After returning from City A, the two began their leisurely and carefree life. Every morning, Tang Sibo sent the younger ones to the kindergarten and Su Fu to work then went to the company himself. At noon, he would go home first to pick up lunch made by chubby aunt and bring it over to Su Fu's office to eat together. In the evening, Tang Sibo went to pick up the younger ones then Su Fu.

Ever since staying at Tang mansion that day, the two adults and two children no longer separated every night. Usually, they directly went back to Shenyuan apartment and the Tang father and son would stay overnight. Occasionally, because father Tang and mother Tang missed their grandson, Tang Sibo would take them back to the Tang mansion. Su Fu and Juan Juan would stay at the Tang mansion for the night.

After a few days of such a life, Su Fu and the Tang family also became familiar. He could greet them naturally every time he went. He wasn't as nervous as before.

Mrs. Li's birthday party was on Saturday. Su Fu originally planned to take Tang Sibo to see his parents the same week, but it had to be postponed because of the birthday party.

Tang Sibo said it would be okay to go on Sunday morning and return at night, but Su Fu felt that it's too rushed and finally decided to wait till later.

Saturday was Mrs. Li's birthday, but for them, Friday was even more important, because it was Juan Juan's birthday. He's going to be four years old.

Juan Juan was brought back by the He family at the end of last year. He missed his birthday and didn't have a good birthday when he was in the orphanage. Therefore, this year, Su Fu paid special attention to his first birthday with them. Besides, Su Fu also hoped to make the little guy happy.

Su Fu originally wanted to celebrate his birthday in the small apartment with Tang Sibo and Tang Luoke. However, when the Tang family heard of this, they all said that they wanted to hold a small birthday party for Juan Juan, to make the little guy's event livelier.

Besides, they all had to go to the Li mansion to attend the birthday banquet the next day. Plus, Su Fu and Juan Juan clothes were prepared by the Tang family. It's naturally better for the entire family to leave from the Tang mansion together.

In the end, Su Fu wasn't good at rejecting other people's kindness. Juan Juan's birthday was held at the Tang mansion. Although it was called a small birthday party, that's only according to Tang family's standard.

On Friday, as usual, Tang Sibo sent the children to the kindergarten and Su Fu to work. It was no different from the usual, but everyone had secretly prepared presents.

Juan Juan was still young and ignorant. He didn't know how important today was or that it's his own birthday at all.  

In the evening, when Tang Sibo took them to the Tang mansion, the living room and dining room had been arranged. Colorful ribbon and balloons dotted the two rooms, looking beautiful and childlike.

This was actually something that the Tang family didn't always get to enjoy. Tang Luoke was Tang family's little golden grandson. Every year on his birthday, one didn't know how many people came to celebrate his birthday. The Tang family's elders also held a large banquet every year because they doted on Tang Luoke and wanted to accept everyone's blessings for their little darling.

However, although this was an expression of the elders' love for their descendent, Tang Luoke himself didn't like it. He didn't like noisy banquets. He didn't like people whom he had never met before wishing him happy birthday or hugging and rubbing him. And the elders, in such a banquet, they also couldn't avoid some people come to make friendship, request company cooperation, etc.

A pure birthday was often destroyed by various impure thoughts at the party.

Unlike tonight, when the family gathered together, there're no outsiders, no work, no interest or hypocrisy. They could just celebrate their child's birthdays in a lively way, which gave Tang family people a warm feeling.

As soon as Tang Sibo came in holding Juan Juan, Tang Sining took the birthday hat and rushed over put in on Juan Juan. At the same time, Uncle Wei and chubby aunt stood aside and sprayed ribbons on Juan Juan.

Juan Juan was immediately startled and flung himself into Tang Sibo's arms in horror. His small body was trembling slightly, which made everyone laugh heartily.

Su Fu smiled and took Juan Juan out of Tang Sibo's arms and coaxed, "Juan Juan, don't be scared. Today is Juan Juan's birthday. Everyone is here to celebrate your birthday."

Juan Juan poked out his head wearing the birthday hat, looked around and asked, "It's Juan Juan's birthday? Is there a birthday cake?"

"Of course, there's cake." Mother Tang walked over to hold Juan Juan and went to the dining room with him.

The others smiled and followed.

At this time, all of the curtains in the dining room were closed. The lights weren't on, so the room was dark.

Juan Juan was frightened and grabbed mother Tang's clothes tightly.

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All of a sudden, in the darkness, four lights came on. Juan Juan was scared and cried out in an instant: "Ah! Dad! There're ghosts! Juan Juan's scared!"

Juan Juan struggled in mother Tang's arms wanting to look for his little Dad. But he couldn't find him in the dark and his little face wrinkled looking like he's about to cry.

Su Fu rushed over to take Juan Juan and patted his little butt with a smile: "No ghost. It's the cake."

Hearing Su Fu's voice, Juan Juan hugged his neck in horror then looked back with a wrinkled face. It turned out that the four lights were from candles. As soon as the candles were lit, a happy birthday song rang out from the cake.

Only then did the little fellow realize that it's really his birthday, with cake and happy birthday song.

People who wanted to sing happy birthday alongside the music from the cake were amused by Juan Juan's reaction, but none of them could connect with his experience.

As soon as the music stopped, the butler Uncle Wei turned on the light and Juan Juan saw a big and tall cake on the dining table. It was beautiful. He immediately threw his fear out to the sky and pulled Su Fu's clothes to see the cake.

Su Fu smiled. He held him to the table and asked him to make a wish.

Juan Juan look at Su Fu, then at the smiling people from the Tang family. He tilted his head and said: "Juan Juan hopes little Dad and uncle Tang can fall in love soon, so uncle Tang can be Juan Juan's father. Juan Juan wants to be with everyone every day ~"

Su Fu blushed when he heard this. Tang Sibo came up to him and lifted Juan Juan into his arms. He patted his little butt and smiled, "Do you know what love is? Your wish has already been realized, silly bun."

One didn't know if Juan Juan understood and he threw himself into Tang Sibo's arms and giggled, making everyone happy.

How simple was the wish of the little one. The first half had been realized and the second half was actually everyone's wish. How happy it was for a family to be together forever.

Juan Juan couldn't wait to eat cake after blowing out the candles.

Tang Sibo hugged him and cut the cake together. The others took out presents for Juan Juan.

While eating the cake, Juan Juan's eyes widened. It turned out birthdays were great! He could receive so many presents!

What Su Fu gave Juan Juan was a set of fairy tales books. Juan Juan was learning pinyin in kindergarten so he could read stories by himself in the future. This was his first set of books.

What Tang Sibo gave Juan Juan was a game console. All of the games that Juan Juan liked to play were already included on it.

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