheat Pachi and harm him…

After facing so many cruel rejections last night, it's normal for Gulu to think like this about Oro now. He believed that Oro could become a leader at such a young age, not just because he was extremely strong, but perhaps because he was extremely smart and was one of the few Triceratopses that could play tricks?

Gulu had to ask, "Oro, last night I asked many Triceratops groups. But they all refused me and some tried to beat me up. They didn't want me and Pachi because we helped Tyrannosaurus rex hunt. Why can you accept us?"

Oro: "I don't know, maybe it's because you're Pado's cub?"

Gulu said excitedly, "Oro, do you know Pado? Do you know my Dad?"

Oro: "No, I've heard that Pado is the most powerful Triceratops leader in the entire continent of Yukan. Of course, I've heard of him."

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Gulu's eyes were full of stars: "Are you willing to accept us because you worship my Dad Pado?"

Oro didn't speak. He just looked down at Gulu.

He also didn't know. He was very proud. He felt that he was a better leader than Pado, because he became a leader when he was still an adolescent while Pado became a leader after he became an adult.

But at the same time, Oro did take Pado as his growth target. It's a fact that he wasn't as good as Pado now. He believed that he would catch up with Pado soon after he reached adulthood. Before he did, he would still take Pado as his target. He didn't know whether this was considered worship.

Gulu saw a little admiration in Oro's eyes, with less fear and more pride.

Oro: "I'll give you three days to think about it. I'll accept you and Pachi whenever you come in three days."

Then Oro and the male Triceratopses who followed him ran back towards their group.

Gulu looked at Oro's back. He was still very hesitant whether to send Pachi there or not. He decided to investigate for two days first then sent Pachi after making sure it's safe.

When Gulu returned to his four younger brothers, Pachi no longer had fever, but he was relatively weak. The lack of fever at least relieved Gulu.

The four younger brothers all had a tacit understanding and didn't ask Gulu if he found a Triceratops group willing to accept Pachi. They knew that their big brother had plans. He wouldn't do anything less than he promised. He had already broken his heart in order to let them survive.

For the next two days, Gulu and his brothers were lurking in the vicinity of Oro's group for careful observation. At the same time, they would also ask other Triceratopses about Oro's group. Fortunately, they could still find out the news. Triceratopses were very gossiping, especially those elderly Triceratopses, who couldn't stand their sweet mouths after being coaxed by them. These elderly Triceratopses were willing to share gossips with Gulu.

Gulu gradually realized that Oro was a very conceited Triceratops leader. Oro admired Pado, but he never admitted it even though he couldn't help but stop and listen every time he heard Pado being mentioned while pretending to just rest nearby…

Pachi, of course, also basically knew that the group his brother was looking for was Oro's group. The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers also knew this but the younger ones were very tacit and didn't mention it. They were very sensible and didn't want to add trouble to their big brother. Big brother was tired enough.

Pachi was still bleeding from time to time for two days because of the serious injury on his horn shield. He's a little weak. If they were attacked by carnivorous dinosaurs again, Pachi would be danger. He must decide as soon as possible.

After Gulu found out the situation of Oro's group, he decided to send Pachi to Oro's group early on the third day.

Before leaving, Gulu taught Pachi a lot. He was afraid that Pachi would be bullied by other Triceratops cubs in Oro's group.

Gulu knew that even adult Triceratopses who were newly introduced to the group couldn't avoid being pushed out and bullied. They had to slowly integrate into the group, not to mention the cubs who had no parents or siblings following.

Oro, as a leader, wouldn't care about every Triceratops cub. It's impossible. Moreover, with Oro's character, he wouldn't take special care of Pachi. Everything could only be fought and adapted by Pachi himself.

However, at least Pachi could recover after going to Oro's group. He didn't have to follow them around and worry about being attacked by carnivorous dinosaurs all time. Pachi really couldn't stand the attacks of carnivorous dinosaurs any more.

Gulu rubbed against his brother and choked out heartbroken words:

"Pachi, don't be scare of other dinosaurs after going to Oro's group. You should talk more with those old Triceratopses, especially the ones who looked bigger and kinder. They would certainly like you…

If there're Triceratops cubs who bully you, you must fight back if you can win. Don't be afraid of them, as long as you don't kill them. It would also be great to be friends with some Triceratops cubs. If you can't beat them then resist. Be tough and don't let them bully you…

Brother will always be near Oro's group. You can see brother if you want to. If you don't see him sometimes, don't worry. Brother must have gone hunting with the Tyrannosaurus rex brothers and will be back soon. Don't worry about brother and the Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. We'll be fine…"

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