Pado also saw the young cubs being chased by those Mapusaurus. He anxiously roared and ran out of the group. He kept looking at the edge of the opposite forest. If he couldn't Gulu and Pachi, he wouldn't rest assured.

Gaya and Mungo's brothers had also been running at the edge of the forest and looking at the opposite forest. They wanted to see the cubs reappear at the edge of the forest. They were all worried.

When Gulu and his younger brothers reappeared on the edge of the forest, all of the elders, whether it was Mungo, Babana, Pado or Gaya, were greatly relieved and overjoyed.

The five cubs kept nodding towards the opposite side. They're speaking with body language: "Dad (Mom), you don't have to worry. We can take care of ourselves!"

Although their voices couldn't be heard by their parents on the other side, they could basically understand their body language.

In the next few days, the cubs escaped many carnivorous dinosaur attacks by using Guga's extraordinary "stealth skills."

Gulu took his brothers to hunt herbivorous dinosaurs every day. Sometimes they could hunt successfully, but sometimes they couldn't. They all hunted lone dinosaur to reduce the danger.

In a word, the principle of the young ones was to protect their lives first. If hunting was unsuccessful, they could hunt again. If their lives were gone, they were really gone. Gulu also took the safety of his younger brothers as the main consideration.

Therefore, the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were mostly full. When there was meat, they would eat very full. Even if they're not hungry, they would still eat. There was no waste at all in case they couldn't find meat later.

Although the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs didn't eat as well as in Mungo's group, they were not hungry and thin overall. Their days were passable.

The young cubs spend most of their time on the edge of the forest, mainly because the edge of the forest was relatively safe and they could be seen by their parents on the other side, which was more reassuring.

About five or six days later, probably because there was no earthquake, or even a small aftershock, there're more and more herbivorous dinosaurs on the edge of the forest. Of course, after there're more herbivorous dinosaurs, there're also more and more carnivorous dinosaurs. The life of the young ones began to become difficult.

However, Gulu still wanted to thank the earthquake for not shaking again. He thought it might be because he became friends with the earthquake via game that night. The earthquake really listened to him.

If there was another earthquake, even if it's a small earthquake, the narrow fern field where Mungo and Babana were located at would certainly be swallowed by the rift valley without a doubt.

The young cubs had been walking forward all this time. They wanted to see if there's any way to cross to the opposite side ahead. Maybe there was a fern field far away from their sight that had not collapsed.

Mungo and Babana had also been walking forward at full speed except for food and rest. First, they wanted to go to the young cubs as soon as possible. Second, the fern field they're standing was too narrow and unsafe. As long as there was a little aftershock, it may collapse, and they would fall to death.

Pado's group and Mungo's group had certainly been moving forward. They also wanted to see if there was any way to take over the cubs. They also wanted to stay close to Mungo and Babana. They were too worried about them.

With more and more carnivorous dinosaurs on the edge of the forest, the cubs needed to be very careful, but they still couldn't avoid being found. If they really couldn't beat the carnivorous dinosaurs, they would run away. If they could beat them, they would act tough.

The five cubs were all about the same age, but because Triceratops cubs developed faster than Tyrannosaurus rex cubs, Gulu and Pachi looked much bigger than the three Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers. Gulu already weighed nearly 5 tons. Pachi also weighed 4 tons, but the three Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers only weighed about 3 tons.

Because the ferns on the edge of the forest were not so lush and now there're more carnivorous dinosaurs on the edge of the forest, the young cubs often hid in the lush fern bushes in the forest then go to the edge of the forest only after nightfall to see if there're any solitary herbivorous dinosaur to hunt.

However, even if the young cubs were better hidden and the "stealth technology" of Guga was good, hiding in the forest wasn't as good as on the fern plains because the ferns the forest weren't as flourishing and there're too many carnivorous dinosaurs, so they would always be found.

Today, they were discovered by two Allosaurus looking for food everywhere. The two Allosaurus originally intended to hunt a Camptosaurus in the Camptosaurus group. After seeing the five cubs without protection of a group and adult dinosaurs, they naturally chose to hunt the five cubs.

Any carnivorous dinosaur, as long as it saw a lone herbivorous dinosaur or carnivorous dinosaur cub, would choose to attack the cub, so the five cubs were often attacked.

Allosaurus was 8-10 meters long and weighed 2-3 tons. Although it couldn't be compared with Tyrannosaurus rex, since the three young Tyrannosaurus rex were already 3 tons, while Gulu was 5 tons and Pachi was 4 tons, but the young cubs were still inexperienced due to their young age while the two Allosaurus were more experienced in fighting and posed great danger to them.

When dinosaurs fought, one couldn't only look at the weight, but also look at the comprehensive abilities. The combined weight of the two Allosaurus was far less than that of the five young ones. However, the bite force of Allosaurus was extremely strong and these two had a lot of hunting experience.

Two Allosaurus could easily hunt a 4-5-ton Triceratops cub or two 3-ton Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. Of course, it's still possible to defeat the Allosaurus if the five cubs worked together.

According to the current situational analysis, the five cubs had a winning rate of 55% against the two Allosaurus.

This time they didn't choose to run away, because they couldn't run faster than these Allosaurus, who could run much faster than Mapusaurus. In addition, the three young Tyrannosaurus rex hadn't eaten for nearly two days. They were hungry and Gulu wanted to kill an Allosaurus for his brothers to eat.

