At this moment, Gulu saw Mungo. Mungo ran out of nowhere and onto this fern field. They ran towards each other.

In fact, Gulu knew that this fern field was very dangerous and could collapse at any time, but if they didn't return to the opposite side, it'd be hard for the four cubs to survive.

Mungo and Babana also knew that this fern field could be devoured by the rift valley at any time, but they also knew that the four cubs couldn't survive without the group. They had to go to the cubs.

Paton commanded the group and took care of the three cubs. He's very happy to see that Gulu was about to return to the group.

Pachi, Dudu and Mila were confined in the group. They saw their brother on the opposite side and were very excited. They kept shouting: "Brother, brother…"

Just as Gulu was about to reach Mungo and Babana, a second big earthquake occurred. The fern field in the middle instantly collapsed a lot.

Gulu shouted, "Mungo, Babana, go back to the forest! Don't run here!"

At the same time, Gulu also ran back with his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. It's only safe to run into the forest. As they ran back, they could hear the fern field rumbling and collapsing behind them.

Mungo and Babana knew that the four cubs would probably not be able to run across. They actually didn't want the cubs to run to them. It's too dangerous. Gulu and his younger brothers should stay in the forest. Mungo and Babana should run there instead.

But Gulu also didn't want Mungo and Babana to take such a big risk for them. The fern field in the middle was too dangerous. Gulu knew that Mungo and Babana may dare to run to him before the fern field collapsed, so he took his brothers and ran away.

They were all thinking of each other, but natural disasters were always so unexpected. They were about to meet. Suddenly, there was another big earthquake, which forced them to separate.

Mungo and Babana continued to run forward, trying to find an unbroken fern ground.

Gulu and the three Tyrannosaurus rex cubs had returned to the forest. They were running on the edge of the forest but they stopped trying to run to the other side, because Gulu knew they could no longer run to the other side.

Pachi saw that his brother was about to run over, but suddenly there was another big earthquake. He's very sad and kept looking for places where his brother could run over.

As he ran along with the group and watched, Pachi suddenly saw a fern field that hadn't been separated not far behind Mungo, Babana and Gulu. But they kept running forward and didn't see this surviving area.

Pachi was very worried. He rushed over regardless and shouted as he ran, "Brother! Here! Run here!"

Mila and Dudu followed Pachi to the opposite side, but Paton immediately found something wrong about the cubs. He stopped Mila and Dudu and asked Tutan to protect the two female Triceratopses in the group and forbid them to go out. Paton went after Pachi alone.

Pachi ran too fast and quickly ran to the opposite side. Paton was about to set foot on the fern field, but it had started to collapse!

Gulu heard Pachi's voice coming from behind: "Brother! Brother. There's a place to go behind. I'll take you there! Brother, wait for me!"

Gulu couldn't believe his ears. He looked back and saw that it's Pachi. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Pachi overtook Gulu and said, "Brother! Back! Behind!"

Gulu looked in Pachi's direction but the area had collapsed.

Pachi was surprised: "Brother, it obviously didn't collapse a moment ago! That's where I came from!"

Gulu: "It doesn't matter, Pachi. Stay close to brother. We'll run into the forest. It's too dangerous now."

As he said this, Gulu took Pachi and his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers back to the forest. Don't think about crossing for now. It's more important to save their life first.

Paton was very annoyed. He didn't know how to explain it to Pado and Babana. Now Pachi also ran across. What to do it? Young cubs couldn't survive without the group!

This time the earth movement ended quickly, but the fern field in the middle collapsed almost completely. It's impossible find an intact place to go to the other side.

Gulu saw Mungo and Babana trapped in the middle!

A part of the fern field in the middle had not been swallowed by the rift valley, but it's completely isolated from the forests on both sides. It's a fern field bordered on all sides by rift valley.

Just like that Argentinosaurus that was trapped on an isolated "island". It was surrounded by rift valley and couldn't escape at all.

Although this time it wasn't an isolated "island" but a long and narrow fern field, there was no way to escape. Both sides were rift valleys.

In addition to Mungo and Gaya, there're other dinosaurs on this long and narrow fern-growing ground. These dinosaurs all jumped and ran in panic to escape, but there was no way.

In this case, if there was another earthquake, the narrow fern field would be devoured by the rift valley immediately and none of the dinosaurs above would survive.

Gulu was in a hurry. Tears fell uncontrollably. As far as the eye could see, this long and narrow fern field had no end. He's waiting for this long and narrow fern field to dock with the forest, so Mungo and Gaya could possibly escape.

However, even if this narrow fern field could really join with the forest, they still had to pray that no earthquake would happen again. A slightly larger earthquake would completely collapse this fern field.

Mungo and Babana knew that they could only go forward now. They couldn't see the end of this narrow fern field. Perhaps there's still an area connected to the forest up front that they could cross over.  

