Gulu took his three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers to run into the forest. It's more important to save his life now. As for when he would see Mungo and Pado again, he would have to live first to see them!

The rapid earth disintegration followed closely behind their feet. Although this description was a bit exaggerated, Gulu could clearly feel that this earthquake was really different from before! This was a decisive division of the continent! The type that would form new continents!

Take Earth as an example. During the Cambrian period, the earth only had one continent, which was called "Rodinia". By the early Mesozoic, the single continent was once again divided into the north and south continents, the north being Laurentia and the south being Gondwana.

By the end of Triassic and the early Jurassic, the two ancient continents further separated and drifted apart before gradually forming the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, etc. By the Jurassic and Cretaceous period, the frequent volcanic activities and large earthquakes on the southern continent, Gondwana, completely changed the topography of the southern continent and later separated Africa from South America, and India from Africa.

In the Cenozoic period after the dinosaur era, India and Eurasia collided to form the Himalayas, the backbone of the earth. Africa continued to drift north. Southern Europe was severely squeezed to form the Alps. South America were squeezed by the Nazca plate to form the Andes during their westward drift.

The separation of the continents and the movement of the plates didn't happen overnight, but gradually took shape. Even in the 21st century, the continents had basically taken shape and were still moving at a distance of 1 to 6 centimeters per year. Although this speed was very small, after hundreds of millions of years, earth-shaking changes would take place around the continents.

Some scientists predicted that the five continents* would be reconnected to form a "super continent" in 250 million years. These continents would be close to the Arctic Circle when joining together. There would be no continent in the southern hemisphere.

Gulu's current planet was very similar to earth, so Gulu could deduce the continental motion of this planet according to the "tectonic plate theory" of the earth.

Continental movements had special periods when they were more frequent, such as the late Triassic and early Jurassic on earth.

Gulu saw that the nearby rift gradually turned into a rift valley, devouring the surrounding land.

The three Tyrannosaurus rex brothers had been following the migration. Of course, they had also experienced large earthquakes, but none of the previous earthquakes were as terrifying as today. They were frightened, but they were very sensible and followed their brother closely.

Soon they ran into the forest, but they didn't dare to stop and continued to run deeper inside.

Gulu saw that the fern plains not far away rose and fell like waves. Many, many dinosaur groups were running on it screaming in horror. The waves were so great that some dinosaurs fell to the ground unsteadily and rolled around, stirring up boundless dust.

This time it wasn't just a normal earthquake. Gulu could clearly see that the ground was moving violently. In a short moment, the fern field that was very close to them moved much further away in a blink, while the fern field that was very far away just now was rapidly approaching the forest.

Galle wasn't far away from Gulu. He was doing his best to run to Gulu's side, but because the ground was moving too fast, Galle was getting farther and farther away from Gulu until one could only see a small black dot mixed with many dinosaurs. Finally, Gulu lost Galle completely.

Galle, who ran desperately to Gulu, found himself farther and farther away from Gulu. He's not afraid at all now. He just wanted to return to Gulu's side. He wanted to escape with Gulu. He never wanted to be alone again. If he couldn't be with Gulu, he felt that his dinosaur life was meaningless.

Gulu saw that there seemed to be two pieces of land colliding with each other in the distant horizon with gradually rising high hills.

Because the ground moved violently causing collapses and rising grounds, smog-like dust blocked out the sun.

Mungo, Gaya and Mungo's brothers had just successfully hunted and were returning to the nest when the earth moved. They abandoned their prey without thinking and ran towards the nest together.

But the earth movement was so strong that almost all of them couldn't run straight. Mungo knew that it couldn't be like this or they would all die. He said to Gaya and his brothers, "Hide in the forest! I'll come and find you after I pick up the cubs!"

Gulu had popularized various methods of escape from natural disasters to Mungo's group and Pado's group. Gaya and Mungo's brothers also knew that when encountering earthquake, they should hide in the forest, but they wanted to follow Mungo to find the cubs then hide in the forest together.

Mungo was very strong, he could run steadily, but Gaya and his brothers were not as strong. Mungo forced them to hide in the forest. He went to find the young ones alone. Gaya and Mungo's brothers didn't want to hold Mungo back and chose to hide in the forest.

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Of course, Gaya and Mungo's brothers were not hiding in the same forest as Gulu. The two forests were just separated by a vast fern field.

Mungo desperately ran near the nest, but no matter how he ran, he couldn't reach it. It's clearly not so far before.

Pado's group was eating when the earth moved. Pado's first reaction was that Gulu had not come back yet.

Without thinking, Pado ran to the direction of Mungo territory, but after two steps, Pado realized that the earth movement was stronger than ever before. He simply ordered Paton: "Paton, Gulu told us before how to escape when the earth moves. Take good care of the group. Take good care of Babana and the three cubs. I'm going to find Gulu!"