They had too many fights during this period of time. The day before yesterday, they had a fight with three Nanotyrannus, killing one Nanotyrannus, which the three young Tyrannosaurus rex ate. Before then, they had a fight with a group of Troodontids, but Troodontids were too small and sensitive. They failed to kill them and let them run away…

Because they often fought with these carnivorous dinosaurs, the cooperation of the five cubs was already quite tacit.

Pachi and Guga were responsible for leading one of the Allosaurus away, while Guji, Gudong and Gulu were responsible for attacking the other Allosaurus to death.

The young cubs now fought with unusual ferocity. Their eyes were full of bloodlust and rage. Even Pachi had learned to fight with various carnivorous dinosaurs. He knew more about how to protect himself and how to attack the deadliest spots. Life-threatening battles always made dinosaurs grow fast. People and dinosaurs could always inspire infinite potential when pushed to the limit.

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In order to let his brother no longer worry about himself, Pachi grew up very fast. Even Gulu was amazed.

Pachi was leading in front of the Allosaurus, but he wouldn't leave his back to the Allosaurus for too long. When he heard the footsteps of the Allosaurus approaching, he immediately turned his head and used his already one-meter-long sharp horn, which angered the Allosaurus. The Allosaurus was also afraid of being pierced in the throat by the long horn and didn't dare to attack rashly.

Guga had been attacking the Allosaurus from the side by biting the back and stomach of the Allosaurus to help distract its attention from Pachi. Without Guga attacking from the side, Pachi would easily have been bitten by the Allosaurus on the head. Carnivorous dinosaurs always liked to bite off Triceratopses' most important weapon, their long horn.

When the Allosaurus turned to attack Guga, Pachi would slam into it and forced it to dodge. Pachi could also hit the Allosaurus's back with his long horn, leaving deep or shallow blood grooves on the Allosaurus's back.

Pachi and Guga cooperated very well, constantly helping each other to disperse the firepower of the Allosaurus, making the Allosaurus unable to concentrate on attacking any cub. Even though their combat experience wasn't as rich as that of this Allosaurus, they were together as one and their weight was heavier than that of this Allosaurus.

In the world of dinosaurs, although weight didn't determine every battle, as long the weight was higher, it already won a statistical victory.

Pachi and Guga led the Allosaurus further and further, in order to prevent it from going back to help the other Allosaurus.

Gulu, Guji and Gudong attacked the second Allosaurus fiercely. Of course, the Allosaurus also fought back. Both sides were injured. The three cubs had blood on them, same as the Allosaurus.

Guji and Gudong bit the Allosaurus's back at the same time, biting on tightly and refusing to let go. With the strong bite force of Tyrannosaurus rex, it's impossible loosen the bite unless the entire meat was bitten off.

The Allosaurus had severe back pain. It turned its head to attack two Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. Gulu took this opportunity to fiercely slam his horn into Allosaurus' neck. The Allosaurus was experienced in fighting and immediately perceived the fatal danger. It turned it head sharply and ran to the side.

Gulu's horn originally aimed to stab the Allosaurus's neck, but now it only penetrated its chest. As the Allosaurus escaped to the side, Gulu easily drew out his horn.

Although it only hit the chest, which wasn't as deadly as hitting the neck, it's still a serious injury. Blood gushed out and the Allosaurus kept roaring fiercely.

The Allosaurus lured away by Guga and Pachi wanted to come back to help the second Allosaurus, but it had been led too far away to come back in a short time. Besides, Pachi and Guga had been doing their best to prevent it from returning.

Gulu, Guji and Gudong must kill the second Allosaurus before this one came back to help. There wasn't much time, but they were almost successful. Their killing skills were becoming more and more proficient.

The second Allosaurus was continuously squirting blood from its chest. Guji and Gudong focused on attacking its butts and tail while Gulu attacked its belly.

Guji found the right opportunity to bite on the Allosaurus' tail. He bit down with all his strength and successfully bit off the tail.

The sharp pain of a severed tail made the Allosaurus neglect the others and turned to attack Guji. Guji and Gudong continued to attract the Allosaurus's attention. Gulu took this opportunity to slam his horn into the Allosaurus's neck.

There was a loud bang. The Allosaurus fell to the ground and died instantly.

The other Allosaurus was very angry when it saw its companion dead. It attacked Pachi and Guga with great ferocity. Gulu rushed to support them with Guji and Gudong.

The Allosaurus took a bite at Pachi's long horn. Guga knew that Triceratops couldn't live without horn. He threw himself at the Allosaurus with his mouth wide open while ignoring his own safety. He also wanted to bite into the Allosaurus's upper jaw.

But even so, Allosaurus managed to bite Pachi's horn shield. The horn shield was sharply and deeply scratched. Finally, it made a tooth-shaped gouge on the edge of the horn shield. At the same time, Guga also managed to bite its upper jaw.

Gulu, Guji and Gudong joined the battle at full speed. Of course, an Allosaurus couldn't beat five ferocious cubs who had reached a certain weight. It had to give up on revenge and turned to run.

Of course, it's impossible for the five cubs to hunt down this Allosaurus. They already killed one Allosaurus, which was enough for the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs to eat.

The five cubs were covered in blood. The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs immediately ran back to eat the Allosaurus meat, while Pachi and Gulu went to eat bald a fern area and washed away the scent of blood with soil.

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