However, before Pachi and Gulu could eat the ferns bald, an adult male Tyrannosaurus rex came running from nearby. He had a crush on the Allosaurus that the cubs had just hunted.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs ate faster but only managed to eat half of the Allosaurus in such a short period of time. They could only be counted as having eaten half full.

Adult male Tyrannosaurus rex was definitely beyond the reach of the five cubs. Even if they joined hands, there was no hope of surviving.

Gulu shouted at the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers, "Stop eating and run!"

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers had to save their lives first so they could only give up their prey. They immediately abandoned their prey and turned to run.

The five cubs ran desperately and didn't dare to stop for a moment. If they were overtaken by the adult male Tyrannosaurus rex, none of them would survive.

But soon they found that the adult male Tyrannosaurus rex didn't come after them. He's more interested in the half-remaining Allosaurus instead of the five young ones.

If an adult male Tyrannosaurus rex was strong, he wouldn't grab the meat left by other dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus rex was a very proud carnivorous dinosaur. It seldom ate leftover meat and usually preferred to eat the fresh prey that it just hunted, unless the male Tyrannosaurus rex was injured.

Gulu and his brothers stopped at a safe distance to observe the male Tyrannosaurus rex. He's indeed injured and was seriously injured. His back was covered with blood and his tail was bitten off.

However, even if this adult male Tyrannosaurus rex was injured like this, the five cubs together were not his rivals at all. They couldn't take back the meat since they dared not provoke this male Tyrannosaurus rex. They could only watch the meat that they worked so hard to get while covered in blood being eaten by another dinosaur.

In fact, this wasn't the first time that young cubs had lost their prey that had been successfully hunted. Some injured Tyrannosaurus rex, or Mapusaurus with limited hunting ability, or even three to five Allosaurus, would all come to rob their prey.

Therefore, as long as the hunt was successful, the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs must eat quickly, because they never knew when other carnivorous dinosaurs would come and rob them of meat. They could only eat as much as they could.

The five cubs were too scared just now and were still in shock. They watched the male Tyrannosaurus rex eat their prey while gasping for breath.

Gulu saw unshed tears and endless loss in the eyes of his four younger brothers. When would such a difficult day end? They were almost desperate.

At this moment, heavy rain poured down.

The five cubs lifted up their heads and let the rain pour over their heads and bodies, washing away the blood all over them. They didn't know whether those were rain or tears that flowed down.

It's really too difficult for young cubs like them to survive without the protection of the group.

Even so, Gulu took his younger brothers to hide under the lush fern bushes in the center of the dense forest. The main reason was because they were all injured and should be exposed to as little rain as possible. Their wounds would easily become infected if soaked by rain for a long time.

Gulu carefully examined the injuries on his younger brothers. Pachi's horn shield was a bit seriously injured. First of all, the scratches were deeper and longer. Even after getting well, they would leave deep scars.

Pachi didn't feel much pain, but his head was a little groggy and he wanted to sleep.

Gulu soon discovered that Pachi was hot. Although he couldn't determine Pachi's exact temperature, no dinosaur would want to sleep in such a big rain.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were all very sensible. Guga let Pachi sleep on him while Guji and Gudong used their bodies to shield Pachi from the rain.

After thinking about it, Gulu still felt that he must find a Triceratops group for Pachi. It would be much better for Pachi to enter a Triceratops group.

Of course, Triceratops group wouldn't easily accept foreign Triceratops, but Gulu still wanted to try. How could he know if he didn't?

Pachi knew what his brother was going to do. His brother had said before that he would send him to live in a Triceratops group, so that he wouldn't be in danger every day. Brother and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers would follow the Triceratops group, so that they wouldn't lose him. When they met Dad's group, the would return to their own group.

However, he didn't want to live in Triceratops group. He must follow his brother. He's not afraid to follow his brother no matter how hard or tired he was. Moreover, if he went to live in a Triceratops group, his brothers would have one less helper to hunt, which would make their situation more dangerous.

Pachi stood up and stopped Gulu, "Brother, don't go, ok? I'll follow you. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going."

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers also knew that their older brother was going to find a Triceratops group for Pachi. In fact, the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers all knew that without them, brother and Pachi wouldn't be in so much danger. Brother and Pachi didn't need to hunt for them. They could find a Triceratops group that was willing to accept them. With the protection of the group, their life would be much better.

Guji quickly said: "Brother, we can support ourselves. You can accompany Pachi to join a Triceratops group. Pachi is injured and he needs your care."

Gudong also spoke: "Yes, brother, we're all strong. It's no problem to feed ourselves."

Guga: "Brother, you don't have to worry about us. We've been hunting so many times, but we haven't been hurt much. We're really strong."

The younger brothers had already said many words, but Gulu still couldn't leave the three Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers behind. He roared: "Shut up! I'm the older brother! You all have to listen to me!"

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The four cubs stopped talking in an instant. Gulu then softly went on, "Take care of Pachi. Wait for me to come back."

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers nodded repeatedly. Pachi didn't dare to say anything more. At last, everyone could only say: "Brother, be careful."

