The house was lively with dinner lasting very late. After dinner, everyone moved to the living room and chatted.

Su Fu realized that although the Tang family was a wealthy family, he felt very at home. The family was warm and sweet, talking and laughing. It was completely different from the coldness he saw about those wealthy families on TV.

Tang Sibo was afraid that Su Fu might not be used to it, so he stayed by his side all the time. Tang Luoke hadn't seen Teacher Su for a long time. He changed his usual serious style and stuck to Su Fu's side. Su Fu simply hugged him and let him sit on his lap. The rest of the family was amazed.

As for Juan Juan, he was passed around like a doll by the members of the Tang family. One hugged him for a while then another. Juna Juan's hands held a lot of fruits. He's also talking with this and that conversation.

At night, Su Fu was kept by the Tang family.

He wanted to take Juan Juan back to the small apartment on the grounds that he still had some things at home for his class tomorrow, but Tang Sibo said that they could just pick them up on the way to work tomorrow morning. Tang Luoke worked even harder for him to stay. He hadn't listened to Teacher Su's bedtime chat for a long. Of course. he wanted Teacher Su to stay. The rest of the Tang family also followed suit to convince him. Su Fu was unable to refuse and had to stay.

After nine o'clock, all of the people in the living room dispersed one by one.

Tang Sibo led Su Fu, each carrying a child, to Tang Luoke's room. They first helped the little guys to take a bath.

Just after washing, Juan Juan was carried out wrapped in a bath towel. They were about to put on Tang Luoke's pajamas for Juan Juan when there came a knock on the door.

Tang Sibo went to open the door. At the door stood the butler Uncle Wei, holding a tray with neatly folded clothes for adult and child.

Tang Sibo could tell at a glance that the considerate Uncle Wei had just sent someone out to buy Su Fu and Juan Juan's clothes.

 "Have they been washed?"

The butler Uncle Wei smiled, "Yes, second young master. Mr. Su and young master Juan's clothes for tomorrow have also been prepared. They will be delivered to your room later."

Tang Sibo nodded and took the tray, "Thanks for your hard work, Uncle Wei. Let's go to bed early."

The butler Uncle Wei nodded and retreated with a smile.

Su Fu was very surprised to see the clothes brought by Tang Sibo. As expected of a senior butler, he was very thoughtful.

He took Juna Juan's pajamas, opened them and found a pair of underwear inside. Most of the underwear of children at this age was one-size-fits-all, so it fit just right, same for the pajama shirt and pants.

"How does Uncle Wei know what size cloth Juan Juan wear?" Su Fu asked while dressing Juan Juan.

"Uncle Wei has been our butler for decades. He has never done anything wrong. He can tell clothing size at a glance."

While saying this, he also opened Su Fu's robe and saw the underwear inside. After seeing it, Tang Sibo smiled, "Very accurate."

Su Fu turned his head and saw that it was indeed his size. His face turned red like someone rubbed it several times. He wrapped the underwear back inside the robe to prevent Tang Sibo from looking at it again.

"Uncle Wei's habit isn't good." Su Fu said with a red face.

Tang Sibo pinched his earlobe and soothed him: "Don't be ashamed. This is Uncle Wei's duty. He manages our house in such an orderly manner by taking care of everything. If he comes to ask what size underwear you're wearing before buying, wouldn't you be more ashamed?"

Su Fu glanced at him and tucked the two children into bed. In fact, he quite admired Uncle Wei. As a butler, he's really flawless. It was no wonder why father Tang and mother Tang trusted him so much.

It was getting late. The two men laid down next to the two little guys, one on the left and one on the right, and began to have a small talk before going to bed.

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Tang Luoke slept in Su Fu's arms. He felt Su Fu pat his little back, narrowed his eyes happily, and vowed secretly that he would never be injured in future fights. Tomorrow, he would tell his father that he wanted to learn how to fight!

Seeing that little Dad's arms were occupied, Juan Juan just stayed in uncle Tang's arms. He was hugged by everyone today and felt very tired. He fell asleep in Tang Sibo's arms after a while.

Tang Luoke was also happy but soon fell asleep. He's been in bad moods these days. He could finally get a good sleep after seeing Teacher Su.

After the children fell asleep, Tang Sibo and Su Fu covered the quilt for them and lightly backed out of the room.

Tang Sibo hugged Su Fu's robe and underwear, and led Su Fu to his room.

Su Fu noticed that the corridor of Tang mansion was very interesting. On one side of the wall, like many other people, hung famous paintings with famous names. On the other side, the wall seemed to be specially designed as a built-in type. Every few steps were a delicate wooden bookshelf. Each bookshelf wasn't a simple decoration. It really held a lot of priceless books.

Seeing his curiosity, Tang Sibo said, "The bookshelves on the outer wall of my room are all original English books. You should like them."

Su Fu nodded and asked, "Can I read them?"

"Yes, these books are all collected by our family. Any guest who comes to our family can read them at will, let alone one of my own."

Su Fu was again pleased by his "one of my own" remark and took his hand with a smile.

Tang Sibo also smiled. He squeezed his hand and took him into his room.

Tang mansion's rooms were all suite-style, so was Tang Sibo's room, with its own bedroom, bathroom, closet, small living room, and even a small study. However, Tang Sibo generally didn't work in this study. The study in the suite always made him sleepy and unable to lift his spirits.

After entering through the door, they first came to a small living room. The left side of the small living room was the bedroom and the right side was the study. The bathroom and closet were all in the bedroom.

On the low table in the small living room, two sets of clothes had been neatly placed there. One set was for Su Fu, while the other for Juan Juan. Uncle Wei bought them according to their usual clothing style.

Su Fu went to take a look. They were indeed the correct size. He sighed, "Uncle Wei is so good."

"In the future, you will gradually see Uncle Wei's omnipotence." Tang Sibo smiled and led Su Fu into the bedroom.

There's no door between the bedroom and the small living room in this suite. Only the elegant decorative walls separate them. Su Fu looked around and thought, wouldn't Tang Sibo feel exposed sleeping here at night?

After taking Su Fu to the bathroom, Tang Sibo turned on hot water for him. He told him the function of some knobs in the bathroom, then kissed him on the cheek.

"Take a bath first. I'll sort out the information for tomorrow's meeting in the study outside. It's diagonally opposite my suite. If you need to call Uncle Wei, the phone in the living room can reach him directly by pressing 1."

Su Fu nodded. After Tang Sibo went out, he took off his clothes and soaked in the bathtub. This was a round bathtub. It was quite large and could accommodate three or four people taking a bath together. Su Fu felt like he's soaking in a hot spring. He relaxed all over and finally exhaled for the first time tonight.

Although father Tang and mother Tang were very kind to him, he still couldn't bear the pressure in his heart when facing elders! However, Su Fu was still happy. Like father Tang said, he should be less nervous after getting along with them more in the future.

After taking a bath and coming out wearing a bathrobe, Tang Sibo hadn't come back yet.

Su Fu took the towel that Tang Sibo had prepared for him, wiped his hair, and leisurely wandered around his room, but he still didn't see Tang Sibo coming back.

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