Li family was a military family. For Mrs. Li's birthday banquet, there would naturally be various people coming to celebrate her birthday. As a close friend of the Li family, the Tang family would arrive early to help out.

The birthday banquet was held at noon. The Tang family also got up early. They ate breakfast together and changed into formal clothes. The family went to Li mansion in three cars.

The clothes for Tang Sibo, Su Fu and their two children were prepared by Uncle Wei. They wore same style suits. Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke were in dark blue, looking serious and dignified, while Su Fu and Juan Juan wore light blue, appearing elegant and cordial. Those who looked would know that this was a family of four.

Su Fu rarely wore such formal suit. In the morning, there was also a stylist who came to style them, which made him feel uncomfortable sitting in the car now.

Tang Sibo knew that he had never attended such a formal banquet. He held the steering wheel in one hand and Su Fu's hand in the other. He squeezed his hand and said, "Don't be nervous. Li Chao and Liu An are both there today. You know them. Think of it as going to a friend's house to play."

Su Fu nodded and placed Tang Sibo's hand back on the steering wheel, motioning for him to drive safely.

Tang Sibo laughed helplessly.

"Mrs. Li is Li Chao's mother? She's only 50 years old? Li Chao is about your age, right?" In order to ease his tension, Su Fu began to find topics to chat.

"Yes, Aunt Li was the daughter of old master Li's friend. When Aunt Li was 15 years old, both of her parents died. Old master Li was always thinking about his old friend and brought his friend's daughter back to raise. At that time, he intended to let his son marry her."

Sure enough, there're many inside stories of the rich and powerful families. Su Fu sighed, "So did Mrs. Li marry Master Li very early?"

"That generation generally married earlier, so did my parents, but there're still many secrets in the marriage of uncle Li and aunt Li. I'll tell you later."

Su Fu thought about it. Probably some secret of the Li family was involved, so he nodded and stopped asking.

About 20 minutes later, the Tang family's cars entered Li mansion one after another.

Su Fu sat on the co-pilot seat and looked through the window. He found that the Li family's mansion was also very large, but the decoration didn't seem to have the elegant and warm feeling of the Tang family. On the contrary, it was a bit cold, probably because the Li family was full of soldiers since the previous dynasties.

It's still a long time before the birthday banquet, but even so, some guests had already came to visit.  

Tang family and Li family had been friends for generations. Father Tang and Father Li were also best friends. The Tang family's cars didn't stop at the guest parking lot after entering Li family's gate, but directly entered Li family's private parking lot.

A line of people got out of the car. The butler from the Li family hurried to meet them while telling father Tang who had arrived, then he respectfully led them to the reception room.

The birthday banquet was held in the banquet hall of the Li family. The reception room now was where Master Li received important guests today. Other guests were received by Li Chao, Li Dai and the butler.

Father Tang and mother Tang took their children to the Li family's reception room. Master Li immediately stood up with a smile and said, "Brother Tang is here. Please come and sit down."

There're four or five men about the same age in the reception room, all of whom came to greet them with a smile.

Tang Sibo was afraid of Su Fu's nervousness and held his hand. He said in a small voice: "They're all Uncle Li's friends from the army. Two of them are officials in City B. You don't need to know them. Don't be nervous."

Su Fu nodded and saw the old men chatting happily. Master Li wore a military uniform, looking very high spirited, handsome and upright. One couldn't see that he was over 50 at all.

"The children in the old Tang family are really dragons and phoenixes among people! They're the envy of their generation!" The mayor of City B began to praise the people behind Father Tang, from how big brother Tang was valiant and heroic, how second brother Tang was elegant and dignified, to how young master Tang was cute and adorable, until he reached Su Fu, he became stunned and didn't know who he was…

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Not to mention the mayor didn't know, Master Li also didn't know who he was, but he saw Tang Sibo and Su Fu holding hands. He understood. Master Li was also a good person. He had a tacit understanding with father Tang from being best friends for many years. He knew that father Tang brought Su Fu here so openly today, showing that he wanted to publicly protect him.

As a result, seeing that the mayor was stuck, Master Li immediately added: "Xiao Bo, why don't you introduce him?"

Tang Sibo smiled and replied, "Nephew is negligent. Uncle hasn't seen him before. This is my lover Su Fu."

Then he looked at Juan Juan led by mother Tang holding hands with Tang Luoke, and continued, "That little fellow is our adopted son."

Su Fu's heart tightened when he said that. He held Tang Sibo's hand tightly.

Tang Sibo squeezed his hand and took a slight step sideways. He pulled Su Fu closer, which was somewhat akin to a guarding posture.

Master Li wasn't surprised. He could see it. Besides, his son was with Liu An. He wouldn't have any opinions about his best friend's son.

The other old men looked at each other with a mouthful of blood stuck in the throat. They didn't know what to say. It stood to reason that there was nothing to show off about having a homosexual in century-old family like the Tang family. Couldn't they just leave it on default like the one from the Li family? Was it necessary to introduce so openly?

However, the Tang family just did it so naturally and aboveboard. If they had any bad reaction, they would offend people immediately.

Seeing that the old men had stopped talking, Father Tang knew what they were thinking. He said to Su Fu, "Xiao Fu, these were all uncles. Come and greet them."

The old men listened. Okay, old Tang publicly guarded and put pressure on them.

Hearing father Tang's words, Su Fu calmed down a little. He loosened Tang Sibo's hand, bowed slightly, and said to the several old men, "Hello uncles, it's the first time we meet. Please forgive me for any discourteousness."

"Good! Good! Second Master Tang's lover is extraordinary as expected! The young master is also very cute!" After the mayor of City B who had always felt that kindness earned money reacted, he hurriedly continued to flatter him. Regardless of being with men or women, as long as they're from the Tang family, there's nothing wrong with boasting them.

The rest of the old men also echoed one by one. No one said anything bad.  

These were all prominent figures in City B. They had always been friends with the Tang family and Li family, but they weren't close confidants. Father Tang saw that things were done. He no longer let Su Fu interact with them. Instead, he asked mother Tang to send the younger generation out.

After coming out of the reception room, mother Tang took them to the banquet hall. At this moment, there're already many guests chatting in the banquet hall, all of whom were from famous families in City B.

Looking at the wealthy daughters in gorgeous dresses, mother Tang knew that Mrs. Li was still unwilling to give up and wanted to find Li Chao a good marriage. She snorted coldly. The bad habit of beating mandarin ducks couldn't be changed.

When all the ladies saw Mrs. Tang arrived, they all covered their mouths with smiles and led their daughters around. Marriage with the Tang family was very attractive to them, not to mention that the two successful sons of the Tang family were still unmarried. The so-called aristocratic nobles probably referred to this kind of family.

Upon seeing this scene, big brother Tang was the first to have a headache. He spoke to mother Tang then walked away.

So, Su Fu saw the older and younger ladies turning their eyes to Mr. Tang beside him one by one.

Tang Sining poked Su Fu and whispered: "Hurry and take my second brother away. These ladies are going to eat people!"

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