Gulu and his brothers ran to the center of the forest. Although there're many carnivorous dinosaurs in the center of the forest, there're also many herbivorous dinosaur groups. They led the Mapusaurus to the center. The Mapusaurus might change to hunting the big dinosaurs instead, which would give them a chance to survive.

The cubs ran straight to the center of the forest. The Mapusaurus were still chasing after them. Fortunately, the five cubs were just over three years old. At this age, their bodies had not yet grown to be very large and heavy, so they were better at running. Otherwise, they would have been eaten. A single bite from the Mapusaurus could bite off the head of a Tyrannosaurus rex cub.

As they got closer and closer to the center of the forest, they were surrounded by herbivorous dinosaurs. Of course, there're also many carnivorous dinosaurs. However, these carnivorous dinosaurs were full of food. Most carnivorous dinosaurs were already fed by eating those killed by the earthquakes.

Gulu didn't know why the Mapusaurus chasing them were still hungry. It must be because they were too stupid. Yesterday so many dinosaurs fell to death. But they still couldn't find enough meat. So stupid, forget it!

These Mapusaurus seemed to be really after the cubs. Even though there're all kinds of herbivorous dinosaur groups all around, they were still chasing after them despite having their pick of any herbivorous dinosaur they want.

Gulu knew that his younger brothers would soon be unable to run and so would he. As long as they slowed down a little, they would be killed instantly by these Mapusaurus.

In order to get rid of these Mapusaurus completely, Gulu made a bold decision. He shouted to his younger brothers, "Run with me! Be sure to follow me closely! Protect yourself from getting trampled! Be sure to protect yourself from getting trampled!"

As he repeated this, Gulu made a sharp turn and ran into a group of Camptosaurus. The Mapusaurus followed him closely. The group of Camptosaurus were frightened and scattered.

After running out of the Camptosaurus group, they still didn't get rid of these Mapusaurus. Gulu and his brothers ran into a Parasaurolophus group. Parasaurolophus's roar was loud, which made the following Mapusaurus painful, but at the same time, it also made the five cubs painful.

Then they ran past the Diplodocus, Ankylosaurus, Hadrosaurus group… The five cubs made all herbivorous dinosaur groups in the center of the forest turned into "flying chicken and jumping dog" with no peace, but they never got rid of the Mapusaurus behind them.

These Mapusaurus were "determined to eat their weight" and wanted to eat them.

At last, Gulu had to make a bolder decision. He took his younger brothers and rushed into a huge group of Argentinosaurus. The four younger brothers were very scared of these dinosaurs. These dinosaurs could trample them into a meat pie with one stomp. However, they were very sensible and closely followed their brother while protecting themselves to prevent him from worrying about them.

Although it's very dangerous to run into a huge group of Argentinosaurus, Gulu had no other choice. If he didn't risk getting trampled to death, he would be bitten to death. If he didn't run into the group of Argentinosaurus, he would be killed immediately. Although he may be trampled to death, the giant feet of these big dinosaurs could also hide them. Given the current choices, he chose to delay his death.

Gulu knew that herbivorous dinosaurs generally didn't take the initiative to step on little herbivorous dinosaur cubs that didn't pose any threat to them. However, herbivorous dinosaurs would surely step on little carnivorous dinosaur cubs because they would hunt them once they grew up. His three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers were in danger.

Therefore, Gulu hardly cared about Pachi, because Pachi was relatively safe. Gulu's attention had always been on his three Tyrannosaurus rex younger brothers. If any of his Tyrannosaurus rex younger brother was trampled to death here, Gulu couldn't bear it.

The Argentinosaurus group started to stomp on the three Tyrannosaurus rex. Gulu kept yelling: "Guji, be careful behind you, ran fast. Gudong, come to my side. Guga, run in front of me…"

Pachi and Gulu were hardly attacked. These Argentinosaurus were only focusing on stomping on the three young Tyrannosaurus rex.

In truth, there're many herbivorous dinosaur groups here. Gulu could take his younger brothers and run into one that's not too big and had little attack power, so the chance of getting trampled and killed was less. However, Gulu still chose to run into the group of Argentinosaurus, the largest herbivorous dinosaur, because Gulu knew that this was the only way to get rid of the Mapusaurus.

The Mapusaurus followed the cubs into the Argentinosaurus group. After the Mapusaurus came in, these Argentinosaurus were instantly alarmed. They stepped on the Mapusaurus and attacked them fiercely.

This was why Gulu ran into the Argentinosaurus group, because Argentinosaurus was often attacked by Mapusaurus. As long as these Mapusaurus followed them into the Argentinosaurus group, they would surely be attacked the most violently.

While the Argentinosaurus attacked the Mapusaurus, Gulu immediately ran outside with his brothers.

However, there're still some Argentinosaurus attacking the three Tyrannosaurus rex. They were about to run out of the Argentinosaurus group. Gulu saw that Guji and Gudong were about to be stepped on by an Argentinosaurus. Gulu was frightened. Seeing that it's impossible for them to run out, he slammed into his two younger brothers. With a loud bang, the three young cubs rolled out all the way.

Guga and Pachi immediately ran to see their brothers.

Gulu rolled countless times and was hit too hard just now. He sat on the ground dizzy and seeing stars. He felt that the entire world was a "magic circle of love" and there're many stars.

