Big brother Tang gave a set of jigsaw puzzles to Juan Juan. He remembered that Juan Juan liked such things a lot.

Tang Sining gave Juan Juan a big doll. Juan Juan was clearly a boy. One didn't know what she was thinking. But unexpectedly, Juan Juan also liked it.

Father Tang and mother Tang didn't think too much. The most important thing for children were to be safe and happy. Together, they sent a good pair of Hetian jade safety button pendants.

Juan Juan liked everything he saw. He accepted them all without forgetting to say thank you.  

After everyone gave presents to Juan Juan, they all looked at Tang Luoke.

Tang Luoke was eating cake. Seeing everyone watching him, he put down the cake and went upstairs.

They then turned to Tang Sibo. Tang Luoke must have asked Tang Sibo what gift to give. After all, what could a child buy?

Tang Sibo smiled mysteriously and gracefully cut the cake without comment.

After a while, Tang Luoke came down holding a small box. They found that the box was still moving.

"Xiao Ke, what do you want to give Juan Juan? So mysterious?" Tang Sining smiled and went over to touch the box in Tang Luoke's arms.

Tang Luoke turned away and wouldn't let her touch. He mysteriously held it to Juan Juan.

Juan Juan was sitting in Su Fu's arms eating cake. Seeing that the box was moving, he's also very curious. He licked the cream on his mouth and asked, "Older brother Tang, what is it?"

Tang Luoke still didn't speak. He put the box on one side of the chair and slowly opened it.

The crowd saw a small black head poking out first, then they saw a small black Teddy dog inside.

"Wow ~ it's a puppy!" Juan Juan was so excited that he no longer ate the cake. He slipped down from Su Fu and da da da ran over to Tang Luoke to look at the puppy on the chair.

The rest of the people looked at each other. It's no use for them to give presents to Juan Juan. Tang Luoke clearly won.

Su Fu looked at Tang Sibo and asked in a low voice, "Did you go shopping with Xiao Ke?"

Tang Sibo shook his head and smiled, "My aunt's family has a male and a female Teddy. They gave birth to puppies not long ago. Now it's just after a full moon. Xiao Ke wanted to bring it over."

"It's hard to take care of such a small one, right? Juan Juan can't even take care of himself."

"It doesn't matter, isn't there still us? It's a good thing for children to have more contact with small animals."

Su Fu saw Juan Juan's joyful expression. He couldn't bear to spoil his enthusiasm. He had to agree. In the future, there would be three little guys for them to take care of at home.

Tang Sining looked at the puppy and liked it very much. She smiled and asked, "Is this my aunt's puppy? The mother dog is white! The father dog gene is too strong! The puppy that they gave birth to is black!"

"Three puppies. Two white ones and one black one. Xiao Ke picked the black one," said Tang Sibo.

Tang Sining chuckled, "How beautiful is a small white dog. Xiao Ke, why did you choose this black puppy? I can't even find its eyes."

Tang Luoke glanced at her and touched the puppy's head with his small hand. "Xiao Juan's hair is black," he said.

The crowd looked at Juan Juan's curly black hair then the puppy's curly black hair. They really looked alike. They immediately laughed.

Tang Luoke was really persistent about this point. He always remembered that when he first met Juan Juan. His curly hair impressed him most. He felt that it looked like the Teddy dogs from his aunt's house. When he learned that his aunt's family gave birth to puppies, he wanted one early on. It just happened to be Juan Juan's birthday, so it's perfect to give it to him.

"Juan Juan, can you give the puppy a name?" Tang Luoke stroked the puppy's fur then Juan Juan's hair.

Juan Juan looked at Su Fu and asked, "Can Juan Juan give a name?"

Su Fu smiled and nodded, "Of course, you can name your puppy."

Juan Juan tilted his head. He stroked the puppy's curly hair and said, "Its fur is so curly. It can be called Juan Juan (Curly) too?"

Mother Tang was the first to laugh. She rubbed Juan Juan's curly hair and said, "In this case, it'll be hard to tell which Juan Juan was called in the future."

Juan Juan raised his head. He looked at mother Tang, wrinkled his brows, then looked at the puppy, "Its fur is black, so called it Hei Hei (Blackie)?"

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Tang Sining laughed again and instigated, "Then might as well call it Hei Hei Hei?"

"Why?" Juan Juan tilted his head to look at her.

"A lot of people named their pets Xiao Hei or Hei Hei. The puppy will have the same name as others. Hei Hei Hei is more popular these days," said Tang Sining with a serious face.

"Then call it Hei Hei Hei. Juan Juan is four years old today and has a baby." Juan Juan happily laughed. He carefully picked up Hei Hei Hei in his arms and walked to the Su Fu to show him.

Su Fu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He was afraid that he would drop the puppy, so he held it for him, and taught him, "If you raise a puppy, you're a little adult. You should treat it well and take care of it. Don't hurt it, okay?"

"Yes ~ Juan Juan will take care of Hei Hei Hei ~ Juan Juan has grown up ~" Juan Juan has heard his father calling older brother Tang a little adult. He's also a little adult now and felt very proud.

The black Teddy puppy was thus named Hei Hei Hei. After everyone laughed, they all sat down together for dinner.

Juan Juan felt very rare for this puppy. He also held it in his arms when eating and patted it on the back, as if to coax it to sleep. As a result, instead of sleeping, Hei Hei Hei urinated on Juan Juan. Juan Juan cried on the spot and threatened not to sleep with Hei Hei Hei anymore.

Fortunately, they often lived in the Tang mansion recently. Tang mansion had already prepared many clothes for Su Fu and Juan Juan and put them in Tang Sibo's closet. Su Fu hugged Juan Juan upstairs to change clothes in distress and laughter. He didn't forget to teach him that a dog, like a child, should be taught slowly. When he was younger, he often wet his bed.

Juan Juan nodded and said that he would teach Hei Hei Hei well in the future, because Hei Hei Hei was his little baby. He should be patient.

In the evening, Su Fu and Juan Juan naturally stayed at the Tang mansion. Uncle Wei had already prepared a kennel, a dog cage, dog food and goat milk for Hei Hei Hei. There were also many other things that Hei Hei Hei needed.

The two little guys were still very curious about the little puppy and insisted on putting the dog kennel and cage in their room. Su Fu put the dog cage in the kennel and the kennel near their bed.

After coaxing the three little guys to sleep, Su Fu and Tang Sibo went back to their bedroom to take a bath and sleep.

Lying on Tang Sibo's arms, Su Fu asked, "Will there be a lot of important people at Li mansion tomorrow? Should I go?"

The Li family's banquet tomorrow would certainly be attended by many prominent figures. Su Fu would be attending as Tang Sibo's lover for the first time. He's always a little nervous and worried.

Tang Sibo smiled and lowered his head to kiss him on the forehead. "What's wrong? We're aboveboard and don't need to hide anything. Our parents have agreed and no one else can do anything about it."

Su Fu looked up and rested his chin on his shoulder. After looking at him for a long time, he whispered, "Mr. Tang is very nice."

Tang Sibo chuckled and replied, "Teacher Su is also very good."

After flattering each other for a while, the two men laughed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

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