Whether on this long and narrow fern field or on the entire continent of Yukan, Mungo was the king. He could eat whatever dinosaur he wanted.

Mungo went to Babana's side after eating. Mungo knew that the carnivorous dinosaur here would hunt Babana. He had to stay by her side to protect her.

Indeed, as expected, Mungo soon saw a Mapusaurus ready to hunt Babana. Babana was a powerful female Triceratops. She angrily confronted the Mapusaurus, who couldn't get close to Babana for a while.

Mungo roared and rushed over. Seeing Mungo rushing over, the Mapusaurus immediately admitted defeat and ran away.

Babana was very grateful to Mungo. Mapusaurus was a very powerful carnivorous dinosaur. Without Mungo's help, Babana could still win this Mapusaurus, but she would also be injured. An injured Triceratops would be easily hunted and wouldn't live long.

Mungo stood beside Babana and roared at the surroundings. He's warning the other carnivorous dinosaurs that if they dared to provoke this female Triceratops, he'd kill them with just one single bite!

Tyrannosaurus rex was the king of carnivorous dinosaurs, not to mention Mungo was the king of Tyrannosaurus rex. The carnivorous dinosaurs here of course didn't dare to attack Babana again.

Babana gratefully rubbed Mungo's neck and said, "Thank you, Mungo."

Mungo was a little embarrassed. He looked at the other side of the rift valley and replied, "It's my duty to protect you."

Babana looked at Mungo, "Mungo, why are you so nice to me?"

Mungo answered without thinking, "Because you're Gulu's mother."

In fact, Mungo still wanted to say what's in his heart. Since you're Gulu's mother, you're also my mother. Shouldn't I treat my mother well and protect her?

Tyrannosaurus rex would be driven away by their mothers when they were about 5 years old. They needed to survive by gaining experience, allying with brothers and seizing their own territory. From then on, the little Tyrannosaurus rex hardly had a chance to meet their mothers again.

Therefore, Tyrannosaurus rex never took care of their mothers and protected them. Once they grew up, they would leave their mothers and basically never met them again.

Babana was Gulu's mother. Since he loved Gulu dearly, he also regarded Babana as his mother. However, as a Tyrannosaurus rex, even if Mungo regarded Babana as his mother, it should be very difficult for Mungo to have the idea of protecting and taking care of his mother. The fact that Mungo had a strong sense of protecting and taking care of Babana was nothing sort of incredible.

Mungo guarded Babana's side since then. Babana ate fern plants while he followed silently.

With Mungo by her side, Babana felt very secure, just like having the protection of being in the Triceratops group and Pado.

After Babana was full, she laid on the ground to rest and looked at the cubs on the opposite side. Mungo laid down besides Babana and also looked at them.

Gulu already seen how Mungo protected Babana and helped her drive away the other herbivorous dinosaurs. Gulu has a panoramic view of everything.

Gulu knew that Mungo was always nice and made him feel at ease.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were already hungry. Gulu and Pachi could eat ferns on the ground, but they had to hunt and eat meat.

Gulu looked around for suitable prey for the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers.

Gulu was soon eyeing a lone Camptosaurus. He planned the strategic positions of his younger brothers in advance. Guji and Gudong attacked the Camptosaurus from the left and right while Guga attacked the Camptosaurus's neck from the side.

After the strategic plan was completed, Gulu and his brothers slowly approached the Camptosaurus.

This Camptosaurus was very tired after the big earthquakes. At the same time, Gulu noticed that this Camptosaurus's hind limb seemed to be injured. It's limping. The leg should have been sprained while running too fast during the big earthquakes.

The Camptosaurus who left the group was very frightened. It looked around vigilantly, guarding against carnivorous dinosaurs' attack.

Now the hunting skills of the three young Tyrannosaurus rex had improved a lot. They could get close to their prey without being noticed.

Although Gulu and Pachi didn't have special hunting training, they were also very careful. The positions Gulu arranged for him and Pachi were not very important. It didn't matter even if the Camptosaurus discovered them in advance. They're not local Triceratopses here.

Sure enough, the Camptosaurus saw Pachi first, but it didn't have any fear, because it knew that Triceratops wouldn't hunt Camptosaurus since it's also an herbivorous dinosaur.

After Gulu and Pachi attracted the attention of the Camptosaurus, the Camptosaurus didn't notice Guji, Gudong, and Guga.

The three young Tyrannosaurus rex swooped in when they were very close to the Camptosaurus. Soon, the Camptosaurus was bitten on its butt, back and stomach. The Camptosaurus jumped violently, trying to throw off the Tyrannosaurus rex, but these Tyrannosaurus rex bit on too tightly.

Pachi slammed into the belly on the other side of the Camptosaurus. Gulu thrusted his horn into the neck of the Camptosaurus. Blood gushed out instantly and dyed Gulu's body red. The Camptosaurus fell to the ground with a bang and died.

This was also a less painful way to die. If it's hunted by other carnivorous dinosaurs, this Camptosaurus would die even more miserably.

Gulu: "Guji, Gudong, Guga, eat as fast as you can. The smell of blood will attract other carnivorous dinosaurs. Pachi, let's wipe the blood on the ground first. We must wipe it very clean."