Gulu ran to the nearby Triceratops group without looking back.

The rain was still heavy, but it washed away the bloody smell on Gulu. Triceratops didn't like bloody smell. If the bloody smell was too strong, those Triceratopses might think that he would attract carnivorous dinosaurs. It's even more impossible to let him in to meet their leader.

Foreign Triceratops must obtain the consent of the group leader to join the group.

Gulu ran to the nearest Triceratops group. It had 700-800 Triceratopses, which was a normal size group. Pachi's life in this group would be better than following them.

Fortunately, he learned a lot about the Triceratops's "hidden rules and regulations" from Pado. He knew where to find the Triceratopses to meet the leader the fastest.

The most peripheral Triceratopses were old Triceratopses or cubs without parents. Gulu only needed to find the strongest male Triceratopses on the edge of the territory to see the leader as quickly as possible, because the strong Triceratopses that could watch the edge of the territory were the "right-hand man" beside the Triceratops leader.

Gulu came to the front of one of the male Triceratopses. He didn't dare to approach too close. They would attack him. The rain was too heavy. He could only shout loudly: "Uncle, I'm Pado's son. My name is Gulu. Uncle, please help me. My brother Pachi is injured. I want him to enter your group. Please help me ask the leader if it's okay, please…"

The male Triceratops heard Gulu's shouts, but he was too lazy to answer. Gulu kept shouting for a long time. He got up and walked to Gulu's side. He gave Gulu a hard hit and said, "Little brat! Leave us alone! What if you're Pado's son? Isn't your Dad across the way? Isn't your Dad very strong? Go find him!"

Gulu's head hurt a little and he almost sat on the ground on his butts. He still begged softly: "Uncle, please help us. My Dad will repay you later. My Dad can help you kill those carnivorous dinosaurs. My Dad…"

Before Gulu could finish, the male Triceratops roared: "If you don't go, I'll hit you with my horn! How many Triceratopses from our group did Mungo bite to death? How many Triceratopses from our group did Mungo eat? And you still helped those three Tyrannosaurus rex hunt! How is it possible for us to take your brother in? Get out!"

In this way, Gulu was rejected by many, many Triceratops groups for the same reason. Some Triceratopses even chased after to fight Gulu.

In the past few days, Gulu's survival in this forest with his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers and one Triceratops brother became a very shocking news for all dinosaur groups, because they had never seen Triceratops cubs survive for such a long time without the group and they still had three Tyrannosaurus rex with them. They even helped Tyrannosaurus rex hunt. One couldn't imagine it.

In fact, Gulu had long realized that most Triceratops groups wouldn't accept Pachi, because Pachi was his younger brother and Pachi helped him hunt for his Tyrannosaurus rex brothers, which was the most unacceptable for herbivorous dinosaurs.

Gulu once again found a Triceratops group. Before he could speak, he was chased away by several strong male Triceratopses who ran after him. He couldn't open his mouth at all.

After running for a long time, the male Triceratopses no longer chased after him. They roared in the heavy rain: "A Triceratops who helps Tyrannosaurus rex hunt. Stay away from our group! Don't expect us to let you in…"

Gulu looked at the roaring male Triceratops: "I haven't said why I'm here yet. You just chase me away? Can't you wait for me to finish talking? Who wants to go to your group? In the future, once Pachi and I become as powerful as Pado, even if you beg us to join your group, we wouldn't go. Tsk. A word to you. Don't bully the poor and the young!"

Standing in the pouring rain, Gulu was tired, hungry and sad. He didn't know whether he was crying or not. He felt sure that he wasn't crying. He wouldn't cry. His main core was already an adult, not a cub.

Even though Gulu was very sad and tired, he still needed to express his grievances. No matter how desperate the environment, Gulu would always find some fun and balance for himself. This could be regarded as a spiritual victory.

In this way, one didn't know how many Triceratops groups he ran to. The sky was already bright. Gulu was too tired. He wanted to try two more Triceratops groups. If he still couldn't, he would give up.

This time he found a small Triceratops group, with less than 400 Triceratopses.

He didn't want to go to those "powerful" male Triceratopses beside the leader. The male Triceratopses were cruel, bloodthirsty, and generally had no sympathy. Maybe the leader was willing to accept Pachi, but they just didn't want to bring the message.

So Gulu found an old Triceratops, who looked very kind. After that, the old Triceratops was willing to help him with his message.

The Triceratops leader came out with several strong male Triceratopses. The leader asked, "Are you Gulu?"

Gulu nodded: "I'm Gulu. Leader uncle, please help me…"

But before Gulu finished speaking, he saw deep hatred in the eyes of this Triceratops leader. He unconsciously took a few steps back.

Indeed, as expected, the Triceratops leader commanded several male Triceratopses to mercilessly crash into the Gulu. Gulu turned and desperately ran.

However, the male Triceratopses behind Gulu were too strong and pursued him relentlessly. It seemed that they wouldn't stop until they killed him.

Gulu had no idea when he offended this group. He didn't know this group at all!

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