Paton: "Brother, it's too dangerous for you to go like this!"

At this time Babana and her cubs also ran to Pado's side.

Pado looked at the direction of Mungo's group and said, "I must find Gulu! Babana, little ones, Paton will take good care of you. Take the group to the forest quickly!"

With these words, Pado ran to the direction of Mungo's group without hesitation.

Paton looked at Pado, who was running on the fiercely moving fern ground. He knew that he couldn't stop Pado. Pado was willing to sacrifice the entire group to save Gulu, let alone just giving up the group to save Gulu.

Pado was such a father and leader. He had always valued his wife and cubs more than the group. Paton liked this kind of Pado. Paton knew that just as Pado could give everything for him, Pado would also give everything for his wife and cubs.

Babana looked at Pado's galloping figure. She had tears in her eyes and prayed silently in her heart that Pado would find Gulu and bring Gulu back to her.

The three cubs also watched their Dad galloping. They knew that if they didn't come back from playing outside, their Dad would give up the group for them. Such a Dad made them always carefree and always guarded by a very strong sense of security.

Pado galloped to Mungo's territory, galloping toward Gulu. He must find Gulu. He must see Gulu being alright before he can rest assured.

Gulu and his brothers kept running in the middle of the forest. Although they could stop to lie down on the ground and wait for the earthquake to pass before making plans, they kept running, hoping to see Mungo's or Pado's groups.

The four cubs were surrounded by many other dinosaurs who took refuge in the forest, but they basically didn't run straight. Most of them were frightened and kept jumping or running around in circles back and forth. All dinosaurs knew that the center of the forest was the safest place. They couldn't go to other places.

Gulu knew that Pado's group must be in front through his judgment of their location, because Pado's territory and Mungo's territory were separated. Pado's territory was in the direction where they ran, just separated from their current forest by a fern field and forest.

As for which direction Mungo, Gaya and Mungo's brothers hunted, Gulu certainly didn't know. He hoped that Mungo was hunting in the fern field in the direction where they were running to so that it's possible to see them. But it's impossible for them to meet normally right now with all the big cracks on the ground.

Even though it's impossible to meet Mungo's group, at least they could still see each other from far away. The same couldn't be said for Pado's group.

Gulu didn't know how long he ran, maybe only ten minutes, maybe longer. He vaguely saw Pado's groups across the forest, but the smoke was too thick, and they were too far away. He couldn't see clearly.

But why was Pado's group here?!

Then Gulu immediately realized that the earth had engulfed the fern field between the two forests.

Originally, Mungo's and Pado's territory was separated by a fern field and forest. Pado's group should be on the fern field behind the forest, but after the earth movement occurred, Pado's group hid in the forest, then the earth movement engulfed the fern field in the middle, so that the two originally far-away forests gradually drew closer.

As Gulu continued to run forward, the distance between the two forests became closer and closer. He saw clearly that it's Pado's group!

But there was a huge rift between the two forests. They couldn't meet.

When Gulu saw Pado's group, Babana and the three young cubs also saw Gulu.

Babana could no longer control herself. She ran to Gulu's side, but the big crack blocked her. She could only run parallel to him.

Gulu shouted: "Mom, don't worry about me! Don't run here! Go back to the forest!"

The three cubs, of course, wanted to follow after their mother. Babana shouted the cubs back into the group. Paton stopped them from running out of the forest.

Babana said to Paton, "Paton, take good care of the three cubs! I can't leave Gulu. A little Triceratops can't survive over there!"

Paton also knew that Gulu couldn't survive without the protection of the group. He said: "Babana, I'll pick up Gulu. There must be no crack in front. I'll pick up Gulu. You watch the cubs!"

Babana couldn't let Paton take risks for Gulu. She said, "You take good care of the group! Take good care of the three cubs!"

Paton: "Tutan can also take good care of the group and the three cubs!"

Babana roared fiercely at Paton: "I only trust you! Take good care of the three cubs. I'll be back once I pick up Gulu!"

Babana gradually separated from the group and ran to the edge of the forest. She kept running forward. She wanted to run to the middle of the fern field where there was no crack to pick up Gulu.

Gulu also ran forward desperately. He also wanted to find a place where there was no crack in the middle. He ran hard with his brothers. However, the crack in the middle was too big and had formed a rift valley. There wasn't any place without cracks.

But neither Gulu nor Babana was willing to give up, as long as there's still a little hope.

One didn't know how long they ran. Gulu and Babana saw from a distance that there seemed to be a fern field with no cracks in front of them. They ran harder. By this time the earthquake had become much smaller. They saw hope of reunion.

Babana ran to the fern field, which was still unbroken but had many small cracks. Gulu and his brothers also ran to the same fern field.

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