The three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs began to eat like crazy. They were over three years old and had good teeth. They could finish a Camptosaurus leg with a few bites.

Gulu first ate up all the ferns in this area, exposing the soil inside. He then rubbed the blood on his body on the soil, so that the soil could better cover up the smell of blood.

Under Gulu's guidance, Pachi also ate up the fern like his brother and covered up the bloody smell with soil.

After Gulu and Pachi rubbed off the bloody smell from their body, the three Tyrannosaurus rex brother had finished eating the Camptosaurus. Each one had a bulging belly.

Gulu and Pachi bit off another piece of fern to rub off the blood on the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and covered their scent with soil.

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Then Gulu took his younger brothers to sleep in a particularly lush fern field on the edge of the forest. Under the cover of lush ferns, it wouldn't be easy for carnivorous dinosaurs to find them.  Plus, there's few carnivorous dinosaurs on the edge of the forest.

Even so, Gulu arranged his four younger brothers to take turns to watch the night with him. If anyone found any possible danger, he would immediately wake up the other young ones.

Of course, Gulu was the first to keep vigil. He let his younger brothers sleep first.

Pachi slept with three Tyrannosaurus rex for the first time. Even though he knew that the three Tyrannosaurus rex were his brother's younger brothers, he was still a little scared.

Gulu slept between Pachi and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. He gently rubbed Pachi and said: "Don't be scared. They're all brother's younger brothers. They all listen to my words. Not only would they not hurt you, they would also protect you."

Guji, Gudong, and Guga hurriedly said: "Pachi, don't be scared. Since you're brother's younger brother, you're also our brother. We'll protect you!"

Pachi was just a little scared, especially after seeing the horrible scene of the three Tyrannosaurus rex eating the Camptosaurus before, but now he had the comfort of his older brother and the three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers, so he was no longer afraid.

Gulu rubbed Pachi and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers, "Sleep. You'll be on night watch later."

The four younger brothers leaned against each other and Gulu to sleep. With their powerful brother around, they were no longer afraid and gradually fell asleep.

Mungo and Babana also saw the entire process of how the cubs hunted, how to hide their scent and how to find a lush fern field to sleep. At first, they were worried, but now they were a little relieved.

Babana: "Mungo, look, the cubs are very smart. They know how to protect themselves."

Mungo: "Gulu is very smart. Gulu can protect his younger brothers."

Babana also knew that Gulu was very smart. Pachi didn't know this much. Same as the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. Because Gulu was her cub, Babana was very proud.

Mungo: "Sleep, Babana. We have to travel tomorrow, so we can find a way to the cubs as soon as possible."

Babana nodded, "Yes."

Pado, of course, also saw everything that happened with Mungo and Babana and everything about the young cubs. He's both relieved and worried.

Pado thanked Mungo for taking care of Babana but was worried about how the cubs would survive.

Gulu looked at his sleeping brothers, Mungo and Babana. He prayed that there would be no more earthquakes.

He was very angry when he recalled that they almost reached Mungo and Babana when the sudden earthquake abruptly separated them.

Night watch was very boring. In order not to fall asleep, Gulu found himself a little entertainment – make good relationship with the earthquake and play a little game.

Gulu said to the earthquake in his heart: You're ruthless, you're cruel, you're unreasonable humph!

Earthquake: You're the one who's ruthless?? Cruel! And unreasonable!

Gulu: No matter how ruthless, cruel or unreasonable I am, I can't be more ruthless, cruel or unreasonable than you!

Earthquake: I give up.

Gulu: We're good friends now. If I don't let you shake, don't shake, understand?

Earthquake: Yes, sir.

Although the present situation was so difficult, Gulu didn't want to be miserable every day. He believed in having hope.

Gulu woke Pachi up after midnight. He allocated time for his younger brothers. But his younger brothers didn't have any idea about time. He let his younger brothers look at the sky and woke the next one up based on the position of the moon.

In this way, the young cubs stayed awake in shifts and slept well overall.

Until when it's almost dawn. At this time, it was Guga's watch. He saw five or six Mapusaurus coming toward this side from a distance.

Mapusaurus was too powerful. If they were discovered, they would certainly die.

Guga immediately woke up Gulu, then Gulu woke up the rest of his younger brothers, telling them not to move.

But in the end, they were found. The Mapusaurus came running towards them.

Gulu shouted, "Run!" Then he immediately took his brothers and ran to the middle of the forest.

Babana and Mungo also woke up at this time. Of course, they saw the young cubs being chased by Mapusaurus. They were in a hurry.

Mungo roared at the opposite forest, but it only gave a slight shock to the Mapusaurus.

Although the distance was far away, Mapusaurus was naturally afraid of Tyrannosaurus rex, not to mention the king of Tyrannosaurus rex like Mungo. They were frightened by Mungo's roar and subconsciously wanted to retreat in fear.

But soon these Mapusaurus reacted. Mungo was so far away, separated by a rift valley. They didn't have to be afraid. They continued to chase after the young ones.

Mungo kept roaring, but there was no other way. He's telling the Mapusaurus with his roars that if they dared to hurt his cubs, he would chase them to the end of the earth!

However, the Mapusaurus knew that Mungo may not be able to get across the rift valley. What was there to be afraid of?

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