Pachi and Guga looked at Gulu's large vertical pupil, which kept turning round and round and asked, "Brother, are you all right?"

Gulu fiercely shook his head, blinked, and replied, "I'm fine…"

Fortunately, the Mapusaurus were trapped in the Argentinosaurus group. They seemed to finally ready to change their food.

Guji and Gudong didn't expect themselves to come out alive. Brother was almost trampled to death just now to save them. They kept rubbing Gulu, "Brother, are you all right?! Did you get trampled…"

It's been so many times. Yet, every time they ran to take refuge in these dinosaur groups, they were never as flexible or as powerful as their brother. They always needed their brother to saved them. They hated their useless self.

Gulu was also afraid of injuring his two younger brothers. He quickly stood up and checked the place where his younger brothers had just been hit by him, especially Guji. He hit Guji directly, in order to slam into Gudong so all of them could roll out.

"Brother, we're all right…"

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When he hit his two younger brothers, Gulu, of course, deliberately avoided using the horn on his head and instead hit them with his side shield head. He's afraid of injuring his younger brothers.

After confirming that the younger brothers were all right, Gulu breathed a great sigh of relief. It was really dangerous just now.

Then Gulu quickly took his brothers out of the "crime scene". Today, so many herbivorous dinosaur communities in the forest center were placed in danger by them. They had to hide quickly, or they would cause public outrage.

While Gulu was hiding with his younger brothers, he saw that a Mapusaurus had been trampled into a meat pie by the Argentinosaurus group, so much so that its flesh couldn't be scraped off the ground.

One didn't know if the rest of the Mapusaurus wanted to avenge their kind, or whether they were trapped by the Argentinosaurus and couldn't escape, or whether they remembered that their main source of food were these giant Argentinosaurus, they were now very focused on attacking these Argentinosaurus and had long forgotten about the young cubs that they were chasing.

Gulu took his brothers to hide in the lush fern bushes to wait and watch. Soon, the chaotic group disturbed by them restored their peace and order. It seemed that no group really intended to find trouble with them. Of course, it's also because they were now hidden. The dinosaurs didn't see them and wouldn't think of being angry with them.

This was the nature of herbivorous dinosaur groups. Herbivorous dinosaurs were relatively mild tempered. Although they brought chaos to these groups, they didn't really cause any death in these groups, so there were no serious consequences.

The five surviving brothers were overjoyed. They rubbed their necks against each other in the lush fern bushes and rolled together.

The happiness of the young ones was so simple, or the happiness of dinosaurs in general was so simple.

Pachi used to live among Triceratopses. Pado's group was the strongest Triceratops group in the entire continent of Yukan. He's always well protected. He had never experienced such a thrilling escape.

Until now, Pachi was still dizzy.

The adaptability of Guji and Gudong were very strong, because they often went to play in other territories with their brother from a young age and got chased by various dinosaurs. (T/N: 😂) Not to mention Guga. His life in Moyi group before was much more miserable and dangerous than it was now. Now there's brother protecting him. He felt very happy.

Gulu rubbed Pachi, who was still dazed but happy and said heartily: "Pachi, brother isn't as strong as Dad. There's no way to make you live well. I can only try to ensure that you won't starve to death or eaten by carnivorous dinosaurs. You also need to learn how to protect yourself, understand?"

Pachi also understood his current situation a bit more. He no longer had a strong Triceratops group for protection or any protection at all. All he could rely on was himself. His brother was still a small cub. His brother just broke his shell a bit earlier than him. He shouldn't have to bear so much responsibility.

With these thoughts in mind, Pachi lowered his head and said with guilt: "Brother, I'm sorry. It's Pachi's fault. Pachi shouldn't have come here disobeying Mom's words. If Pachi hasn't come here, brother won't have to take care of one more cub."

Gulu rubbed Pachi: "Little silly dinosaur, you also want to help brother and my Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. You want to take us across, brother knows."

Pachi looked at Gulu with tears in his eyes: "Brother, I have grown up. I can take care of myself. Brother needs not worry about me."

Guji, Gudong and Guga also hurriedly said: "Yes, brother, we have all grown up. We can also take care of ourselves. Brother don't have to worry about us."

Looking at his younger brothers being so sensible, Gulu was almost moved to tears.

Next, the cubs paid attention to hiding and trying not to let the nearby carnivorous dinosaurs find them. There're too many carnivorous dinosaurs in the forest center. Although most carnivorous dinosaurs were now full, it's still dangerous for them in case they happened to meet another hungry carnivorous dinosaur like those Mapusaurus just now.

Fortunately, Guga was very good at "stealth skills", which were all learned in Moyi group before. He didn't think that it would come in handy at this time.

The cubs hid from the carnivorous dinosaurs and sneaked back to the edge of the forest. It's relatively safer at the edge of the forest since there were less carnivorous dinosaurs. In addition, Mungo, Babana and Pado could see them, so they would have less worry.

Mungo and Babana looked at the other side as they ran forward after watching the young cubs being chased by the Mapusaurus. They were very worried. They kept looking at the opposite side even while moving onward. They believed that Gulu was so smart that he could take his younger brothers to escape from the Mapusaurus. They needed to find a way to the forest where the young cubs were.

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