Although it's extremely dangerous now, Mungo and Babana had no regrets at all. They just hoped that this long and narrow fern field was connected with the forest where Gulu was on the other side. It's very difficult for young cubs to survive without their parents.

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Of course, Babana also saw that Pachi had run to Gulu's side at some point. Fortunately, Mila and Dudu were still in the Triceratops group. She was very worried and anxious, but there's nothing she could do.

At this time, Pado finally caught up from behind. He went to Mungo's territory and ran in the opposite direction of Gulu. As he ran, he saw Gulu and the three young Tyrannosaurus rex from a distance, then ran back again.

Pado of course saw Babana and Mungo trapped on the narrow fern field in the middle of the rift valley. He also saw Pachi and Gulu in the opposite forest. Fortunately, Mila and Dudu were still in the Triceratops group.

Mungo's brothers and Gaya ran in the forest not far behind Pado. They also saw the current situation.

Soon Pado caught up with the Triceratops group. Paton laid down in front of Pado and sobbed, "Brother, I'm sorry. I didn't protect Pachi and Babana. Brother, I…"

Under such circumstances, Pado couldn't blame Paton. Of course. He also laid down and rubbed his big head against his brother's neck and said: "I don't blame you, Paton. You've done well. How can brother blame you…"

Paton looked at Pado tearfully: "But brother, Babana is in danger now. Pachi is supposed to be in the group, but before I can catch him, he left the group…"

Paton didn't finish, he wanted to say that it'd hard for Triceratops cub to survive without the group. Pado also knew that.

Pado rubbed Paton and said: "Babana and Mungo will surely survive. There must be a connection up front. They will surely survive. Gulu and Pachi are both very smart. They can protect themselves."

Of course, Pado was only comforting Paton and himself. He didn't know if Babana and Mungo would survive, let alone if Gulu and Pachi would live.

The only good news was that there was no more earthquake. Otherwise, the narrow fern field in the middle of the rift valley would definitely not last long.

Mungo and Babana kept running forward, hoping that there would be a way out.

Gulu also led his younger brothers to run along with Mungo and Babana. Gulu and his younger brothers ran on the edge of the forest, where they could better see Mungo and Babana. This way, they were also farther away from the carnivorous dinosaurs in the center of the forest and increased their safety.

Now almost all dinosaurs were hiding in the forest. The center of the forest was the safest. Having just experienced multiple earthquakes, these dinosaurs were scared. Whether carnivorous or herbivorous dinosaurs, they all gathered in the center of the forest and wouldn't easily come to the edge of the forest.

Pado's group and Mungo's group were also running along the edge of the forest so that they could always see Babana and Mungo.

One didn't know how long it went on. Before they knew it, it was nighttime. The moonlight tonight was exceptionally bright, illuminating the entire continent like daytime and clearly revealed the devastation of the continent after the disaster.

The rift valley was full of dead dinosaur bodies mixed with thick dust. The forest was full of cracks in the ground continuously emitting smoke as well as dead dinosaur bodies that fell and died during the earthquake.

Mungo and Babana were tired from running and rested on the spot. They had to rest for a while before they could run again.

There're other dinosaurs on this fern field, some of them carnivorous dinosaurs and some herbivorous dinosaurs.

Mungo was hungry. He must go hunting.

Babana was hungry, too. She began to eat ferns. Although the ferns here were very lush. This land was too narrow. Babana needed to eat back and forth for a long time before she could eat her full. Other herbivorous dinosaurs also ate with Babana.

Mungo knew that if all herbivorous dinosaurs ate these ferns, Babana wouldn't have enough to eat. He said, "Babana, I'll drive these herbivorous dinosaurs away. There aren't many ferns here. If they eat them, you won't have enough."

Babana actually didn't expect Mungo to take special care of her. Although Mungo had raised Gulu and was very good at Gulu, Mungo was a Tyrannosaurus rex while she was a Triceratops. Her direct contact with Mungo wasn't much. Even if she was Gulu's mother, Mungo had no reason to take care of her.

Even as he said this, Mungo had rushed out and roared at all the herbivorous dinosaurs nearby. He didn't kill them, because these dinosaurs were his reserve meat. It would be too wasteful to kill them all now. There was still a long way to go.

Babana looked at Mungo. She was moved. She didn't know why Mungo was so kind to her.

After driving away these herbivorous dinosaurs, Mungo chased and killed an adolescent Triceratops. He devoured it and left the adolescent Triceratops with no residue left after filling his stomach to the full. 

The herbivorous dinosaurs expelled by Mungo were also hunted by other carnivorous dinosaurs. Mungo didn't prevent these carnivorous dinosaurs from hunting his reserve meat, because the carnivorous dinosaurs would also become his reserve meat after becoming fat and plump from eating these herbivorous dinosaurs.

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